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Second Chance - Part Eight

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Guys, I’m posting this from my new home in Florida! Whoot-whoot!

Thank you so, so much for your patience with me. My life has gotten incredibly hectic, and it’s taken me a while to be able to update. But it’s finally here, chapter eight of Second Chance! It will be a while before chapter nine comes out since I’ve got to unpack and apply for jobs and get settled in here. Thanks to all who have commented on this fic or messaged me–I still jump for joy when I get a notification that someone’s said something about it! Let me know if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters! Special thanks to @sannvers who is busy with band camp and still managed to edit for me.

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 7,466

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

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Stormwind City Guard Valiantly Defend from Rogue Death Knight Attack

By Risri Elthron

In the early evening hours Friday, cries throughout Old Town of the capture of a wanted criminal from the “Crows” was heard in the streets. A large crowd gathered quickly and were witnesses to the beheading of a woman. The guard arrived and the vigilantes fought back in a horrific manner creating chaos and causing Old Town to be quarantined for several hours as threat of plague was dealt with by multiple Paladins.

A group of Death Knights proclaimed themselves justice seekers and accused a woman of working for Demetrius Devereaux’s criminal organization. The group drug the woman through the streets of Old Town with criers calling out about the execution they planned. Stopping in front of the Pig ‘n’ Whistle Tavern, the leader spoke of the alleged crimes committed by the woman and then proceeded to behead her.

Responding to the call over the guard emergency channel, Commander Dewdancer quickly ordered the area secured and called in reinforcements.  Ordering the knights to stand down, the Commander and his guard soon were in the middle of combat with the vigilantes.  The Death Knights opened a portal and undead plague carrying ghouls flooded into the city streets causing panic and chaos with those who were observing the altercation.

The call went over the airwaves to lockdown Old Town. Chatterskull, Inc offered their renovating store as a safe haven until the guards could contain the situation with many seeking shelter from the undead inside. Paladins were called from the Cathedral to aid with purging the undead from the streets and alleyways of Old Town.

The Death Knights, calling on huge undead dragons to help them escape, fled toward Elwynn Forest with Commander Dewdancer and several others in pursuit upon the city’s gryphons. Stopping the group momentarily, the leader and Commander Dewsdancer fought in the woods near Crystal Lake. One of other Death Knights, however, opened a portal to Archerus and all fled before the Commander could detain.

In the city, the undead ghouls were routed and burned with holy fire to ensure all traces of their foulness were removed from Old Town. Those who were evacuated to Chatterskull’s shop were brought to the Command Center where healers spent hours checking over each person to ensure none were infected.

Lord Bennas came from his recovery bed to oversee the Paladin’s work in clearing Old Town. Many from all walks of life responded to the disaster. Nobles, Guards, and even Scarlets worked alongside shopkeepers and homemakers to aid the beleaguered area of Stormwind through the night.

The citizens came together to ensure the fate of Stratholme did not happen to our fair city. A grand thank you to all who set aside petty differences to work together and aid our fellow Stormwindians.

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Some Worldbuilding Prompts

1. Biggest and most important exports?
2. Who transports and distributes the food? What happens with out of season foods? How is food kept fresh?
3. What are standards for cleanliness? How do people get clean? Soap and water? Oil and a scraper? Sonic showers? Is bathing private or communal in nature?
4. Literacy rate? Who can read—everyone? Gentry? Religious persons?
5. What are some common musical instruments?
6. Are there calendars? Are they based on agriculture? Astronomy? Religion? Elections? Generations? Migrations?
7. What are some taboos? Are they cultural? Religious? Food-related? Unspoken ones?
8. Names? How and by whom are they chosen? Parents? Village elders? Is there a naming scheme? Bynames or surnames? Inherited titles, or only earned ones? Are names gendered or neutral? What age do people receive their name and do people’s names change as they age?
9. What are the attitudes towards casual sex? What laws might there be controlling casual sex? Are they enforced? Strictly?
10. Who builds new buildings? Skilled laborers or private individuals? Is construction a gendered skill set?
11. Are there non-human races present? How are they viewed/treated?
12. What happens with people’s trash? Where does it go, who removes it?
13. How are large objects moved/transported?
14. What do people do when they get sick? Healer? Home remedy? A doctor?
15. Mythical creatures? Real or fictional? How do people interact with them?
16. What, if any exist, are inheritance laws like? Who can inherit? Do things get passed down? Do titles?
17. Recreational drugs and other intoxicants? What are they, where do they come from, what are the attitudes surrounding their usage?
18. Is there a scholar vs warrior divide? A homemaker/career divide? Are they enforced? How are they valued?
19. Who makes the food? In what fashion is it served, and by whom? Are meals casual or formal? Does one pray before eating?
20. Are there any secret societies/organizations? What purpose do they serve?
21. Is there slavery? Indentured servitude? How does one distinguish between a slave and a freeman?
22. If your world has modern utilities are they widespread? Wealthy only? Do utilities have to be modified to work (electric lines coated with anti-magic coating, etc)
23. Exploration history? Colonialism or simply trade? Closed borders or open? Stagnant boarders, or is there a wish for expansion?
24. Are there guilds, corporations, unions? What laws govern them?
25. Are there gender roles? What are they? Are there even genders? How many? What are they? Are they lifelong? Who designates them?
26. Are there taxes? What kinds of things get taxed?
27. What does the oldest generation complain about most in the younger generations? Vice versa?
28. What goods/activities are considered luxury/upper class?
29. What are the most prestigious professions? The most reviled? The most misunderstood? Are there even professions as we know them?
30. How are children viewed? What roles do they play in society?
31. What are some great works of fiction? Why are they considered great? Does your culture even have fiction?
32. Most places have more than one religion being practiced—how do different faiths interact? Are all faiths in harmony or is there conflict? What are the specific points of contention? Must anyone practice their faith in secret?
33. What are some physical standards of beauty? What lengths do people go to to achieve these standards? (corsets, foot binding, etc)
34. Towns? Is the design planned or organic growth? Is there a center of the city/town? Is it a marketplace? Church? Park? Communal food hall? Are there multiple “center” nodes?
35. What technologies are known and widely available?
36. How do the various classes spend their leisure time?
37. Are there any religious orders? Temples? Nunneries? Monasteries?
38. Careers and Vocations? Soldier, farmer, apothecary? Is there any sort of marked economic bracket? Associated prestige?
39. Who founded the civilization/country/culture/mainstream religion? How are they remembered by their people? By outsiders?
40. Are there sumptuary laws? What are some examples?
41. Do people keep pets, or just working animals? Do they even have domesticated animals? Which ones might be common?
42. How do they get their news? Who writes/releases it? Word of mouth, or is their a newspaper? A town crier?
43. How are artists valued? What are the most common forms of artistic expression? What is the most uncommon?
44. What are the countries/planets/geographical features that form the borders around your culture/country?
45. Landownership—who, how much? Are there any limitations?
46. How do people wear their hair? Do they cover it or leave it uncovered?
47. How are buildings lit at night? Lamps? Candles? Electricity? Maybe they’re not lit at all, and the day ends with the sunlight?
48. How (if at all) are deities depicted in art?
49. Colors: What are the basic colors? Are any significant culturally? Religiously? Royally? Regionally? Clan or class or caste specific?
50. Common family size? Rate of reproduction? How is reproduction viewed or valued?
51. Who are cultural/historical heroes? What are they famous for? How are their stories told? How are they remembered?
52. What is the currency? Is there deviations in legal vs culture-wide currency exchange? Is there bartering or trade at a local or culture-wide level?
53. What kinds of building materials are available? Would the wealthy be able to send away for rarer building materials?
54. Education—are there school systems or are children taught via their parents, private tutors, apprenticeships?
55.  Fashion—is there any concept of it? Is there an industry? How is it valued? How quickly does it change? Are there class implications in styles? Class restrictions on fashion?
56. What are some rude hand gestures? Rude words and slurs?
57. Do people make holy pilgrimages? To where? Why? What god/dess?
58. How are items that take skilled labor to make crated and distributed?
59. What is considered the highest form of art? Music? Dance? Painting? Sculpture? Martial arts?
60. What is a typical home meal like? Does everyone eat together, or are there separate eating spaces for women/children/servants/etc.
61. What are some beliefs/understanding about the nature and structure of the universe? What do they know about the stars and astronomy?
62. Linguistics! Is it a gendered language or no? Do people have different pronouns depending on things such as gender, class, caste, etc.?
63. Hospitality—how does one treat a stranger and how does this differ from how one might treat a friend?
64. What are some minority groups? How are they treated by mainstream culture?
65. Does your mode of address change if someone is your superior or inferior? How? How rude is it if you don’t follow the usual rules of protocol?
66. What is the currency called? What increments does it come in (¼, ½, 1, 5, etc.)? What shape is it? What is it made from (paper, wood, metal, glass, plastic)? What are the exchange rates and processes with changing money to another currency?
67. What kinds of marriage practices are celebrated? Are couples matri- or patrilocal? Is there a bride price? Dowry? How many spouses? What does a marriage ceremony usually include?
68. What are funerals like? How is death dealt with? Is it considered unclean, or is it celebrated? Who takes care of the body? Burial or cremation or something else? Do people tend to believe in an afterlife?
69. What is considered a crime vs simply something uncouth? Who are these punished?
70. Romantic ideals? Taboos? Sexual ideals and taboos? Familial ideals and taboos? Platonic ideals and taboos?
71. What role does fantasy/imagination play? Is it significant? Is it valued? Restricted to art? Unacknowledged?
72. Where does the water come from? How is it distributed?
73. Are there any tourist destinations? Are they religious in significance or just scenic? Historic sites? Monuments? Man-made or natural?
74. What are the commonly accepted laws of public decency? Are there any unspoken rules on rudeness, courtesy, or lawfulness?
75. What is an average lifespan? How is becoming elderly viewed?
76. Sacred symbols? Plants, trees, animals, colors, shapes, icons, etc? Sacred to whom? How are these venerated? Protected or just observed?
77. Who does the majority of the child rearing in a family? The mother? The father? The older siblings? A grandparent? A nanny? Someone else?
78. Personal adornment! Jewelry, hairstyles, tattoos? Who wears such things, if anyone? Why? What could the lack of such adornment signify? Class restrictions?
79. Government system? Who is in charge, and what’s the chain of command like from them on down? What are some restrictions that might be in place regarding who is fit to rule?
80. Are books rare, common, or obsolete? How are they made, who writes them? Is there another way of record keeping?
81. What inspires the architecture? Function? A specific aspect of nature? Abstract art?
82. What are the attitudes of the majority culture towards LGBTQA peoples? Ahat terms do such people use to describe themselves?
83. Travel—are there maintained roads/routes or no? Preferred mode of transportation? What sorts of dangers might one encounter while traveling?
84. What sort of weather is typical? Extreme seasons, or mild ones? What sort of climate is it? What adaptations has the culture developed in response to their environment?
85. What sort of foods are parents forever urging their kids to eat “because it’s good for you!”?
86. What kinds of underclothes are typical? Are underwear the same for both genders? Does underwear change depending on your age?
87. Armaments? Pacifism? Armed citizens? Dueling? Violence restrictions?
88. Does your culture believe in the supernatural? Ghosts, spirits of nature? Of the deceased? Extra-planar? Are they revered, feared, both, neither?
89. Linguistics—what is their writing system like? Vertical or horizontal? Alphabet, syllabic, pictographic?
90. Magic? Real or just folklore? What is the basis upon which the system works? How is magic viewed by the masses? Who uses magic?
91. What is the basic family unit? Nuclear, extended, kids leave at 11, boys and uncles vs mother, sister, aunts, etc.?
92. Are meals communal to family, neighborhood, community? Completely private? Are the dishes in a meal communal or individual?
93. Are typical dwellings single-family, extended family, communal, apartment structure, etc.?
94. What are some notable historical periods? What are they called/named after? Why are they historically important?
95. What is the #1 political issue at the time of your story? How does it effect daily life of the common people vs the gentry?
96. Us vs them? Where does the line fall denoting foreigners? Outside of family? Culture? Language? Religion? Geography?
97. Hospitality—do you afford it even to your enemies? Is it valued?
98. Is the main religion polytheistic or monotheistic? Neither?
99. Standard medical practices? Nothing? Leeches? Antibiotics? Magic?
100. How is sewage dealt with?
101. What do people do in the case of natural disaster? Fire?
102. Is there a symbol of the ruling body? An icon? A royal seal or coat of arms? Does this symbol appear regularly, or is it only brought out on special occasions?
103. What is the age of adolescence? What is the age of adulthood? When does childhood end? Are there coming of age ceremonies? What are the benefits of adulthood?

Of course she knew she’d be expected to dance with her husband on her wedding day, Rosaline wasn’t a simpleton. The problem was that at every social event where it was expected for the betrothed couple to dance, he’d found ways to avoid her. Here they were again, at the palace. She was leaning against a pillar and he…he was helping an elderly relative across the hall. She frowned into her goblet of wine. No, she wasn’t about to let the actions of Benvolio Montague upset her.

Alright she was. He never missed a chance to annoy her in public. Why was this the one thing he seemed so unwilling to try…Her eyes widened as Benvolio caught her looking at him and smirked. There was only one reason she could conceive of. She tilted her head, smiling back at him. His teasing expression turned to alarm as she pushed off the column. Crossing the sea of partygoers, she heard the hush as her feet went over the imaginary line the Montague and Capulet guests had created for themselves. A woman dropped her goblet, a man stepped on his wife’s foot, a musician played a false note. Rosaline ignored all of it.

Benvolio’s eyes were darting around him, presumably looking for exits, but he was not fast enough. Rosaline smiled down at him.

“It is a lovely party, is it not, my lord?” She asked, loud enough to be heard by all the closest guests. Not that it would be too difficult as many of them had lowered the volume of their conversation to hear.

“Yes.” Benvolio stood, straightening his doublet. “Though any room with you shines ever brighter.” So he was going to be a poet tonight. Good, she could use that. Ignoring the way his words flamed her cheeks, she drew her fingers casually along the side of the table.

“The music is so wonderful tonight.” She remarked. “It makes it almost impossible to sit still.”

“Probably explains why you are standing.” Benvolio said. There was a loud thwacking sound. At first Rosaline was unsure where it had originated, but Benvolio answered that question when he looked down at the elderly Montague next to him.

“Your beautiful bride to be wants to dance with you, foolish boy.” He warbled. He grinned at Rosaline. “Excuse my grandson, his father would have taught him better, but unfortunately he was raised by his uncle.” He sighed. “I tried to teach that boy, but Damiano was always the less jovial one.”

“Grandfather.” Benvolio began through gritted teeth.

“Dance with her.” The elderly lord Montague said, lifting his cane. “Or I’ll thrash you again and dance with her myself.”

Rosaline covered her mouth as her red faced fiance jumped out of the reach of his grandfather’s cane and offering his arm to Rosaline. Leading her to the dance floor, he stared pointedly at the floor.

They bowed to each other before he took her hand, placing the other on her waist. Rosaline waited for him to fumble or step on her toes…but the mistakes never came. In fact, she noted sourly, Benvolio Montague was an excellent dancer.

“I would have thought that you would be pleased, beloved.” Bonvolio whispered. “Is this not what you wanted?”

“I was truthfully expecting you to be a lead footed ape when it came to dancing.” Rosaline replied. Benvolio paused, his hand on her waist flexing slightly.

“And you asked me to dance so I might humiliate myself in front of all of Verona.” He shook his head. “Oh my dear Capulet harpy.” The words had no malice, in fact he seemed amused. No doubt dreaming of other ways to further torture her. Not that he needed to. This dance was enough. He was so close, his hands steady as he led her through the motions, his hands strong and guiding…his eyes on her as though she were the only person in the room. She tore he gaze away.

“Why else would you have avoided dancing with me at every opportunity.” She growled. Too late she realized the petulant whine of her tone. Too late, she recognized that she’d lost whatever higher ground her power play had gained her. Benvolio stopped his motions. She refused to look him in the face, bracing herself for the taunting to begin. After all, she’d confessed to wanting to dance with him.

Her betrothed remained silent and motionless. She hazarded a glance at him. He was looking at her as though he was puzzling something out.

“You…wanted to dance with me?” He murmured, scarcely seeming to believe his question. Rosaline bit her lip. She had two options. She could deny, which would certainly be simpler. Or she could admit that her noting of his neglect to her had not gone unnoticed, even if she wasn’t sure what it meant yet and that being held against him as they swayed wasn’t the worst sensation in the world.

Her silence spoke for her, as even before she could utter a response, Benvolio’s face opened and a look of genuine surprise and a flicker of excitement passed over his features. Rosaline ducked her gaze.

“It is you who did not wish to dance with me, Montague.” She mumbled. Benvolio glanced around them.

“In truth I had assumed you would prefer another partner.” He didn’t need to look toward the throne to make her understand who he meant. “I did not wish to dance with one who did not want it of me.”

Rosaline squeezed the hand she held in hers before stepping back. “Then how about we do this properly?” She asked. Benvolio arched an eyebrow.

“So I won’t need to be caned by my grandfather this time?” Rosaline laughed.

“Tragically, no.” She grinned. “I rather like him.”

“You, Rosaline Capulet, saying something positive about a Montague.” Benvolio’s eyes glittered. “I shall alert the town criers.”

“Good, then perhaps they can finally find something else to recite besides your horrific poem.” She shot back, unwilling to let him have this round. He shook his head before bowing to her, lifting her hand to his lips. She couldn’t fight the small gasp as he brushed against her knuckles, his mouth soft and warm.

“My darling harpy.” He grinned. “Might I have this dance?”

“Of course, my beloved toad.” She curtsied, grinning as he spun her before leading her into the next dance.

I’m always going to associate Warren Ellis with Transmetropolitan, so as I watch Castlevania I’m thinking of Spider Jerusalem as, like, a Wallachian town crier or something.




This episode made my blood boil and you want to know why?

Because that shit we just watched was not Emma Swan. Not in any realm, alternative universe, or freaking galaxy was that Emma Swan.

That was a cheap attempt at drama by the writers who have clearly given up on this show and forgotten their own characters, specifically their main protagonist of the show.

Because there is NO WAY IN HELL you can tell me that Emma Swan, who has fought tooth and nail for her pirate and True Love, who literally WENT TO HELL FOR HIM, embraced the Darkness TO SAVE HIM, just gives up and mopes when they have a fight and someone tells her he “ran off.” The REAL Emma Swan would never just give up a DAY after her True Love supposedly is seen with a bag and getting on a submarine, information she got from the fucking town crier. I refuse to believe that shit. The REAL Emma Swan would track that asshole down and demand answers. She would find him no matter what and demand to work it out.

Emma Swan is a fighter. She loves fiercely and with her whole heart and we are just supposed to accept that after one fight with her True Love, she gives up? She throws it all away? Everything she’s ever wanted and worked for? The man she shares a HOME with? Whom she just agreed to marry? Whom she wants to spend the rest of her life with?! Not only that, but she suddenly believes this man whom she’s grown to trust and love and know better than she knows herself (and vice versa) just leaves?!

Absofuckinglutely not.

Adam and Eddy can take this condescending, watered down drama bullshit and shove it up their asses. Because this is not the Emma Swan we know and love and I reject this entire fucking episode.

“All I am, really, is a sort-of town crier. I’m someone who can write about it and make people aware, but I’m not distributing vaccines; I’m not organizing transportation; I can’t make fortified milk for infants who are malnourished; I can’t build schools and find jobs and build training systems; I’m not a chemist; I’m not an engineer; I’m not a politician—I’m just in the position where people, some people, a few people, will read what I’ve got to say.”
- Tom Hiddleston, talking about his role as a UNICEF ambassador, FLAUNT Magazine

fable 2
  • sparrow: *goes up to town crier* i'd like a new title, please!
  • town crier: of course! here is our options. :-)
  • sparrow: you have any other options? like, something simple? how about alex, or ryan, or-
  • town crier: *throws sparrow to the ground and kicks them* disgusting. disgustig. disgusti

anonymous asked:

Worked the help booth at an event. One job was reuniting separated families. Protocol was taking the child/parent to the "town crier" and she calls the missing parent/child's name, if that fails she walks the grounds spreading the call. This Down Syndrome kid came looking for his dad and had already been apart a half hour. Took another half hour to find dad despite such small grounds. DAD WAS WAY TOO UNCONCERNED WITH HOW LONG IT HAD BEEN OMG!!! Saw the kid alone twice more that day too...

There you have it, folks. Only lesbians have vaginas. Nobody else. Not straight women, not bi women, not pan women, not ace women. Not trans men. Not nonbinary afab people who aren’t sapphic.
ONLY lesbians. Lesbians only. Everybody else is FAKE and an OPPRESSIVE MALE.
Spread the word, folks. Alert the town crier. Tell the local press. Only lesbians have vaginas now!

Junkmetra WIP

I’ve considered deleting this but if you guys like what you see, let me know and I’ll try to finish it.

Jamison remembered the day he saw the princess.

As usual, he was trying his hardest to pick pocket the local merchants without getting caught. He had to be careful that the constable didn’t see him. But this day was different. A bunch of people were looking at a poster that had been put up. Curious, Jamison pushed his way to the front of the crowd. The poster had a drawn portrait of the princess. Never had Jamison seen such a beautiful woman. Yet there was something odd about the picture.

“Why isn’t she smiling?” Jamison asked aloud.

“You haven’t heard?” Lena Oxton, the town crier, chuckled. “Princess Satya doesn’t smile. She never has.”

“What? Never in her whole life?”

“Never,” Lena sighed. “King Reinhardt said that whoever can make her smile gets a fantastic prize.”



Jamison looked back at the poster. Princess Satya was the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen. From her shining black hair to her deep brown eyes, she was perfect. But her eyes looked so sad. Jamison never thought a person could be so sad. And how could someone never smile in their whole entire life? That was heartbreaking! The more Jamison thought about it, the more he wanted to help the princess. Forgetting picking pockets for the night, he headed to the small shack he shared with his only friend, Mako.

“Mako, I need your help to make the princess smile!” Was the first thing Jamison said as he entered the shack.

“Why do you want to do that?”

“Because the king said that whoever can make her smile gets a special prize! It could be gold or jewels or maybe some priceless treasure! Think about it! We would never have to pick pockets again!”

“You know that there will be thousands of people there right? What makes you think we’ll be able to make her smile?” Mako asked.

Chapter Seventy-Four Part Two

A/N: You can read Part One here if you missed it. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!! 💖

“And now we have some breaking news,” the newsreader said on the TV – yes, the Lindo Wing was so fancy it even came with its own TV set. “It has just been announced that The Duchess of Clarence has gone into labour. The announcement, tweeted by the official twitter account for Kensington Palace, says that she was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital, a private hospital in Paddington, at six o’clock this evening in the early stages of labour. Prince Harry is with her at the hospital, and we can go live to our junior royal correspondent, Hannah Jones. Hannah.”

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Okay, episode 3 of Still Star Crossed was so good, I missed this show so much for the last two weeks.

The thing I liked the most, probably, that they added the humor to the show, which I was really missing in the first two episodes, since the book was actually quite funny. Few highlights:

- petty Rosaline is my jam

- “If you asked them to jump of the ponte pietra, each would argue who should go first” “don’t tempt me” LMAO

-  Dragging shakespeare’s sonets like there is no tomorrow

- Lord Montague paying town criers to shout embarrassing sonets from the Verona’s rooftops in Benvolio’s behalf made my whole life. Also reminded me of that scene in Harry Potter where Giny sent Harry singing valentine, bless her soul.

Rosaline and Livia gave me so many feels this episode. I just love them so much. And they love each other so much, I just can’t.

Isabella is still my queen and should be the queen of Verona tbh. I’m sorry, but Escalus just don’t have it in himself. That should be Isabella.

Speaking about Escalus… My dude, we really need to sit down and have a long talk about how you treat the woman in your life and why is it WRONG. I really hated how he put down Isabella and then ignored her decisions. Escalus has a long road upon himself to start at least realising his mistakes, but I do feel sorry for him a little bit. Because he acted with his head over heart - he lost Rosaline (obviously there were better ways to deal with this whole situation then the way he did it), he acted with his heart over his head, while dragging Isabella away from danger - again shit happened. It’s kind of funny, but despite all the shit he has done I still can’t find it in myself to really hate him ( even tho I have zero problem hating book Escalus). Although I am really mad at him. Idk we’ll see, I’m still not giving up on him.

My son Benvolio finally was given some time to griev his friends, which was heartbreaking to watch, but it was exactly what I needed.

Rosvolio scenes were A+. They’re still calling each other “Capulet” and “Montague” I’m melting. 

Need more of this show!

Cinderella (Part 2)

Summary: AU. After the tragic passing of reader’s father, reader is left with a cruel stepmother and two miserable step-sisters, who not only don’t care about her, but they use her for their own gain. Will a handsome stranger offer her the freedom she longs for?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,234

Warnings: language, mentions of cruelty, mentions of crime, some harmless sparring

A/N: This is my entry for the @stories-from-stark-tower ‘s AU movie challenge. It’s based off of the 2015 Disney adaptation of Cinderella, only with a bit of my own spin on it. Some things have been changed.

This chapter introduces Steve and Sam! Everyone needs some friendship.

Parts 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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