the tower of torture never sleeps

Know Who You Are

Summary: In which you come home and remind Bucky who he is. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,081 

A/N: Inspired by Know Who You Are from the Moana soundtrack. This was supposed to be a drabble, but apparently I’m no good at the whole short and sweet thing. 

@avengerstories - you’ll forever be my editing hero

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If a man tortured by his nightmares is crying and no one is around to hear him, does he actually make a sound?

For months, the answer to that question was no.

No one knew about the way Bucky thrashed around like a madman in his sleep. They had no clue that the blankets that covered him became a cage that he couldn’t escape every night. They didn’t realize that his mind was exactly the same.

They didn’t know that he woke up with tears in his eyes that he didn’t remember shedding. They failed to hear him shout for the help that wasn’t coming. They were unaware that the first thing he did when he woke up was jump out of bed and search his surroundings, looking for the evil monster that lurked in his dreams. They were never there to watch the light leave his azure eyes when he looked in the mirror and realized that the monster he was running from was himself.

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Snapchat Mishaps {Pt 4}

Warnings:  S M U T , NSFW gifs, swearing , bucky being an ass. angst.

~ I don’t know why this chapter came out to angst, but the next ones will be pure smut I swear ; just hang in there 😘😏😏

MasterList    Snapchat Mishap Masterlist !

 Spending the night in buckys room was like having a sleepover with wanda or Nat( minus the booze and face masks ) . You stayed up and talked for a while , just about random things and you managed to learn a lot about each other that you didn’t know ; then you watched movies for hours , until you fell asleep cuddled into his side in the early hours of the morning .

When you wake up, you find yourself pressing up against Bucky, his arms wi ding tightly around you body keep you to him. Your face is nuzzling into his neck, and you don’t think you ever been comfier . It’s one thing for me to be fucking around with Bucky, but this isn’t - I didn’t plan on liking being this close to him him a non sexual way so much .

“ good morning doll.” His sleepy voice startles you , but as you go to move he doesn’t let you.

“ morning asshat.” You say with a yawn . You wiggle around and his grip still stays strong .

“ where do you think you’re going?”

“ to my room?”

“ no I don’t think so . ”
He ducks his head down , nudging his nose against yours . Your heart flutters at the action , and nearlyJumps out of your chest when his lips gently kiss yours.

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 A smile forms on both of your faces into the kiss, the. Bucky starts leaving kisses all over your face, making you giggle and try to shove him away .  

“ Bucky stooppp !” You squeal ,he stops kissing you to laugh and you send him a pout .

“ why’d you stop?” You ask , his laughter goes up a notch in volume , making you laugh as well.
This is such a weird couple moment , but we aren’t a couple . So how the fuck is this even a thing right now ? Fuck , I’m screwed.

He goes in for another kisss but is interrupted when a loud knock sounds on his door .

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“ buck you awake ?” Fuck , Steve .

“ no !” Bucky shouts , then connects your lips . His hand slides under his v neck that’s still covering your body , and stop once they hit your chest. This kiss is still slow and lazy, his hands follow the same lead , gently and lazily palming your chest in sync with the kiss.

Steve begins knocking again , harder this time .

“ we have a mission Bucky, we gotta go !”
Fuck no no no .

“ call in sick .” You whisper against his lips . He Laughs before fully removing his lips from yours .

“ sorry doll , duty calls .” He places one last kiss to your lips before springing out of bed .

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“ I’ll meet you in the hangar steve !” Bucky calls out and you hear steve accept his answer . You groan, rolling out of his bed until your feet land on the floor . Bucky flings your shorts at you with a wink before he disappears into his bathroom . You pull on your pants and leave his room , sending one last look over your shoulder to his messy bed . What have I gotten myself into?

Before you leave buckys out of his bathroom , fully geared up .

“ leaving without saying goodbye y/n, that’s cold.” There was a tiny hint of humor in his voice , but he sounded genuinely shocked or upset? You couldn’t tell .

“ figured I’d meet you in the hangar to say by to everyone .”
He smiles , taking the lead as you follow him to the elevator . The ride up was filled with laughs and new movie night ideas .

When you reach the hangar , your pace slowed down, letting him get ahead to the team . It looks like everyone but wanda and Bruce are going . You say your usual goodbyes before a mission, You say goodbye and goodluck to everyone , giving them quick hugs , lastly stopping in front of Bucky. His goodbye usually consisted of “ don’t fuck up too bad , I don’t feel like spending the night playing babysitter in the infirmary, then a quick flirty retort from him and a wink . But this time, you couldn’t help the change .

” good luck buck .“ You wrap your arms around his neck tightly , his go around your waist . You let you lips brush against his ear as you whisper ,
” come home in one piece , please .“ When you drop your arms you see a faint blush on his cheeks. 

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” you got it sweet cheeks .“ There’s that damn wink

” fuck off barnes , just so you know , your favorite bro nurse is on duty the next couple days , I’ll make sure he takes real good care of you if you end up in the med bay .“ You return his wink, watching him cringe at the thought of having to deal with how rough john ( the bro nurse as he liked to be called ) is with IVs and exams . The blush grows darker on his face now , God he’s adorable . What happened to the cocksure Bucky Barnes from before ?

  It’s been two days since the team left for their mission, and both of the days you’ve spent thinking about Bucky . You think about all the things you talked about with him the other night; it was like meeting an entirely different person than the Bucky you knew . He told you stories of things he remember from the 40’s, about the things he did to keep busy when he was hiding after leaving steve in DC , about being in wake dad , and things that interest him that you never knew . You discovered he loves learning about space , that when he can’t sleep from nightmares he likes to sit on the roof of the tower and watch the stars until morning , along with a shit ton of other things . Some things you knew already from observing him , or that have come up in conversations before ; like his favorite color , food, drink , that he hates modern day music and he gets sick enjoyment out of torturing Sam on a daily basis. Your  image of Bucky has shifted , from being a flirty dickbag to still being a flirty dickbag, but not in bad way, in a way that makes you not want to kick him in the balls when he flirts with you or shoot him in the face when he acts like a jerk . You’ve seen a caring side of him now , getting to know more things about him actually makes you want to be near him more ; you just haven’t sorted out if you want to be near him more as friends or …. ya know .

  You’ve forgotten about the ‘game ’ you two have been playing a few times over these two days and have to keep reminding yourself ; to him it’s just for fun . Even if we do end up fucking , we can still be friends after right?

  It’s day 3 , and almost 8pm , you’re about to start a movie when FRIDAY announces the teams return . You book it to the hangar , and wait silently as the jet lands . The door drops open , and the team exits .

“ any injuries ?” You call out You receive a chorus of no’s , then hello’s .

Bucky is the last one that gets off the jet , his face showing no emotion . As he approaches you smile ,

“ hey bu-”

“ could you just not right now .” He snaps, your eyes widen at his harsh tone . He step onto the elevator , his cold eyes locking on yours as the doors glide shut. What the fuck ?

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Buckys been cold to you since he returned, barely speaking to you and when he does it’s never pleasant . It’s been three days since he came back , with a completely different personality . You finally confront steve about it

“ steve what the hell happened on that mission ?”

“ it’s classi-”

“ Say it’s classified Rogers, and I will break your damn nose .” You snap

He sighs , “ it was suppose to be an abandoned hydra base, we just needed the intel off the computer. We got there and got ambushed and one of them hr Bucky with a shock gun and it must of triggered a flashback and he went into soldier mode . It took a while to calm him down, and when he did he saw all the destruction around him and closed himself off. ”

Poor Bucky , he didn’t go into much detail about his time as the soldier the other night, but he mentioned his fear of relapsing a little . So you can only imagine how hard this must be for him . You decide to check on him , bringing him a glass of his favorite ice tea , when you step off into his floor you hear loud, high pitched moans , that definitely aren’t coming from Bucky . You back up into the elevator , pushing the tears of anger and confusion back . Before the doors shut you see a girl run into the hall in her underwear giggling , with a shirtless Bucky chasing after her and stopping when his eyes lock onto your tearing ones.

Once the doors shut all the way you let the tears loose , “I’m so fucking stupid .”

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Name: I care for you
Pairing: Severus Snape x reader
Summary: the reader is one of the students that get back to Hogwarts after the war, and she asks Snape (for a few months) to teach her Legilimency until he agrees. So, during one of the classes, she accidentally enters his mind and ends up learning that the love for Lily Evans was not as eternal as everyone was told.
A/N: And it is a little drama, but I promise a happy end. And I may do series. But I have no idea if I should.

“Miss Y/L/N,” Snape greets you in the evening, once you enter the classroom with the heavy bag on your shoulder. “I see you still haven’t given up on the idea of studying Legilimency.”

“Why would I, sir? It is exciting to spend every evening here.”

“Now, I am doing you a favor, miss, but that is not a reason to keep cajoling me,” Snape smiles with a corner of his mouth, then takes his wand out. “If we are done with the courtesy, shall we begin?”

“Yes, sir,” you stand up and take your wand out, ready to have him rush through your thoughts again and again. Luckily, Snape didn’t mean to hurt you, so he never went deep enough to touch on the painful memories of the war and the tortures, but he does go through your dreams. Quite embarrassing every once in a while.

Legilimens!” and once again, you recent nightmare appears in front of you, and you feel that your legs start shaking from the repeating Crucio breaking your nerves. For some reason, recalling the Crucio does not hurt any less. A second later, Snape catches you, when you are about to fall on the floor, and helps you sit down. “Y/N? It is fine, I got you. I am sorry,” you breathe in, hissing something. Snape sits down next to you, looking at your face, frowning. “You still have this nightmare…”

“How did you guess?” you grumble, and momentarily regret it. “Excuse me, professor.”

“Y/N, I am not your Dean, but… Maybe you should see a professional to help you deal with these memories,” he hands you a glass of water, as you keep shaking your head, almost aggressively. “Y/N, you have same nightmare every night. Yet you keep coming here, so I keep making you live through it again. Do you care to explain why?”

“I want to be able to defend my mind,” you say dryly, standing up and taking your wand again. “Can we continue?” Snape raises his eyebrow, then stands up and points his wand at you.


Protego!” you cast your spell, unconsciously using same spell as the one Harry said he used, even though he never said what happened after that. And he should have - a second later, you slip into Snape’s mind and regret it even too much. You try to pull back, but get totally stuck in his mind. You look around, trying to manage to get out of a dream. It is a dream - they feel more detached than usual memories, you’ve already memorized it from your own mind. The picture is mostly blurry, except for the two people, standing in front of you and holding hands. Before you see the faces of the people, you get pushed out of Snape’s mind and end up on the floor. Before Snape manages to murder you, you start apologizing. “Merlin, I am so, so sorry! Professor, I really didn’t mean to do that.”

“It is alright,” he helps you up, keeping his eyes away. “When you tried to pull out, you started panicing, instead of slowly slipping out. That is why you got stuck. If I didn’t push you out, you would lose yourself… Don’t use Protego when defending yourself in this situation.”

“I am still sorry…” you realize that he is not mad for some reason, so you allow yourself to go further. “Your dream… it felt lonely.”

“Because I am,” he answers calmly, either too tired or too deep in his thoughts to respond as usually.

“Aren’t you married?” Snape smiles, as if you said a funny joke. “What?”

“Discussing personal life of teachers, aren’t we, miss Y/L/N?”

“Sorry…” you look away, and he sighs before explaining.

“I am not a man that a girl would want to marry,” he sits on the table, the hands crossed on his chest. “My scars, my past… It is quite a burden.”

“Oh, I am sure a lot of girls would love to put up with it,” you grin, thinking of your classmates that have developed a crush on him. “And I know what I am talking about,” Snape hums, and you smile. “One more time?”

“I think you’ve had enough for today,” Snape declines the offer, putting his wand away and suddenly turning to you. “Would you like a cup of tea? It does help after going through the nightmares again… I would hate to disturb your mind and then abandon you for Peeves to annoy,” you smile and nod, as Snape leads you into his room, not magically turns the pot on, and puts the herbs in the teapot. You look around, realizing that it may be the one and only time when a student is allowed in Snape’s chambers. It’s usual - ordered, calm, no fried frogs on the walls or burnt human faces. “Surprised that it doesn’t look like a monster’s cave?” you realize that he is laughing at you. Funny, Severus Snape is laughing at a student for expecting his chambers to be so human.

“No, not at all,” you lie, as he pours the tea in two cup and puts one on the table in front of you.

“No poison whatsoever,” he says momentarily. “Only valerian. You have to calm down,” you nod and take a sip, then look at the table, understanding why you are here.

“I won’t talk about it,” everyone’s been convincing you to talk about how you felt, tortured with Cruciatus for hours. Neville was the only one who understood probably - he simply sat by your side, holding your shoulders when you were trying to breathe after a nightmare. At some point, you just started meeting on the Astronomy Tower every night, as you couldn’t sleep, and he was just there for you.

“I know,” Snape answers calmly, drinking his tea. “But I don’t want you sitting with Longbottom on the cold stones every night. You will get sick.”

“Neville helps me.”

“No,” Snape states coldly. “He supports you. You need a safe place. Definitely not your own room in Gryffindor tower, the exact place where you’ve been tortured,” you flinch, and Snape frowns. “It’s been a year and a half. It is time for you to be able to trust someone.”

“I trust…”

“Neville, I know,” he nods. “Is that why you never let go of your wand?”

“You’re stalking me,” you murmur.

“I care for you, you little idiot!” he exclaims finally. “You don’t sleep, you don’t eat… I wonder how you still function.”

“I am functioning fine,” you stand up, attempting to leave, but Snape sighs and locks the door in front of your face. “Professor?”

“Y/N, stop being a child. Sit down,” you obediently sit down, your fist holding onto the wand, as if it’s your only escape. Snape notices it. “Girl, I am saving you. You have to let it go. Your nightmares get more and more intense, I find you outside, freezing in the winter, almost every night,” he sighs again, looking you straight in the eye. “I am sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? It’s my blood, not yours.”

“I was the headmaster, I had to know that they were doing that to you. I was my responsibility. One of.”

“You saved everyone else,” you murmur. “Someone had to be… the spare.”

“You are not the spare,” Snape confronts you quietly. “Not one child in this school is,” you don’t say anything, finishing your tea. “I don’t want you to stay in the Gryffindor Tower,” you raise your eyebrow. “I have contacted your Dean, and she said that you can stay in my chambers until we find a room for you.”

“Your… chambers?”

“Yes. I have two spare rooms, as the chambers are always prepared for the married teachers that may want their families to live with them. You literally will have your own room,” you still stare at him, and Snape snaps. “For Merlin’s sake! Let me fix the mistake I made!”

“Oh… You think that this,” you point at your head. “Is because of you?”

“I was the headmaster, trusted by Dumbledore to take care of the children. Yet here is one that not only I couldn’t save, but the one that is still unable to have a normal life because of it,” Snape’s face becomes deadly serious, as he stares at you. “I will help you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know,” he nods and stands up, handing you a key. A usual key, just like ones in the muggle world. “The left door is yours. Lock it, make it your own place. No one can enter this room without your permission, but you should feel safe.”

“I… I don’t know what to say,” you murmur.

“Promise me to sleep well tonight,” he asks you. “Just sleep. Drink tea if you must. Read or do whatever you do to fall asleep, but I have to know that you will get better,” you nod obediently.

“Thank you, sir.”

“It is my responsibility, miss,” he smiles slightly. “Good night now.”

“Good night, sir.”


Serial Killers - Younger and Older. 


From Top: 

1: Henry Lee Lucas:

Henry Lee Lucas was known to be America’s most prolific serial killer. He killed at least 350 people in a span of twenty years, although his confessions reveal that he actually murdered more than 600 victims. He spent ten years in jail after he murdered his own mother. Due to overcrowding in jail, he was eventually released and when he got out, he became a drifter and made friends with Ottis Toole. Toole later on became his accomplice in more than 108 murders. He died in prison due to natural causes in the year 2001.

2: Ted Bundy:

Ted Bundy was described to be a very charismatic and friendly guy. Behind this personality is the twisted mind of a serial killer. In just four years, he was able to kidnap and kill 30 young women in the United States. To entice his victims, he would pretend to be an authority figure or a disabled person. There are also times that he would just break into the homes of his victims and stab them to death while they were sleeping. He would then rape and dismember his victims after killing them, keeping their heads as souvenirs. He was finally arrested in the year 1979 and was sentenced to death penalty by electric chair in 1989.

3: Edmund Kemper:

Edmund was to eventually tower over people at the height of 6'9". Even so, he was a sullen boy who never got over his parents’ divorce, and was afraid of being bullied by other boys. He exhibited strange behaviour at an early age, torturing animals and having violent sexual fantasies. Being hard to handle, he was sent to live with his paternal grandparents on their farm. He fantasized about killing his grandmother, and eventually shot her to death. He then shot his grandfather in what he deemed an act of mercy to spare him finding his wife murdered. For this he was sent to Atascadero mental facility at age 15. He was released several years later and moved back in with his mother although the doctors did not approve of this. Not long after, he began picking up hitch-hikers and concocting his methods of what he would do to the ones he would eventually kill. On May 7, 1972, he picked up two hitch-hikers and murdered, beheaded and dismembered them. This is a pattern he would use for the rest of his crimes, often keeping the heads in the trunk of his car so he could gaze upon them. His spree ended with the murder of his mother (who he thought was a terrible nag) and her friend. Beginning with his grandparents, he would eventually kill a total of ten people, including six hitch-hikers. He was sent to Folsom prison with a life sentence.

4: Jeffrey Dahmer:

According to history, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the scariest serial killers in the United States. In thirteen years, Dahmer killed 17 boys and men. However he didn’t just kill them; these murders included rape, necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism. The police discovered something very disturbing in his apartment. Apparently, he was doing a horrific sexual act by drilling into the heads and skulls of his victims who are still alive. When they were already dead, he either had sex with the corpses or ate pieces of them. He was arrested in the year 1994 and was beaten to death by an inmate inside jail.

5: Richard Ramirez:

Ramirez was convicted of 13 killings. He received the death penalty and was sent to San Quentin Prison in California. He died on June 7, 2013, at age 53

6: Richard Trenton Chase:

Richard Trenton Chase was known as “The Vampire of Sacramento”. He was nicknamed as such because of the fact that he eats the body parts of his victims and drinks their blood.  Chase started with killing animals and eating them raw. He was then confined in a mental asylum and was given anti-psychotic drugs. He was later on released, which eventually led to his unmerciful killings. He killed six people in just one month. After murdering them, Chase would engage in sex with his victims’ bodies. It was even discovered that he would blend the corpses with soft drinks in order to make a “milkshake”. He was finally caught in the year 1979 after he murdered an entire household. Chase was sentenced to death by gas chamber but he killed himself before the date of execution.

7: Aileen Wuornos: 

Only a few females have found comfort in being serial killers and one of them is Aileen Wuornos. Her life was actually full of neglect and abuse. She got pregnant at the age of 15 and she had an incestuous relationship with her own brother. Wuornos fell in love with a woman and she supported her by becoming a prostitute. During her years in this business, she killed seven men, claiming that they were trying to hurt and harm her during their sexual encounters. She was arrested and sentenced with death penalty through lethal injection.

8: John Wayne Gacy:

Known as “The Killer Clown”, John Wayne Gacy was one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He was caught assaulting two teenage boys sexually and was then sentenced with 10 years in jail. Due to his excellent behaviour as an inmate, he was released on parole. As the years went by, he enjoyed dressing up as “Pogo the Clown” and started volunteering at parades and parties. Behind the costume was the person who killed 33 young men, burying their bodies in his yard, house, and the river near his house. After he was arrested, the authorities found bones in his house, forcing him to confess to the murders.

Novel translations masterpost

I was compiling this for a friend and thought heck might as well publish it. Below the cut you will find links to all of the JP-ENG novel translations I can think of. They are mostly 2ch, vocaloid, and game-based novels. I have also added links to series that don’t have translations as reference (and a grim reminder). Feel free to tell me if I am missing any series.

Individual novel titles will be linked to the novel masterpost if there is one. Some series only have series masterposts; go there to navigate to book chapters. Author/original creator links go to the mylists of the creators of the original songs. Italicized titles are books that have been released but have not been translated yet by the series translator(s). The official site links have the publisher’s name. Translations that I deem inaccurate and indirect translations are not included in this list.

Blogs with several translations


2ch-related novels - TL by vgperson

Starting Over [COMPLETE]
・By Miaki Sugaru / Fafoo
・Official site → MW Bunko
・Original 2ch thread translation

Three Days of Happiness [COMPLETE]
・By Miaki Sugaru / Fafoo
・Official site → MW Bunko
・Original 2ch thread translation

The Story of a Macaron-Loving Girl Who Lived a Thousand Years Somehow. [COMPLETE] 
・By Karate ・Official site → MFBunko
・Original 2ch thread translation

Pain, Pain, Go Away [COMPLETE]
・By Miaki Sugaru / Fafoo
・Official site → MW Bunko

The Place You Called From
・By Miaki Sugaru / Fafoo
・Official site → MW Bunko

Vocaloid novel series (Novels based off vocaloid songs from NND)

Kokuhaku no Oto - TL by Renna
・Songs by HoneyWorks
・Official site → HoneyWorks | Kadokawa Beans 1 2 3 4
・Original songs → (NND) 1 2 3 4 | (YT) 1 2 3 4
・Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu [COMPLETE] 
・Yakimochi no Kotae
Hatsukoi no Ehon
Ima Suki ni Naru.

Shuuen no Shiori Project - TL by Shuuen Scans 

・Songs by 150P & Suzumu
・Official site → MF Bunko 1 2 3 4
・Original songs → NND
・Shuuen no Shiori [COMPLETE]
・Shuuen no Shiori 2: Houfuku -Re:vival-
・Shuuen no Shiori 3: Shuumatsu -Re:write-
・Shuuen no Shiori 4: Ketsuraku -Re:code-

Kagerou Project - TL by Mekameka Subs
・Songs by Jin
・Official site → Mekakushi Dan | KCG Bunko
・Original songs → NND
・Kagerou Daze -in a daze-
・Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor- [COMPLETE]
・Kagerou Daze III -the children reason-
・Kagerou Daze IV -the missing children- [COMPLETE]
・Kagerou Daze V -the deceiving-
Kagerou Daze VI -over the dimension-

Pandora VOXX - TL by raspomme
・Songs by KEMU VOXX
・Official sites → 1 2 3 4
・Original songs → 1 2 3 4
・Life Reset Button [COMPLETE]
Ikasama Life Game
Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari

Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~ - TL by Renna [COMPLETE]
・Songs by HitoshizukuP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Saihate no Uta - TL by Renna
・Songs by Shirakami Mashiro 
・Official site → pixiv
・Original songs → NND | YouTube

The Schoolgirl Detective Series - TL by Renna
・Songs by Teniwoha
・Original songs → NND
・Schoolgirl Detective and the Eccentric Author ― Night Before The Murder Case at the Mansion of Antiquarian Books
The Murder Case at the Mansion of Antiquarian Books ― Schoolgirl Detective Series

MAYU Happiness series - TL by DescentSubs
・Song by UtataP
・Official site → Seikaisha Fictions
・Original song → NND
・Ichizu na Kataomoi, Minorasetai Chiisana Shiawase. (An Earnest, Unrequited Love, A Small Happiness I Want to Have Ripen.)
Eien ni Shiawase ni Naru Houhou, Mitsukemashita…ga.

Mikagura School Suite - TL by Ame
・Songs by Last Note.
・Official site → Mikagura | MF Bunko 1 2 3 4 5
・Original songs → 1 2 3 4 5
・Houkago Stride
Mukiryoku Coup d'État
Garakuta Innocence
Izayoi Seeing
Fujouri Roulette

Daughter of Evil - TL by evillious-sidestories (CH-ENG from official Chinese release)
・Songs by mothy / AkunoP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original songs → 1 2 3 (do not correspond to novel titles)
・Daughter of Evil: Closure of Yellow [COMPLETE] 
・Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green [COMPLETE]
Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red
Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue

Evillious Chronicles - TL by evillious-sidestories (CH-ENG from official Chinese release)
・Songs by mothy / AkunoP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original songs → 1 2 3 4 
・The Lunacy of Duke Venomania
Evil Food Eater Conchita
Waltz of Evil
Gift From the Princess Who Brought Sleep

Bad∞End∞Night - TL by vgperson [COMPLETE]
・Songs by HitoshizukuP
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original songs → (NND) 1 2 3 4

Suki Kirai (Like Dislike) - TL by janeypeixes [COMPLETE]
・Songs by HoneyWorks
・Official site → Kadokawa Beans
・Original songs → (NND) 1 2 3 | (YT) 1 2 3

Games & Misc.

Cray to Fin to Yume Mita Tegami (Cray, Fin, and the Letter in the Dream) - TL by Reyes
・By Tomono Shou
・Official site → MF Bunko J

The Witch’s House: The Diary of Ellen - TL by vgperson [COMPLETE]
・Official site → Enterbrain
・Original game → Fummy

Alice Mare - TL by vgperson [COMPLETE]
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original game → △○□× (Miwashiba)

LiEat - TL by vgperson
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho 
・Original game → △○□× (Miwashiba)

Untranslated Novels

Title links go to the Amazon page for the novel. There may be a little bit translated for the novels, such as character intros or synopsis, which I’ll link to. 

Kochira Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu. (This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee.) series
・Songs by UtataP
・Official site → Happiness series
・Original songs → NND
・This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee.
・The Queen and the Criminals Condemned to Eternal Happiness
・The Queen and the Happiness Summer Game
・The Queen and the Calamity on the World Line
・The Queen and the Miniature Garden Lebensraum

Tokyo Dennou Tantei Dan (Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade)
・Song by Polyphonic Branch
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Senbonzakura series
・Song by KurousaP
・Official site → Senbonzakura
・Original song → NND
・Senbonzakura 2

Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai! (Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!) series
・Official site → Dengeki Bunko 1 2
・Original song → NND | YouTube 
・Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!
・Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! 2

Noushou Sakuretsu Girl (Brain Fluid Explosion Girl) series
・Song by Rerulili
・Official site → Kadokawa Beans
・Original song → NND | YouTube
・Noushou Sakuretsu Girl (teaser translation)
・Noushou Sakuretsu Girl: I Don’t Care, I Just Want Macarons
・Noushou Sakuretsu Girl: Pretty Much Just Plowing Straight Through
・Noushou Sakuretsu Girl: Hey, Next Time It’ll Be On You to Grab That Chance
・Noushou Sakuretsu Girl: Hey, Let’s Dance Like We’re ◯◯
・Noushou Sakuretsu Girl: I am Brain Fluid Explosion Girl

Setsuna Trip
・Song by Last Note.
・Official site → Fujimi Shobo 
・Original song → NND

Yi Er Fanclub
・Song by MikitoP
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND

Melancholic series
・Song by Junky
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND
・Melancholic 2: Twinkle

ACUTE series
・Song by KurousaP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusha
・Original songs → 1 2

Dare Demo Ii Kara Tsukiaitai (I Don’t Care Who It Is, I Just Want to Date Someone) (this is a manga, but I’ll keep the links here)
・Song by Takkyuu Shounen 
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Kokoro (Heart) series
・Songs by TravoltaP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND
・Kokoro (Heart)
・Kokoro -Saikai- (Heart -Reunion-)
・Kokoro -Kiseki- (Heart -Miracle-) 

Rin-chan Nau! series
・Song by OwataP 
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND
・Rin-chan Nau ver. 1
・Rin-chan Nau ver. 2

Sakura no Ame (Cherry Blossom Rain) series
・Songs by halyosy
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND | YouTube
・Sakura no Ame
・Sakura no Ame: Bokura ga Meguri Aeta Kiseki (It Was A Miracle That We Met Again)
・Fire◎Flower: Juunin Toiro ni Kagayaita Hibi (Those Days That Shined Differently For Everyone) (Original song → NND | YouTube)
・Sakura no Ame: Bokura wa Koko de Aou (Let Us Meet Here Again)

Ama no Jaku
・Song by 164
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Orignal song → NND

Juumensou (Ten-Faced)
・Song by YM
・Original song → NND

Yoshiwara Lament
・Song by Asa
・Official site → Alphapolis
・Original song → NND

Shuujin to Kami Hikouki (Prisoner and Paper Plane) series
・Songs by ShuujinP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original songs → NND
・Shounen Paradox (Boy Paradox)
・Shoujo Aporia (Girl Aporia)
・Urakata Antimony (Behind-the-Scenes Antimony)
・Seinen Paradoxical (Youth Paradoxical) 

Himitsu Keisatsu (Secret Police)
・Song by Buriru
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND | YouTube
・Himitsi Keisatsu: FILE 01 -Escape-
・Himitsu Keisatsu: FILE 02 - Confidential

Goumontou wa Nemurenai (The Torture Tower Never Sleeps)
・Songs by mothy / AkunoP
・Official site → NND
・Original song → NND
・Goumonkyou no Sanshimai (The Three Sisters of Torture)
・Emerald no Shoujo (The Emerald Girl)
・Aku no Enkan (The Circle of Evil)

Yume Nikki (Dream Diary)
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original game → Kikiyama

Kuwagata ni Chop Shitara Timeslip Shita (Time-Warped After Chopping My Stag Beetle)
・Song by Uramanbou
・Official site → Kodansha BOX
・Original song → NND

Mononoke Mystery series
・Song by Teniwoha
・Official site → MF Bunko
・Original song → NND | YouTube
・Mononoke Mystery
・Mononoke Mystery 2

Tropical Summer/Countdown
・Song by Dios/SignalP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original songs → Tropical Summer | Countdown

・Song by Dios/SignalP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song: NND

Yami no Kuni Hallows (Kingdom of Darkness Hallows)
・By MachigeritaP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song: none

Kurai Mori no Circus (Dark Woods Circus)
・Song/novel by MachigeritaP
・Original song → NND

Candy Addicts Full Course
・Song/novel by MachigeritaP
・Original song → NND

from Y to Y
・Song by JimmyThumbP
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND

・Song by Kobayashi Onyx
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Heisei Cataclysm
※ This novel does not appear on Zips’ official homepage
・Song by Zips
・Original song → NND

Heisei Project
※ This novel does appear on Zips’ official homepage
・Songs by Zips

・Offical site → Ichijinsha | Heisei Project
・ Heisei Project -Heisei Domination- 1
・ Heisei Project -Heisei Domination- 2

Netoge Shuujin Sprechchor (Online Game Addicts Sprechchor)
・Song by Satsuki ga Tenkomori
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND

Chouchou Sekai (Butterfly World)
※ A novel based on ChouchouP’s hit songs, including Eh? Ah, Sou and Shinpakusuu #0822.
・Songs by papiyon/ChouchouP
・Official site → Ichijinsha

DoReMiFa Rondo
・Song by 40mP
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu (The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku)
・Song by cosMo
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND

Bungaku Shoujo Insane (Literature Girl Insane)
・Song by Karasuya Sabou
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Sensei to Shoujo Soudou (Uproar of Teacher and Girl)
・Official site → Kadokawa Beans
・Original songs → (NND) 1 2 | (YT) 1 2

Doppel Oshimontou (Doppelganger Dispute)
・Official site → B’s Log Bunko 
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Nijigen Dream Fever (Two-Dimensional Dream Fever)
・Song by PolyphonicBranch
・Official site → ASCII Media Works
・Original song → NND | YouTube

・Songs by MikitoP
・Official site → Comic@loid
・Original songs: Sarishinohara, Yonjuunana, Akaito

Mane Mane Psychotropic (A Fake, Fake, Psychotropic)
・Song by Kairiki Bear
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Amatsu Kitsune (Celestial Fox)
・Song by Marasy 
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Mirai Kei Innocence (Future View Innocence)
・Song by koyori / DenpolP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Shiryokukensa (Eye Examination)
・Song by 40mP
・Official site → ASCII Media Works
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Nisoku Hokou (Two Breaths Walking)
・Song by DECO*27
・Official site → ASCII Media Works
・Original song → NND

Alice in Musicland
・Song by OSTER Project
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Sekai Jumyou to Saisho no Nanokakan (The World’s Lifespan and the First Seven Days)
・Songs by Suzumu
・Official site → MF Bunko
・Original songs → ? 1 3 4 6 -7 8 (The rest are album-only)

Eimin Douwa (Eternal Sleep Fairy Tale)
・Song by Mafumafu 
・Official site → KCG Bunk
・Original song → NND

Ren'ai Saiban (Love Trial)
・Song by 40mP
・Official site → Kadokawa
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei (Ah, What a Wonderful Cat’s Life)
・Song by Nem
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND

Rimokon (Remote Control)
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusha
・Original song → NND

・Song by OwataP
・Official site → Ichijinsha
・Original song → NND

Electric Angel
・Song by YasuoP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Hoshikuzu Utopia (Stardust Utopia)
・Song by otetsu
・Official site → Pony Canyon
・Original song → NND

・Song by LovelyP
・Official Site → B’s Log Bunko
・Original song → NND

・Song by Rerulili
・Official site → Ascii Media Works
・Original Song → NND

Nekomimi Archive (Cat Ear Archive)
・Song by KusoinakaP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Happy Synthesizer
・Song by EasyPop
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

TorinokoCity (Left-Behind City)
・Song by 40mP
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho

・Original song → NND

Mozaik Role -high&melancholy-
・Song by DECO*27
・Official site → Ascii Media Works
・Original song → NND

Killer Tune Overture
・Song by Shokubai Phantom Girl
・Official site → MF Bunko J
・Original song → NND

Just Be Friends
・Song by Dixie Flatline
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original song → NND

Chubyou Gekihatsu Boy (Young Disease Outburst Boy )
・Song by Rerulili
・Official site → Kadokawa Beans
・Original song → NND | YouTube

Bokura wa, Sotto Kiss wo Shita
・Song by HarryP/Harihara Tsubasa
・Official site → PHP Kenkyuusho
・Original songs → Bokura no Let It Be | HEAVEN


Chapter 7: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Part IV)

Věra had never been a morning person. Maybe it was her mattress – the one she stole from her last boyfriend, which could, in some gentler cultures considered a torture machine. For all she knew that was exactly what it was called, considering most of its tags were in Mandarin. Waking up on that thing hurt, so for most days she just tried not to wake up for as long as she possibly could. 

When she opened her eyes that morning though, the sun was just rising over the thousands towers of Prague, shimmering on the skyline like golden needless, reaching for the orange skies. Her body was well-rested, and she rolled over on her torture mattress, only to find the soft, puffy thing rearrange under her body comfortably. Her blanket was fluffy and warm, smelling of jasmine fabric softener, aftershave and minty soap, with a slight note of cigarette smoke. She burrowed her nose in it and sighed. This was perfect. The Prague Castle offered just enough shade on the horizon so the sun didn’t shine directly into her face…

The Prague… Castle?

She jumped up with a yelp, kicking the blanket aside and pushed her back against the headboard, cursing. Staring straight out of the open window at the golden sun-rays licking the looming towers of the cathedral dominating the castle she realised this wasn’t her Kansas and Toto was nowhere to be seen. 

‘Good morning,’ said the voice in the doorway, making her gaze snap towards it.

‘What the fuck did you do to me.’

Riley Rider, with his midnight black hair still wet from the shower, sighed, taking a sip from his cup. ‘Good morning to you too, Riley. How did you sleep? Was the sofa comfortable? Again, I’m so sorry for taking up your bed. You are a true gentleman for letting me crash here.’

Ignoring his sarcasm she jumped up from the bed and throwing her arms around in exasperation, yelled, ‘I can’t fucking believe you! You kidnapped me? First you lie to the police about a murder and now this?’ He didn’t answer and somehow that made her even madder than him denying her claims. She stalked over to him, pointing at his chest indignantly. ‘That detective said the police is looking for you! Why?’

His lips curved in a lazy smile. ‘I guess they liked my last lecture. You would never expect it but policemen are huge lit buffs.’

‘You must think me a complete idiot,’ she hissed. She did not expect him to answer. She just pushed him aside and stalked down the hallway, growling in the process. ‘Forget it. No fucking way am I getting mixed up in this, whatever the fuck this is. You ain’t worth it. Nobody is.’

He caught her from behind as she was escaping and pulled her back into him, twirling her in the process. His dark eyes burned into her as he snarled, ‘But you, blue, already are mixed up in this. And I don’t know why. I doubt they are after your insanely hot arse, which leaves me with the question: could it really be you? And if you are, what kind of fresh hell will this universe come up with to make me lose you?’

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Memories (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Summary: Reader was trained in the Red room, some of her memories are coming back to her, haunting her while she is trying to move on.

(Y/N) was sitting on the bed in the center of a small dark room. She lived in the Avengers tower for six months and she couldn’t get just to it. Every time when she would try to smile or to be happy screams would find their way back into her mind. There were no peace for tortured souls. Every time when she would wake up or go to sleep, she could hear it, the voices. Whispers that were calling her to come back to the Red room, they hunted her for years.

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Stay With Me: Bucky Barnes x Reader // P.2 (END)


Summary: You and Bucky are not just partners in real life, but for missions as well. When you get hurt, Bucky will do anything to make sure you stay with him. 

You and Steve approached the helicraft, and got you on the medic table quickly, strapping you in and rolling the table into the Helicraft central area. The medics ripped off your suit and armor, tossing any loose weapons left on your body off onto a supply table so they could assess the wounds.

“(YN) you’re gonna be alright. You have toopush through it…” Steve felt his throat get tight at the sight of the blood leaking from my wound, to the table, down onto his boot.. “Please don’t leave us, I-I lost Bucky once a-and If you…Go. Then I’ll lose him again, permenantly. Just- please,” Steve gripped my hand which was now stained with blood. Holding it to his chest.

I turned my head to the right and tried to look straight into the Captain’s eyes but my vision was doubling. So their were two Steve’s that kept moving around too fast for me to watch one of them intently. I felt something wrapped around my ears and stuck into my nostrils, making me breath in some weird smelling air. But it did help stabilize the two Steve’s. When he finally became one again, I saw tears were rolling down his cheeks.

Wow. Steve, the Super Soldier, Mr. America…crying. 

I’d seen him cry only once before, and that was when he woke up in the hospital after Bucky pulled him out from the water. I was the unlucky one to be have to tell him that Bucky had fled the scene, and his whereabouts weren’t known.

Not a week later had I sent back out into the field, to my own request. Setting out to find Bucky. I made a promise to Steve that I wouldn’t return without him. Little did I know that would become our promise. We’d never leave with Bucky by our sides and return with him still there. He was too precious, priceless really. Steve and I silent made this promise too each other, always and forever. I guess I that I had kept that promise up until the end. 

I’m really only assuming that though. Because I was feeling like I was about two minutes from passing out completely and the blood lost being so profound wasn’t doing me any favors. Everything looked glazed over in white, and my body was tingling. I felt so tired but I knew my body was trying to trick me- I had to stay awake. For however long I could. Maybe Bucky would make it back to say his goodbye? Maybe he’d make it back in time to hold me as I fell into the eternal sleep that I was secretly scared of falling into. 

No one wants to die when they have somebody to love, and somebody to love them back. Bucky was my somebody. 

        The somebody that would be by my side forever. I knew he had his own demons, but we all live with a scar in our hearts; his was just a little bit larger than others. I accepted that scar, I accepted him no matter what. Whether he went back in a Winter Soldier state and choked me in my sleep. I’d never blame him for being tortured and manipulated. 

         When you love somebody; everything else is just background noise. All you want is too see their face, staring right back at you with the same amount of love you carry in your eyes for them… 

Jesus… had I drifted off? Was I just dreaming about fuckin’ love? Was this the crazy phase that one goes through before they die? 

I knew that they would never get me back to the tower fast enough for someone to find me a match to give me their blood for a transfusion. 

Which was obviously what I needed. (I heard that from the nurses all whispering around me). I suddenly heard voices start back up again; the ringing I didn’t even know that was in my ear finally started to fade. But what replaced it was a very emotional Steve Rogers, on his knees at my side, holding my hand tightly while trying to hold himself together. He knew as well as I that the blood was the only solution; and we unfortunately did not tend to carry buckets of it on missions.

“Please don’t die, (YN). You mean too much to Bucky and I. You’re the only reason we’re still here! That we got the chance to become brothers again. You are the only thing, that Bucky lives for. Don’t let him lose the one good thing in hi-” Steve was cut off with a cold hard slap in the face.

Courtesy of yours truly.

I must’ve been mustering up some weird surge of energy, because that slap was a hard, solid one. But, I did it out of love, I swear.

 I just had to shut this guy up. I did not want to hear the “You’re dying” speech, especially when I was in fact dying. I felt the motive to stay alive pulsate back into my veins, and I didn’t need Steve’s emotional bubble to burst all over me. I needed Strong. Righteous. We can do it! Steven Rogers.

Because I honestly didn’t feel like dying today.

     “Will you, shut the fuck up? I’m not dying, Popsicle. I just need some goddamn blood. And if you are willing to give me some-”

“I am.” Yet again we were cut off. This time it came from the Helicraft opening. Bucky stood there, already losing his coat and undershirt to get hooked up to an IV in the other room. Steve sighed at his friend’s determination: “Buck, you don’t even know if you and (YN) are a match.”

“Shut up, yes he does.” A flustered Tony came running in as well, de-Iron Manized already and in some jeans and an Rolling Stone’s shirt I remember buying him for his 50th.

Well this was turning into quite a party! How sweet for everyone to join me on my said death bed while I’m half naked! 

       “I have everyone’s blood type checked and determined before they join the team. Because God forbid someone, as such as yourself (YN), gets shot or stabbed severely in a mission, we need at least one person on board every time too give the wounded some blood. Why do you think I always let Barnes with you, YN? It wasn’t because I wanted you too making out in the shadows of some torn down facility now, was it?” I let out an exasperated sigh and shrugged, staring up into the light over my head. Smiling to myself from Mustache Man’s brilliance.

“Tony once again you’ve proven yourself to be a goddamn genius.”

Walking over to me, Tony put a hand on my shoulder, and gave it a small squeeze, with an encouraging smile to go along with it.

“I wouldn’t curse the big man up stairs in your state, sweetheart.”

“Fuck you, one minute I’m saved, one minute I’ve got seconds to live. Can we all just get this blood transfusion show on the road and get ourselves into the fucking sky-WHERE’S ROMANOFF?” I yelled out of frustration.

“Right here My Little Sunshine.” I heard her oddly peppy voice come from behind my head and then saw a flash of red hair pop out, hovering over me. I smiled seeing that my best friend was alive and looking completely unharmed.

“Then why are we still on the ground? Where’s Bucky? I want Bucky.” I think the drugs they were giving me where causing my grumbly side to show through. I was uncomfortable on this cold metal table, with only my sports bra and underwear on. I tried to move and turn on my side to sleep, forgetting I was strapped down.

“One, we’ve been in the air for about twenty minutes and two? Your boyfriend is just in the other room with Rogers, they’re both getting two pints of blood taken out for you.”

I was a match with Steve too?

      I must’ve been affected by whatever pain killers they stuffed in through my IV because I hadn’t even noticed Rogers leave my side!

“Stay still doll, they’re gonna stitch you up soon.” I whipped my head to the other side of the room where the door to a private area was opened, and my man standing there with a bandage in the crook of his arm. Bucky wasn’t even trying to hide that smile of his. 

The one he rarely showed to anyone, except me. He made a beeline to my side, since I was still on strapped onto a metal slab in the middle of the helicrat’s main control room.

“Thought I was gonna lose you for a second…” Smiling lopsided, I shifted around just a smidge and closed my eyes.

I was comfortable with Bucky here now, holding my hand as the team fixed me up. Although now I was hearing the footsteps pick up around me, people hustling now since they started to see me fading fast.

“You can’t lose me Barnes, I’m with you just like the Captain..”

“Huh?” Squeezing his hand that he had wrapped around mine, I smiled lazily. Not opening my eyes still. “I’m with you, until the end of the line. Whether you like it or not, James Buchanan, I’m gonna be with you to the end.” I didn’t have to open my eyes to know they were hooking Bucky’s transfused blood onto my IV drip because I felt a jolt when warmth started to hit my veins, and it was like I was becoming stronger all of a sudden, as if I’d only been punched a couple times, not stabbed with serrated knife and shot at in the tunnel.

“I always like it with you by my side, my păpuşă.” I giggled in a drug-haze from his nickname he had picked up for me back in Romania. His doll.

We stayed in Bucharest when I had finally found him after a year of hard searching. Returning with him back to New York to Steve after two years of looking after the Winter Soldier. Bucky had needed a few months to recover, so I bended the truth to Steve instead of telling him I found him and brought him back, spick and span. 

         When I first got to him, he wouldn’t even let me in the door. It wasn’t until I slid a note under the door asking too pee that he let me in. From then on I stayed. He let me sit on his cotton bed, and I helped him adjust to the world he’d woken up into. Recovery was hard at first. I didn’t blame him I mean he barely knew me! But after falling in love unwillingly along the way, recovery became a breeze. 

Natasha had shot Bucky a look as if he was the one now on the drugs as soon as he uttered my secret nickname.

“I’m sorry, did you just call her your…puss-”

“NATASHA!” She threw her hands up in the air,

 “What! I don’t know whatever the hell you just said, Stark back me up?” Tony just shrugged. Closing his eyes he shook his head and walked away, denying Romanoff.

“Listen, they can call each other whatever they damn well please. As long as it keeps the One Armed Wonder happy and The Little Sniper That Could, alive. Besides…I need her…” Tony said whilst wandering around the room. He was touching buttons on the machines that I was hooked up too, just to get his arm slapped away everytime by the nurses and by Bucky.

You could tell Tony was trying to say he felt protective of you by the blush rising on his cheeks. 

Nat and I smirking at him only made his blush intensify. “She’s the only one who knows how to make a good cup of joe, okay? She always gets it right, I don’t know her secret and I want her to stick around because… you all can’t make coffee worth shit.” 

He pointed at me, shooting me a wink as I snickered into Bucky’s shoulder. He’d wrapped his flesh arm around me, holding my head, kissing my forehead that had been wiped off and cleaned by the nurses. The dirt and blood that had been caked onto it was gone, leaving my soft pasty white skin. 

Bucky was also suppressing a laugh in my hair. He didn’t plan on telling them our “secret” language, though. Because right now all he cared about was getting me back to the Tower.

We were together, alive, and on our way home. Bucky wasn’t gonna be leaving my side when they took me in for surgury either. The nurses said they needed to stitch up a small intenstine that was sliced when the asshole stabbed me. It was minor, but it needed to be rectified immediately. 

The nurses had let Bucky stay by my side as the blood transfusion went fortunately well. I was regaining my sight better, things weren’t wobbly and my head didn’t feel like it was weightless. I was slowly regaining the natural pink that always laid right on the tops of my cheeks. Bucky’s heart was warming more and more as the jet got closer to Stark Towers. He was seeing me again. Even though I was still on the god damn metal slab (they wouldn’t even let me have a pillow! But Bucky just decided to screw it and give me his jacket). He had balled up the jacket and turned it inside out so the dirt and my blood weren’t getting into my already rat’s nest of hair. Lifting my head gently he place it under my head and immediately I let out a sigh of relief. Just having a small amount much of tension gone gave me euphoric feelings. 

I could still feel the wound that they had left opened. Just covering it with tissue to clot the blood so they could get in their as soon as we hit the roof. The pain killers weren’t working and so basically here I am, strapped down on a metal slab in my underwear, in front of my teammates and boyfriend; while having, what felt like, a cat’s claw ripping into my skin with every breath. I got one of the things you see on hospital shows with the tube goes down your nose. It was suppling temporary air for my lungs that were screaming at me for being injured. I was a hot mess to say the least. 

Bucky didn’t care though, because I was awake.  Alive and awake and staring at him lovingly; not with eyes filled with (what he feared) hatred for letting me get stabbed. But with love. He couldn’t figure out what was it in my eyes that was making his heart pound like a bass in his ear, but his throat felt drier the more I stared. 

“Please stick with me while they stuck more things into my arm.” I whispered. He couldn’t help but let out a giggle, smiling at the fear of a needle going into my arm; when I had just pulled a serated knife out from my abdomen, and hit with a mother-fuckin’ large gun that left a blue and purple spot gradually making it’s way across my temple and down the right side of my face. 

“You are so weird.” He mumbled, his head resting sideways to face mine on the cool metal slab. I smiled, wishing I had the energy to move my head  just a few more inches to kiss his lips that were taunting me with every smirk or grin that passed Bucky’s face. 

He reached his right hand out and held my cheek, gently brushing his thumb across the top of it, where the natural blush that drove him crazy, started to appear. “You shouldn’t be talkin’, 90 year old pervert. Dating a girl in her 20′s… shame on you.” Bucky let out a laugh making his eyes squint and his teeth show, glistening like he’d gotten a whitening done on them while he got his blood taken earlier. Pulling me in, he kissed my lips softly, pulling away slowly, letting our lips draw back in an excruciately slow pace. “Why are you teasing a girl on a slab, Barnes? You should be kissing me all over now that I’m successfully going to live another day.” 

He would kiss my all over, if their weren’t five other people watching you two gaze at each other, drunk and in love. Bucky could only, blink away the happiness from his eyes, and smile at me. Continuing to stroke my cheek as a sign of his affection and that he wasn’t going to leave my side ever again. I was alive; and in Bucky’s glistening eyes? That’s all that really would ever matter to him, in the end. 


păpuşă = doll. 

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‘Between Crimson and Violet’

garyantoinette asked for - “The “deep, rich shade between crimson and violet” (that’s the definition of purple according to wikipedia

This got hella angsty, hon, I’m sorry. :/

There’s a brief allusion to suicide… like, five words that are not explicit. Just a quick reference. Caveat emptor.

Rated Teen - 613 words

read it on ao3!

Originally posted by romanovass

Natasha stroked the fabric of his uniform, perched on the edge of the bed they used to share, her head bowed and the shirt in her hand. She caressed the material, her thumb gliding over the purple swatch. The fabric had been engineered especially for SHIELD agents to be durable but protective, but the purple fabric was particular to him.

Only Hawkeye wore that color. It was his, and his alone. His signature.

He was happier now, she knew that. But the loss of him, the knowledge that he would never be hers again, was an agony that she’d never anticipated when she’d gone to Fury and convinced him to put Clint through the TAHITI program. Cognitively, she’d known what was coming. She’d thought she was prepared to see him in the little farmhouse with the busted tractor in the drafty barn: the simple life he’d wanted for them that he’d always rambled about late at night when he held her close in their bed, the bed she was currently sitting on, their legs tangled and their skin cooling after love.

He had that life now, and she knew that he was happy. The dreams that had tortured him after Loki were gone, that bastard god finally expunged from his mind. Natasha had tried everything to soothe him. Every avenue had been exhausted, every path explored, and still the archer walked the halls of the tower, haunted and tormented by a deity a universe away. The other Avengers had tried to help as well, but Clint’s suffering could not be eased, and when he began saying things that indicated more than a passive desire to go to sleep and never wake up, a desperate Natasha had turned to the last possible resort, knowing that it would mean the loss of almost everything she’d ever cared about.

It had saved his life, so it was worth it. But it had stolen the light out of her life.

The doctors at SHIELD were skilled, and had manipulated his memory so that he remembered certain things, believed certain things and forgot certain things that they wanted him to. He believed he was married to Laura and had two children. He believed he had a farm. He remembered he was an Avenger and retained all of his archery skills.

He forgot the extent of his involvement with Loki, forgot all of the destruction he had caused. He forgot what he had been ordered to do to Natasha. He forgot that Natasha was his wife and the life that they had shared. He believed Natasha was his best friend.

But he was still an Avenger, he had his farm and new wife, his best friend. He’s happier now, so much happier, Natasha reminded herself constantly.

He still showed up to Avengers tower and cracked jokes with his team. He still put on his uniform, the one with the deep, rich shade between crimson and violet across the chest and proved himself over and over as the best marksman in the world and a vital member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

And Natasha still watched her husband, the only man she had loved, fly home to Iowa, to the pregnant woman he believed was his wife and the children he believed was his. She rubbed Laura’s belly and smiled when the kids called her ‘Auntie Nat’ because if Clint remembered the truth, it could kill him.

But for now, in the quiet of her room, she didn’t have to be strong. Natasha stroked the fabric of his uniform, sitting on they used to share and watched as the purple under her fingers darkened when a tear splashed beside her thumb.

Originally posted by stormxpadme

TITLE: Don’t Keep your Heart in your Pocket


AUTHOR: iwasthefirstavenger

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a pickpocket who lives on the streets, and one day when you try to pickpocket, someone, you later find out that person was an agent of shield. Fury is impressed with your skills. He makes a deal with you that he’ll give you a place to live, a job, etc, but only if you can steal Loki’s plans. 

RATING: teen and up

The first thing Loki has you doing? Scrubbing toilets. If the cleaner fumes weren’t already doing it, you would choke on the irony.

If he’s trying to torture you, it’s definitely working. Your back aches, and your knees are red from kneeling. Who knew that a facility of this size could have so many bathrooms?

Three days in his safe house and you’ve barely seen him since that first night. He’ll sail through a room, giving a few orders as he passes. Every so often, he’ll glance at you, and walk away again with this infuriating smirk. He also never bothered to check and see if you actually had a place to sleep, so you have yet to spend a comfortable night since leaving Stark Tower. Sometimes you curl up in corners or storage spaces, but more often you spend the time roaming the mostly vacant back hallways of Loki’s facility. There’s always something going on, especially around the lab, but a lot of the halls are deserted even during the day. Since discomfort is hardly new for you, your night time activities seem like some sort of adventure, at least compared to how you used to spend your time after dark, sleeping fitfully, always on the run, ready to vanish if necessary. But cops are a little easier to get away from than teleporting homicidal aliens.

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A/N: Hey guys I hope you like this! I don’t know when I’ll have time to post the next one, so just assume it’ll be up next weekend!

Prompt: Clint’s sister gets experimented on by HYDRA and is friends with the Maximoffs

“Y/N,” Clint giggled, giving your shoulder a shove. He sighed, stealing one of your grapes and popping it in his mouth. “Stop squirting me with your grapes!”

You stuck your tongue out at him. “I’ll do whatever I want, Clint,” you retorted, throwing a grape at him.

“You guys are like children,” Natasha sighed, sitting across from the two of you, rubbing her forehead.

“You’re just jealous because you don’t have a sibling,” you chuckled, tossing a grape in her direction.

“No, I’m jealous of her,” Clint spoke, swallowing his mouthful. “She doesn’t have a sibling.”

You shoved Clint, laughing at his immaturity. Clint was your older brother by five years. He was always very protective towards you, so when SHIELD had contacted him, he was reluctant to leave. With enough persuasion, he managed to get Fury to allow you to train alongside him. Each week, no matter where you were in the world, you’d drop everything to see him. “You couldn’t live a day without me,” you snapped, rolling your eyes.

Clint sighed, wrapping an arm, loosely around your shoulders. “You’re right, Dumbo,” he spoke, giving your ear a tug.

“Clint,” you whined, shrugging his arm off your shoulders and covering your ears. “Stop, my ears aren’t that big anymore!”

Clint chuckled, tugging your ear, once more. He pulled you closer, kissing your temple. You had always been his best friend since the day you were born.



Clint opened his eyes, looking around. He sat up, blinking the sleep from his eyes. He took a deep breath as the permanent ache wiggled its way around his heart. He was in bed, in his room, in the tower. He soon sighed, remembering that you were gone.

It’d been two years since he’d seen you last and it had drove him crazy. You’d never showed up to one of your weekly meetings and he hasn’t seen you since. He knew something had happened to you and refused to stop looking. Even if that meant torturing himself with guilt.

“You have to stop doing this,” Nat whispered as she slowly walked into the room. “She wouldn’t want you to keep hurting yourself.”

Clint didn’t answer. He threw his feet over the edge of the bed, facing away from Nat. His hands rested on the bed as his feet gently touched the cool wood floor. His back was sore from the recent mission.

“Clint,” Natasha pleaded, making it to the side of the bed. “Let me in.”


“Do that again,” Pietro shouted, grinning at you. He rested his hands on his hips as he looked at the lights. You closed your eyes, concentrating on the energy source. The electricity happily jumped to you as you pulled it into you.

The lights flickered, but you wanted more. You concentrated harder as the power in the training room shut down completely. You gasped for air as the lights came back on. As much as you wanted to keep going, you just physically couldn’t. “That’s all I can do for now, Piet,” you rasped, gulping in air.

Pietro zoomed over to you, worriedly resting a hand on your back. He soothingly rubbed over the kinks. “Don’t worry, darling. It gets easier, after a while. You’re just a late bloomer,” he murmured.

You stood back up, wiping the sweat off your forehead. “That’s the thing, Pietro,” you sighed. “HYDRA thinks I’m important. I have to prove that I am.”

“But killing yourself won’t prove that your strong, it will prove that you are dumb,” he spoke, gently grabbing your chin. He grinned. “You are not a dumbo,” he chuckled.

Your forehead burned as a feeling of familiarity filled your senses. You squeezed your eyes shut as you begged your memory to answer the feeling. Nothing came to mind, filling your bones with frustration.

Pietro raised a hand to your cheek. “Darling, what is wrong?”

You opened your eyes, furrowing your eyebrows. “I don’t know, I just got the weirdest feeling. Like someone’s called me that before,” you murmured.

“What? Darling? Did you have a boyfriend before you came here,” Pietro asked, curious.

“Like I’d know,” you snapped, glaring at Pietro. Your memories before coming to HYDRA were wiped. You couldn’t even remember your name.

Pietro nodded, knowing he deserved your attitude. “I’m sorry, I forget sometimes,” he whispered, pulling you closer. You wrapped your arms around his waist taking in his scent.

“Guys, there is a meeting in the control room,” Wanda spoke, popping her head into the training room.

You pulled away from Pietro and followed her down the hall. “What’s it about?”

“I’m not sure,” she states, walking a few paces ahead of you. “I only know that it’s urgent.”


“Alright guys,” Tony spoke walking into the meeting room. “So there’s been some low level HYDRA activity detected around here.” He pointed to a small spot on the map. “It’s a little country called Sokovia. Most people don’t know it exists because it’s not yet independent from Romania.”

Clint groaned. “Can we stop with the geography lessons? What are we doing in Sokovia,” he snapped.

Tony flinched, not expecting Clint’s attitude. “We’ve received reports that they’ve used the tesseract for experimentation on humans. We’re going to take out the base and see if we can help the test subjects.”

“Whatever you do,” Steve spoke from across the room. “Do not talk to them. They may be victims of illegal testing, but they’ve still been in HYDRA’s care for who knows how long. Whoever they were before the tests,” he paused, taking a deep breath. “It isn’t who they are now.”

The team collectively nodded. “So when do we leave,” Nat asked from next to Clint.



“We have reports that the Avengers are coming to pay us a little visit,” Strucker spoke. His arms were clasped behind his back as he paced in front of your group. You felt the tension in the air crackle. Pietro had told you about their past, so you knew how they felt about the Avengers. “We believe you guys are ready to face them, so we’ve paired you up with your skill sets. Wanda, you will take out Thor and Black Widow. They should be easy for you if you use your powers. Pietro, you have Captain America and if Hulk comes out, you and Wanda can team up against them.”

“I want Stark,” he spat, taking a step closer.

“Tricity has a better chance with the Iron Man. She can suck his energy from him and easily take out the suit. If you get there before she kills him, you can kill him. Tricity,” he turned to you, using your nickname Wanda had given you. “You can also take out Hawkeye. He should be easy, considering his lack of powers.”


Steve took a deep breath, walking through the quiet snow. Dead leaves and branches cracked under his feet as he kept walking. He stopped, listening for an enhanced. A blur of blue whipped past him as he flipped. Landing on his feet, he took a deep breath. “The first enhanced has super speed. Be careful.”

“You got it, Rogers,” Nat responded.

Clint drew an arrow, aiming it for a solider, guarding the door. He took a deep breath and released the arrow. He listened for a moment, waiting to see if the arrow hit his target. Footsteps sounded from behind him, making him turn.

“Clint, be careful. One of the enhanced can control energy. She sucked the suit’s energy and is making her way towards you,” Tony yelled into his earpiece.

His heart stopped as his eyes locked on the familiar H/C locks. He took a step closer, knowing it was you. His heart broke as he realized that you were the enhanced Tony had warned him of. “Y/N,” he whispered.

The feeling of familiarity filled your head as Hawkeye stood before you. You refused to show the man any emotion, slowly controlling the energy you’d taken from Iron Man. “What’s wrong, bird man,” you spat, cocking your head. “I’ll go easy on you.” You smirked, taking a step closer to him.

“Y/N, don’t do this,” he spoke, raising his hand. His bow was left on the ground, showing a sense of retreat. “C'mon, Dumbo, you know me,” he pleaded.

Anger filled you as the pang of familiarity hit your gut. “No I don’t,” you growled, electricity crackling through your fingers. “I don’t know you!” You angrily threw a ball of electricity at him, not aiming. It made contact with the tree over his shoulder, causing the wood to splinter.

Clint took another step closer, sending your anger. “You’re my sister, Y/N, you’re my best friend.”

“Clint! She isn’t who she was! Do not engage,” Steve snapped in his ear. “Knock her out and we can try to fix this in the tower. Don’t talk to her.”

He shook his head, pulling the earpiece out of his ear. “C'mon, please, try!”

You took a deep breath, commanding the energy to retreat. You raised your hands, prepared to fight. “Fine, bird man, I’ll beat you with my hands. That seems a bit more fair, doesn’t it?”

You lunged for the man, attacking him, effortlessly. He didn’t fight, offensively, only defensively. You pinned him on the ground, sending electricity to one hand. “I will end your team, one by one,” you whispered. “Starting with you.”

The man shut his eyes as a sharp pain filled your leg. A loud scream escaped your lips and you looked down. A knife was sticking out of your thigh, Hawkeye’s hand was slowly letting go of the knife. “I’m sorry, Dumbo,” he whimpered.

You punched him, once, twice and finally a third time. Anger whirled in your mind as warm blood trickled out of your thigh. You looked down, helplessly, at the knife. Taking a deep breath, you ripped it out of your thigh, letting out another scream.

Clint reached into his quill and pulled out an arrow used for knocking people out. He attached it to your head, shutting his eyes as your unconscious body collapsed next to him. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he gently picked up your body. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you,” he whispered, bringing him closer to you.

A blur of blue speed towards him, stopping in front of his path. “What have you done to her,” he growled.

Clint took a deep breath preparing to fight. Natasha dropped from the tree above the man and effortlessly knocked him out. She stood back up, taking a deep breath. “We have the other one in the jet. I’ll take the girl-” She froze when she saw you. Taking a step closer, taking a deep breath. “Is that?”

Clint nodded, choking back a sob. Nat walked up to you, gasping at how different you looked, yet you still looked the same. She covered her mouth, gently pushing the hair from your face.

“Clint,” she whispered, looking into his heartbroken eyes. “I’m so sorry.”


You woke up in a white room with glass on all sides. There didn’t appear to be a door, but the room was cleaner than HYDRA. You lay on a bed that was pretty soft, you wore sweat pants and a large shirt.

Looking around, you noticed a sink and a mirror. Next to the sink was a toilet and a trash can. You noticed that Hawkeye stood outside of your cell, arms crossed and a saddened look on his face.

You sat up, realizing that you were in captivity. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed, you let out a whimper, feeling the tenderness in your thigh. Clutching your knee, you gasped as the pain grew. “What did you do to me,” you growled at him.

The man sighed, looking down. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

The electricity in your cell flickered as your anger rose at the familiar man. “Don’t call me that!” Tears spilled over your cheeks as panic filled you. “What did you do to Pietro?”

Seconds later, you heard a thump. Turning your head, you saw through the glass another cell. Pietro pounded against the glass, staring worriedly at you. “Darling! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

You tried to stand up, but the pain in your leg brought you to the floor. You let out a cry as you cradled your leg. You heard Pietro pounding on the glass and yelling at Hawkeye. Two hands gently lifted you up and set you back on the bed. You looked at Hawkeye as he gently examined your leg. “You won’t be able to walk for a little bit. You have stitches and you don’t want them to open back up,” he murmured. He stood up and started walking towards the door.

You looked up at him, sensing something so familiar. You gently grabbed his hand, pulling him back. “Why are you so familiar?”

You could see a glimmer of hope color his eyes as he walked back to you. He kneeled in front of you, looking up into your eyes. “Because, I’m your brother. You’ve known me your whole life.”

Tears filled your eyes as you looked away from his hopeful stare. “Why can’t I remember?”

“HYDRA wiped you. They erased all your memories,” he whispered, sitting on the bed next to you.

“What happened to me?” You turned back to him as tears spilled down your cheeks. You looked into his saddened eyes as you sniffled.

“I don’t know,” he whimpered. “You just disappeared. I haven’t seen you for two years.” He covered his face with a hand as he stood up and walked out.

“What’s your name,” you called after him.

“Clint,” he whispered. “Clint Barton.”


“Clint, talk to me,” Natasha murmured, standing in the doorway to his room.

Clint grunted in response. He stared out the window. “I know how Steve feels,” he mutters, not turning to face her.

“Clint, there’s nothing you could’ve done.”

Clint whirled around. He stood in front of her, glaring down into her eyes. “I could have done everything,” he snapped. “I could have saved her! I could’ve looked harder! I could’ve been there for her.” Tears spilled over his cheeks as guilt filled his bones. “I could’ve saved her.” He collapsed against Nat, sobbing into her hair. “I could’ve protected her.”

Natasha rubbed his back, soothingly. “Clint, you can’t blame yourself.”

“I let her down, Nat. I let her down.”


“Pietro,” you mumbled, tiredly. “For the love of god, stop punching the glass. It’s bulletproof, it won’t break.”

The pounding stopped, giving your headache a break. The silence grew, making you open your eyes and look at Pietro.

He stood, confused, against the glass. “How do you know?”

You sighed. “How do I know what?”

“That the glass is bulletproof.”

You opened your mouth to give a sarcastic reply, but you freeze. Slowly sitting up, you furrow your eyebrows. How did you know? “I don’t know.” You looked at Pietro, confused. “Do you think I’m starting to remember?”

Pietro shrugged, sitting on the ground. “I don’t know, do you think you are?”


Clint took a deep breath, walking to Bruce’s lab. He’d recently begged the scientist to run some tests to see if you could remember like Bucky started to.

“So, Bruce, what do you think,” he asked, walking my into the lab. “Is it possible?”

“I’m not sure, Clint. First of all, I’m not a neuroscientist. Second, even if I was, it’s hard to tell. Her brain activity seemed to spike when we said some of her nicknames. My guess is that she knows things are familiar, she just can’t remember why.”

Clint took a deep breath. “So she thinks I’m familiar?”

Bruce nodded, rubbing his face. “It’s kind of like she saw you at the grocery store one time and now is trying to see how she knows you.”

Clint sighed. “So there’s hope?”

“The brain is a very complex structure. I couldn’t for sure tell you if she’ll remember or not, but I think so.”

Clint rubbed his forehead. “Okay, good.” He turned and walked out of the lab, yelling a thank you over his shoulder.

He made it down to the room you were held in and took a deep breath. He pushed the door open and walked past Pietro and Wanda and made it in front of your cell.

“Y/N,” he murmured, looking at you sitting up in bed.

“Clint,” you spoke, gently making your way out of bed. Despite the pain in your leg, you had to make it to the wall. “You have a friend, right? She has short red hair, curly. Her name is something like Natalie, right?”

Clint nodded, slowly, confused. “Natasha. You two were really close. Do you remember her?”

You furrowed your eyebrows. “I remember a few things.” You gave him a soft smile. “I’m sorry I tried to kill you.”

“I’m sorry I stabbed you,” Clint spoke, letting out a soft chuckle. Even though you didn’t remember everything, you were slowly coming back.