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god these people are ridiculous like they'll literally say "oh i support trans people! 100% i'm not transphobic at all!" and then when a trans person tells them they're doing smth transphobic and that they need to stop suddenly we're whiny and demanding

Yeah, it’s something that’s prevalent whenever someone wants to ‘appear’ like they’re not bigoted but they’re so set in their own opinions and not ready to ever change them that they pick and choose what people from a certain minority they’ll listen to so long as they coincide with their own beliefs. You can generally find anyone from any minority who will agree with their oppressors, they think they’ll get kudos but they’re really only playing into the entire oppressive dynamic. Trans people should not only be heard and respected when cis people agree with us, but at all times, otherwise it is not true respect nor true equality 

situation: there are cameras around recording but the BtoB members are unaware. Actors were hired to portray fans following them on the streets. When another actor, pretending to be one of the fans’ oppa, orders her to go home with him and becomes rather violent about it, this is how Changsub reacts.

Honestly I 100% support trans people lying to doctors about their experiences and identities to get health care and hormones from doctors who have granted themselves the right to decide whether people get hormones based on everything from what you wear to your sexual orientation.

Nominations are now open for this year’s Trans 100! All those on the Trans 100 and in the Breakouts come from nominations provided by the general community. Nominations are open for a specific length of time as determined by the Trans 100 Team, via web form.

  • Nominations are anonymous.  Anyone may nominate, and they may nominate themselves.
  • Nominees must be living
  • Nominees must be currently working to improve the lives of trans people.
  • Nominees must be doing work that has daily life impact in the service to the Trans Community, with special focus on the areas of ostracism elimination, stigma reduction, poverty reduction, furthering the social and economic development of the Trans Community, and building infrastructure within the Trans Community. On the ground, in the trenches work is valued first and foremost.
  • Nominees can be working at any scale, locally, regionally, or nationally.
  • Nominees must be or identify as trans.
  • Nominees must be out as Trans people in their work.
  • We particularly encourage the addition of persons of color.
  • We particularly encourage the nominations of people who are unsung and/or unseen
  • We particularly encourage the addition of those working in areas of multiple intersections
  • We particularly encourage people from areas other than the coasts be added.
  • The key question to ask is this: what are they doing to make life better for other trans folk in their daily lives?

Nominate folks here.