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Aurora's Time Travel Plot Summary

I’m writing this just so you can know the story that I am constantly referencing, but what you are about to read is not a proper fanfiction, so please don’t try to do a literary critique on it or anything. I just receive a lot of asks about this storyline but I don’t have the time to write out the fanfiction, so I thought I’d just write out the plot summary so it could answer your questions! (Plus if anyone wants to write it out you are of course more than welcome to as long as you send it to me!) One last A/N: This is its own story and does not interfere with the Boom!Baby comics.

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Hedgehog Travelogue Takes Blogging World by Storm

Plenty of hedgehogs travel the world, but few document their exploits with selfies. Biddy is the notable exception.

He’s toured more than 20 U.S. national parks and seen world monuments few would dream of. But he’s really captured the Internet’s attention with his popular website: Biddy’s Hedgehog Travelogue Blog.

“He’s also huge on Instagram,” says Darren Oslo, social media editor for the Washington Post. "Basically, any social network where he can post a selfie in front of a waterfall and brag about the view, he’s popular there.“

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