the traveling lorax

Griffith Observatory-Los Angeles, CA

Greetings Fellow Travelers, 

It has been a short while since my last posting, but I assure you dear friends, I have still been traveling.  On a bright and sunny day, I took it upon myself to go off on a hike.  One place I had yet to visit was the famed Griffith Observatory.  Perhaps you’ll remember it as the location where Eddie Murphy screams, “Got you suckas!” in Bowfinger.  No? Oh well.  After a pleasant, yet slightly taxing, hike, I arrived at the home of the giant telescope.  I perused the museum.  I drank from the water fountain.  I shook my head at the people on their cell phones.  I ignored the gift shop. Instead I took a seat on a sun dial and gazed at the building from which we may gaze at the stars.  All in all, a pleasant journey.  More on this later. 

Tally Ho!