the transplant (are you sure

Outsiders imagine.

You’re getting a desperately needed heart transplant. You and Johnny are waiting in the pre-op. You’re not sure why he’s there with you but he is.

“Are you nervous?” He asks.
“Yeah.” You say.
“Don’t be. You’ll pull through.” He kisses your cheek.

Suddenly you’re called into surgery. The last thing you see before you go under is Johnny’s face.

You wake up several hours later and jump out of bed. Bizarrely rejuvenated.

“Johnny! The surgery was a success!” You shout, running down the hall to waiting room and finding…..a copy of Gone With the Wind in Johnny’s place.

You pick it up and find a note in the cover.

Sorry I can’t be there for you’re recovery. I will always be in your heart forever.

You turn around to face the befuddled nurse, unsure how you escaped your IVs and anesthesia and woke up so damn fast.

“What happened to the boy I was with?” You say in disbelief.

“What,” the nurse lights a cigarette. “they didn’t tell you who donated the heart?”

Could you guy please pray for my mom and our family. So my mom was going through the transplant evaluation, where they literally check everything, to make sure you’re  good candidate for a transplant. That includes a mammogram.  So they found some abnormal cells. None of the doctors seem overly concerned or anything so mom is just going to have surgery to remove the cells.

Also, when my mom needs the transplant, after she gets it we will probably have to move. Her immune system will be really surpressed for the first year and we live in an old house that isn’t going to work. So moving is really the only option, but hopefully that’s further in the future.

So yeah, life is gonna be pretty crazy and  little scary for awhile,but I trust that God has a plan, and I’d greatly appreciate your prayers.