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The Chasind Shapeshifter @ DAI Nexus

Over a year later the Chasind Morrigan mod has finally been given a thorough update and uploaded somewhere it will get traffic. Featuring also an optional download for true black hair and a matching download for Flemeth.

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Last Dance Analysis

can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote one of these. usual disclaimer that this is just my interpretation/i’m not claiming this is the DEFINITE ACTUAL MEANING behind last dance. apologies that i’m posting this without screencaps for visual reference, i’m a lil too tired for that rn but i’ll hopefully add them later ✌

also i make reference to some ideas i’ve previously discussed in my other bigbang analysis writing so if you’re not familiar with that you might wanna check out my posts on loser, sober and zutter (though they could do with an update at this point). 

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