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Hey guys, I know a lot of my followers know who this is but with all the hype surrounding The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air) I thought I would make a bit of an appreciation post

This is Julian Koster, though many of you might recognize him as Julian The Janitor, he is the genius behind The Music Tapes and The Orbiting Human Circus. Many indie-rock fans may recognize him as a multi-instrumentalist for various Elephant 6 related bands such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Chocolate USA, and as I mentioned earlier The Music Tapes. He is not only an incredible musician but a genius storyteller. He wrote an amazing story album with The Music Tapes called “2nd Imaginary Symphony for Cloudmaking” (which didn’t get the attention it deserved) and he has toured across the country in a giant circus tent called The Traveling Imaginary and now with the help of the people at Night Vale Presents his genius is being spread to a wider audience. I know many of you are in love with the amazing things that the Night Vale crew has put out (I am in that same boat) but I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how awesome this man is.

Space Travellers
Miyano Mamoru
Space Travellers

English & Romaji lyrics
Lyrics originally in English are in italics. Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


Come with me, come with me
Do you wanna go to outer space?
Come with me, come with me
Do you wanna go to outer space?
Come with me, come with me
Do you wanna go to outer space?
To the Moon
To the Mars
Wherever you wanna go

Into the sky
It’s a starry night
Take flight to the light
Let’s go with zero gravity

We’ll break through the atmosphere until we see space
I’ll take you at the speed of sound, take you away
Your heart will tremble
But this voice will guide you, to the space

See, the earth looks round, crossing paths with a shooting star
As I overlook the milky way
Here I come, here I come, yeah

If you close your eyes, you can go anywhere
Let us go, sing it now (oh, oh, oh)
With just embarking, you’ve already taken flight
Sing it now (oh, oh, oh)

Destination unknown, preparations are complete
Futuristic, we can’t wait to get absorbed in it, fire it up
We’re leaving the ground

We’re travellin’ the space, with our synced heartbeats
Travellin’ the space, I’ll take us there
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy
Travellin’ the space, with our rising heartbeats
Travellin’ the space, you can hold my hand
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy

Once we’ve circled the moon
Shall we be leaving, my girl?
Because we can always come back again
That kind of imagination can lead us back to the space

See, the earth looks blue, passing a shooting star
While we overlooked the night sky
Here we come, here we come, yeah

If you close your eyes, you can even create that place
Sing it now (oh, oh, oh)
In that moment, leap up and shout!
Let it out, sing it now (oh, oh, oh)

Destination unknown, preparations are complete
Futuristic, we can’t wait to get absorbed in it, fire it up
We’re leaving the ground

We’re travellin’ the space, with our synced heartbeats
Travellin’ the space, I’ll take us there
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy
Travellin’ the space, with our rising heartbeats
Travellin’ the space, you can hold my hand
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy

Into the sky
a starry night
Take flight to the light
Let’s go with zero gravity

We’re travellin’ the space, with our synced heartbeats
Travellin’ the space, I’ll take us there
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy
Travellin’ the space, with our rising heartbeats
Travellin’ the space, you can hold my hand
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy


Come with me, come with me
Do you wanna go to outer space
Come with me, come with me
Do you wanna go to outer space
Come with me, come with me
Do you wanna go to outer space
To the Moon
To the Mars
Wherever you wanna go

Into the sky
It’s starry night
Tobitatsu to the light
Mujuuryoku de ikou

Taikiken toppa uchuu made
Onsoku de tsureteiku take you away
Kimi no mune no oku furuwaseru
Kono koe ga michibikunda to the space

Hora chikyuu ga maruku mieru
Nagareboshi to sure chigau
Amanogawa wo mioroshite
Here I come, here I come, yeah

Me wo tojireba doko e demo ikeru
Let us go, sing it now
Oh, oh, oh
Kimi wo norikomu dake de mou tobitateru sa
Sing it now
Oh, oh, oh

Destination uknown, junbi wa zenbu kanryou
Futuristic, mou yamitsuki machi kirezu ni fire up
Leaving the ground

Travellin’ the space, kasaneru kodou
Travellin’ the space, tsuredashite ageru yo
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy
Travellin’ the space, takanaru kodou
Travellin’ the space, kono te wo nigireba ii
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy

Tsuki no mukou gawa mawattara
Sorosoro kaerou ka, my girl
Mata itsu datte koreru kara
Sono imagination michibiku to the space

Hora chikyuu ga aoku mieru nagareboshi oikoshite
Yoru no sora wo mioroshita
Here we come, here we come, yeah

Me wo tojireba tsukuridaseru sono basho made
Sing it now
Oh, oh, oh
Kono shunkan ni tabidateru sakebe
Let it out, sing it now
Oh, oh, oh

Destination uknown, junbi wa zenbu kanryou
Futuristic, mou yamitsuki machi kirezu ni fire up
Leaving the ground

Travellin’ the space, kasaneru kodou
Travellin’ the space, tsuredashite ageru yo
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy
Travellin’ the space, takanaru kodou
Travellin’ the space, kono te wo nigireba ii
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy

Into the sky
It’s starry night
Tobitatsu to the light
Mujuuryoku de ikou

Travellin’ the space, kasaneru kodou
Travellin’ the space, tsuredashite ageru yo
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy
Travellin’ the space, takanaru kodou
Travellin’ the space, kono te wo nigireba ii
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up like crazy

becomings and never weres

Kakasaku Week 2016, Day 2: Fairy Tales/Legends

A/N: Guys. Guys! Why is this +6,000 words? I don’t know. I wrote this instead of sleeping. I think I’m starting to twitch. I don’t even know if most of this makes sense, it hasn’t been edited. I don’t even care. It’s trashy timetravel!fic. I’m so proud. It might be terrible. Please take it from me.

Kisses to the ks fam. You are all splendid and full of love. Feel free to come into my inbox and/or message me with feels and so on and so forth.

prologue. you knew since you were young that Fate was not your fan

Hatake Kakashi is run ragged from a brutal ANBU mission, all he wants to be is curled up in his own bed with his dogs and to not move for a century or two; so, of course, a man falls out of the sky and almost lands on him, not quite six kilometres out from Konoha.

“What,” he blankly demands of the Universe at large.

The man doesn’t move from where he’s crashed through several stories of branches to lay broken on the ground a few metres below the limb upon which Kakashi has slammed to a halt. The rest of his team is quick to scatter into a defensive formation, senses on high alert, ready for an attack.

“Taichou?” Itachi ventures from the rear point of their diamond.

“I don’t have a fucking clue.” He’s debating jumping down to poke at the insensate man since no attack appears to be forthcoming.

And then a second form crashes down from the heavens, except Kakashi unthinkingly snatches this one before they can hit the ground.

Tenzou snickers.

Kakashi looks down at the slight figure cradled in his arms, takes in her outrageous pink hair and her mask. Her unfamiliar pink hair and mask.

“What?” Hatake Kakashi demands again of the Universe, this time more forcefully.

The Universe doesn’t answer, and Tenzou’s snickers transform into giggles.

He really, really has no interest in dealing with this shit right now. Or ever.

But, because the universe hates him, apparently he’s not going to get to pour himself into bed at any point tonight.

Fuck. This.

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Youtubers I adore pt. 1

Stef Sanjati: Visits us from Final Fantasy, makeup artist, plays WoW and Skyrim, transgender, is secretly a purple corgi, smile and good spirit is incredibly infectious. 

Jon Watson: Does everything we wish we could do. Documents his travels around the world, volunteering at cheetah and big cat rescue parks in South Africa, a lot of swimming and diving, paragliding, basically lives like his life is one big bucket list and shows us that wonderful things are happening that we can be a part of if we want.

CaptainImaginary: A wonderful lad from Sweden. Documents his travels, cosplays, talks about books and his obsession with world flags, very mature despite his young appearance and goofy antics. Also loves sharing his adventures with unique bus drivers.

75 books that Jorge Luis Borges thinks you should have in your bookshelf

1. Stories by Julio Cortázar
2. & 3. The Apocryphal Gospels
4. Amerika and The Complete Stories by Franz Kafka
5. The Blue Cross: A Father Brown Mystery by G.K. Chesterton
6. & 7. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
8. The Intelligence of Flowers by Maurice Maeterlinck
9. The Desert of the Tartars by Dino Buzzati
10. Peer Gynt and Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
11. The Mandarin: And Other Stories by Eça de Queirós
12. The Jesuit Empire by Leopoldo Lugones
13. The Counterfeiters by André Gide
14. The Time Machine and The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
15. The Greek Myths by Robert Graves
16. & 17. Demons by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
18. Mathematics and the Imagination by Edward Kasner
19. The Great God Brown and Other Plays, Strange Interlude, and Mourning Becomes Electra by Eugene O’Neill
20. Tales of Ise by Ariwara no Narihara
21. Benito Cereno, Billy Budd, and Bartleby, the Scrivener by Herman Melville
22. The Tragic Everyday, The Blind Pilot, and Words and Blood by Giovanni Papini
23. The Three Impostors
24. Songs of Songs tr. by Fray Luis de León
25. An Explanation of the Book of Job tr. by Fray Luis de León
26. The End of the Tether and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
27. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon
28. Essays & Dialogues by Oscar Wilde
29. Barbarian in Asia by Henri Michaux
30. The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse
31. Buried Alive by Arnold Bennett
32. On the Nature of Animals by Claudius Elianus
33. The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen
34. The Temptation of St. Antony by Gustave Flaubert
35. Travels by Marco Polo
36. Imaginary lives by Marcel Schwob
37. Caesar and Cleopatra, Major Barbara, and Candide by George Bernard Shaw
38. Macus Brutus and The Hour of All by Francisco de Quevedo
39. The Red Redmaynes by Eden Phillpotts
40. Fear and Trembling by Søren Kierkegaard
41. The Golem by Gustav Meyrink
42. The Lesson of the Master, The Figure in the Carpet, and The Private Life by Henry James
43. & 44. The Nine Books of the History of Herodotus by Herdotus
45. Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo
46. Tales by Rudyard Kipling
47. Vathek by William Beckford
48. Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe
49. The Professional Secret & Other Texts by Jean Cocteau
50. The Last Days of Emmanuel Kant and Other Stories by Thomas de Quincey
51. Prologue to the Work of Silverio Lanza by Ramon Gomez de la Serna
52. The Thousand and One Nights
53. New Arabian Nights and Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson
54. Salvation of the Jews, The Blood of the Poor, and In the Darkness by Léon Bloy
55. The Bhagavad Gita and The Epic of Gilgamesh
56. Fantastic Stories by Juan José Arreola
57. Lady into Fox, A Man in the Zoo, and The Sailor’s Return by David Garnett
58. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
59. Literary Criticism by Paul Groussac
60. The Idols by Manuel Mujica Láinez
61. The Book of Good Love by Juan Ruiz
62. Complete Poetry by William Blake
63. Above the Dark Circus by Hugh Walpole
64. Poetical Works by Ezequiel Martinez Estrada
65. Tales by Edgar Allan Poe
66. The Aeneid by Virgil
67. Stories by Voltaire
68. An Experiment with Time by J.W. Dunne
69. An Essay on Orlando Furioso by Atilio Momigliano
70. & 71. The Varieties of Religious Experience and The Study of Human Nature by William James
72. Egil’s Saga by Snorri Sturluson
73. The Book of the Dead
74. & 75. The Problem of Time by J. Alexander Gunn

your personal universe: why maladaptive daydreaming is not a disorder

In this post I will talk about maladaptive daydreaming in autistic people, because I am an autistic person. I will describe my personal experience that is 100% subjective and doesn’t match the experience of every autistic person on Earth. However I am sure that a lot of autistic people will relate to what I have to say. I do not wish to offend anyone with this post and if I will, I am sorry. Now on with the story.

As long as I remember myself, I was always very different. I understood it very early on, back when I didn’t even go to school yet. I knew that I am not like other kids: I speak differently, move differently, and think differently. Back then I didn’t consider it a bad thing, and I had no reason to. Life is simple when you are a kid, it doesn’t hold much challenges.

But it changed drastically as soon as I began middle school. First year of middle school was the first time I realized that I wasn’t just different – I was wrong. Or at least that is what I was forced to believe. From that time, life became a battle. I was bullied by my classmates, misunderstood by my parents and teachers, I struggled, I suffered, and there was nothing I could do about it.

It took me a long time to find out that there wasn’t anything wrong with me after all. I’m just autistic. All my problems and struggles suddenly made sense when I realized that, and I promised myself that I will never ever think of myself as wrong again.

I remember that when I was 14, life was so bad for me, I didn’t want to live. I didn’t actively plan suicide, but I lay in my bed all day, refused to eat and get up, and silently wished that I will just die. The only things that got me through that time were my special interests and… wait for it… maladaptive daydreaming.

What is maladaptive daydreaming?

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It’s unusual for me to write on a day I have school tomorrow, but life’s full of surprises. HERE WE GO GUYS.


I smiled as i snuggled close to my boyfriend, Hayes, on the couch while watching some weird movie that was on some random channel. 

“Babe, what are we watching?” I laughed as a man shouted something absurd on the screen. Hayes laughed as he pulled me closer, leaving me to rest my head on his chest.

“No clue.” He laughed. I could feel the noise ricocheting around inside his upper diaphragm.

“Hey guys!” Nash and a few other boys walked into the room, flipping the light on. Hayes and I quickly separated and sat up to face Nash and the others.

“What do you want?” Hayes jokingly shot at Nash. 

“We just wanted to let y'all know we’re going out for a bit. Gotta get some stuff for a video. You two are okay here by yourselves, right?” Nash slightly smirked at Hayes teasingly. Gilinsky quickly intercepted the conversation. 

“Just don’t have us walk in on you guys doin’ the nasty.” He teased. Nash turned a little pale with the thought of his younger brother actually performing such actions. 

“Just don’t- umh….” Nash tried to establish some other rule. 

“Nash we’re fine. And Jack, fuck off.” Hayes assured Nash while poking at Gilinsky. 

“Alright see ya.” Nash perked up and lead the crew out.

“Bye Hayes! Bye Y/n!” The crew squawked off, leaving a trail of kissing noises and laughter. Hayes turned to me, evidently red from the previous events.

“Sorry.” I laughed, trying to make the situation ease a little. Hayes leaned in closer, his lips just grazing over mine.

“Babe you’re fine.” He murmured intently. I pulled back a little to tease him. 

“Not so fast.” I asserted. 

“But we do it all the time! I’m not gonna push you further then you wanna go. You know i’d never do that.” Hayes pleaded. 

“Babe! It’s not that! I was just trying to give us a little more time, in case they decided to come back because they-” I made air quotes “‘forgot’ something.” I argued. Hayes pushed me so I was laying on my back, the blanket we used while we were watching the movie was still sloppily snaked around my body. My breath hitched like a bike changing gears, his face hovered my exposed stomach. 

“Let them walk in then.” Hayes moaned, allowing his lips to cohere with mine. I rushed to place both my hands behind his head, my fingers traveling in imaginary mazes through his hair. Our lips parted and opened over and over as Hayes began to lower his body onto mine more. I didn’t dare resist. Heated Hayes is uncommon, and a definite delight to have. He pulled away, his fingers toying with the bottom of my white T-shirt. “Damn, you even look sexy as hell in sweats and a tee.” He admired. I blushed, pulling him close to break the silence. Our lips fit together and work like gears to a machine. He pulled my shirt over my head, allowing our kiss to break while I slipped my head out of the hole.

“You too.” I smirked as I assisted him in removing his shirt. By now he was straddling me, which was usually my job, so I flipped him over so I was on top. Now in control, I began to kiss his neck as his hands cupped and squeezed my clothed breasts. As he began to become like play-dough underneath me, he quickly flipped me over so he was on top and in charge again. His hands now exploring my southern hemisphere. His mouth connected to my neck. My head was thrown back in complete bliss. I felt Hayes’ hard against my thighs. His hands slipping past my elastic waistband. Before he went any further, he pulled away.

“Are you okay?” He asked, genuinely concerned. 

“Yes.” I assured. 

“Do you wanna just stay here, or go further.” He asked again.

“Let’s do what we can, I’ll tell you if i’m uncomfortable.” I reassured him. He nodded and leaned back into a deep kiss, his fingers tracing the lace of my underwear. He’s gentle with his touches, it’s like he knew what he was doing but he was afraid of what he could. I allowed his tongue entry into my mouth. Just as his fingers were about to slip past the thin fabric i bought at Victoria’s Secret, Gilinsky came crashing through the door. 

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” He screamed, signaling the boys to come crashing into the room. Quickly, Hayes retrieved the blanket and hid me and my shirt underneath it. I pretended to fall asleep as he threw on his shirt and did the same. Nash came running in.

“What’s going on?!?!” He gasped panicked. He saw us and sighed in relief. 

“NO I SWEAR THEY WERE TOTALLY GETTING IT ON.” Gilinsky exclaimed and laughed all at once. “Kids got me tricked!” He waved his hands around and walked out. Hayes pretended to be awoken from all the commotion. 

“Hey guys.” He smiled. 

“Hey.” They all waved, then awkwardly shuffled out of the room awkwardly. Nash stayed behind. 

“everyone okay?” Hayes asked. 

“You-uh-Hayes?” Nash stuttered on his words.

“What is it?” Hayes raised his voice. 

“Nice pink lipstick.” Nash evilly laughed. 

“No fucking way.” Hayes said under his breath. Nash left the room in an awkward bundle of store bags. 

“Sorry.” I whispered. 

“It’s okay baby girl. I love you.” Hayes big spooned me, kissing my neck. 


::first time:: park jimin x reader (smut)

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Genre: SMUT

NOTE: mature content ahead.

First smut I’ve ever written of BTS. Hope you enjoy ^-^


You stared at the messages on your phone, nervously, and the way your feet patted against your bed was the proof of it. Just five minutes ago you had texted Jimin to come over to your house as soon as possible. As your best friend, he obviously did as you asked in despair.

You had decided. Tonight was the night you were going to confess to Park Jimin. You guys had been best friends for five years yet only one year ago you had realized that you loved him. You loved everything about that little dork, and not just physically. You loved the way he laughed at your jokes or when he made fun of you when you obsessed over other boy groups. You loved the way he always put his heart on every task, every rehearsal you had been able to assist, every tiny thing that requested some effort of him. Park Jimin was the one and only in the whole world who knew the person you showed off, who knew the darkest parts of you and, most importantly, your true self. He had become more than a best friend to you, you had convinced yourself that he was now your soulmate: you were inspired by him to be a better person. He had always believed in you before anyone else or even when anyone else hadn’t and when you were hitting the cool ground, he’d show up immediately to pick you up. Park Jimin was the one person you wanted to carry on with you until your last breath and there wasn’t anything or anyone capable of changing that.

Tonight was the night. It had to be. Since the beginning of the day, you had been feeling a strange feeling in your chest. It didn’t take long of you to realize what that was all about. It had to be tonight, because if it wasn’t, you were scared that all of your courage would disappear.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door and you felt your stomach becoming smaller and tighter. Rushing over to the door, you opened it just to see Jimin standing in front of you with a worried expression.

What happened?” He burst inside and you simply couldn’t move or speak. You were too amazed at how concerned he was over a text message. “Are you okay?

You nodded. “Yeah, I’m alright. I… Hm, I need to talk to you.”

As you headed towards your room, Jimin followed you. Once both of you were in, all he could see of you was your covered back and your head bowed down.

Y/N, what’s wrong? You’re acting weird.” His voice was smooth, yet impatient.

I let out a breath I had been sucking in for too long and turned to face his eyes. “I need to tell you something because I’m tired.”

Tired of-” He begun, but you were faster and cut him off.

“I’m tired of feeling so weak everytime I’m around you. I’m tired of having this sick feeling crushing me over and over again whenever you’re at my door. I’m tired of trying to read inbetween the lines, to try to find some sign that tells me you feel the same way. I’m tired of being in love with you and not knowing if you are…too.”

Your lungs filled up and drained out with air like you just had ran a marathon. Jimin held your gaze, intensively, and you felt exposed. He wouldn’t open his ajar mouth and it made you even more anxious than before. As obvious, you expected the worst to come.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” You sobbed. Perhaps the pressure and the overwhelming situation had made you more anxious than before and therefore, you started to cry. You didn’t even fight the tears. Letting go was the only thing you knew how to do properly at this point. “Please tell me that you don’t feel the same way so we can end this and-”

In a fraction of second, something thick yet soft and sweet at the same time crashed onto your mouth.

Your eyes widened in surprise as Jimin’s lips closed and opened in sync against yours. Soon enough your eyelids sild shut as you enjoyed the moment. Your hands travelled up to embrace his neck and you felt him smile into the kiss. Jimin guided his hands down your spine and halted in the hem of your sweater, pulling you closer. Each touch of his sent shivers through your whole body and you could already feel your most sensitive parts wettening in excitement.

All of a sudden, realization came to you and your palms softly pushed his muscled chest, pulling yourself away from him.

“Jimin” You breathed out, already turned on by what was happening.

You lifted your head a bit in order to stare at his irises, which were glittering with lust and desire. He wasn’t the only one pulsing in eagerness to grab the other, you wanted that too. Even still a virgin, you knew Jimin was the right person to give yourself to.

His hands rested upon your waistline as he studied your expression, confused.

“I don’t want you to be doing this just because you pity me.”

He frowned, almost like he felt offended. “If didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have kissed you, Y/N.

“You…like me?”

He chuckled. “Does this serve as response?

Your body was taken aback once again by the sudden attack of his lips on yours, yet this time, Jimin kissed your mouth more urgently than before as he could never get enough of you. Your eyes slipped shut as your arms embraced his neck and brought him more into you, deepening the kiss. You felt his wet tongue grazing softly against your lower lip and you gladly allowed it in, starting a love fight between your teeth.

“I want to…” You said while every bone of yours recieved a pair of pleasurable sparks. His arms squeezed tightly around your waist and a breathed moan rolled out of your mouth when you felt both of your intimate parts pressing against one another. Soon enough his lips travelled on an imaginary line down your neck, leaving traces of wet kisses along the way. He sucked on your skin, leaving marks that would definitely be difficult to cover up in the morning.

His fingers hid beneath the sweater you were wearing and slowly begun to lift it up. You broke the kiss connecting the two of you and allowed him to take your clothes off, leaving you exposed only by your underwear. Tossing the sweater to the floor, Jimin’s eyes studied your body from head to toe as a light smile grew upon his thick lips. “You’re gorgeous, Y/N.

You blushed at his compliment, timidly.

With one hand back to your bare waist, Jimin linked your lips together for the third time tonight and carefully let you fall down onto the sheets, as the other hand helped him settling you down. Not even for half a second he separated the contact, he never pulled away or was forced to stop the kiss.

Jimin was now hovering over you and you decided that it was time for him to be pulling off some clothes too. Therefore, the hands involving his neck were now sliding down to the sheath of his shirt. Your fingers curled around the fabric and started to pull it off, revealing Jimin’s perfect and defined muscles and abs. The tips of your fingers drew random patters along his naked torso as you looked up to meet his eyes.

His stare was however focused on the little gap between your lips. Feeling more confident by now, you made your head reach for his and kissed passionately, bitting his bottom lip everytime you pulled away just a little to tease him. You were getting more and more turned on as his hands fumbled gently every inch of your skin from the very top of your neck to your thighs. He started to focus on the hem of your panties, letting his fingertips tickle around the area, which made it hard for you to breathe properly.

You needed him. In anyway, you knew you did. Your hands rushed over to the button of his jeans and once he got the message, he kicked them out with the help of your feet. You were now even in terms of nudity as both of you were on your underwear.

Jimin’s lips were now giving attention to the V curve inbetween your covered breasts as his fingers were still playing each other on your inner thigh. You kept your eyes closed, enjoying the feeling that was being brought to you by his gentle touches. The air in your lungs was sucked in and expelled at an irregular pace, leading you to a complete distorted state of mind.

Are you sure you want to go on?” Jimin asked in a husky voice. You gazed at him before resting your palm on his cheek.

“It’s everything I want the most right now.”

He gave you a wide smile, showing how satisfied and glad he was with your reply. His index finger arrived to the strap of your bra and deinterlace it from your arm. You arched your back and allowed him to undo your bra with just a snap of fingers. Your breasts fell loose with a slight pump and Jimin started to outline your left book with a trace of wet kisses as he threw what had been covering it away. Between his thumb and index, he pinched the nipple of the other boob. You let out a continued series of whimpers as you tried to rock your hip against his so you could feel how hard he was for you.

Jimin understood how desperate you were to get him into you so he quickly repeated the process on your right boob. His lips never left your skin as he went his way down and bit the fabric of your panties. You opened your eyes just to watch them being taken off between his teeth. You were now completely naked underneath him and you coudn’t deny: you were loving it.

After this, he faced you again. “I need you to be very wet before I do anything else, so I’m going to put a finger first, okay? It might not hurt so much then. Are you okay with this?” His fingers caressed your cheeks up and down.

“Y-yes…” You whispered under great thrill.

He gave you a long kiss on the lips and you slid your eyes shut, preparing yourself for what was coming next.

His hand slowly made its way to your slit and Jimin pressed one finger against your wetness, which only withdrew a gasp of pure pleasure from you. He massaged your pussy lips smoothly to be sure you were confortable with him touching you in your most intimate part. His fingers started to draw imaginary circles around, slowly, as your juices were spread along your sex. You moaned and cried out at how wonderful it felt to have Jimin touching you intimately. If you reacted this way just at his fingers, you couldn’t even imagine what would it feel like when-

“Aw, yes…” You groaned loudly once one finger was inside. After few series of pushing and pulling his middle finger in and out of you to make you adjust to the feeling, he increased the pace as you felt like being driven insane. Your moans were out of control as you buried your fingernails into the fabric of your pillow. “Jimin, I-”

Noticing you were about to cum, he slowly removed his finger from inside of you and sucked it between his thick lips. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, but you shouldn’t have stopped… I was almost…”

He giggled as he stole a kiss from you. “I was just preparing you, Y/N. Now I want you to look me in the eyes and promise me that you’ll tell me if you want me to stop.”

Jimin was talking very seriously and your eyes smiled tenderly at how concerned he was about your first time. With both of your hands, you cupped his cheeks and rubbed your thumb agains this soft skin. “I promise.”

“It might hurt a little.”

He placed his mouth on your neck one more time, leaving a wet kiss there before undressing from his boxers and tossing them away. You heaved in anxiety each time his warm, erect member brushed against the cool skin of your inner thigh. Sudden flashes of lightning started to take over your entire body as Jimin posicioned himself at your entrance. He looked you in the eyes, asking for permission, and you nodded at him in aknowledgement.

Your lids slid shut, and Jimin pushed in.

The first thrust was slow and superficial yet it was strong enough to rip out a long gasp from your throat. He was right, it was painful at the first series of thrusts. Although, as he continued to push himself in and out of you, you began to feel less tighter around his erection and soon enough physical pain turned into sex pleasure. Your hands ran up and down Jimin’s back frantically as you tried to hold all your mixed feelings together. Being like this with the person you loved was one of the most beautiful things in life. You were his and he was yours. Nothing else mattered as long as you stayed together, protecting and loving each other like no one else would have.

Quiet moans left your lips as Jimin kept slamming into you, faster with each thrust. The faster he was, the louder you whimpered. On occasion, he would slow down and ask you if you were okay but all he could get as a response was your desperate “don’t stop” cry outs. He would chuckle and go back to pleasuring you and also himself.

Jimin’s hand bounced down to reach your clit and he began to outline fast and sloppy circles around it. Immediately, in the pit of your stomach, a ball of pleasure started to gain form and you felt your muscles tense. Moaning and groaning louder, you wrapped your legs tighter around his waist so his hand could reach for your sex and rub it easily. His heaves and grunts mixed with your pleasure sounds filled the area of your bedroom.

“Jimin, I think I-” You whimpered.

“Me too…”

With one last, deeper thrust, you both reached your climaxes together and Jimin road your orgasm, removing yourself from you afterwards. Your chest was rising and falling, trying to catch your breath, when your best friend, the boy you loved, rolled out of you and rested on your side.

“You were wonderful.” He said, turning to face you.

Pushing the covers closer to your face, the blood warmed up your cheeks. “Me? I did nothing.”

He chuckled and brought his face to yours, kissing you tenderly and sweetly, action which you responded to too well. “You did. If you had never let me know your feelings about me, I’d never let you know of mine. And this would never had happened. So thank you, Y/N.”

A smile full of pure happiness filled your lips as you dovetailed into Jimin’s body. He put one arm around your waist and glared into his dark eyes.

A soft kiss iniciated a make out session but after some time of caressing and laughing, both of you decided to fall asleep spooning into each other, so you turned your back on him as he pulled you closer to him.

“Saranghae.” You heard him whisper.

Then, you closed your eyes and slept with his voice on your head.


History Meme - Italian Version

[1/14] Men - Dante Alighieri (c.1265 - 14 September 1321)

Born in Florence probably between May and July 1265, Dante Alighieri was one of the most important Italian poets and writes, along with Francesco Petrarca and Giovanni Boccaccio, and is considered the father of the modern Italian language.

Beside the Vita Nuova (New Life), the Convivio, and De Vulgari Eloquentia, Dante’s most famous and most important work is the Commedìa, or Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy), considered the most important representation of the medieval society in the Western world, and one of the greatest works of World literature.

The Commedia is divided into three parts, called Cantiche: Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso (Paradise). Every Cantica is formed by 33 canti, plus one introduction to the Inferno. The canti are written following a hendecasyllabic scheme (every line has eleven syllabes) of terzine incatenate (tercets that follow the rhyme scheme aba-bcb-cdc-etc.). It was written not in Latin, but in what Dante called “Italian”, a language mainly based on the Tuscan dialect.

The Poem describes allegorically the journey of a soul towards God. It follows the imaginary travel of Dante through the three realms of the dead, guided first by the Roman poet Virgil, and then by Beatrice, Dante’s ideal woman.

Apparently, after some debates on the internet over the importance of Dante, italiansreclaimingitaly decided to start Dante Week from the 1st of December. There would be so many things to say about Dante, but unfortunately I am not an expert of Italian Literature and I didn’t wanna risk to write wrong stuff. I decided to make my contribution anyway, because Dante Alighieri truly is important for Italy’s culture and history (and you can talk shit about him only after you’ve spent from 3 to 5 years of high school analyzing every single verse of his Comedy ;)). If you wanna know more about Dante (and have time to go through a lot of posts), check Italiansreclaimingitaly’s Dante Week tag. They are collecting all the posts about The Poet, and they’re all really interesting.

beginner’s guide to autistic narrative (part 1)

Here in Autistic Worlds I explore and talk about a mental activity that I refer to as traveling or autistic narrative. It is a divergent, intense form of imagination or daydreaming. Previously I aimed my posts at people who are already familiar with the concept and are travelers themselves. Now I decided to try something different and write several posts for autistic people who want to try traveling and start engaging in it.

You might want to do it for several reasons. When properly controlled, autistic narrative can help with self-regulating and coping, be a way to recharge and calm down, help you communicate with the world around you and support you in time of need. You have better chances of becoming a traveler if:

  • You think in divergent ways: in sensory information, concepts or patters, and not just words
  • You are a lucid dreamer
  • You mental stim
  • You have a special interest in a fictional universe (book, movie, TV-show, videogame, etc.)
  • You are prone to zoning out and focusing on your own thoughts

Before I begin, I should say that I learn how to travel naturally and have been doing it for as long as I remember myself, so some of these techniques may be subjective or perhaps too advanced. I will try my best at aiding and helping you, but if you need any further advice, do contact me and I will try to correct or explain myself. Good luck!

What is traveling?

Let’s start with reviewing some of the terms I will use. I have plenty of posts written about traveling/autistic narrative, you can check out a masterpost of links here, and a short overview here. I will quote the ‘’traveling 101” post to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Traveling: a mental activity categorized by intense, divergent imagining. Traveling can be described as escaping the physical reality to explore another, imaginary dimension inside your own head. It is persistent, structured and associated with a sense of fulfillment.

Usually traveling involves creating and exploring sophisticated and detailed worlds that have little to no connections with the mundane physical realty. Often they are based on pieces of fiction such as books, movies and TV-shows. Traveling is different from casual daydreaming in several ways: it takes much more time and it is intense; it feels more realistic than simple wish fulfillment.  The traveler doesn’t have much conscious control over what’s happening in their world – the events happen naturally, as if you are watching a movie in your head.

Keep reading

The Tale of Ser Aveline

Once upon a time there was a poor, bitter farmer.

He lived with his wife and children, near the lands of the elves.

He was selfish, and cold, with eyes that were dark, and bones that were old.

Our story starts when his wife became pregnant, with another of their many children.

When his wife bore the child, he looked at the babe and felt disappointment.

She was too thick, and too round, her nose too crooked, and her mouth too proud.

He looked at the red-orange curls on her little head, and he thought that redheads meant bad luck.

Because he was selfish, the farmer didn’t want to care for his daughter.

Because he was cold, he did not love her.

He did not see her beauty, because his eyes were too dark.

He did not feel her promise, because his bones were too old.

And so he took her to the woods and left her there, hoping she would be no more.

When he left, she did not cry.

When the wind blew, she did not cry.

When the wolves howled at the silver moon, still she did not cry.

The farmer had hoped she would die, but he had left her near the woods of the elves.

A hunter, strong and true, was scouting the forest for food to bring back to his clan.

He happened upon our young hero, slumbering peacefully in an old fallen oak tree.

He picked her up and held her, and still she did not cry.

The hunter saw this, and was impressed.

She was thick, and round, with a crooked nose, and a mouth that was proud.

He saw her red-orange curls, and he thought they must be lucky.

He took her back to the clan, and they agreed to raise her as their own..

To them, it did not matter that she was too thick, or too round.

They liked that her nose was crooked, and they thought it was good that her mouth was proud..

Her red-orange hair was a beautiful gift, a fire to warm them on the coldest nights.

They named her Aveline, the prettiest of the human names.

As she grew she got thicker, and her muscles rounder.

Her nose stayed crooked, and her mouth curved prouder.

Her red-orange curls grew long and wavy.

She was trained n the ways of their warriors, in dueling and archery.

She learned to wield a dagger and a blade, and to hit a target from all the way across the rivers.

She learned to hunt, and fish, and gather food.

The Keeper of the clan saw how much Aveline liked her training, and she thought that she might enjoy the tournaments that the humans held.

She encouraged Aveline to participate.

Aveline had never trusted humans after she had learned that her family had left her.

She thought they must all be selfish, and cold, with eyes that stayed dark, and bones that grew old.

She did not need or want them, for she had all the family she could ever desire in her clan.

Still, she heard stories of the battles held at the tournaments, and she dreamed of the crowds and the banners, of the clash of steel and the noble knights.

She wanted, more than anything, to participate in the tournaments, but she thought she never would.

In Orlais it was forbidden for women to be knights, and only knights could enter the tournament.

Aveline was laughed at when she had tried, and she had run home to her clan, hurt because they had told her that she could not fight…

and that she was too thick, and too round, and her nose too crooked and her mouth too proud.

Even though she was hurt, still she did not cry.

Her clan  told her she was beautiful, and bade her hunt for them, so that she could feel strong and skilled, as they knew she was.

As Aveline went to hunt, the clan met together, and they decided that they would show the humans how wonderful Aveline was.

They worked together, and they worked late into the night, and after many hours they had made two gifts that would let her pursue her dreams.

When Aveline returned, they presented her with a beautiful suit of gleaming armor, with a beautiful, gleaming helm.

Aveline was moved, and knew that she could never repay them, but they insisted that they needed no thanks, only to see her smile.

She tried it on, and it fit perfectly.

She no longer felt too thick, or too round, and her helm covered her crooked nose, and her mouth that smiled so proud.

As she wore the armor, her clan presented her with the second gift: a beautiful blade, carved of ironbark.

Aveline now had everything she needed.

She thanked her clan a thousand times, and told them how much she loved them.

Then she left, to enter the tournament, and make them proud.

This time no one laughed at her, and she was able to face the other knights.

She fought many battles, and she did very well.

The crowd cheered for this mysterious knight, who wore a beautiful, gleaming suit of armor, and a beautiful, gleaming helm.

She was the happiest she had ever been, and she was nearing the finals of the tournament.

Her next opponent was Prince Freyan.

He was very tall, and very proud. His eyes shone bright green, and he was loved by the crowd.

His black-blue hair was like velvet in the sun.

He shook her hand before battle, and he was the first man that had smiled at her.

They fought, him with a steel and her with ironbark.

They were well matched, and equal blow to blow.

For a time, the crowd grew hushed as they watched, and Aveline and Freyan thought that they might end in a tie, as neither could seem to best the other.

Just when she thought she could go on no more, Aveline was given her chance.

She leaped in the air, and with a great, sweeping spin, she knocked the prince to the ground!

She leaned over him, the tip of her blade pointed at his throat.

Her red-orange hair curled out of the bottom of her beautiful, gleaming helm.

She met Freyan’s eyes, and they both smiled.

She dropped her blade, and offered him a hand up.

He took it and stood, and peered into her beautiful, gleaming helm as he rose.

“You are different than the other knights.” He told her.

Beneath her beautiful, gleaming helm, Aveline blushed.

She tucked her red-orange curls away, and shook her head, unable to speak.

The Prince, still smiling, shook her hand again.

“I hope you win.” He told her.

Prince Freyan returned to his seat, and as he went Aveline thought that he was tall, and proud.

She noticed his eyes that were bright green, and how he was loved by the crowd.”

It was time for Aveline to win her final fight.

The Knight that stepped into the ring was the Emperor’s own, and had won many fights with violence and anger.

He was rough, and loud, with angry eyes, and a wicked crown.  

Aveline was not afraid, however.

She fought the knight, and as they fought he grew angrier.

He could not push her, because she was too thick.

He could not dodge around her, because she was too round.

He didn’t like her crooked blade, and thought her armor was too proud.

As he grew tired battling Aveline, he also grew impatient.

He waited for the right moment, and when Aveline was not prepared he thrust his foot out, tripping her.

She toppled to the ground, her beautiful, gleaming armor being knocked askew…

and off flew her beautiful, gleaming helm.

The Knight, and the Prince, and all the crowd grew silent.

Her red-orange curls had spilled on the ground.

They could see that she was a woman, and that was not allowed.

The Knight was ashamed that she had almost bested him, and so he turned to the Prince.

“I demand she be disqualified. Her fight should be forfeit.” He said.

The crowd, however, had seen her fight. They had seen her skills.

They did not care that she was so thick, or so round, or that she had a crooked nose, or that her mouth was proud.

With her red-orange hair beneath her beautiful, gleaming helm, she had won over their favor, no matter where she came from.

The crowd booed the angry knight, and asked the Prince to let the match continue.

The knight’s frown was rough, his fury loud, with angry eyes turned, beneath his wicked crown.

Prince Freyan stood, holding up his hands for silence, and the crowd and the angry knight grew still.

He smiled at Aveline, and said: “The match will continue, our mystery knight may still fight!”

They looked at each other, and she thought that she liked that he was tall, and proud, and that his eyes were bright green, and that he had listened to the crowd.

The Angry knight was not so pleased, however.

His curse was rough, his footsteps loud, his eyes dark and angry, beneath his wicked crown.

He took up his blade, and lifted it high, and he struck down Aveline before she could rise.

“NO!” The Prince cried, and he leaped from the stands.

He ran to her side, and held her in his arms.

Her wound was too deep, and too long. With her blood on the floor, where it didn’t belong.

“Thank you,” she told him. “I’m sorry that I was a woman.”

The Prince smiled down at her, with tears in his eyes.

“You’re perfect,” he told her. “For what you are, never apologize.”

She smiled, and he thought he had never seen anything stronger.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Aveline.” She told him, and then her eyes fluttered closed.

To her last, she had not cried.

Aveline died in his arms, and he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

He thought that she was beautiful.

She was thick, and round, with a cute crooked nose, and a mouth very proud.

Her red-orange hair shined in the sun, and he thought that it must have been lucky for those that had known her longer.

The prince was sad, and angry, and he stood and turned to the knight.

He drew his blade and slew him where he stood.

He turned to the crowd, and said: “I hereby declare Aveline the winner of the tournament, and the greatest Knight today.”

They cheered, as they wept, for they had loved her too.

The prince returned home, and he mourned for her loss.

He declared the next day that any woman who wanted to should be allowed to become a knight, and enter any tournament that they wished.

He hung her beautiful, gleaming armor with its beautiful, gleaming helm in his palace, with her ironbark blade beside it.

And that is the tale of Ser Aveline, the redheaded knight who was too thick, and too round, and had a crooked nose, and a mouth that was too proud.