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Flight Log: Theory

Since the whole Flight Log: trilogy started I avoid making any sort of theories because I didn’t want to jump the gun and be wrong. But now that it’s coming to an end, and after seeing everyone else’s perspective on what’s happening, I wanted to make my one and only theory on what I think is happening the whole time.

Theory 1

I think people are overthinking what’s happening throughout Flight Log. It’s simpler than what you think.

Flight Log: Departure

In the trailer it starts off as normal. The boys are on some sort of road trip with one another having a fun time. 

While Jinyoung falls asleep they get into a car accident.

That’s explains why in the next scene its him running and looking around, confused and lost from the others. 

I’m not exactly sure if it was a symbolism thing or actually on purpose but since the accident was really bad, the reason why he’s alone because he’s the only lucky one that remained in the car while others where thrown out or something due to the accident.

He wakes up and sees the members but they are far from where he is (which also supports the flung from vehicle theory. They start flying one by one (aka dying). 

There’s a saying that when you die or come close to death your life flashes before your eyes, that’s why Jinyoung keeps going in and out of memories he had with the other members.

Jinyoung is so distant/the main focus because he’s the only one that survives; hence why he can’t fly. 

Flight Log: Turbulence 

In the Turbulence trailer its shows how much Jinyoung wants to be with the others and he’s struggles with being alone. That’s why there is multiple scenes with him looking jealous while the other have fun among themselves.

He wants to join them but he can’t. Causing him to just want to give up  (may be hinting towards possible suicide attempt or he’s body going between death and life)

 In the Hard Carry MV,  the opening scene starts off him being only one in the car (which always supports the flung theory) 

Throughout the video he’s trapped. It’s a constant war on whether or not he has the will to survive.

A lot of people don’t really consider the title tracks and the lyrics to go along with the storyline but I think the songs also help puzzle this theory together. 

Fly - About flying together or let’s going off to a different place with one another. 

Hard Carry - About Got7 hard carrying (or helping Jinyoung survive) That’s why Jinyoung sings the line “"Let’s fly again fly again fly again, I got this right.” Meaning he wants to try to see if he can fly too all because he wants “to fly” /or be with the rest of Got7. He sings that line as he levitates off the ground; something we see the other members do too in the Fly music video. But the Got7 members quickly ‘save’ him from succumbing to death.

That’s just one examples of Got7 saving him out of the many throughout the music video.

Flight Log: Arrival

In Arrival it can go either way. It’s him coming to terms with the death of the others and he decides to survive for them or he dies and is finally reunited with them. But either way the whole thing is about their friendship, they will always be there for one another. 

Fly - flying off together 

Hard Carry - They’ll always hard carry each other 

 Never Ever - Possibly about never (ever) giving up.

Things Got7 have said to support this theory

(The gifs below do not belong to me. All credit toward @jypnior)

Theory 2

JYP is just fucking with us and It’s all a bad dream Jinyoung has as he sleeps. It ends with him waking up back in the car as if nothing happens.

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Was Armin ever "weak"? He might've just been suffering from the "Overshadowed by Awesome" trope all that time (his classmates include titan-shifters and an Ackerman/Eastern Sea clan badass! (aka Mikasa)) I mean REALLY look at Armin!!! *drool* Abs...

Strength comes from more than just physical capabilities. Armin’s always been incredibly strong, even if he never thought so himself. 

But if we are talking purely physically, he is small for his age and didn’t have much stamina in the beginning. Compared to Eren and Mikasa and. P much everyone else in physical prowess, the Overshadowed by Awesome trope may def apply lol. 

However all things considered he did survive military boot camp for 3 years and is able to use the 3DMG pretty damn well, something which lbr probably takes a LOT of leg and core strength. There’s a reason he’s as muscular now as he is. Military training is nothing to sneeze at. Armin put in a LOT of work and determination over those 3 years to survive and get to where he is. I’m so proud of my son for that. :’)

…I think in conclusion I’m saying YES Armin was never as weak as he thought. Even in the beginning. Wake up, Eldia.

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SVT reaction to their crush/gf geeking out in front of them like freaking out while watching the new Justice League trailer :)

S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, The8 & Dino would love seeing how happy and excited their s/o looks. They’d probably pre-order tickets to the movie so that they can watch it together.

Jun, Wonwoo, Woozi & Vernon would jump in surprise at their s/o’s sudden outburst of excitement. Seeing how much they want to see it, they’d ask them to the movies to watch it the second it releases.

Hoshi, DK, Mingyu & Seungkwan would freak out with them for fun. They’d probably tease their s/o by imitating them every time the trailer goes on.

thank you for your request!!

Let’s Stay Together | three [m]

angst, fluff, smut, horror ⚠️: (drug/alcohol use)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 7k

Summary: Your first party in Gateway…

A/N: OK Y’ALL… this chapter was SO fun to write. I was deadass milly rocking to Disco music for 6 hours while I wrote this. I loved the music so much, I put the links to every song in this chapter so that you can listen while you read if you want! It really sets the mood for the scenes.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage the illegal consumption of drugs or alcohol. This story is a work of fiction.

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“Do I look okay? It’s not too much?” You shift anxiously, leaning against the passenger side door.

Jisoo finally found an outfit she said you had to have. It’s a set going for $200 dollars at retail price- she gave it to you for $25. The pants are in the bell-bottom style, but are made entirely of the softest, smoothest gold satin instead of the usual denim or corduroy. They hug your ass tightly and highlight the shapely curves of your legs, flaring at the bottom over your wooden wedges. They sit comfortably high on your waist, leaving a couple inches of your midsection bare. The pants came with a matching satin crop top. It’s not too low-cut, but shows enough skin to leave anyone who looks at you wanting more. The sleeves are long and offer a bit of whimsy with the way they flare out over your hands, similarly to the pants. Along with some big gold hoop earrings, the glow of this auriferous ensemble contrasts and complements your skin tone exquisitely. It’s no wonder Taehyung couldn’t wait to get you out of it earlier…

“Y/n, it is… a sin how good you look right now… if they don’t name you the queen of this disco then they’re out of their damn minds.” Taehyung looks up at you with adoration as he finishes fixing his brown leather shoe, then smooths down the silk of his own green Gucci top. It’s also long-sleeved, but loose-fitting and reveals the perfect amount of his tanned chest… you can’t wait to leave a trail of your lip gloss down the length of his abs…


Looking down with a demure smile, you try to wrangle your thoughts and carnal desires. You rub your hands together, keeping them warm from the slight chill in the air. Taehyung parked his truck a little ways away from the bonfire in efforts to avoid traffic on the way home, and you’re far enough from the warmth of the party to feel the reality of the night weather. The moon, a round beauty in full effect, smiles down on you with the promise of a night you won’t soon forget. 

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Ok y’all but did I ever tell you the time I actually almost bought the Cursed Majora’s Mask cartridge from a mobile game shop

The story goes as follows:

Me and my family love shopping at garage sales. It helps the community and in return we get cool stuff for hella cheap. Well, every year during the summer, in a little town a few miles from where we lived at the time, there was this Giant festival-like event where people can set up little shops and stands to sell their things.

There was a home-made bracelet stand, a custom car decal shop, and someone even rented out a lemonade truck. There was so much to see and do, and it was so much fun looking at all the things people had made.

I was about twelve at the time and it was my first time at such a big event that wasn’t Pride. I was so excited. The first thing that caught my eye was a pretty large silver truck trailer sitting next to the old metal playground. As I approached with my mom and sister, I immediately took notice that it was a Video Game stand.

I ran from my moms side and entered the trailer. It was well lit and filled to the brim with old and new video games, chargers for 3DS’, and even entire systems to play the games on. I looked at everything: the crappy 3DS games, the old PlayStation games, the Wii games, then finally the Classics. You know, N64 and NES games.

What first took my attention was a Golden Legend of Zelda cartridge, it was polished and shiny under the yellow Christmas lights. Then, as I went to ask my mom if I could have it, I saw a plain grey cartridge hiding inside a box on the floor.

I took it out slowly, really looking at it to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Written in shiny silver Sharpie said, “Majora.” I put the Golden cartridge back onto the shelf, and walked slowly up to my mom, who was helping my sister buy a charger for her DS. As carefully as I could manage without crying, I choked out, “Can I please have this, Mama?”

She took one look at the price and put it back. I started crying, but she told me that, “20 bucks isn’t worth a crappy game you don’t even have the system to play it on.”

So yeah, my mom roasted BEN Drowned and told me to fuck off in the same sentence. I’m still salty.

To The Bone:

The movie (show?) will probably be entertaining, but the trailer is also probably triggering dozens of eating disorder sufferers right now. The actress who plays the woman with anorexia actually had anorexia as a teenager and becomes very underweight to play this role, which sounds like a really fucking stupid and unethical idea. I am bothered by seeing her underweight body, given my own personal place in recovery, but I’m more bothered by the way that treatment is portrayed like a summer camp, almost – so much fun and dancing and joking around with other patients. I’m not being very articulate, but relapse doesn’t look so terrible, according to this trailer. I guess I mean to say that the illness and treatment seem to be very romanticized in this trailer.

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-Mod Cassie 🐦

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So was Spencer just a bit character then? If so I'm a tad disappointed. I love the voice and persona and was hoping he'd play a bigger role.

Ah ah ahhh.
I can’t comment on anything in terms of specifics.
BUT thanks for the love! Means a lot! I’m happy with how he turned out.

Fun fact since a few Anons have asked and I’m lazy: I actually had no idea what he would look like until the trailer dropped, other than he had intense armor and a big gun. All I had to go on, so that was kind of exciting.
Which means that yes, the unicorn/rhino horn was as much a surprise to me as anybody. It’s really grown on me though, I love it.

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what are some good shows/movies of the actors/actresses i can watch??

please keep in mind that i have only watched a few of these! a (*) means i super recommend it! :-)) I’ve linked the trailers to each of the movies/shows below, if I was able to find a trailer! All of these are pretty easy to find online to stream. *I only included movies where they have a more prominent role, and are more recent and easily accessible. 

    - Winter in the Blood (BONUS: Julia Jones is his co-star in this!)
       I haven’t watched this personally, but according to a friend of mine, it’s pretty good! (2013)
    - Fishing Naked* (BONUS: Tinsel Korey is his co-star in this!)  
       This is a comedic movie! All about this guy named David and his friends pulling pranks to scare off fishing tourists and media. (2015)
    - Never Back Down 2 
      This is also a pretty good movie. Alex plays this guy called Zach Gold and he joins this underground fighting ring to prove something to himself. If you want to see him dancing, shirtless, and fighting in a ring, this is the movie for you! ;;))) (2011)
    - Mine Games 
      I haven’t watched this personally, but another friend who likes the wolf pack said she really likes this movie! It’s a horror movie, and that’s all I really know about it! (2012)
      HOLY FUCK.. I’M SO PROUD OF ALEX FOR LANDING A ROLE IN THIS EVEN IF IT’S SORTA SMOL!! As much as we can see in the trailer, he plays a soldier that accompanies Harley Quinn when she ventures off to do her thing! (You can see Alex in the background of the scene where Harley Quinn is talking about the voices to the soldiers, and the last scene where Harley Quinn breaks the glass of a shop display to grab a purse! He’s also in one frame of the trailer fist-bumping Scott Eastwood! ((listen 2 me that scene slayed my fucking life i was dead i was like yas alex slay me bitch)) He’s sporting a pretty gnarly beard and moustache, so he might be a little hard to spot. Nothing a quick rewind and pause can’t find, though!) I’m so fucking hyped for this movie y’all don’t even know omg… He was also rumored to play a Jason Todd/Robin or smth,, and his role is pretty ambiguous/no-one gives a shit ab his role so who knows?? Maybe his character sneaks up on ya in the film! 
    - the Red Road* (BONUS: Jason Momoa is the main character!)
      This is such a good TV show. It fucks with your mind and Kiowa is pretty bad-ass in this. Here’s a link to an interview about the show where he mentions the Twilight cast and the wolf-pack! :-)) It’s available to watch on Netflix!
      Kiowa plays this kid named Junior who lives on a reservation. This show is AWESOME. It really just reveals what reservation life is, touches on police brutality and power manipulation, racism, etc.. I really recommend you to watch it if you enjoy crime/mystery shows! (2014-2015) 
    - the Lesser Blessed 
      I haven’t personally seen this, but again, a friend watched it and she really enjoyed it! It’s based off a book, I believe. Kiowa really seems to like playing more angsty roles. (2012)
    - Wind Walkers
      This looks like an interesting movie that I haven’t gotten around to watching! I’ve been meaning to. It’s apparently a horror film about Native American monsters. (sorry if I worded that wrong!) (2015)
    - Feed the Devil 
      I wasn’t able to find a stream for this movie, unfortunately. I don’t know much about it, either, so watch the trailer!! (2014)
    - The Ridiculous Six: (BONUS: Taylor Lautner is a main star in this!) 
      This is a comedic movie that stars Adam Sandler and other pretty big names. This was fun to watch! However, the movie has stirred up some controversy over the representation of Native Americans. It’s up to you to watch. It’s available to stream on Netflix. When watching the movie, I think you’ll be able to see why many people argue that it’s controversial– again, up to you to watch. (2015)
    - Longmire: 

      She is a recurring, guest star on this TV show. 
    - She has quite a few upcoming projects to watch out for as well!
    - Descendants:
      This is a popular original Disney Channel movie that came out last year! Booboo is a main star, and plays the character “Jay”, son of Jafar. Keep in mind that this is a Disney movie, and it probably won’t appeal to older audiences. I personally didn’t like it just because it was very cliche, but that isn’t to say that the film isn’t good! It’s just not my taste. (2015)
    - White Frog:*
      Can I just say: Booboo’s performance in this is INCREDIBLE. He plays a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, who struggles with his social and personal life after his older brother passes away. There are some awesome stars in this like Gregg Sulkin, and Tyler Posey. This is a wonderful movie to watch with a lovely moral and awesome POC and LGBTQ representation! (2012)
    - X-Men: Days of Future Past: 
      Booboo has a small role in this film as a superhero called “Warpath”.
    - Honestly, this kid has so many movies and projects to his name, so trust me, you’ll be able to keep up with him. (2014)
    -  Fishing Naked: 
      see above in Bronson Pelletier’s section! (2015)
     - Arctic Air:
    This is an old Canadian TV series that I believe got cancelled? Anyways, it’s not a bad TV show, and all the full episodes are available on the CBC website, which will be linked HERE. It’s about an airplane hangar facility, and it’s got some interesting drama surrounding it. I think Tanaya is pretty good in this, and is a central character, especially in later seasons! If you ever need screencaps of her, this is the place you want to go. (2012-2014)
    - Words and Pictures: 
      This is an old rom-com movie. Tanaya, based on the trailer, seems to be a central student in the movie– which I haven’t seen! 
    - the Night Shift: (premiering June 1st, 2016) 
      This is a Canadian medical drama TV series! Tanaya will be playing a central doctor in pretty much every episode. I’m super excited because I love medical dramas and it’s coming out really soon!! :’’) 
    - Tanaya has guest-starred on the hit TV show, “the 100″ as Mel, in the episodes “Many Happy Returns” and “Human Trials”. She’s also appeared frequently in the TV shows “Continuum” and “True Justice”. 
    - Tanaya has quite a few projects that will be coming out in the next few years! She will be a main character in a short film called “The Hunt”, which is currently in pre-production starring Matt Daddario (mega heart eye emoji omg), and is also portraying Sacagawea, a national icon and hero Lemhi Shoshone woman who was a vital guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition, in an upcoming TV mini-series currently in post-production. 

**Please keep in mind that most of these movies are low-budget, or indie movies. Don’t expect brilliant, Oscar-worthy pieces of art– and take the projects for what they are. If you don’t like them, don’t leave nasty reviews and discredit all these incredibly hard-working individuals’ efforts and talents. If you’re thinking: “Why do many of these actors mainly have small, indie roles in lower-end productions?”, remember that it’s all a part of a bigger problem surrounding Native American talent and content.  Be reasonable y’all, and respect all the hard work put into the performances, production, and years of effort it took to get these actors and actresses to where they are today. 

**Also keep in mind that these are all based off what I could find on the Internet! Some of this info may be outdated, or wrong, but it’s unlikely it is. HAPPY WATCHING!

***EDIT: for Alex Meraz, if u can handle a sad story, pls watch his episode of “New Worlds”!!! It’s super easy to find on YouTube (literally just search “New Worlds Alex Meraz”) and it should be there in pretty good quality!!! I just reblogged an old ask where I link the episode!!!
Trailer Thoughts on Thor: Ragnorak

Okay. Can we all just stop for a second and admire the Thor: Ragnorak Teaser Trailer that was released yesterday?

I love Loki. I’m pretty sure everyone in the world does, too, but if any of you guys know me at all, you would know I’ve been obsessing over Tom Hiddleston for about three years. I thought it went away over the summer, but apparently not. The feeling of giddy excitement of just seeing him on screen is undeniably still there. It didn’t matter if he appeared for a total of three seconds in the trailer, I gushed when I saw him.

Back to the actual trailer, it was awesome. Cate Blanchett looks absolutely epic in her outfit and the helmet-hat-thing. She looked even more amazing when she obliterated Mjolnir. That was a great shot. You know what else was a great shot? The head turning shot when the music really kicked in. I don’t know why, but that one second of footage along with perfectly timed music just makes me so happy. 

Thor’s hair is probably the most talked about thing about this other than maybe the Hulk appearing in this movie. He looks hot with anything. That’s absolutely undeniable, but I want a dramatic scene mourning for the loss of his hair. It’s supposed to have a lot comedic elements to it, right? Then I want a Thor whining and moaning about how they cut all his hair off. I’m just saying, it seems like Thor is the type of guy who values his appearance very much, so it would be logical for him to care about his hair just as much as we do. 

This movie looks like so much fun. I want it now.

As Strong as Darth Vader

<p>“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” (Yoda, 1980, The Empire Strikes Back). I usually don’t begin an essay with a quote but in this case I feel it’s important. My theory here is just a theory based on how I’ve viewed this story for 35 years. If you don’t agree it’s ok take it with a grain of salt, my friends in Star Wars fandom, because it’s not canon lol this is all in my head. I’m speculating how the story could go, and that’s part of the fun in this saga is speculation.<br>

  The first time I heard they were making a new trilogy I cringed as a lot of people did fearing the worst for a story I love so much. I didn’t read spoilers, or cruise YouTube looking for theory videos. I barely watched the trailer. In fact all I saw of the trailer was a few glimpses of Finn wielding the blue saber (only because I was already a huge fan of John’s because of his character in Attack the Block). I stepped into this new world not knowing anything. I didn’t even know who Adam Driver was. I didn’t even know there was a girl protagonist in the movie. My canvas of TFA was blank.

  As I watched the movie quite a few things caught me by surprise. I’ll quickly list them; Kylo as a villain, the interactions between Rey and Kylo (that’s a huge ass one), where the hell is Luke? The symbolism in the story as a whole, and my deepest one is Kylo’s obsession with his grandfather. As I watched the movie these things caught my attention because the rest of the story is (and I saw it admittedly) a re-play of the original trilogy (which I think was a strategy to play on the nostalgia of the original). It intrigued me intensely though because there were all these twists in it that were obviously not a copy cat of the original trilogy.

  As I sat in the theater watching it for the first time the scene when Kylo is speaking to Darth Vader’s helmet began. I watched this clearly conflicted, confused, lost villain pleading with a dead man’s helmet to, “show him again, the power of the darkness.” I literally said in a whisper under my breath, “this doesn’t make any sense to me??? Vader’s greatest moment of triumph, his greatest strength was his ability to turn back to the light side. He chose to be good again, to do the right thing, to save his son, his family, from the darkness. Why would this mask show him anything dark???” I didn’t like it at first. The scene made me feel so sad. It was as if Vader’s sacrifice meant nothing at the end of ROTJ. Like his greatest moment was forgotten in this new world.

   Then I saw this girl who I viewed as confused and lost as much as the villain was. Trying to come to grips with where her life was going. Should she stay and wait for her family? Should she finally accept whatever the truth was and move on? Then she hears a call. I thought it was interesting that the call was a little girls cries, almost as if her own loneliness were calling to her. She touches this long lost relic that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker, and her life takes a turn that is going to forever change her destiny.

  I’ve watched Rey’s force vision way too many times to count and the 2 things that are consistent in them that stood out to me were 1: Kylo Ren, and 2: various voices from the past echoing through the force. Now a lot of people think that these past voices are the individuals speaking directly to her, but I didn’t see it like that. Even though Obi-Wan says her name, it’s more like the force is speaking to her through the echo of past force users. This is important because I’ll bring it up again later.

  Through my journey with Rey, I saw her frightened and alone after the vision. I know Maz is trying to help her, but it might freak me out if someone had just made me come to the realization that my deepest fear was true. That I had to accept the people who were supposed to care about me and come back for me were never coming back. She’s afraid, she’s alone (Finn just abandoned her also. He’s leaving her to go to the outer rim territory.) She runs, and who does she run right into? Our strange lost Villain. At this point, I was really wanting to know who and what was under that mask. Remember spoiler free, didn’t even know who Adam Driver was.

  Then he sweeps her away “Bridal carry” style onto his ship, abducting her! That had me on the edge is my seat because that whole scene had me trying to figure out where this was going. Was he a man under that mask ? Or a monster? Was this an endgame romance or a creepy stalker crush?

  Then I witnessed the “interrogation scene.” This is the most important scene in the movie for me, and not for the reasons you might think. Yes, my jaw dropped and (despite my very good looking husband sitting right next to me ) I almost wet my pants when Kylo took off his mask. I turned to my daughter and whispered in an awestruck voice, “I think he’s the leading man. How about you?” My 13-year-old daughter’s reply, “omg mom, damn” and we laughed. Yes, there is a lot of incredibly hot, passionate, sexually charged shit going down in that scene! That’s not why it’s the most important scene for me. As I watched, this girl rise to the occasion and step up onto the equal ground with this boy, she said those famous words that helped me piece my headcanon puzzle together, “you, you’re afraid, that you’ll never be as strong as Darth Vader!”

  Now a lot of people don’t pay much attention to this line. They simply think it’s just her calling him out on being a Darth Vader fanboy. Maybe the writers were going that direction, but I don’t think so. When I first heard that line I whispered under my breath “oooooooo that was deep.” And in my head it made sense. That was a huge foreshadowing of Ben solos redemption, and the part this girl is going to play in it. This part of the movie is what drew me deep into the story.

  So I went back and saw the film 5 more times after that, in the theater. Then immediately pre- ordered my iTunes copy to be available for download as soon as it was available. I watched, and watched, and watched it again, and again. I could even watch it again today lol. It wasn’t enough. I kept wanting to know more. I started cruising and just looking through fan bases, but it looked like the things I wanted to talk about weren’t subjects that were well received, so I didn’t venture into joining or posting in any fan sites. Then I started cruising YouTube and came across this channel called Star Wars Connection and found a video titled, “Visual Storytelling in The Force Awakens.” Omg, these ladies understood me !!!! They understood everything I understood in the movie!!! And listening to them helped me develop my theory about Kylo’s redemption and the connection between Rey and Kylo-Ben.

  During the second part of this outstanding podcast, they briefly talked about Luke’s journey into the cave on Dagobah. In that scene, Luke is confronted by Vader when he cuts his head off, and the helmet explodes revealing Luke’s own face within the mask. It got me thinking about Luke’s greatest fear and how it related to Kylo. They are similar but different. Luke’s greatest fear was falling to the Dark side and becoming just like his father. Kylo’s greatest fear is the (I hope this is the correct term) subverted version of Luke’s, that he will never be as Strong as Darth Vader, that he will never be like him. Is it possible that part of what went down between Luke and Kylo has something to do with this fact? This is all speculation but it got me thinking that if there are similarities between Anakin and Kylo, then wouldn’t there be similarities between Luke and Kylo also? When Luke sees his face in the mask it scares him. Kylo wants to see his face in the mask.

  While thinking about Luke and Kylo it leads me to Rey. These three individuals are key to what this story really is about. It’s not about who Rey’s parents are or aren’t that is irrelevant. I’m sorry to all those anti-Reylo’s out there who are gunning for her to be a Skywalker or Solo but in my headcanon, she’s not. Her part in this story in my mind is clear. It was a passionately romantic love that started all this, and it will be a passionately romantic love that will end all of this. 

   Rey and Kylo have collided. I have seen a lot of speculation about whether or not they knew each other prior to their meeting on Takodana. Through all the speculation I’ve seen the only one that makes sense to me is that they have seen each other in dreams and visions. In the novelization, it even says that Rey knows this man from a dream or a nightmare. I believe she has had dreams of him her whole life. Which is why I think he smiles when he sees her image of an island. Anakin had dreams of people and future events, why can’t Rey. I believe Kylo has had dreams of her as well. In my headcanon dreams and visions are two different entities. A dream coming to you in your sleeping state, a vision coming to you through a waking moment through something else. Rey has visions of Kylo when she touches Anakin’s lightsaber in the castle. Is it possible that Kylo has had a similar vision of Rey? Someone speculated that maybe Kylo had Obi-Wan’s lightsaber somehow. (Thank you Rebel Scum Podcast for twisting my idea lol to present it as yours, but you got it all wrong) Kylo doesn’t need anyone’s light saber to have a vision of Rey. He has Anakin’s mask. Part of my speculation is that Vader/Anakin’s mask is Kylo’s transmitter for his force vision.

  Now I know a lot of people probably think of Vader’s mask as a Completely Dark side relic. I’m sorry though I don’t see it that way. Remember I told you that the first time I saw the movie while watching this scene I kept thinking that the mask was more a representation and symbol of Vader’s greatest strength and triumph. Think about Vader’s last moments while wearing the mask. The moment Luke told him he could feel the conflict in him, and he knew there was still good in him. His sadness feeling torn, watching the emperor torture his son, Padme’s son! almost to death. The pain he must have felt being torn apart between the dark and the light at that moment. Vader chucking the old guy over the railing into the abyss to save his family, to do the impossible, something that Yoda said couldn’t be done. He came back to the light. Even the walk with Luke carrying him to the shuttle. Still trying to save his father. Removing his mask peeling it off of his face so he could look at his son one last time with his own eyes. That mask in my opinion saw a lifetime of light before Vader/ Anakin passed away and became one with the force again. I view that mask as potentially being a grey instrument of the force. If the mask has given him visions both light and dark it would make sense that he would ask it to show him again the power of the darkness. A lot of people think that individual characters from the past are directly speaking to both characters, as I pointed out earlier. Could Kylo think that Vader speaks to him through the mask. Is it possible that this is just purely THE FORCE itself using voices of powerful Jedi of the past? The force is just using these voices as an echo to bring these two very powerful force, sensitive individuals, together. Why would the force will this?

  I try to clear my mind and recognize what Yoda says over and over numerous times in the saga. It is this entity that binds everything together. It has a will all its own. It calls those bound to it, it is a force sensitive beings choice if they will answer the call. If they will choose the light path or the dark. Perhaps there is a medium ground.

   No matter which religion it is there are light and dark sides to it. Without one the other cannot exist. In my theory the force is trying to bind Rey and Ben together, and yes I do believe it is trying to bind them together using a romantic passionate love. The evidence of this is clear in TFA. Kylo is already addicted to her presence. He can’t just hand her over to Stormtroopers like he did Poe, he has to carry her. He’s not trying to intimidate or frighten her. He takes off his mask for her. He speaks softly and calmly. I’m sorry but when I was growing up if my brother was interrogating me for any reason (Like where I hid the remote to keep him from changing the channel.) he was never nice, never calm, and it usually ended with blows aiming for the head or the gut, and furniture flying across the room, and the last person we wanted around was the other one. Kylo is not her brother or cousin. Sorry folks it’s not in the story. He wants her in his life! He pretty much begs her to let him teach her, he needs her in his life. Which is a big reason Otze’s essay about force bonds is now my favorite Star Wars Reylo essay. If they are related, I will still love it, because it’s Star Wars.The story can still be explored through different characters in a future trilogy, but I will be reading and writing tons of Reylo fan fiction to get over it lol!

  While I believe that Kylo will be redeemed through this love he has for Rey I do not know how it will end for him in my head. I do not think it’s going to end well for him. I see them both being bound together through the force and I think it’s very foretelling that each one has a connection to a relic that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker. The lightsaber was Anakin’s. He was the first to wield it. The mask also belonged to Anakin. Anakin is still being chosen by the force to achieve balance. Using relics of both sides of his life To bring these 2 people who share this connection in the force together. I think this could foreshadow one of them (probably Ben) making a self-sacrifice to save the other. I really don’t want that to happen though, I want Kylo to survive. Maybe going on a journey of penance, wandering the galaxy trying to help others to pay for his past. IDK if that will happen either but I’d love that, and it could spark an animated series. (lol)

  I believe it’s possible. As many have said in fandom his character still has a lot of growing up to do. I’m so on the edge of my seat to watch that unfold. I want to know if in the end, he will fulfill his ambition and his destiny and truly become “As Strong as Darth Vader!”

I went on for a long while now and I hope my day dream about this awesome passionate story made people think, maybe even daydream a bit themselves. I’m sure I’m probably completely wrong about this whole headcanon of mine lol (@Scavengershoard ) Like Rachel and Kirsty are always saying though it’s always fun to speculate. Have a great rest of your weekend everyone and thanks for reading

Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think(Please be kind though, do unto others right!) ❤️⭐️

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The Logan Lucky trailer made my weekend. That looks really fun, I can't stop giggling at Craig! Hello unexpected Seb! I still don't think he'll get more than a cameo, but it's so nice to see him. Also, I can't see his character's name but it would make so much sense if it was Dayton White! Soderbergh is a good director, specially apt at dealing with big casts. Great trailer, I didn't care much for the movie, other than Seb, and now I really want to watch it.

Same and thanks to the amazing @hottiesofmarvel we have confirmation that his name is Dayton White. LMAO Perfect 

I do think that he’s a supporting character and won’t be in it a TON. However, I find it interesting that Seth’s character seems to be on his crew or his crew chief or something and he’s the one that gets beat up in the bar. That with Sebastian getting a cast mention in the first trailer makes me think he might have a bigger role than we originally thought. I will not get my hopes up, though.

It does look hilarious to me, too! I sincerely hope it’s as funny as the trailer makes it seem…..and I really, really hope Sebastian gets to use his comedic chops in it. :D

okay but like…….Super Mario Odyssey looks SO much fun and just so colorful??? like practically every single year there’s all these dull colored FPS games, boring racing and sports games, and then there’s Nintendo, coming out with a game that just makes me feel so happy looking at it!! and, god, the trailer music for it (Do The Odyssey) is pretty the cheesy but it’s SO catchy and i love it so much!!! like honestly if there’s one good thing Nintendo is good at it’s making extremely fun and colorful mario games that are just good fun

The new splatoon 2 trailer was part of a Nintendo Direct for their new game Arms so I went to investigate it and 

Oh m y goodness I love it so much 

Background info, Nintendo is making a new original fighting game called arms where the fighters have ribbon-y arms with huge fists at the end, which they use to participate in a professional wrestling sport of the same name (Arms) and just looked like a fun time in general but THE DIRECT TODAY showed off all 10 fighters and I am in love with all of them but I’m only gonna gab excitedly about a few cause we’d all be here all night and I’m sure y’all got memes to get back to.

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SQW Day 1 - Heartbeats (Celebrity AU)

Hi everybody! I’m so excited about this new Swan Queen Week! Here’s my entry for day 1, in which Emma is in a band and Regina is an actress. As usual, I own nothing and I’m just taking Regina, Emma & co for a spin.

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it, and I hope all of you have an amazing Swan Queen Week! Stay awesome, Swen!

“And we’re now live from LA for The Mares’ concert! They’re ending their world tour right at home, and we’ll be broadcasting their show live, so stay tuned! They should be starting in about 15 minutes, so not much longer to wait now for the fans who’ve –“

Regina turned the radio off and stood up from where she was seated. She looked around the trailer and smiled happily at her son. Henry was slumped in a comfy armchair and had just looked up from his phone. He raised an eyebrow as he saw his mother had stood up.

“Where are you going? Is it time?”

“Well we should go out soon, if we don’t want to miss the beginning. But I’d like to wait for your mom to go back first. She should be done with makeup soon.” As she was speaking, Regina had crossed over to her son and was ruffling his hair. She quickly glanced at his phone to see what had him staring at his screen in silence for the past 10 minutes.

“Mom!” Henry whined, trying to put the phone back in his pocket before his mom could see the screen. He wasn’t quick enough though, and Regina had time to see he was exchanging texts with a certain Paige. The name sounded familiar to Regina; she probably went to school with Henry.

“Paige is in my English class. We’re paired up on a project” Henry muttered, blushing all the way to his ears. Regina hummed and kissed the top of his head, taking advantage that he was sitting down and thus not taller than her.

“You’re getting too big” she complained softly. “My big boy.”

“Mom, I’m 16, you don’t have to call me that. It makes me feel like I’m five all over again. Besides, you’ll have a very little boy – or girl – again in a few months.” As he said this, Henry gestured to Regina’s baby bump. At four months pregnant, it was still relatively discreet but undeniably there. Regina had made quite the sensation at the Oscars, a couple days back, by walking down the red carpet as a nominee and in a tight dress, while not having made any pregnancy announcement before.

The door of the trailer opened and Henry jumped to his feet. In came Emma Swan, Regina’s girlfriend.

“Well, well, well, if this isn’t Academy Award winner Regina Mills and her son, who’s turning out to be quite the teenage heartthrob!” Emma joked, quoting word for word a press article that’d been released the day before and had caused Regina to roll her eyes and sigh heavily at the word “heartthrob”.

“And here is Emma Swan of the world renowned girl band The Mares!” Henry answered in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic voice. “Mom wanted to see you before we go sit down.”

“I wanted to wish you luck before you went on stage, and to give you this…” Regina stood on the tip of her toes and gave Emma a soft kiss, lingering a couple seconds too long for Henry to be completely comfortable watching them.

“Thanks for coming tonight. I’m sure you’ll love the show” Emma said after their kiss ended.

“Always so modest” Regina commented with a wink. “I know it’ll be great. Well, Henry and I should go take our seats. See you onstage?”

Emma watched her son and girlfriend leave the trailer together, and her three band mates come in right after them. Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby were all ready to go, and the four women took a few minutes to go through their pre-concert ritual together.

The concert was already well in its third hour. Regina and Henry were immensely enjoying themselves in the VIP section, and Emma looked just as happy on stage. The band had just finished performing “Heartbeats”, one of their most romantic songs that Emma had written with Regina in mind. Suddenly, Emma started speaking into her microphone.

“I wrote this song with someone very specific in mind: the love of my life. She’s here tonight and I want to dedicate this song, this show, hell, everything good in my life to her, because I owe her every single happy thing that’s been happening to me lately.” Emma turned toward the VIP section and gave Regina the widest of smiles. “Regina, you’re the magic in my life. You’re an exceptional woman, the best mother to our son and overall the greatest person I’ve ever met. I’m proud of you in everything you do, and I’m so thankful for you. But I feel like there’s one last thing missing. So, and please don’t hate me for doing it in front of everyone… Marry me?” There was a moment of silence all over the crowd, and Regina felt like all of her blood was rushing to her feet. She held onto Henry’s shoulder for balance. The teenager had an exceptionally large smile as he looked at his mom and wrapped an arm around her.

“Wait, there’s a ring! Kid, give your mom the ring!” Emma exclaimed, suddenly remembering about it. Emma’s forgetfulness and spontaneity caused the audience to laugh wholeheartedly.

Henry handed his mother the jewelry box. The ring was timeless and sober, and exactly what Regina liked. One of the tech crew members walked over to them with a microphone, and Henry held it to his mom’s mouth.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Emma.”

The entire stadium erupted in cheers, and Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby all high fived in the back. Emma blew her now fiancée a kiss, before exclaiming “Awesome! Now, before I can go  and really kiss my fiancée, let’s wrap this all up with ‘Number one’!”

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Haggar probably doesn't want to do PAs & be the face of the empire. She's got her projects & experiments. Also people might not follow her like Zarkon based on her appearance. Zarkon was an imposing figure, a celebrity, that struck fear into others just by his huge appearance. It's marketing, I think. Lotor's contrast to his father will need to be sold to the universe as "different but just as menacing". He needs to be a great actor w/ competent crew behind him to pull off the ruse.

The Galra empire was built on Zarkon’s good looks and charm haha

I love this.

We find out he was just like the empire’s mascot, like “Mr clean” or “Tony the tiger” lol

And poor Lotor, man. Like even from the trailer I think you can see the other Galra kinda make fun of him for being small and probably dun think he’s capable of much in battle, so he probably always felt like he had alot to prove because of his (I’m assuming) Altean genes.

Like if they were actually talking about Lotor there, because he’s not really that small.. He seems to be average Galra size.

What Ifs

Dylan O’Brien X Reader

Word Count: 525

Requested: @evolutionofkatep

Request: Could u do a Dylan O'Brien imagine based off the song what if by Kane brown????? Like the reader and him have been BESTFRIENDS for a long time and he wants to date her and she visits the set one day and there in his trailer after meeting everyone and that’s where he does like the song part??? He doesn’t actually sing just like convinces her! I know it’s confusing I love your imagines!!!!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You hadn’t ever expected that you were going to be on set with Dylan but here you were and you were surprised but you didn’t feel out of place as he enthusiastically showed you around “Hey Dylan!” Tyler smiled as he jogged over.

“Hey!” Dylan smiled. “This is (Y/N)!”
“Oh, you’re the girl that Dylan keeps talking about!” Tyler smiled.
“All good things I hope.” You smiled.
“Oh yeah,.” Tyler smiled. “I gotta go get my werewolf face on but it was nice meeting you.”
“I wonder where the girls are,” Dylan mumbled.

After a while Dylan managed to find Holland and Shelly you all talked for a while, you told them about some of the things that you and Dylan did when you were younger and how similar he was to Stiles in certain ways. You were allowed to watch them film a scene and as you watched them you smiled, he was perfect both looks and personality favoured him, he was good at what he did but no matter what he found time to see you or meet you. You started falling for him when you saw how important you were to him in turns of still being in contact with him after all this time, but then you looked at the girls on set and wondered who you could live up to that, they were prettier than you and they were a part of the public eye, they could understand whatever happened, you would never know what it was like. “Hey! I just need to go back to the trailer to get my phone and stuff and then we can go get something to eat.” he smiled gesturing for you to follow him.
“Sure thing.” You smiled as you followed him back to his trailer.
“So you having fun?” Dylan asked as you walked into the trailer.
“Yeah! It’s so much fun.” You answered and he watched as your face lit up and you continued to explain why you were having fun.
“Hey, can I ask you something?” Dylan asked.
“Of course.” You nodded and he smiled.
“You’re still single right?” he asked.
“Yeah.” You answered cautiously.
“Maybe you’d like to change that?” he asked. He’d always loved you he was afraid before because he was just Dylan and now he was afraid that you didn’t want to be a part of the public eye and that’s why he hadn’t asked you before but now he could care less about all that stuff, he’d never know unless he tried. “Before you answer, I know what you thinking but What if I  was made for you and you were made for me What if this is it, what if it’s meant to be?” he asked.
“I don’t know.” You answered and he stepped forward putting his hand on your cheek.
“What if I just pulled you close, what if I lean in And the stars line up and it’s our last first kiss?” he whispered.
“Well, we ain’t never gonna know unless we try it” You smiled and he took his chance leaning in and catching your lips with his.

What if right?

The making of Tabatha Veazie - Animated 2D portrait - part 5

The last two days have been spent doing the mouth, setting the Y motion for the head and finally polishing everything.

Previous parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Tabatha is pretty much completed! Aside from a few extra features like different hair and her hat that I will be adding later.

Here is how the teeth look underneath the mouth! Thank god people have lips.

You can really see how all the work pays off now. With the various motions you set up you can create pretty much any expression you want!

These are some expressions to test the various extremes she can emote in. Some may be a bit out of character, but it’s so fun to see the various facial expressions you can make her do that it’s sometimes hard to stop!

You can test your model with mouse tracking in Live2D’s model viewer.
I’m quite pleased with how she came out! 

Thanks again for all the interest and I hope you will look forward to seeing Tabatha in action in our future trailers and finally the game! We’ll be posting more blogs like these in the future, the next ones will be about the background and the story of Herald. Look out for these in the coming weeks!