the tragedy of landscape


Fløien mountain overlooks Bergen, Norway, and has a number of small waterfalls on its slopes.


Manzanar Internment Camp

Wow. I had no idea it was the 70th anniversary of this camp’s closing. What a coincidence I chose today to visit. I found a Super-X Western shot gun shell while wandering the grounds; a bullet shot by our government to keep Japanese American internees in check.

Many of our politicians oppose entry of Syrian refugees (as our government opposed entry to Holocaust refugees) and Sen. Elaine Morgan even suggests we keep them in camps such as this one. Why do we mourn tragedies of war and genocide after the fact, but remain apathetic during? What exactly are we even taking away from the past when we constantly allow history to repeat itself?

“They who can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty not safety.” - Benjamin Franklin

Caspar David Friedrich

Friedrich’s work brought him renown early in his career, and contemporaries such as the French sculptor David d'Angers (1788–1856) spoke of him as a man who had discovered “the tragedy of landscape”.[5] Nevertheless, his work fell from favour during his later years, and he died in obscurity, and in the words of the art historian Philip B. Miller, “half mad”


inspo: entornos.
¿Cuántos roles tenéis ambientados en lugares pintorescos? ¿Cuántas veces habéis buscado imágenes para ubicaros en dicho entorno? Esta categoría consiste en eso: imágenes de distintos lugares, distintos paisajes, distintos entornos, cuya finalidad se centra en poder ayudaros a enriquecer las descripciones en vuestros roles.

*Las imágenes no nos pertenecen.


Great view of the valley and snowstorm of a glacier in Patagonia. Look how big that chunk of ice is!

JAPAN, SENDAI : People pray for victims of the 2011 quake-tsunami disaster at a cenotaph in the coastal area of Arahama district in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture on March 11, 2015. Japan on March 11 marked the fourth anniversary of the quake-tsunami disaster that swept away thousands of people and sparked a nuclear crisis, a tragedy that has left visible scars on the landscape and continues to wreak misery for many. AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGI