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safety-team  asked:

Do you have a master list of online shops for stim toys? Please please please haha

Since there were three pleases…!

Folks may or may not know that we have the retailer tags pages, A-L and M-Z. There’s so many retailers now that they’re difficult to search through unless you already know what you’re looking for, and they’re certainly not a rebloggable resource. I find them useful, but I’m well aware that they’re no longer useful for folks wanting a simple list. So in this post I’m going to give you the highlights, organised by category.

Please note that this master post absolutely does not include all online stim toy retailers. (Not even close. Not even remotely close.) I’m focusing on stores that are well-regarded and often referenced by the followers of this blog. In addition, I’m mostly listing stores that offer international shipping, in order to make this list useful for the largest amount of stimmers.

A huge shout-out goes to @cal3ris for the provision of the Netherlands/European stores added to this list. Thank you so very much!

You also might like to check out our autistic sellers and crafters master post for more autistic-owned stores, especially if you’re a US stimmer, as there’s many more crafters and creators well worth checking out.

So! Let us list!

General Stim and Fidget Toy Stores

A Sense of Self / @asenseofselfshop (USA, Etsy): Autistic-owned, stocks bean bags, marble mazes and fidget jewellery.

Dragon Adventures Crafting / @dragonadventurescrafting (USA, Etsy): Autistic-owned, stocks plush and plush fidgets.

Fabulous Fidgets / @fabulousfidgets​ (USA, Etsy): Autistic-owned, stocks a wide range of fidget toys.

Fidget Club (USA): Autistic-owned, stocks a wide range of fidget toys.

Frans Color Creations / @franscolorcreations (USA, Etsy): 3D printed rings, 3D printed fidget toys, beaded fidget toys.

NeuroDelightful / @neurodelightful (USA, Etsy): Autistic-owned, stocks fidget jewellery and stationery.

Spacerobot Studio / @spacerobotstudio (USA, Etsy): Autistic-owned, stocks fidget and communication jewellery.

Stimtastic / @stimtastic (USA): Autistic-owned, stocks chewables, fidget jewellery, weighted items and fidget toys.

Specialist Stim Toy Stores

Antsy Labs (USA): Makers of the Fidget Cube.

Autistic Rabbit (USA, Etsy): Autistic-owned, stocks weighted blankets.

Fidgetland (USA): Makers of a variety of specialised chain fidgets.

GyRings (USA): ADHD-owned, maker of the GyRing fidget toy.

Sister Cat Blankets (France, Etsy): Autistic-owned, stocks weighted blankets, lap pads and stim toy cases.

OT and Therapy Toy Stores

(Note: most of these are heavily focused on therapy and children. Many of these also use alienating language - not person-first, “children on the spectrum”. Please consider this a blanket warning for all the below vendors.)

Children’s Therapy Store (USA): OT toys, chewables, a wide range of specialist fidgets.

Cheap Disability Aids (UK): OT toys, fidgets, chewables.

Educadora (Netherlands): OT toys, fidgets, but mostly chewables.

Fun and Function (USA): OT toys, fidgets, chewables. Note: uses the phrase “special needs” a lot.

Moderne Moeders (Netherlands): Chewables aimed at moms/infants. But they have stuff I’ve never seen at other shops, so worth a mention. Ships also to Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, UK, Sweden.

Muisje Sensitief (Netherlands): OT toys, fidgets, chewables, weighted materials. Ships to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Curaçao.

National Autism Resources (USA): OT toys, fidgets, chewables. Has more of a focus on fidget toys.

Senso-Care (Netherlands | Belgium | Germany): OT toys, fidgets, chewables, weighted materials. Ships also to several other European countries, but for these the shipping costs are quite high.

Sensory University (USA): OT toys, fidgets, chewables. More focus on OT toys and chewables.

Sisigma (Netherlands): OT toys, fidgets, chewables, weighted materials. Ships to Europe Zone 1.

Sister Sensory (Australia): OT toys, fidgets, chewables.

Sensory Oasis for Kids (Australia): stim and fidget toys, weighted, chewables.

Skillbuilders (Australia): OT toys, fidgets, chewables.

Therapy Shoppe (USA): OT toys, fidgets, chewables. Stocks a very broad range with items that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

The Therapy Store (Australia): OT toys, fidgets, chewables. Focuses more on fidget toys.

Tink n’ Stink (UK): OT toys, fidgets, chewables. Has a good range of chewables and fidgets.

Toys for Hands (Netherlands): OT toys and fidgets.

Chewable Stores

(Note: most of these are also heavily focused on therapy and children, although more of these do mention adult chewers. Many of these also use alienating language - not person-first, “children on the spectrum”. Please consider this a blanket warning for all of the below vendors.)

ARK Therapeutic (USA): a wide range of handheld and pendant necklace chewables available in three different toughnesses.

Chewigem (Australia | UK | USA | Canada): a wide range of handheld and pendant necklace chewables.

Chubuddy (USA): a wide range of handheld, pendant necklace and tube chewables rated by toughness.

Teething Bling (USA): a very wide range of pendant chewables. Focused on parents-with-children, no toughness ratings. Good for folks after unique styles.

General Retailers

AliExpress (China): sells a wide range of cheap fidget toys and chewables. Be wary about the chemical listings for chewables, however. Free shipping on many listings.

Amazon (USA | UK): sells fidgets, chewables, squishies, Tangles. Note that a large amount of offerings are US or North America only, so often less useful for international stimmers.

eBay (Australia | USA | UK): everything. Knock-off fidget cubes, spinners, squishies, knock-off Tangles and other China, Hong Kong of Taiwan-sourced listings often have free shipping.

Banggood (China): cheap and high quality squishies, spinners, knock-off fidget cubes. Free shipping on the vast majority of their items.

Fat Brain Toys (USA): educational toy store, sells fidget toys, puzzles and Tangles.

K-Mart (Australia): fidget toys, puzzles, mermaid sequin pillows. Very cheap items for Australians.

Office Oxygen (USA): fidget and office toys. Similar to the now-closed Office Playground.

Smiggle (Australia | UK): fidget toys and stationery. International shipping from the Australian store to anywhere not New Zealand is extremely expensive.

Wish (China): cheap squishies, spinners, knock-off fidget cubes, knock-off Tangles. Shipping on items is generally listed as $2 in buyer’s own currency. Has some extremely good low-cost sales, but the non-sale prices on items is higher than eBay or Banggood.

I’ve noticed, in compiling this list, a distinct lack of UK or European online resources. I would be very grateful if our UK and European followers could send me a few good recommendations!

- Mod K.A.

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