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“ I am traveling the world, falling in love with each landscape and capturing birds in its real ecosystem.”

  • “Diana Beltran Herrera (b. 1987, Colombia) is a designer and artist that has been working over the past years with ordinary materials as wire, cardboard, plastic, and paper, the primary medium in the production of her work. After graduating from her BA degree in industrial Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogota, Colombia) in 2010, Herrera decided to pursue design as an experimental practice, researching daily about different materials that exist around us and are present in our everyday lives. For Herrera, there is a considerable distance in the relationship between human and nature, and throughout her work, she aims to repair this relation by producing elements that are constantly removed, altered and forgotten. Her work is presented as a resistance of time. Her sculptures portray the ideal state of a thing and also act like a model of representation of a reality that doesnt suffer any change.”

all images ©diana  beltran herrera

Time After Time (1/1)

Inspired by this post.

Emma is a Traveler, able to travel through time but unable to control it. Killian is her Taler, always there to greet her and keep her from being alone while out of her time. Neither of them know how it works but they don’t mind so much as long as they have each other. A Captain Swan AU.

Warning: Mentions of character death.

The first time they met they were the same age.

Emma had known it could happen at any moment but that hadn’t made her any more ready for when it actually did.  Her parents had explained over and over what to expect for her first trip.  They had made it sound fun, exciting, something only a teeny tiny amount of people were able to do.  What they hadn’t told her was how dizzy she would feel, or that her mouth would be filled with the taste of cinnamon, or that she couldn’t be sure that her eyes would stay in her head.

“The year is 1648.  Hi, my name is Killian and I’m your Taler and… and why are your eyes closed?”

“I don’t want my eyes to fall out,” Emma whispered, unsure if she would start crying or throw up.  She was leaning towards throwing up, it would be less embarrassing.

“Your eyes?  Why would your eyes fall out?  Do they give you some sort of fanciful eyes from your time?  Is that something that happens then?  People’s eyes popping out?”

“No!” Emma snapped.  Her eyes opened against her will to glare at the boy, Killian she remembered, who was talking too much, “My eyes are just eyes idiot.”

“Oh, they are,” Killian frowned, apparently disappointed in her normal green eyes.

He looked like all the other boys that were in her fifth grade class at school except for his clothes looked like something from her history book.  Killian was skinny, his hair black and all over the place, and his eyes were blue as far as she could tell since he was squinting at her funnily.  She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Oy, that’s not very nice!” He stuck his tongue back out at her. “I’m trying to welcome you like a gentleman and you’re being very rude.”

“A gentleman?” She scoffed, “You’re not old enough to be a gentleman.”

“I’ll be eleven next winter, I’ll have you know, and Papa said that you have to be a gentleman around ladies.  Even when they won’t treat you like one,” Killian scowled and then seemed to realize that it wasn’t gentlemanly behavior.  He smiled at her, wide and fake, “I’m your Taler, the year is 1648 and I hope your trip wasn’t terribly awful.”

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Life is Strange Fic Recs


The Girls Who Broke The World
Imagine a sequel to Life is Strange if it was written by Raymond Chandler. Everything you wanted and much much more from the story, starring Chloe as a private eye trying to put her life back together and solve some of the lingering mysteries of Arcadia Bay. Answers and explores some of the juiciest plot threads that the writers didn’t care enough to execute on, in a real rollercoaster ride of a story. Read it right this second.

I’m Trying Not to Let it Show (That I Don’t Want to Let it Go)
I’m not entirely sure I have words to describe this one. While drugged, Max meets the cosmic ideal of Chloe. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Eternal Return
Half an exploration of the existential implications of time travel on the psyche, half a vision of the life Max and Chloe may have built together in the aftermath of the storm. One of the few works I would describe as ‘Epic’, the quality of its writing is compelling in a way beyond describing in this short space.

Postcards From Your Ghost
After sacrificing Chloe, Max writes a postcard to her on the advice of her therapist. Surprisingly, she gets a response. The last line makes me cry every time.

Turn This Way Now Or
Partial AU where Max has any kind of agency. She’s been rewinding the last few weeks over and over again to see all that she can see, do all that she can do. Explores the limits of what can be altered in the people around you, even with infinite knowledge and attempts. So grounded it’s practically buried in a shallow grave (but in a good way)

This is All Yours
Chloe is happy to be alive and in love with Max. Happy little snapshots of their time together in an AU where the storm apparently didn’t come. Very cute, grounded, true to life. A lot of it deals with Chloe wanting to do the do but not really knowing when or how would be appropriate. Most of it is them making out, final chapter is basically all lovely awkward first-time sex.


* Let’s Love Now 'Cause Soon Enough We’ll Die
Part 1 of a series which details the experiences of the copies of Max that were left behind every time she made a major time jump. This one covers the night of the Vortex Club party, right after Max jumps through Warren’s photo to warn Chloe not to go in. Existentially sad and a little scary, but thoughtful and affectionate.

Ideals are Peaceful, History is Violent
Driving to Seattle and staying with Max’s parents after the storm, Max and Chloe reflect on their lives together so far. Lands with impressive weight.

Road to Home
While Max travels without Chloe for the first time since they reunited, Chloe visits her mom back home to talk about how things have been going.

Kate and Chloe talk for the first time about how they feel about both of them dating Max.

After the Storm, the Silence
Max and Chloe drive away from the wreck of the Bay. I honestly don’t remember much of the content, but I do remember the writing being enormously impactful.

(Like) I Don’t Need to Think Hard
Taylor is drunk and gay

Dream Blue Haze
Chloe and Max pass the time on a rainy day

Conflict of Interest
Max and Kate address the ways they feel like they don’t quite cut muster as partners to one another. Very sweet, relatable.

Falling Short
Taylor and Victoria lean on one another in the wake of realizing what they’ve done to provoke Kate’s attempted suicide.

Confessions of Clocks
Kate is going through some angsty turmoil as she considers her crush on Max. Max reveals her time-travel power to her, which doesn’t make things less complicated.

Everyone in Max’s dorm is curious about why she’s been acting so weird. Victoria and Kate are pressed into seducing Chloe and Max to find out what’s up.

Artist’s Rendering
Chloe and Max paint on each other

How Can I Protect You?
A year after the ending, Chloe gets in a fistfight after someone is rude to her. Chloe worries about violence, and expresses a desire to protect Max after all she’s done for her, even if that isn’t always realistic. Sweet, but a little heavy.

White Casts and Dried Bones
Immediately post Bae>Bay ending, Chloe and Max drive away while trying to process what just happened

The Problems Kisses Cause
Kate has noticed Max checking her out, and finally asks her if she has a crush on her. In the course of this, reveals she’s crushing back. Neither know what to do with this, but they eventually kiss it out.

* After Shock
Chloe hooks Kate up with a bowl and they talk about stress, then have a sloppy make out and bang. Not explicit, very grounded but not quite angsty.

* Everybody Needs a Fence to Lean on
Chloe has insomnia, gets drunk, sneaks into Max’s dorm to sleep in her bed. Sweet, vulnerable.


* Cake
Ten years after the ending of the game, Max and Chloe are married, living in a small town in Ontario. Things between them are rocky, though, with money tight and their affection for one another fading. Only chapter 1 so far, but it looks like it’s going somewhere very interesting and well grounded in adult realities.

* Begin to Feel
Chloe talks to Kate while she’s in the hospital, which sparks a growing mutual crush. Explores Kate wanting to do what she wants, damn what her parents might think, as well as some further insight into Chloe’s emotional landscape

Beyond Destiny
Set post Bae>Bay ending, Chloe and Max drive to Seattle to stay with Max’s parents. Very sweet slow boil relationship/ slice of life fic

Holy Matrimony, Batman!
Chloe and Max wake up in Vegas, discovering they’ve been wed. Max travels through the selfies she took through the night before to try and figure out what happened.

Calm after the Storm
Post-ending AU where the storm never came. Sappy sweet relationship, emotions, and self-reflection fic

Time to Deal
Kate helps Max cope after sacrificing Chloe.

Five Times Someone Hit on Kate Marsh
What is says on the tin. Fluffy, funny little snapshots.

Sleepless Nights
Neither Max nor Kate can sleep at all following the events of The Week. Eventually they find they can lean on one another, and help each other rest.

Post Bae>Bay ending, Chloe and Max are driving up to Seattle after the storm, and stop in a little motel. Max is filled with determination, Chloe has some doubt, both are full of confusing teenage affection for one another. Slow, thoughtful, very sweet but in a measured, grounded way.

* Life is Hard (And No-One Understands)
20 years after Bay>Bae ending, Victoria is the head of a gallery in Portland, and Max is a photographer who has become famous for reasons she hates. While Max is trying to get some downtime working at a coffee shop, they run into each other. Partially an exploration of where their lives would have gone in that amount of time, half an indulgent fluffy fic where they finally hook up after all those years.

We’ll Make it on the Run
Post Bae>Bay ending, Chloe and Max have nowhere to go, so they just drive, and drive, and drive across the US. Angsty slow boil road trip and survival fic


* Nightlife
While driving home for winter break, Max’s car breaks down in some nowhere town. The only place open that she can take shelter is a porn shop. Very sweet, surprisingly not dirty.

Wandering Far
Max’s powers manifested when she was very young, prompting the military to spirit her away to a research facility where she has been kept under constant scrutiny. At the age of 18, she escapes with the help of Nathan Prescott, and bums a ride with a blue-haired punk across the country away from danger.

The World is Not Enough
Chloe is James Bond

Max comes to Arcadia Bay looking for a friend that ran away from home. During her search, she meets the vocalist to a local punk singer


The Kissing Game
Victoria starts macking on Max, who, true to form, panics and goes along with it.

Soft Skin and Love Bites
Chloe catches Max having a cheeky playaround with her downstairs during a sleepover.

All Talk
A look at Victoria’s feelings of unfulfilled isolation, explored through her having a lot of sex with Chloe. Set before the game begins.

* My Saving Grace
Kate is starting to wonder if she never should have come to Blackwell, but Max pulls her through every time. Eventually Max admits to having feelings for Kate, who is surprised to find that maybe she has some for Max, too. Pretty angsty, but well written and hot.

Once More With Feeling
Two years post-game, set in Seattle. Victoria and Chloe cross paths a few times, clash, ultimately get to be friends and then start awkwardly crushing on each other. Cute, kinda funny, pretty hot.

Strange Love
Chloe and Max do a lot of The Sex

Chloe eats out Max in an old empty church

I Owe You Dinner
Juliet and Dana talk about their relationship, bang

Chloe eats out Max while somebody knocks on her dorm-room door

Drifting Spirits
Max thinks about Chloe

Welcome Home
Max wants to fuck her best friend, but doesn’t know how to bring it up.

Tear you Apart
Chloe does some biting all up on Max, who ends up liking it

Je Garde de Vous
Chloe and Max do it for the first time, and it’s awkward but very sweet and enjoyable

Milso Playlist

So I have a list of songs that I listen to when I’m really missing my boyfriend and they help me feel better. Some are older because my mom showed me some songs she used to listen to when my dad was gone for the Marines. I thought I’d share because I know how hard it can be to find a good song to cry to on harder nights. Also, some are military related songs and some aren’t but they’re about long distance and work too.

1.) Traveling Soldier- The Dixie Chicks 

2.) Never Be Alone- Shawn Mendes

3.) Jet Lag- Simple Plan ft Natasha Bedingfield

4.) Just a Dream- Carrie Underwood

5.) Ours- Taylor Swift (you should really watch the music video for this one)

6.) Hey There Delilah- Plain White T’s

7.) I Can Wait Forever- Simple Plan

8.) Letters from Home- John Michael Montgomery

9.) Riding with Private Malone- David Ball

10.) Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue- Toby Keith

I hope you like at least some of these! Please reblog and add your own songs that have helped you. I’d love to make my list longer!

I will never get how Oliciters mindlessly hate Katie for the stupidest shit.

I spoke to an Oliciter once who said they had no respect for Katie because when they met her at a con Katie “seemed like she didn’t wanna be there and showed up late so why did she bother going, and Katie has previously cancelled apperances claiming “work obligations” but then was spotted at a beach.“

Okay…..let’s fucking think about this as logical fucking people for a second:

1) a lot of celebrities are contractually obligated to attend x amount of cons annually. Katie already does more than most, which suggests that she chooses to do extra on top of her contracted number (if she even has a contracted number because not everyone does and i have no way of knowing). So, Katie goes out of her way to attend events and interact with fans far more so than many others. If Katie does in fact have a contractual obligation, she may HAVE to go to cons even if she isn’t feeling up to it on that given day.

2) Katie has previously spoken out about the vast amount of hate she receives on Twitter, and how she is reluctant to check her social media comments. She’s now a spokesperson for an anti bullying charity as a result. There are even screenshots of oliciters @‘ing her with hate on Twitter only to immediately follow up those tweets with “this bitch blocked me”. Oliciters on twitter gathered together and laughed about how they lined up at cons to ask Katie about the “new” canary just to try and “drag her”. You have no idea what was said/done to her at that con, when she’s surrounded by people who hate her unjustly.

3) Katie is not just an actress. Her work obligations could be related to her tomboykc fashion blog/company or her charity work with animal adoption or cyber bullying. Since cons require out of state travel, a work obligation could be something as small as a quick interview/audition, which might only take a few hours of her day. If she has an interview/audition before lunch, that leaves her afternoon free. Whereas cons are weekend long, plus travel time. Just because she is seen having down time instead of being at a con, that doesn’t mean no work was done that day.

4) Katie has previously attended a con the day after being hospitalized and stayed hours afterwards signing free autographs to make up to fans for the day she missed.

And most importantly 5) Katie is a human being. She has a right to feel however she feels and doesnt owe anybody shit. She’s entitled to make mistakes and be in a bad mood and not feel well and sleep late or what the fuck ever. And these oliciters judge her based on her mood/actions for 30 seconds as if they’ve never been grumpy or gone to work when they didnt want to, or taken a day for themselves or what the fuck ever. Celebrities aren’t display pieces that exist just to act how you want them to and pose for your photos. Jfc.

And I just think it’s so fucking hypocritical that these Oliciters tried to actively “prove” Katie was lying about her injury when she missed one day of a con, but they all just take it on blind faith about Emily’s “anxiety”. I have an anxiety disorder. I know it’s difficult. I sympathize with Emily. Yes, I find it suspect that the few cons she does attend include SDCC which is the largest and therefore theoretically the MOST anxiety inducing, but I don’t know how her contract works and it also makes sense that she would be obligated to attend the largest cons at least, so I can believe that.

But it really drives me up a wall that these Oliciters hate and pick apart everything that Katie does, but we all know that if Emily did loads of cons and then skipped out on one or was in a bad mood, they would bend over backwards to defend her. And it’s like????? You can’t have one rule for one and another rule for another???? That’s not how it works???? Y'all aint slick.

Got a piece of work under the world view of Time Traveler’s Wife, love this novel really, though there is a lot of bug in this world view and is kind of fatalistic, but this kind of time travel is still interesting and, when related to time travel there are always bugs. Anyway I like this feeling of loop.

Simply explain, Ruby would do uncontrollable time travel, to either past or future, and she can meet herself in different time point, and she has all the memories.

Got a lot of fun from this one really, it’s so interesting.

Though in the end of the original novel it’s kind of a sad story (I cry every time reading it), this one is just a relaxing and funny piece.

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anonymous asked:

What are some possible skating-related careers for skaters once they retire from the competitive circuit?(besides the obvious coaching)

A lot of skaters do something totally unrelated to skating but use their skating experiences to help them along. For instance, Michelle Kwan was an ambassador for the US for many years because she was smart and cultured from all her travels abroad skating. 

Skating-wise, you can commentate, work for the ISU (but these tend to be less-successful skaters for some reason), work for your skating Federation, write skating articles (probably not a full-time job). There’s always touring skating shows on Cruise Ships and of course Disney on Ice (neither generally have big name skaters). 

Some skaters get degrees in things like Sports Psychology and Physical Therapy, so they can help the current generation succeed. But those are all I can think of! 


After getting through Twitch’s unmute requests (9 months) and then audio/video syncing issues in Premiere, this video is finally a reality. This episode doesn’t have much gameplay footage because there’s so much exposition, but there will be more in upcoming episodes I promise :) 

Life is Strange is a choose-your-own adventure game featuring Max, a high school budding photographer who has just moved back to the tiny town of Arcadia Bay. A midday daydream kicks off a tumultuous day as the town’s secrets start to unravel before her. After witnessing a traumatizing event, Max finds that she can time travel. In this first episode of the five part series, she’s trying to keep herself afloat while exploring her new powers as well as a rekindled relationship with her childhood best friend, Chloe.

This game has rich story and superb voice work. The world of Life is Strange is beautiful and fantasical but, at the same time, relatable. It’s great to play a game centered around so many multi-faceted and different female characters. It embraces queerness and teenage foolishness but doesn’t shy away from other issues like bullying, violence, and sexual assault.

Gamers who like dimensional, non-sexualized portrayals of women and narrative games where your choices have impacts on the world and people around you, this is a game you can’t pass up! Because of the language and subject matter of the game, I wouldn’t recommend this to children younger than 14.

Total playtime: 2 hours (this episode); 14 hours (all episodes)

Business sugar babies

1. If you are seeking investment in a business, it is very important to know your stuff. I saw a photoset of a guy mocking a girl for not knowing terms to do with being an entrepreneur. Harsh, but a lot of guys see boasts of you being a business woman as  banal or a coverup.

Winners like winners. Just like you are tired of losers posing as sugar daddies, these men are tired of women who are claiming to be something they’re not. So pick up the personal MBA and other reads related to your field.

2. Work at something. My good friend is a chef. She was educated in a top school in Paris .. She wrote on her profile how she had dreams of opening her own restaurant..She is now dating a guy who is making it happen. Dudes were so impressed by her ambition and talent.
These men don’t get rich stupidly. They’re not going to invest in thin air. Your ambitions and goals need to be real. Even if it is to become a dancer or a world traveler. It is passion they seek

3. Some of the biggest sugar babies are career women. A lot of guys are drawn to a woman who has ambition and naturally want to help her out.

4. Mentors are primarily advice givers and can lead you in the right direction and get you into the right crowds. Your sponsor actively supports you and financially invests in you. Guess which is harder to find?

5. Sponsors who can give more are harder to find and harder to gain access to. Mentors are great if you’re trying to break into certain circles (and meet richer potential daddies lol). Mentors are great for climbing ladders and giving you access. Most jet setters have that one person who puts them on. This is why I don’t get girls who judge splendas, work your way up.

6. When looking for a mentor/sponsor style sugar daddy it is important to make things easy for them. They are busy guys who have their next hotel or company to build. It is so much easier for him to spoil you and give you what you want if you simplify shit.

7. So, dress the part. Look the part. Know your goals, your business plan. Arrive on time. Have business cards. Learn how to negotiate and persuade. Learn about his industry and what he does.

8. Do not make everything work related. They are your friends and lover ideally. They are also good worthwhile connections for life

9. Just like any SD/Sb, they want something in return. Maybe you are sexy, fun, maybe you can offer pleasure and excitement and bring joy to his dull life.

 10. Closed mouths do not get fed. Most importantly in a market where everything goes ,people who cannot make a good argument for what they want, do not get it. 

 11. Don’t be demanding, but spell out the mutual benefits for both of you when asking for what you want. Most of these men don’t have time to work out what makes you tick or whatever.

 12. Go to networking events, conferences and informal or extracurricular gatherings. Approach your target and introduce yourself. Tell them who you are and your distinct value.

 For instance , if you are an amateur model, talk about your previous work and portfolio . Talk about your side interests in fitness and beauty . The guy will get the idea that you could be a potential hot model girlfriend, he could mentor and show off. This isn’t business related but you don’t have to be a business woman in the making to be of value to a dude. He just needs to get the impression that you offer something. Stay tuned for more on all of meeting the kind of guys who pay for surgery and can help you travel 


It’s WishfulShipping Day /o/
Aka, the day we celebrate DenAi, AiDen, デンアイ, アイデン, Iris/Dent, Iris/Cilan, aka Captain Fabulous and Not-That-Again Wildgirl /o/

So, picspamming time with notes and observations /o/ (image (really) heavy)

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PISCES at work

Typical Occupations

All kinds of jobs in film, theater, TV, radio, ballet, music, and art will attract Pisces, who is often a good actor. A job that allows travel will be attractive. Advertising, public relations, and any job that is part of the service industry. Helping people to solve their problems and charitable and church work will also be very attractive to Pisces.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Pisces at work:
* is rarely in an executive position, nor does he or she enjoy being tied to working in a team that has a strict routine
* enjoys work that offers freedom of expression, which usually means working alone or in a self-directed position
* if working in a team, Pisces prefers an occupation that allows for frequent changes and adaptations
Pisces as Employer
A typical Pisces boss (male or female):
* is more likely to be found in organizations as a director rather than as the boss
* will serve people rather than accumulate power
* uses his or her gifts to make the correct move
* is a shrewd judge of character
* is unconventional and creative
* values those who are conventional and well organized, because they are needed to back up his or her ideas
* will never rufuse help to someone in need
* may act tough to hide a deep belief in the mystical
Pisces as Employee
A typical Pisces employee (male or female):
* needs work where there is plenty of outlet for either human understanding or creative imagination
* will be depressed, lazy, and useless if neither of these needs are satisfied
* will be very affected by surroundings
* when happy is a loyal worker
* will get the job done, although nobody seems to understand how he or she operates
Working Environment
The workplace of a typical Pisces man or woman:
* must feel comfortable
* will have a pleasent atmosphere
* should be a large and flexible space
* may be brightly colored

My subconscious puts a lot of effort into its bullshit.

I dreamed that there had been some sort of deal made that Andrew Hussie had to finish Homestuck by the end of the year or all the apocalypses would happen. All possible apocalypses.

Since the apocalypse needs prep time, things had been going subtly wrong all year, but in June everything went pretty much to shit. List of problems I observed Homestuck to have caused:

* Everything’s genetic structure is janked up, and a lot of people are like, part-bear, or can only eat this specific ambiguously-sentient parasitic flower or they die of allergic reaction, but the flowers don’t fill all their nutritional needs so they eventually starve anyway. The flowers are very pretty.

* Sea level is rising dramatically in some places and dropping in others; the English Channel is dry.

* The passage of time is fucked up, so while in some places this has all only been going on for a month, in some it’s been apocalypsing for eons.

For example, the English Channel has been dry for long enough that new intelligent species have evolved there, formed a peaceful civilization, and barred all outsiders from entry using their advanced magitechnology. This civilization… is Redwall.

* Agriculture and weather are glitching out and there’s widespread famine and drought.

Annnnd bunch of competing sets of aliens of varying levels of hostility have invaded, including:

  • the ones from The Screwfly Solution
  • Homeworld gems
  • elves (???)
  • Team Rocket (fine, I guess we’re doing this)
  • the cast of Disgaea
  • angels (unaffiliated with Disgaea or Homestuck)
  • horrorterrors
  • no trolls, conspicuously!

I had a small RV, and had formed a temporary alliance with Lapis and Jasper. I would not ordinarily have allowed Jasper inside my small RV, but her gem had been worn down by the sand at the sea-bottom, making her smaller - she was now only seven feet tall - and also extremely passive, gentle, and depressed.

So the relationship just wasn’t working for Lapis anymore, and when their body of water had dried up due to a non-gem-related apocalypse, they’d unfused, and were on their way to Beach City to ask Steven to heal Jasper. I was taking them as far as the southwestern edge of Screwfly territory, which I wasn’t prepared to enter.

(Since they’re on their way east, I guess Malachite made her way to the Pacific Ocean eventually.)

We’d been travelling with a caravan of Homestuck Cultists, who had stopped in a roofless abandoned town overgrown with beautiful but creepy mutant plants. They were very sure that Homestuck would end by the end of the year - however long a year lasts - and that the world would be saved. I had doubts and was planning to move to outer space pretty soon.

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So Ace is studying to be a Time Lord in the Gallifrey: Intervention Earth series. This brings up some interesting points.
  • It takes a long time to get through the Time Lord academy.
  • Leela was kept artificially young by Time Lord technology while she lived on Gallifrey
  • Of course, the minute she was being held prisoner and wasn’t able to access that technology anymore, she aged a year for every day of her captivity.
  • Maybe they’ve stabilised the tech by now?
  • And can let Ace use it?
  • When the Doctor was looking for Time Lords, he was probably only looking for Gallifreyan Time Lords.
  • Also people who finished their training.
  • Ace probably didn’t finish her training.
  • I mean it’s Ace, come on.  She’s smart and awesome, but probably too busy intervening (what with working for the Celestial Intervention Agency) to study much.
  • But I bet she can fly a TARDIS pretty well.
  • On a scale of Nimon to Mind Probe, how scared of Ace do you think Narvin was?
  • Somewhere out there, Ace McShane is running A Charitable Earth, looks to be in her 40s-50s, and is actually about 200 or something.
  • And she probably has a TARDIS or related time travel tech.
  • Also, she’s totes married to Mel.
  • And I think that’s beautiful.

The Christian concept of sainthood is a person who is particularly holy, and shares a special closeness with God due to their actions in life. Each saint isassociated with one or several patronages. If you are so inclined, you may want to try working with saints in magic, whether it be directly appealing to them or using their associations symbolically in spells.

This post focuses on Saint Clare of Assisi. Saint Clare founded the Order of Poor Ladies, an order of monastic nuns. Saint Clare has the unusual patronage of television- it is said that when she was once too ill to physically attend mass, she saw a vision of the mass projected on her wall. To see more posts like these as they are posted, you can check the tag here!

Patronages of Saint Clare:

  • Eyes, eye disease
  • Embroiderers and Needleworkers
  • Television
  • Laundry workers
  • Goldsmiths and Gilders
  • Good weather

Possible Spells to Call on Saint Clare for:

  • Recovery from eye related illnesses
  • For better sight and clarity (literally or figuratively)
  • While crafting poppets/working with other craft magic
  • For help coping with a large workload
  • Weather magic
  • For spells to help with giving something up
  • Help with psychic work, astral travel, etc.

Symbols to Represent Saint Clare in Spells:

  • Monstrance
  • Pyx
  • Eyes
  • Gold (the material and the colour)
  • Needles + thread, other sewing supplies
  • The sun, shining lights
SSPrompt: Even If You Cannot Hear My Voice

Prompt: Sasuke copes with Sakura’s muteness.

It had been three years-


“So she’s going to be okay?” Naruto had asked the medic, one that both boys recognized as one of Sakura’s former interns but whose name they could not remember for the life of them.

“Yes,” the young man said, looking slightly apprehensive as he spoke to his superiors, Naruto and Sasuke, and two of the most well-respected and feared ninja of the five nations, “but there were, uh, complications…”

“Complications?” Sasuke spoke up irritatedly after having sustained silence for long enough.

The medic looked slightly unnerved now, “Hai. Although we were able to stop the bleeding in her neck, and there is minimal scarring, well…”

“Well, what?” both boys spoke with anger lining each of their voices.

“She can’t talk,” spoke another more familiar voice.

Naruto and Sasuke turned to the speaker. Shizune removed a pair of latex gloves and disposed of them in a nearby trashcan before closing the door to the room she was exiting. “The damage to her trachea due to a combination of the incision and the poison makes her state likely irreversible. There wasn’t much we could do to begin with.”

“She can’t talk?” Naruto tried to clarify, a lost hand combing through his spiky blond hair in frustration, “Ever?”

“That’s what she just said,” Sasuke snapped in a low tone, eyes wandering to the hospital door to curiously land on a certain pink-haired patient. He averted his gaze. He wouldn’t let this ruin him.

“I’m,” Shizune considered her words, a certain softness entering her gaze, “I’m sorry, guys.”

“Save it,” Sasuke said, walking away from them, from the conversation, from the stark realization of her condition.


- three years.

“Sakura,” he called into the house as he always did, alerting her of his presence; still, being the skilled kunoichi she was, it was likely she had sensed him long before he stepped through the door.

A pink head of hair entered his peripherals as she stuck her head out the frame of the kitchen doorway. A dazzling smile decorated her already pleasant features, lighting up the room. Welcome home, her eyes said.

“What’s for dinner?” he questioned habitually whilst toeing off his sandals.

Sakura waved a spoon wielding hand directly to her right, signaling him to look for himself. Her spoon directed his eye to the menu board that she had so insistently looked for in a myriad of home-decor stores. Shrimp tempura was scrawled across the chalkboard in her familiar, delicate script.

“Hopefully this comes out better than last time,” he called to her from the table over the loud hiss of frying batter. He swore people simply had it wrong when they claimed that the sharingan was the most deadly form of doujutsu in the known shinobi world, because the glare Uchiha Sakura shot him could surely split the universe in two with its sheer ferocity. Still, he gifted her with a cool smirk in an attempt to stir her better emotions. Much to his luck, she returned the knowing smile and returned to her work.

Being the one to carry conversations would always be strange to the Uchiha. Even in his youth, the only one he truly cared to initiate conversations with had been his brother. But that seemed to be a million lifetimes ago now, or perhaps even some faraway dream. Not to mention the fact that the one he held conversations with now was none other than Sakura. Talking to one’s wife should have been easy, but it wasn’t always so for Sasuke. For so long, he had counted on her never-ending supply of frivolous thought, her knack for keeping track of Konoha’s gossip, and her genuine interest in his well-being to keep the flow of conversation in their shared household. Nowadays, he lived life by a different accord, one that often included speaking of things that he otherwise thought of as needless; like the happenings of his day, some thoughts he’d been having, so on and so forth.

“Inform me of the happenings within the Uchiha household today,” he said to her as they sat on the couch after dinner, the TV hummed on a low volume before them.

She let out an even breath that resembled a sigh as her head squirmed in his lap.

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Aurora was in the public relations department when it came to a few Difference minor named celebrities. Thats when Shane’s manger found her. She Knew exactly who he was and of course accepted the job position.. The whole time she had been working for him he had been in a relationship with harper.. So she did her job. She made sure that she controlled the press being put out on him. and his band. She traveled with him. She usually hung out in the buss or in the common area. She didn’t really like to be social, she didn’t want to get into the way of anyones stuff when she was on tour with him. 

Today was no diffrent from any other day, they were traveling and headed to a concert event and Aurora was working on some photo releases with upcoming events. She was also running his social media account, well the ones that he wasn’t running. and even answering emails about appearances, saying she would talk to him and see if he has an opening.. Since he was out doing his thing with band. she was sitting in the food service room eating some chips and shot him a text “hey come to the food service room when your done i have something to talk to you about” she said via text to him about an appearance that might be him more solo than the band. Which she knew was priority which is why she was running it by him 

valkyrie1969 said: In later books, we learn that you can “steer” (or mis-steer) by having someone you are thinking about “pull” you to them (e.g., the Roger going to the wrong time thing). I think that somehow Jamie pulls Claire to 1743 – which if he’s already pining for her (as in the ghost Jamie sighting) could account for her first instance of falling through the stones in Outlander. The endless loop theory plays in here as well, but don’t know what would kick it off initially. What do you think?

Hello again @valkyrie1969​. 

I adore @gotham-ruaidh​‘s endless loop theory but I also think there are elements of fate/predestination at play as well - though maybe they feed into each other somehow (if it is what has always happened and what will always happen, does that count as fate? would they be able to break the cycle if they tried? - not that they’d want to). 

While the ghost makes his appearance shortly before her initial journey through the stones, I don’t know that I think it’s that pining for her that brings her through the first time - I think the ghost’s appearance has to do with the significance of the dates, the idea of the veil between the two times is lifted/thinner (details on how I think that might work below the cut). 

I don’t think it’s coincidence that we learn through the course of the series that Jamie’s birthday is May 1st and Claire’s is October 20th - right at Beltane and Samhain, times when the stones are particularly active/conducive to traveling - I just don’t have a theory for how/why that association would work. I also think it’s pretty clear that Jamie and Claire are soul mates and I think that has something to do with how she manages to get where and when she does without needing to focus her thoughts that first time.

Spoilers for Voyager ahead.

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Runaway Powers: Gertrude Yorkes

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There are many comics where you could swap the super-powers of two characters in a given team, and not suffer any ill results, because it really doesn’t matter that much. Runaways is not one of them. The powers in this comic all have meaning and were chosen for a reason. They all relate to the kids, to their parents, and they inform their behavior in interesting ways. And I figured I’ll do a series of posts about them to explore this in more detail.

Of course, just like how the kids aren’t just one thing, the powers aren’t just one thing and don’t mean only thing. They evolve over the course of the series, along with how they’re used, reflecting the evolution of the characters, and they’re discussed and used differently in different contexts. This is just what I’ve been able to find. Some of it may be wrong, and it’s definitely incomplete. So I’d be very happy about any comments and remarks you have.

I’m starting with Gert, because for me, she was the most difficult one to figure out.

Seriously. There is just not a lot to work with her. Her main power is that she is psychically bonded to a dinosaur, and can tell her to go nom on stuff. This can and does prove very useful, but it isn’t exactly nuanced. And it has the effect that Gert ends up in most battles not doing much of anything herself; her contributions come through her pet. The relation to her parents is also limited. They are time-travelers, and brought the animal back through that, but Gert herself isn’t doing any more traveling, no matter in what direction, than the rest of the crew. As super-powers go, she’s kind of on the boring side.

The Pride even says so explicitly, calling her „expendable“. And while her friends would never use that word… they have a habit of leaving her outside to guard stuff; most notably Molly in the early run. She objects at times, but she doesn’t abandon her post there.

Does it tie into her personality? Not really. She is smart, but she doesn’t use it to provide tactics or background information anymore than anyone else. She has strong political views… well, strong for the pre-Tumblr era. You could be led to believe that her power is primarily one of management and strategy; of leadership. Finding the right course of action and getting others to implement it. It would fit perfectly well with her interests, her super-power, the alternate future where she leads the Avengers and so on.

That’s not what she does, though. She stays back; she lets Alex and Nico give the orders. In Volume 2, shortly before her leaving the team, she even states outright that she doesn’t want the job of team leader. Both in her actions as not-team-leader, and in her power set, she remains deliberately passive compared to the others.

Instead her role in the team is a different one, and that helps explain her power. This role is discussed in great detail after her demise: She provides emotional stability to the crew, and she’s really the only one who could. Nico is a bit too prone to become a mess, and has too much responsibility. Alex is a mole. Karolina has serious issues for a while and suicidal tendencies. Molly is too young. Chase’s main issue is self-loathing (not incompetence, no matter how much he believes it). Of all of them, Gert is the most emotionally solid. She is among the first to truly accept that their parents turned evil and helps the others come to term with it. She is also rarely at the center of intra-team drama (except after her death), and when she is part of it, it ends pretty quickly.

This goes doubly for her dinosaur. Old Lace is a character in her own right, and everyone loves her (eventually). She is not just Gert’s pet, she’s the entire team’s mascot, which underlines that. Old Lace and Gert are both at the center of the group and its relationships.

The key for me is the nature of the link between the two: When Old Lace is hurt, so is Gert. For everyone else, the thing they inherited from their parents is an object; maybe not easily replaceable, but a tool that can be damaged without direct harm to its wearer. Chase entirely loses the Fistigons and instead gains power over the Leapfrog. Both the Leapfrog and the Staff of One have properties that make them similar to outright characters, and we can debate whether they are that or just tools, or maybe both. For Old Lace, there is no debate.

Gert’s superpower is not one where she comamnds, but one where she connects. This is exactly what she does with her friends as well. This also fits with her interest in politics. Gert’s interest is in making the world a better place through collaboration.

It’s very interesting to compare her approach with Nico’s. Where Gert is stable, Nico is always on edge. Gert’s initial reaction to Spider-Man is to talk with him, Nico’s is hellfire. In times of emotional trouble, Nico either goes to be alone, or more likely, goes for quick emotional thrill rides with random boys. Gert instead seeks comfort with the people and dinosaurs close to her. For both, it is what their power demands.

frostbite883  asked:

To mun/mod: How would you describe the adult guardians (the W.I.T.C.H. girls when they became adult)? - Frostbite883

I am assuming here that, even though they keep their base powers, there is a new team of guardians now. 

The clearest one would be Hay Lin. She is shown repeatedly wanting children and part of her power seems to be related to memories and bonds. Hay Lin will be an artist, of course, but she will never leave her parents behind  If she never marries, she will either be a single mother or adopt children. She loves children and art more than anything else. I can see her working in something like the Crewniverse (the people making Steven Universe) and bringing her children to work.

Taranee is tricky. She has a great brain, but her powers are characterised by movement and action. Her life will involve her traveling constantly, never settling down. I can see her as a dancer on tour. I don’t think she’ll ever marry young: she will have a significant other with whom she will see every time she returns to the city where she spends most of her free time (Heatherfield?) I can see her marrying as an old lady, when she is retired, and adopting literally all the dogs. She loves dogs in canon, and this fits her.

Cornelia will never be “just a model” or “just an actress”. She is just too ambitious for that. She will be a model, an actress a designer, a skater and the richest businesswoman in Heatherfield. No one will ever know what the hell is her secret, but everyone will envy her. So much. Irma phones her every day to relive her from stress. Her sister is her right hand and both of them are rich. Like, so, so fucking rich. So fierce.

Irma just wants to be happy. She graduates Sheffield with about a million projects. Ends up studying languages and opens a small surf-equipment rental store for the tourists. She plays Karmilla CDs out loud and dyes her hair funny colours. She is a bit of a hippie and offers Hay Lin’s fav brand of tea to everyone who seems worried when they enter her store. Teaches little children how to swim. 

Will… one day just disappears, with Matt, and no one is sure what the hell is going on. They see her from time to time and she looks tired but happy. She sports a badass undercut and wild hair. Turns out they both are, quite literally, superheroes. They use their remaining powers to save wildlife trapped in fires. They thwart robberies and save people in floods. They are always partially wounded, as they are not as powerful as they were before, but Matt still has the powers of a Herald of Kandrakar, and Will is still super agile and can generate magic shields. Matt plays the guitar in his travels. He never becomes a star, but he is happy nevertheless. Children in airports and train stations love his songs. 

Musings on Madam Secretary 2.18

Before we dive into the episode, I have to mention the best part of this week: Season 3 renewal! Yes, we all knew it was coming. Yes, I’m still relieved to have the announcement behind us. Yes, I resisted the urge to hire a skywriting plane to shout my excitement. If you follow me on twitter, your feed should be thankful I was away for most of the day the renewal was announced.. because otherwise I probably would’ve retweeted every damn thing.

“On the Clock” started my favorite way: in the McCord bedroom. OK, maybe it wasn’t my FAVORITE choice of McCord bedroom scenes *cough, wink*. I loved the normality of it all; the ordinary before the chaos that only revolves in the McCord world. Alison absentmindedly played on her phone while Elizabeth, the woman who can sustain world peace with a single idea, struggled to decide what shirt to wear. (Nice to see I’m not the only one who stands in front of my closet every morning, taking out 8 different things before finally settling on something.) Enter a barefoot, tooth-brushing, shirt unbuttoned (Hellllooooo, Dr. McCord) Henry and this scene could basically be in any American house. Even more real: broken appliances. Henry was the stereotypical husband/father. “What’s a bath sheet? Why do we have them?” (I once had a guy friend who didn’t know couch cushions unzipped to go in the washing machine and debated how to put the entire thing in there. These things really do happen.)

The washing machine and Henry’s ability, or Elizabeth’s lack of confidence in Henry’s ability, would be the thread woven throughout the episode. Elizabeth was trying to prevent a large portion of the world from turning into smoldering ruins and Henry was trying to track down the most wanted terrorist in the world, but in the midst of these crises, there was this personal drama playing out. They may have been in the White House surrounded by some of the world’s most powerful people, but during those brief hallway discussions, they were just Dr. and Mrs. McCord. Personally, I love that Elizabeth was just as concerned about the washing machine as she was about India and Pakistan. Her professional scope may include the entire world, but her personal life revolves around what happens inside that Georgetown townhouse. Like any working mom, she started spiraling. Work was stressful and she couldn’t control that, but she needed to feel like she was on top of life at home. Her quip of feeling like she couldn’t take care of her family zinged me a little in the heart. She’s like any working mom, trying to balance life and make it all come together with the least amount of distress. The same could also be said for Henry, who was trying to prove his capability, albeit with a home appliance.

Speaking of being like any other person, Elizabeth McCord has backup “sad underwear.” Elizabeth McCord is one of us. Admittedly, the pathetic, fangirl, swoon-y part of me was hoping Henry would jump on that comment, figuratively and literally, but I’ll just assume he did that later, thankyouverymuch. If Henry’s new position means more of these fun little scenes in the middle of a work day, I’m all for it.

As for Henry’s job, he dug a little deeper on both sides of his conscious this week. When Jane threatened Laila about her citizenship, Henry was quick to reassure her that it wasn’t in jeopardy. He then smiled and wished her good luck for her ceremony. Fast forward about 15 minutes, however, and Henry walked the tight rope in similar threats. He mentioned denying her citizenship and sending her back to Libya, but said he wasn’t in favor of that. It’s like when attorneys throw out the most outlandish comment during a trial and then yell “withdrawn” or people say insulting things and include a smiling emoji at the end. It’s already out there. The damage is done. Eventually, Mr. Moral Compass found his center once again and reverted back to what he knows. Even though he shouldn’t, he explained the classified information to Laila, letting her understand the precarious and life-altering situation they’re facing, using her emotions and reasonability to help him. I have to admit, when Jose and squad tried to bust into Laila’s home and Henry opened the door with the picture, I fist-pumped and mumbled “sucka.” The only thing that would’ve made that scene better is if Henry had a micrphone that he could’ve just dropped on the porch before walking away. Clearly he’s a bigger person that I am.

Another episode, another world crisis averted by Elizabeth McCord. The woman’s job is basically the longest, strangest, most intense shell game. No wonder she wants order at home. “You wanna take a chance that I’m bluffing? That’s your call.” Elizabeth tosses out these little semi-threats and lays the potential consequences on the table, letting the diplomat make the decision. She’s used the same technique as a mother. It’s why she excels at both.

Daisy and I have had a rough time thus far, but we found common ground this episode. It’s finally happened. Her storyline touched a nerve. Or my soul. Or felt like a toddler scalding its hand on a hot stove. She’s behind on her life plan and is starting to panic about it. “That used to be my mind at 3am. Now it’s all the time.” Are there hidden cameras in my house because I’m pretty sure the writers tapped into my brain for this plot. Life doesn’t turn out the way we plan. Quite frankly, nothing does. My mind knows this, but it doesn’t stop me from spiraling on certain days. Career? Check. Health? Check. Family and friends? Check. Able to travel, put a roof over my head and feed myself? Check. Check. Check. Married with kids? Crickets. Why is it that that one thing haunts so many women? If I had the answer, I wouldn’t be relating to a fake character who I usually roll my eyes at. Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. Hope you brought a flashlight.

Back to Daisy, Oliver is fine, but I couldn’t have been the only person hoping she longed for the days of Win Barrington, laying the groundwork for him making another appearance. Because Sam Daly.

I like that we’re getting to know a little bit more about each staffer. These side storylines don’t overwhelm the episode and generally run parallel to the bigger plot. Daisy was this week. Matt was a few weeks ago. It allows us to learn more about them as people instead of them as their job title. What’s better? They all turn to Nadine. She’s almost become the State Department aunt. She knows where they’re coming from and can relate, offering advice from personal experience.

As for the country’s real leaders, Elizabeth, Conrad and Russell actually worked as a real team this episode. I know. I had to check to see if pigs were flying outside my window. The three may have disagreed slightly along the way, but outwardly, they provided a united front. What a concept. Sure, Russell was his usual snarky self, panicking about the smallest of details (in this episode, 79% of .86% of voters), but that’s to be as expected as the sun rising every day. The trio even shared a celebratory drink at the end. Despite my sometimes (most times) lack of respect for Conrad, I really love when those three work well together. It takes me back to the pilot when Conrad handpicked Elizabeth and her braids for Secretary of State.

The Doomsday Clock was a fun little real-life lesson playing out on TV. I read an article that said the people who decide whether to change the clock don’t throw a party before they make their announcement… but after Sunday’s episode, they’re now thinking about it. Madam Secretary, bringing fun to everyone.

“I’m going back to bed.” –Henry
“I can be a few minutes late today.” –Elizabeth

Heart eyes, sighs and awwwwws. That sound you heard was the world collectively swooning over that little scene. My only complaint is that it ended with them on the stairs and didn’t follow them into the bedroom. We’re so deprived this season.

Other things:

–Admiral Hill couldn’t stay away for long, and I’m forever grateful for it. Welcome back and welcome on board, lady.

–“I’ll take care of it.” “Sexiest words in the English language.”

–Jane Pauley! I love her so damn much. Between Jane and Bob Schieffer, my news loving heart is happy.

–OK. I’m saying it. Enough with the tie blouses. A few are fine. A closet full of them? No. I’m also basically the only person who loves her ¾-length blazers over sleeved shirts, so keep that in mind. The cheese stands alone.

–Another election reference. I’m assuming this will take up some serious story time next season.

–Why do I love that Elizabeth gave Russell her dirty paper towels to throw away after she cleaned up the spilled coffee?