the tragic life of king bradley

omg can we just appreciate this moment

like Bradley seemed genuinely excited at Gluttony expressing interest in girls. His head did little motion lines and everything. He’s just PUTTING CHASING LING AND LAN FAN ON HOLD to discuss Gluttony’s sexuality.

but then Gluttony KILLS it, revealing he’s just into eating people and Bradley’s like “ugh just leave”. He was curious and interested for a minute tho, I think he thought he’d finally found something to relate to Gluttony on, A BRO HE COULD TALK ABOUT GIRLS WITH, like “hey do you like it when women slap you because I’m super into that” .

I mean who else is he going to talk to he is literally the only person in their group who is even faintly implied to be attracted to anyone. is he going to talk to Envy about girls no those conversations would go nowhere “I SURE DO LOVE WATCHING HUMANS SUFFER”  like dead end there. dead end.

but nope Gluttony had to let him down.