the townsend agency


The Townsend Detective Agency was created by the wealthy recluse named Charlie Townsend, for the purpose of establishing a home base for his hired detectives, or Angels, to work. In the original pilot movie of Charlie’s Angels, the agency was a white building with huge columns outside, and high-tech (then) gadgetry inside. When the series began, the agency had relocated to the iconic brick building in Los Angeles. The fifth season of the original series began with the Angels making a temporary move to Charlie’s new Hawaiian agency, where they worked for several episodes before returning to LA. The Hawaiian agency’s sign also referred to an office in Paris that we have never seen. In 2000, we saw a new crop of Angels working out of a modernized version of the iconic brick agency in LA, until it was blown up. Finally, in 2011, Charlie opened an agency in Miami, and hired three lovely new Angels.