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The iPod gods smiled upon me yesterday when this popped up during a little Sunday shuffle.  It has become my anthem for the week, as I prepare to leave Newsweek Thursday and strike out on my own for awhile.  It’s a little scary stepping away from the security of a steady job, but like the Wilburys say:

Well It’s alright, riding around in the breeze
Well it’s alright, if you live the life you please.

The Traveling Wilburys, photographed by Neal Preston

“George absolutely adored the Wilburys. That was his baby from the beginning, and he went at it with such great enthusiasm. The rest of his life, he considered himself a Wilbury.” - Tom Petty, 2001 [x]

* * *

“It’s kind of stupid what we didn’t do more. I used to say, ‘Just flash the big W in the sky like the bat signal, and we’ll all come.’ We just thought we had all the time in the world.” - Tom Petty on The Traveling Wilburys, Men’s Journal, August 2014 [x]

* * *

“He was happy to play music with anyone - Dhani’s school friends, me. He just wanted to play.” - Olivia Harrison, USA Today, 11 June 2007

* * *

“It’s more fun to just hang out with your friends, sod it, you know, just do something. I had to shake The Beatles off from around my neck. I had to do something other than being ‘Beatles George’… Now I’ve come full circle, I’m free of it, and I’m liberated. I can go on and be a Wilbury.” - George Harrison [x]

“I hope there will be another Wilburys record. It was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done. I was doing it with people I admired and respected, and the public liked it too. I just have to wait for the other Wilburys to finish being solo artists. They have all said they would like to do it again. I don’t really have a desire to be a solo artist. It’s more fun being in the Wilburys. They represent a stand against this horrible computerized music.”

–George Harrison, July 1989

[George] Harrison had a different talent, an extraordinary talent. Harrison never played a wrong note, and never played a note that wasn’t necessary. Every single note he ever played made the song better.
—  Mark Edwards, The Sunday Times, 21 June 2009

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The first time George Harrison came over to my house, when it was just the two of us there, the first thing he did was pick up the guitar and start to play “Norwegian Wood.” I thought, ‘Well, this is unusual.’ George said something like, 'You know this one, don’t you?’ It was a funny approach – I was obviously a huge Beatles fan– but he really had an uncanny ability to transcend the fact that he was a Beatle and get you to the place where you weren’t thinking about that any more. We just started playing guitars after that.
—  Tom Petty, Conversations with Tom Petty