the trail of time

‘But just a vision of you awakened a couple core parts of me I had no idea existed otherwise, and now that I have the actual you?’ She paused, knowing her, for dramatic effect. 'Now that I have you, I feel just as resolved as I did in that first moment all the time. Ever since the cafe  there’ve been no more nightmares, no more panic attacks, no more sadness or stress. I just feel so overwhelmingly happy when we’re together, and I feel balanced even when we have to be apart. I … ’ she trailed off a final time, wiggling suddenly slightly as if uncomfortable. ’ … je t’aime, y’know.’

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You may or may not remember I once did this “pick a story” on two WIPs, knowing that it would be impossible for me to start two new ones at the same time. See Beneath won, but *finally* I have picked up Reprisal once more.


The year is 1150 and England is plagued by war.

Felicity, an Assassin who is but a whispered rumour among many, has set her eye of revenge on Oliver Queen, the son and allegiant of the Templar Order, no matter the cost.

Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted.

August 1152: Starling, England

Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted

They were words she had sworn her allegiance to, a creed she had once lived by without deviation. Once.

Felicity watched as the rich red blood seeped into the pores of her hand, trailing slowly down the lines of her palm. It was the first time she had noticed how the crimson fluid moved slower than water, pooling into spheres that would indelibly stain her hands. Not that her hands had ever really been unstained.

The room showed signs of the fight he had put up, this had not been a clean kill worthy of assassin such as herself, but this kill had not been sanctioned by the Brotherhood, it had not been done out of duty or instruction. Felicity had killed as an act of reprisal. The blood on her hands was taken in revenge.

The Brotherhood had forbade her to seek revenge on Oliver Queen, the famed military officer and son of a Grand Master Templar for his part in the killing of her parents.

Their murder had aligned two lives and set in motion a sequence of events that had all lead up to this moment.

She looked up, the banging on the outside of the chamber doors pulling her from her trance. She knew it was time to go and she had escaped from more heavily fortified areas before – but, as she glanced downwards she knew escape would not be on the cards this time.

The ornate gold handle of the dagger embedded in her side was the last thing she saw before she crumpled in a heap onto the cold, hard stone floor.

Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted

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Day Forty-Seven

-A woman dropped a candle, scattering shattered glass across the floor. Without hesitation, she began to crush any shards she saw under her foot, smothering them into a dust. I do not know whether this was her method of cleaning, or if she was attempting to hide the evidence of her mistakes, but her determination warned me not to ask.

-An aggressively yet impressively steampunk family came through my lane and purchased the Oregon Trail board game, leaving me further puzzled about what time period they called home.

-The total for a woman’s purchase came out to exactly $33.33 and I felt like my life may have meaning again, until she had to ruin everything by “using her store card” to “save money like a financially responsible adult.”

-I handed a child his toy zebra after scanning it. This, to him, was an intense show of kindness, and he seemed to vow his life to me in this moment. From then until he was well into the parking lot, he did not take his eyes off of me, waving persistently and shouting his goodbyes. I appreciate the adoration. I hope to see him again soon. I hope he has developed object permanence by this point.

-A man came through my lane, furious at me for the fact that we were out of a Kenny Chesney CD. I am so sorry for this man, this white heterosexual Christian man, that he has to deal with such intense persecution today.

-A girl in her twenties witnessed me hand a child a sticker and was clearly struck with envy. When it came to be her turn, she wasted no time asking for one, just as I wasted no time handing her one, just as she wasted no time plastering it across her face, just as I wasted no time appointing her as my role model.

-I watched as a baby, screaming and crying in fury, did the only thing he possibly could, and began to aggressively lick his blanket up and down. I have said it before and I will say it again: Babies. Are. Incredible.

-A woman came through with, I believe, three prepubescent boys who would not stand still long enough to be properly counted. They bombarded me with questions which I attempted to answer in rapid fire. “Is your name really Tom?” No. “Then why is your name tag like that?” They gave it to me. Store policy. “So everyone has a random name assigned?” Yes. It promotes equality in the workplace. “Are you wearing a Christmas sweater?” Yes. “Okay.” It is possible that I sacrificed honesty for speed here. 

“Perturbed Paths”

Ever since I saw this farm with it’s lovey striped field, I’ve been hoping to catch a nice sunset over it. On this evening it was looking like it was going to be a good sunset, but the best part was mostly hidden from view by low flying clouds. (that’s why there’s breaks in the paths of the clouds) not long after I shot this timelapse, I was a little sad to see the field was all dug up so they could install pipes for irrigation. Hopefully the stripes will be back next year, along with a good sunset.
I made this time stack by combining 255 photos into one image.


Here we have a time lapse image of a full Moon rising over Skiathos Island, Greece. You will notice that the Moon subtends the same angle of the sky throughout its ascent and it does not change size from when it creeps over the horizon to when it takes centre stage in the sky. What does change however, is the colour; from red to orange to yellow to white.

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“Night-Time Travelers”

Looking southwest towards Kingston from Rock Dunder, the stars cross paths with airplanes that fan out from the city of Kingston (and possibly some from across the border in New York)
I made this time stack by combining 513 photos into one image.