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[NEW] My 20 year old Idol Husband - A BTS Fanfic

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant. 

All Chpts: #My20YearOldIdolHusband

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cocconas  asked:

do you have any tsukkiyamayachi headcanons??? how they begun dating, little attentions towards each other????

Ooh, yessss!

  • The beginning of their relationship was almost cartoonish in its absurdity. One day toward the end of their second year, Tsukki sort of casually dropped the hint that he was interested (i.e. “You’re cool, I guess. It’s not like I want to date you or anything. Ridiculous.”), and THE VERY SAME DAY, Yachi confessed to Yams in a more traditional way, with nervous squeaking and a typed note because she couldn’t keep her hands steady enough to write one (and the important parts were highlighted with her fave purple highlighter). 

    Yams didn’t answer either of them for a week while he figured out what to do. Finally, he decided to talk to them both at once so nobody would be left out of the decision. So they met at one of their fave fast food haunts and, after lunch concluded, Yams cleared his throat and said, “Well, you know why you’re here.”

    Tsukki and Yachi shared a !!! look when they realized that the other was in the same boat, but they nodded in unison and let Yams continue. “I’ve tried to figure out how to pick one of you over the other, and I can’t, so I’m not going to date either of you until I know for sure which one of you I prefer.”

    He did NOT expect Tsukki to chuckle and flick him on the forehead. “How lame. You completely skipped the option that would work for everyone. Just date both of us.” 

    Yachi almost choked on her milkshake, but she nodded past the breathless tears in her eyes and gave Yams a smile. Tsukki crossed his arms and leaned back, letting it all sink in. Yams could barely conceive of his luck, but he could barely articulate as much when he squeaked, “Sure!”
  • So it began, with Yams dating both of them. The TsukkiYachi aspect of their poly was very light at first, but as they spent more time together, they came to appreciate each other much more. They’ll hang out and sometimes kiss, but mostly, they just enjoy doing things together and holding hands while doing it. Their dynamic is more qp.
  • The first ones to approach the idea of anything heavier than kissing and roaming hands were Yams and Yachi, mostly because a bulk of the readily available ‘advice’ for first times was for m/f couples. Tsukki was okay with it, but he didn’t tell either of the other two that he wanted the same. However, since Yacchan is perceptive, the night they planned their first time together, she blurted, “You can watch!”
  • Tsukki did not, in fact, accept that invitation, but Yams considered how Tsukki felt and broached the subject the next day. They fooled around for a month or so, getting used to the mechanics of m/m lovemaking before actually going all the way. 
  • Tsukki’s low libido helps a lot when it comes to Yams, who is essentially trying to sexually satisfy two people. He was relieved when Yacchan caught onto his tiredness and chose snuggling with all three of them on the couch for a while instead.
  • While Tsukki and Yams’ relationship didn’t change a lot other than the inclusion of physical intimacy, YamaYachi’s dynamic did change from the day they all agreed to date at once. In the beginning, she was shy and hesitant to ask for things, but as she grew comfortable with Yamaguchi and Tsukki, she was able to ask for attention or diversion or even sex when she wanted it. While her newfound forthrightness took some getting used to, Yams appreciated it and was glad she felt as comfortable with him and Tsukki as they did with her.
  • One of YamaYachi’s fave activities were mall crawling. Yams liked to stop into the record store, while Yachi went a little too bananas at Staples. Their fave together thing, though, was visiting the pet section and naming the cats that hung out in the window. There was an orange tabby kitten that picked fights with a cranky calico, so they laughed and named them Hinata and Kageyama.
  • Yachi rapidly became Tsukki’s fave person to visit museums with. She absorbed information quickly and did research beforehand, so she had almost as much to say as the tourguide as they visited the various exhibits. She thought it was cute af when Tsukki got nervous excitement about going to the new paleontology wing of the city’s museum to see the life-size resin replica velociraptor skeleton it featured.
  • One of TsukkiYama’s fave pastimes on a lazy day is watching Let’s Play videos on YouTube. Tsukki is partial to jacksepticeye, and Yams may or may not have a thing for markiplier.
  • Two years after they all start dating, Yachi nervously approaches Yams and asks him if it’s okay if she wants to kiss Tsukki sometimes. They want to stay just friends, but she thought kissing him would be nice. Yams grinned like a jackass and said it was more than all right.
  • Tsukki turned Nekoma red when Yacchan kissed him for the first time, but he lifted his arm so she could tuck into his side as they watched the Discovery Channel together.

Hope that helps, friend!


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My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 6 - “Hyung!”]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 /

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anonymous asked:

If the Nordics (and Hong kong!) were tourguides in their own countries, what places would they show to tourists? I love you all!

Denmark: Legoland! People need to see it. Also, the Little Mermaid statue and the Moesgaard Museum.

Norway: Around the fjords, then perhaps the Viking ship museum.

Iceland: The Blue Lagoon, Eyjafjallajökull- actually, all the volcanoes. Just everywhere, really.

Denmark: *snickering* What about your “favourite” museum?

Iceland: *flustered* No! Anywhere but that!

Sweden: Th’ Ice hotel… All th’ muse’m’s… the op'ra… th’ Øresund Bridge…

Finland: Ohhh… I’m not sure! But we have to visit the Moomin Museum!

Hong Kong: Uh… like… Maybe Adventureland, Avenue of Stars and the Space Museum. And where ever else, I guess.

anonymous asked:

If the Nordics (and Hong kong!) had to be a tourguide in their own country, what places would they visit? I love you all! <3

I’m sorry anon but I don’t know anything about Hong Kong the character or the country. I’m just going to do the Nordics ok?

Denmark: He would either show you around the island of Bornholm or any of his gorgeous beaches (seriously check out the pictures, they’re amazing!)

Sweden: Either Sigtuna (the oldest town in Sweden) or Gamla Stan

Norway: Either the Western fjords or Jotunheimen National Park

Iceland: Lake Myvatn or Blue Lagoon (seriously I was almost in tears looking at pictures of these places)

Finland: Finnish lake land or Aland

Mod Amanda (I was overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and places I will probably never get to see)

I’m on Prednisone for a rash. I am taking three tablets a day. I am sweating like an animal and grinding my teeth. I’m yelling more and losing feeling occasionally in my extremities. Today on the bus I lost it because someone failed to understand the difference between a rich person and a socialite. “For example the main line outside Philadelphia is an extremely wealthy area, so is the North Shore of Long Island, but a 20 million dollar net worth and a membership to the local golf club doesn’t make you a socialite. You have to be photographed to be a socialite. You have to be in the society pages. Fabiola Hearst Beracasa, Gigi Mortimer, Aerin Lauder, Lauren DuPont, Annette De La Renta, Tory Burch, get it? Not Ramona Singer. Not some rich wasp in the Main Line at the tennis club. This is the international jet set. You have to be as comfortable in London and Paris and Milan as you are in New York. Not some glorified housewife. You should fly private. You should have a fake business selling hats to corgis or something.” As I was saying this I was yelling and spitting, I was banging my arm into the seat because I was having some nerve issue, mothers held their children close, and British woman said “This happened to my brother before he declined”. A nice elderly woman asked my if I needed an ambulance. I said no and blew my nose in my hand. I then explained that I was on a strong steroid and socialites were important because of feminism and capitalism and they occasionally donated to the Central Park zoo. Then a man put his hand on my shoulder and told me Jesus would never abandon me. What the fuck am I on?

Episode 79, part 2, ON WITH THE MURDER

But first, storytime!

Bakura decides to play tourguide while facing Ghostface in - what he did not make at all clear is - a Duel to the Death

I have to presume (if he’s not making this up) that he knows Domino City Cemetery trivia from Ryou, who seems like EXACTLY the sort of person who knows Domino City Cemetery trivia. 

Or, you know, he’s lying and just came up with some bullshit based on the first monster in his hand he wanted to summon, because he summons a headless knight, see, tying in the tourguide facts with the game, what fun!


So Yami Bakura probably thinks he’s being really very upfront about the lethal nature of this card game…

But tragically (for Ghostface et al, not for Bakura), the fucking rhetoric of this card game is SO OVERBLOWN that they think Bakura’s just, like, being melodramatic. “Death” in this case being interpreted as “loss of a card game”, and not in fact, literally being killed. 

I blame Kaiba, to be perfectly honest. I feel like Kaiba was probably the one to normalise outlandishly dramatic metaphorical trash talk during televised duels. Ghostface could probably sue, if he wasn’t soon-to-be-deceased. 

Oh and speaking of dramatic trash talk!

It’s not translated the same, but he totally says “sore wa dou kana?” aka Yami’s catchphrase. I love parallels between this stylishly violent Ancient Egyptian ghost dork and the other one.

Ghostface starts off pretty strong (although the headless knight does freak him out) but is thrown off his game by Yami Bakura’s … ah … unconventional strategic attitude.

For example, Ghostface summons Golden Elephant Skeleton (actually “Golden Elephant” but it’s a fucking skeleton, fight me Pegasus) (also, fun fact! it’s thought that elephant skulls were the origin of the myth of the Cyclops - a giant with a single eye in the centre of their face - because of their trunk-hole, and the animators really went in for it here) …

And uses a magic card that does 300 LP for each card sent to the graveyard.

Bakura’s reaction?

“I call this the Immediately Stabbing Myself As The Opening Move To Any Plan technique. Violent, unprompted masochism really throws people off!”

Things Bakura is almost certainly sexually aroused by:

his own pain


other people’s pain

auto-erotic asphyxiation (I have no evidence for this one but, like. amirite.)

Ghostface And Pals’ fear:

Kaiba: aroused by card games

Yami: aroused by playing card games with certain people

Bakura: aroused by people being afraid of playing card games with him

please keep it in your pants mister

Turns out Bakura has a magic card I’m calling I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kul Elna:

that allows him to boost his own monster’s attack for every card he discarded, so he wasn’t just doing it to freak Ghostface out / get a rush from the pain of taking damage in a Dark Game.

At this point, these idiots are like “so when you say we’re going to die if Ghostface loses, you don’t really mean…?”

“Teehee, my bad!”

“… also his friends and/or card game associates.”

He says “World of Darkness” but he clarifies he literally means hell itself, as in, they will be for-reals-dead, not trapped in some shadow-y World of Darkness netherrealm.

There are actual ghosts involved now.

OR there are manifestations of Bakura’s Dark Game, taking the form of ghosts because that’s how he’s chosen this Dark Game to play out in order to fit the cemetery #aesthetic. 

And I gotta say, aside from his Ryou-approved stripes and trainers and pastels, he has this aesthetic NAILED.


He also means that literally; one of them tries and just vanishes into the mist to appear running back towards the duel from the other direction. Just like the nerd herd trying to get into Pegasus’s Dark Game.

Ghostface tries to buy some time with Nightmare Steel Cage

… or Demon’s Iron Cage now I guess. #shrugemoticon #fightmePegasus

And for a moment it looks like it’s working…


… and they do. (I see why this got censored tbh. Grim.) They are dragged bodily beyond the veil of death, conveniently leaving behind the Duel Disk.


CAN YOU IMAGINE if the next episode was Bakura exasperatedly descending into the underworld to retrieve the Puzzle Cards he’d accidentally banished to beyond the mortal realm, like “Hades, long time no see, listen, I’m in a hurry to get back to a card game tournament…”

Because indeed, he better hurry, everyone else is in a race to the location of the finals as though there’s some time limit, which there isn’t, but these people are all really fucking excited about their card games.

Mai’s giving the nerd herd a lift when they’re overtaken by…


Jou wants to try race Kaiba. Mai has to be the adult.

And look. There is. SO MUCH. To unpack here.

Otogi is #posing and I have NO IDEA how he and Honda managed to convince Anzu that this was a good idea especially GIVEN HOW MAI DRIVES (i.e. like she’s got road rage from being rejected as a stunt driver for a The Fast and the Furious movie for “being unnecessarily showy and reckless”) but it looks like Anzu has just realised the likelihood of their death in an action-movie car-fireball

Jou’s the one griping about the competition already and I think Shizuka’s just coming to terms with just how much card game talk there’s going to be over the next 48 hours 

Mai is internally berating herself for being stupid enough to offer Shizuka a lift “you KNOW they’re like a particularly needy gaggle of ducklings you HAD TO KNOW they would ALL get in your car goddammit Mai”

and Yugi is DEFINITELY thinking about how the side of his butt is touching the side of Anzu’s butt 


anonymous asked:

no offense, but why would you ever waste so much money on such a useless degree... what would you even do? i love your blog though.

I thought about not posting this. I feel like it’s someone just trolling. Because how could you love an art history blog and not understand what a career in art history or a related field would entail. And it is offensive. But I figure it’s a good opportunity to explain the different types of careers you can have if you are an art history major, or have some related degree. 

There are so many career paths. If you want to be more of an academic, you could pursue becoming a professor, or even an art teacher at a secondary level. 

Another obvious career path is working in a museum. A lot of things are considered museums, that you might not ordinarily think, for example: If an institution has a collection, they catalogue, and properly maintain that collection while providing education or cultural experience. It’s a museum! This means things like zoos, national parks, art, history, science, house museums, special collection libraries, are all museums. Within a museum there are different roles:

  • Guest service (front desk, coat check, museum store) 
  • Security in the galleries and throughout the museum and offices
  • Administration 
  • Curator/Curatorial Department (usually each major part of a museum- contemporary art, european art, decorative art, even education all has a different curator) 
  • Historians/Researchers
  • Director
  • Archivist
  • Collections management 
  • Registrar (In smaller museums the role the registrar, archivist and collections management overlap.) 
  • Museum education department
  • Conservation department
  • Marketing and advertisement 
  • Graphic designers
  • In house artists (not common in all museums, but some do have them) 
  • Docents/Performers/Tourguides 
  • Media Archivist/maintenance  
  • Digital/Web Curators 
  • Archeologist/Anthropologists 
  • Librarian 
  • Installation/Preparation team

Depending on the museum and what it houses, there are a variety of roles, I’m sure I didn’t list them all.  

If you don’t want to work in a museum, you could work for a corporation. If corporations are selling a product, they most likely have an archive of their work, If they don’t have physical products, they definitely have paper documents to archive. 

If you were interested in architecture of urbanization, you could become a city planner or work with restoring historical buildings. Governments often employ art historians for a variety of reasons. You could work for a historical society. Be on a public art board or planning committee, it would probably be unpaid though. 

If you were interested in decorative arts you could work as a auctioneer, or antique dealer. You could work in art galleries, at auction houses like Christies. You could be an art buyer or appraiser. 

You could research things for documentaries, work for TV stations like the history channel, you could work with the film industry as a consultant to period films. 

If you also loved writing, you could become a freelance writer, or journalist, and work for art magazines, websites, newspapers. 

You could branch out and get your Masters in Library Sciences and work in library, special collections and archives and universities, athenaeums.

Perhaps you are really interested the digitization process, and you want to photograph, scan, edit, provide metadata for and update collections on museum, library, historical societies, ect. websites. 

These are just a few options. I know there are more. Hopefully this helps anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in art history, museum studies, public history, archival studies, museology, or any other related field. So if you’re feeling hopeless about job opportunities, don’t worry, working in this field is not a waste of time. Art is everywhere. 

anonymous asked:

can i have a list of your favorite fanfiction writers for the inuyasha fandom?? i'm looking for more stuff to read! :)


May I first direct your attention to this list I complied a while back of my fave fics? It’s not the same thing, but authors are below, so no worries :{


If links don’t work let me know!

It’s super long so if you’d rather I put it under a read more, let me know and I’ll edit this.

In the particular order of who comes off the top of my head:

From Tumblr:

@moonlightdiva - Writes some seriously kickass MirSan and hey I hear she also had an InuMir fic going on so if you need some quality MirSan I most def recommend her to you hold up here’s her account

@inuyousha - Precious writer of amazing little ficlets they’re pure gold and I guarantee you’ll just love them!! Here’s her tag for them

@inuyashasforest - She writing this really amazing fic called Light Me a Lantern and it is like snow in fall— pretty and amazing yes I most definitely recommend her

@amaayasha - If you’re in desperate need of adorable friendship fluff and fabulous Disney Au’s may I present the queen of IY friendship, Ale? Yes I can you best read her stuff here you gooo

@fast-moon - Also known as holy debunker of Inuyasha fanon myths, they write some super rad fics! Please check out Memoirs, a great story following Inuyasha’s father as he grows up

@czarcastic-dog - Has written an absolutely fabulous Naraku-centric fic, the famous Chemistry AU that you know you absolutely have to read well here it is

@sluttybrowniez - Does some really great fic-work for SessRin and the writing is just gorgeous and wonderful and please check her out

@hanmajoerin - A really great writer who’s profile can be found here and just read her fics you’ll cry and not even regret it

@artistefish - Has some very quality AU’s and art to boot to accompany them! I really rec reading her stuff it’s wonderful and magical eep

@halfdemons - Writes some really amazing ficlets omg and their tag can be found riiiight here and come on tell me you do not love the formatting

@princessango - How about some more MirSan um yes?? It’s really supr gorgeous and you will love their fics go go go

@inuijiness - More art and fic yayayay like seriously you should check out the amazing Sword and Arrow it is top notch

@shinjiteflorana - Holy shit look at this really fab fic you should really read their amazing angsty and just overall amazing stuff linked here

@makepretendprincess - You know what just drag yourself into MirSan hell anon just do it cause gosh darn the fics here are gold and you’re gonna love it all seriously

@strawberrygrasshopper - Has a very fab Beauty and the Beast AU going on right now and there’s no reason to NOT read it so please go read it

@sankontesu - Drabbles drabbles drabbles yessss you should def check out the really great work going on here you’ll love it

@lady-griddlebone - Gosh just you know you love MirSan just surrender to it bc here’s yet ANOTHER amazing MirSan author they are here for your MirSan needs

@wreathoflaurels - Welcome to InuParent hell, she will be your tourguide, good effing luck. Here’s their great ff profile!

@narqueen - For all your OT3 and Naraku trash needs, she’s your girl. Please gaze upon her profile here

@scribefigaro - What is life without MirSan just read it all and try not to cry I dare you. Profile shall be over here

@sassybratt9723 - Eeep precious friend who writes really good stories and is new to Tumblr so just love her stories they’re fab

@queenkelina - A master of writing some powerful work with a small number of words yes please

@theladyofthewest - *screaming* HIME TRAPPP and if you follow her on Tumblr you’ll see her very detailed AU plans just coming around hell yeah


Aryndiel - Some really beautiful friendship and family pieces in here that will leave you in absolute tears.

Chri - Settle the Score will make you want to pound them bc it’s not finished I hope you like long adventures

Forthright - Blessed drabble queen and master of any and all ships, and holds the title of most reviewed IY fanfic on that site.

FrameofMind - The most magical Inuyasha one-shots you ever did see.

Ink on a Page - Highly Recommended is you’re into SessRin the fics are just fab

L.M. Avalon: I have nothing more to say other than you’ll just wish you could live in the world of her stories

Maiden of the Moon - Too many drabble masters in this fandom, here’s another.

One More Thing - Super cute InuKag fluff fics that are just wonderful.

RoseDragonWitch - Some really gorgeous and well thought out AU’s here

Silent Scribe - Soooooo much Paternal!SessRin here and it’s very sweet and lovely.

Super Ceech - Namely, In The Shadows is great for a drama, and King of the Hill is probably going to be your favorite humor fic ever.

TakaiWolf - Just do it just do it If You Only Knew is like my number one rec from here but just do it.

The Literary Dragon - Eep you absolutely must read their great works, they’re super cute.

Torenza - Very well known and they just have a way of writing that makes you love their stories.

TouchofPixieDust - You’ve heard of plot twists— get ready for a twist in each and every single chapter. Seriously.

Hot Tourguide (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hello lolve, I love your imagines!! Can you please make one where y/n is daily vlogger (like fun for louis or Ben Brown) and she’s on a trip without joe and he gets jealous because the tour guide is really hot?


It was the second day of your trip to Spain with some of your other youtube friends. A few of you had been invited to Spain to work for a bit and basically just hang out. Zoe, Niomi and Tanya were the only one you knew, so you four girls just hung out. Today a tourguide was gonna pick you up at your hotel and give you a guided tour around the city, which you were all very excited about. It was very hot outside and you were all sat in the shadow by the hotel, waiting for your tourguide to come. A tall guy with tanned skin, brown eyes and dark hair appeared in front of you with a huge smile which showed off a perfect set of white teeth. He looked very handsome and even though you were all in a relationship, you looked at each other with a cheeky grin across your faces.  

“Hello ladies, my name is Sanchez and I am going to be your guide for this tour,” the handsome tourguide said in a Spanish accent, and you all smiled at him before you introduced yourselves.

The tour was going perfect and Sanchez was a very polite (and handsome) guy.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a handsome guide,” Zoe suddenly whispered to me as we were walking along the sidewalk, all following Sanchez footsteps.

“I know right!” you said before you took out your vlogging camera. You were vlogging the whole trip and posting it on your youtube channel every day for your viewers to watch, and also for your boyfriend Joe to watch, so he could see what you were up to whilst you were away.  

“Hey guys. Right now we are on a very long trip to…” you said to your camera before looking over on Zoe for answers.

“I have no idea,” Zoe said which made both of you laugh.

“Well, anyways… We have a very sweet tourguide. Say hello Sanchez,” you said before turning the camera on Sanchez who laughed and waved at your camera.

“If you’re ever in Spain, Sanchez is the guy to show you around,” you said with a smile which made Sanchez smile even bigger.

“And if you’re a tourguide these ladies are the perfect group to show around,” he then said into your camera in a flirty tone, which made all of you laugh before you continued your walk in the hot Spanish weather.

When you all finally arrived back at the hotel after a long day, you all just chilled in yours and Zoe’s room. Your daily vlog was uploaded and you and the girls were chatting about how good looking Sanchez was.

“It’s sad we’re all taken, huh?” Niomi joked which made all of you laugh. Zoe’s phone buzzed and you all looked at her. She suddenly bursted into laughter which made all of you look very confused at her.

“This is too funny… Joe just texted me,” Zoe said before looking over at you.

“Let me read it: Hey sis, I just watched Y/N’s vlog and not to sound like the jealous boyfriend but would you mind keeping an eye on your tourguide. He doesn’t look like someone you can trust. Especially not around such a beautiful girl as Y/N,” Zoe read out loud and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Awww, that’s so cute. Joe is overprotective,” Tanya exclaimed and all the girls looked at you which made you blush.

“He’s such a dork,” you laughed as your belly tickled. It felt kinda nice to know Joe was jealous, but he had nothing to worry about.

“Don’t worry. He has nothing to worry about. He can’t get rid of me anytime soon,” you said with a laugh which made the other girls laugh as well. Hearing that Joe was jealous from Zoe made you miss Joe even more and you couldn’t wait to come home and be in his arms again.

anonymous asked:

Rebekah drags Klaus to New York and it's fashion week, and Klaus sees Caroline walking in a show

This drabble was written by one of our new guest writers, @cupcakemolotov! And just between you and me…this one definitely got me hot ‘n bothered ;)

Flashing Lights

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone

You shine them when I’m alone

And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong

And dreaming when they’re gone

-Ellie Goulding

Rebekah liked to collect pretty things.

With Mikael dead, the doppelgänger in her gilded cage, and his curse finally broken, Klaus was mostly indulgent of her whims.

Sometimes she wanted jewelry, sometimes artwork and then sometimes people. Her little menagerie had always been filled with her lovely little pets, with hidden blades. And Fashion Week was the perfect opportunity in all her favorite hunting grounds. London. Milan. Paris. New York. Amusingly, Berlin. All hotbeds of fashion and decadence; vices that killed as often as they satisfied, a deluge of pretty faces and waif like bodies.

Klaus was bored.

Hunting didn’t really start to become fun until they were a little further into the week, when indulgences just started to become desperate vices. When the night life became a touch feral, the ruthlessness of the business on full display. It was amusing, to watch the rat race, too see the new ‘it’ girls clash with the ‘has beens’, all polite smiles and blunt predator’s teeth.

Usually he just ate a few, to watch the chaos explode around him. But he’d inadvertently eaten a favorite of Rebekah’s previously, and she’d retaliated by devouring the minions he’d been so carefully cultivating for their werewolf connections. More of an annoyance than a true blow to his plans, but he had no mood to sift through her bloody wake to do damage control

So he’d sat and studied the colors and styles with a bored, yet critical eye. Until something caught his attention. As Klaus watched the tall, leggy blond walk down the runway, it wasn’t the sharpness of her cheekbones or the figure that reminded him of years past that caught him. It was the fire behind her eyes, that drive that burned and could catch flame.

He ignored Rebekah’s commentary about the colors and model choices, her irritation at being bothered by minions. Lips curling, Klaus tilted his head as the girl spun, the sway of her hips enticing. What a pretty little thing she was, but he was most curious - what was a girl with that face doing with those eyes?

He intended to find out.

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Among Men

The first time Loki ever heard of you was on a late night talk show. Among those men you were quite captivating, he noticed how you tended to observe and when you do speak, people listens to you enraptured by your speech. You were very much fun to see. Curiosity of course led him to google you which ultimately led him to see the movie that boosted your status.

The role of the caring little sister which you played so well had him hooked. The dynamic between the golden son, black sheep other son and mostly ignored sister was interesting. It made him think of his current situation a parallel sans you. It was very capturing how your microexpressions showed depth towards your character if one took time to observe your every  movement. The subtleness that shows you knew a lot of things were happening around you, you had knowledge none of your older brothers and parents had.

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