the toybox


Baby Boy Nursery

Starwall paper- Linthara’s wall for kids, Simple crib- dri4na, Changingtable @enuresims, Bear Chair and Rug - Alelore Sims Blog, Nusery Cupboard, Horse Deco, Baby Letters, Photoframe and Hanging Toy Butterfly - Severinka -TSR, Bookcase, Toybox and Babyfood - ATS4, Pouf - Ung999 - TSR, Highchair @enuresims, Pilllows on floor @mysimlifefou

Toys and Clutter: Teddies and toys @mio-sims and @jennisims, Owl Pillow @lina-cherie, Lullabies Sculpture wall @enuresims, Soap @budgie2budgie, Baby care soap @dreamteamsims, Babymonitor @enuresims, Nuserybooks @daer0n, Simsma paino, Cornpopper. Xylophane and Activity gym @dreamteamsims.

Thank you to all the cc creators


Bright colorful room for a little girl. 


Wallpaper @naturalsims4, Mirror - Severinka TSR. Curtains @lina-cherie, Floor - Dinha- Gamer, Hexa desk @onyxsims, Chair ATS4, Laptop @veranka-s4cc, Pillow chair @leo-sims, Sofa - dearon, Pillow’s @mysimlifefou, Forest pillow @mxims, Bedframe @veranka-s4cc, Kiddy Blanket - Adelana TSR, Lava Lamp @lumialoversims, Cupcake dresser and Toybox - ATS4, Curtain above bed - Severinka TSR, Laundry Hamper @mysimlifefou, Fluffy carpet - Annett’s Sim 4

Wall art and paintings

Princess wall text - Lulu - TSR, Kids doodles @meghewlett, Paintings @sunshineandrosescc, @mysimlifefou, @deviantart and @victorrmiguellcreations,  Paper Garlands @inabadromance

Toys and Clutter

Toys clutter @dominationkid, Toy crib and stove - ATS4, Pomy @jennisims. Kiddy deco book - Adelana TSR, Kids talking doll @sanjanasims, Deco clothes - Dhina Gamer. Deco suitcases @leo-sims and Dinha- Gamer, beach ball - Severinka TSR, other clutter @budgie2budgie

Thank you to all the cc creators, you are the best! 

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