the traveling hedgehog

I Almost Lost You

The trip from the village back to Amy’s hut was longer than expected. Sure, it was just Sonic and Amy making the trek, but the blue blur wasn’t exactly in the best state imaginable.

His entire body was covered in bruises and cuts. He walked with a limp, probably from a broken ankle. His arm was wrapped around Amy’s shoulder, who had an arm behind his back as she half-helped, half-carried him back to her home.

The pink female didn’t have a problem holding up her companion’s weight; she did wield a giant hammer almost every day. She was mostly worried about Sonic. Eggman had really put up a fight when he attacked the village with his newest robot, and being the hero, Sonic took most, if not all, of the hits. If it wasn’t for Amy giving him CPR when he collapsed on the ground, he would surely not be here right now.

The two hedgehogs made it to the hut just as the sun was setting. The evening rays washed the area in a golden light, bathing their backs with warmth as they went inside. Amy led Sonic over to the couch, and the blue male fell onto his back on it, closing his eyes to rest for a bit.

He was about to fall asleep when he felt the sports tape on his hands and arms being peeled away, along with his gloves, leaving him feeling strangely bare. He peeked an eye open, seeing Amy beginning to bandage up his wounds. Her hands moved steadily as she worked, her face a blank canvas as she bottled up any emotions that could be revealed at the moment. Her jade eyes never met his emerald ones, even though his eyes stayed glued on her face.

Sonic watched her hands move over his body in silence, finishing his arms before moving to wrap his torso, legs, and finally head. Amy leaned in closer to wrap the bandage around his quills, and he could have sworn he saw a tear escape her eyes behind her bangs.

He slowly reached a hand up and brushed her quills to the side, revealing her beautiful eyes filled to the brim with tears.

“Ames, what’s wrong?” Sonic asked almost in a whisper.

She stared at him with wide eyes and a trembling lip before letting out a wail and throwing herself onto him. They fell back onto the couch, and her arms found their way around his neck as she began to sob into his shoulder.

Sonic’s eyes widened, surprised Amy was letting her emotions boil over like this. He comforted her nonetheless, one hand wrapping around her petite waist while the other rested on her head, making a steady rhythm as he ran his fingers through her silky quills.

“What’s wrong, Amy?” He tried again, leaning close to her ear.

Her sobbing continued before it suddenly ceased, her body going rigid. Sonic stared down at her, a confused look on his face before she yanked herself away from him. She sat up on his stomach as she glared down at him, tears streaming from her face like a waterfall.

“How could you be so stupid?!” Amy screamed.

Sonic winced from her weight on his bruised stomach and her loud voice, but his face only showed confusion. “…what?”

“YOU’RE AN IDIOT!! How could you just take all of the hits at the battle?! We could’ve helped you instead of you show-boating and nearly getting yourself killed! Why couldn’t you just let us help you?! We- I almost lost you…!”

Sonic frowned as he looked up at her. He grunted as he pushed himself into a sitting position, letting Amy fall into his lap as he met her eyes.

“Amy, I didn’t want you to get hurt…especially you,” he said. She opened her mouth to say something, but his finger on her lips stopped her. “I dunno what I would do if you- or any of you guys- got hurt or killed or anything.”

“But we can’t have you nearly dying everyday either,” Amy said around his finger, her voice cracking a little from her remaining tears.

“I know, but…” The blue blur sighed. He placed his hands on either side of Amy’s head and brought it closer to him, planting a long kiss on her forehead. He soon parted, a tingling feeling left on Amy’s forehead where his lips were. His arms found their way around her as he gave her a tight hug, her head pressed against his chest.

He heard her soft voice after a minute. “You trust us, don’t you Sonic?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

“Then next time, let us help you.”

A small smile came across his face. “Alright. I will.”

Nothing Like A Sick Day...

Emotional Drabble Prompt: Sonamy 13 &/or 28. :) For 28 maybe Sonic is feverish and is totally out of it? If you have a different idea you want to do instead though then go for it. :D Please keep everything PG rated. Thanks! 

This is a request from @shannonallaround from this prompt list. Sorry it took so long to do, but I hope you like it!

Note: Requests are closed. Sorry!


It was difficult taking care of Sonic the Hedgehog when he was sick. Amy should know; she’d been doing it all day.

The blue hero had recently caught a cold, and it was up to her to nurse him back to health. It sounded like a simple task, but Amy knew better. Sonic already hated staying put for even a short period of time, so being trapped in a bed for two days was like cruel and unusual punishment. She had already caught him trying to escape several times that day, and every time she managed to get him back to his room, she always found him sneaking towards the door again. It wasn’t until she convinced him to take medicine for his dry cough and stuffy nose that he passed out in his bed, ensuring that he would stay put for at least a couple hours.

Amy always had patience with her friends, especially with Sonic. Even with her somewhat short temper she could keep a cool head in certain situations. This one, however, was just about to drive her up the wall. She had never seen Sonic be so difficult to work with. He cooperated more when she attempted to teach him how to swim a while back, and he hated water! He was lucky that she loved him so much, otherwise he would probably be fighting this cold on his own.

Since she didn’t have to worry too much about keeping an eye on the blue blur, Amy was able to finish the chicken soup she had been cooking up for him. She ladled some into a bowl, and she put that, along with his medicines and a glass of water, on a tray before taking them to his room.

Sonic was still sound asleep in his bed when she walked in. His eyelids fluttered a little, and soft snores escaped his lips as he slept. His cheeks were still rosy red and sweat beaded his forehead, though he was bundled up to his nose under his blankets. Despite being sick, he looked pretty peaceful…that was, until he felt a prod on his shoulder. He cracked his eyes open to see the blurry form of Amy Rose setting the tray on his nightstand.

“Come on, Sonic, wake up. It’s time to take your medicine again,” she was saying as she opened the bottle of cough syrup.

Sonic wrinkled his nose at the mention of the disgusting liquid, and he pulled his blanket over his head as he moaned a ‘no’.

Amy looked over at him with a frown, and she pulled the blanket off of his head. “Sonic, come on. You don’t want to be stuck in bed all day, do you?”

“I could leave now, y'know,” he said as he sat up, his voice still a little groggy from just waking up. “I’ve already told you I’m f-” Sonic paused as his eyes widened, and a second later he let out a loud sneeze…and another…and a third…and a fourth. “…fine…”

“Sure you are,” Amy said with a smirk as she offered him a box of tissues.

Sonic gave her a sheepish smile as he took one from the box. He raised it to his nose, but just before he blew, he froze as his eyes locked onto something near the end of the bed. He could have sworn he saw a motobug roll by on the floor…


The blue blur looked back at Amy, seeing the concerned look on her face. “You okay?”

“Yeah…just thought I saw something,” he replied slowly, glancing back at the floor near the bed before looking back at Amy again. She handed him the little cup of medicine, and he drank it in one swig, grimacing and smacking his lips at the taste. He went for the water she offered him, drinking that in one go as well. It didn’t completely kill the flavor, but at least it was bearable now.

“Why don’t you come out for a little while?” Amy suggested as she took the glass from his hand and put it back on the tray. “You could use a change of scenery, and you can eat your soup out there.”

“You’re not worried that I’m gonna try and escape again?” Sonic asked with a raised brow.

Amy met his gaze boldly with a smirk as she picked up the tray. “Don’t worry. I’ve caught you before, I can definitely do it again.” She turned toward the door, and Sonic rolled his eyes with a smirk of his own before throwing the covers off of himself. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, and they groaned in protest as he got to his feet and tottered out the door after Amy. He swiped a gloved wrist over his eyes to rid them of the blurriness as they went into the living room, though once he dropped his hand back to his side, he stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes widened.

Amy set the tray down on the coffee table and headed back to the kitchen. Before she could take a step, however, a pair of arms wrapped around her before tackling her to the carpeted floor.

“What the- Sonic, what are you doing?!”

“That buzz bomber was about to shoot you!”

“Buzz bomber?” Amy lifted her face up from the carpet and looked around the room, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. “Sonic, there’s no buzz bomber in here.”

“Yes there is! It’s right there!” He pointed at something in the corner of the room.

Amy looked to where he was pointing, and an unamused look came across her face. “…that’s a scarf.”

“No, that’s totally a buzz bomber. I can prove it!” Sonic’s arms and legs shook as he got up off of Amy and homing attacked at the coat rack by the front door. Due to being sick, however, his aim was off, so he ended up bouncing off the wall next to the rack and crashing to the floor with a thud. The impact shook the coat rack, and a light blue scarf fell off one of the hooks, landing on Sonic’s face as he laid on the floor.

Amy stifled a giggle as she made her way over to Sonic. She retrieved the scarf that had fallen on him and held it up so he could see. “Is this your buzz bomber?”

The blue blur only smiled sheepishly at her, and his rosy cheeks seemed even brighter.

Amy finally let her laugh out as she helped him to his feet. “C’mon, let’s get some soup into you before you attack the coffee table next.”

Within a few minutes, Sonic was sat on the couch, the warm bowl of soup in his hands as he ate and watched the TV. Glad that he wasn’t acting crazy anymore, Amy went on to clean up the kitchen where she cooked. She wasn’t surprised to hear footsteps behind her minutes later, followed by a soft clink as a bowl was set down on the island.

“Thanks for the soup, Ames. That really hit the spot,” Sonic spoke up.

Amy giggled as she looked back at him. “You’re welcome!” She expected him to be giving her his usual grin, but instead she saw him staring out the open window into the backyard. “You’re not thinking about escaping again, are you?” she asked with a frown.

“No…but why is Eggman in the backyard?”

“What?” Amy dried her hands on a towel before joining Sonic at the window. She couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped her lips as she looked at the tree sapling in the middle of the backyard. Its short height and dying leaves from the fall gave it a surprising yet hilarious resemblance to their enemy.

“Is that him right there?” she asked, still tittering as she pointed at the sapling.

“Yes, that’s him!” Sonic exclaimed excitedly. His eyebrows furrowed as he continued looking at the tree. “Why’s he here? He’s just staring at us…” He glanced over at Amy, a slightly worried look on his face. “He doesn’t know I’m sick, does he?”

“I doubt it.” Amy grabbed his hand, and she started leading him back to the living room. “He’s probably just passing through, so why don’t we just leave him be?”

“No!” Sonic pulled out of her grip, and he wore a serious expression…or, at least as serious as he could look with his cheeks flushed pink and the slightly drowsy look in his eyes. “He might try to spring a surprise attack or something! I don’t care if I’m down for the count at the moment, I still have to protect you.”

His stern state shocked Amy, making her bite back the protest forming on her tongue. Even when he was sick and loopy, Sonic was still the Sonic she knew and loved. It made her smile, as well as shake her head as she finally gave in. “Alright…but don’t do anything stupid.”

“Promise.” He finally smiled at her before taking a seat at the island. He stayed there for quite a while, his green eyes never leaving the little sapling. Amy continued cleaning, but as the sun started to set, she managed to get Sonic away from the window and to his bed, saying he needed to get more rest.

Sonic woke up the next morning, mostly better, yet the blush remained on his cheeks as he remembered everything that had happened the previous day.

Aurora's Time Travel Plot Summary

I’m writing this just so you can know the story that I am constantly referencing, but what you are about to read is not a proper fanfiction, so please don’t try to do a literary critique on it or anything. I just receive a lot of asks about this storyline but I don’t have the time to write out the fanfiction, so I thought I’d just write out the plot summary so it could answer your questions! (Plus if anyone wants to write it out you are of course more than welcome to as long as you send it to me!) One last A/N: This is its own story and does not interfere with the Boom!Baby comics.

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