the touching thing

remember when i talked about yuri on ice intentionally having over the top fanservice like the touching yuri’s lips thing and the caressing of his jaw as being a fuck you to queerbaiting after the Very Real Kiss that happened, not played off as a joke or an accident, and would otherwise never ever happen in a typical fanservice show that doesn’t actually lead to anything? 

with the recent revealing of piss drunk yuri, the entire banquet scene now implies there was meaning to victor’s fanservicey looking actions from the first few eps. he has a reason now for acting like that, bc, well, they did a lot less tame things during the banquet. but his actions don’t just come out of no where like typical fanservice actions would, contrary to (at least my, i can admit) prior beliefs

and whether this is victor’s way of wooing yuri or bc he thinks yuri won’t mind or even bc he thinks it might be a nice nod or inside joke like “haha, right, remember when we did this at the banquet yuri? no?”, using whatever reason u would like, u now have a million equally plausible explanations supported by canon for victor touching yuri just a little more than necessary. and it’s not just bc you, the audience, likes it

i said the original fanservice was a fuck you to queerbaiting before, but now i’m going to say it’s an entire Fuck You to fanservice in general. without the context and yuri’s unreliable narrating/shitty memory, victor’s actions look like meaningless playboy charm whose sole purpose is to draw in more viewers for the anime. it’s out of place and isn’t commented on within the show so why the fuck he doing it. well, it’s bc of all those reasons i mentioned above.

the Ep 7 Kiss said “that gay fanservice in the beginning actually led to something concretely gay and real” and to all the further doubters and those who still want to shit on yoi for ‘conning’ people with meaningless fanservice, Ep 10 Drunk Banqueting said “no that gay fanservice was victor being Gay bc he and yuri have already done this shit before and if you came into this thinking it would be all show and no substance then good bc you my mainstream-anime-industry friend need to start putting actual work into your shows and your same-sex relationships and not just leech off the success that pointless fanservice gives you”

So I was thinking about all the stuff Yuuri & Victor did together

Basically starting from episode 1:
-Yuuri sees Victor naked and is honestly just worrying about why he’s even there
-They make quite a bit of seductive contact with each other via. Victor doing that fucking chin-finger touch thing on Yuuri oh my goodly gum drops that screamed gay
-Victor hugging Yuuri with very minimum clothing
-Victor tackle hugging Yuuri with a kiss that everyone yodeled at
-Yuuri straight up saying “Only look at me” and Victor saying Yuuri needs to seduce him
-Dude Victor is literally dropping hints about liking Yuuri faster than my grades dropping?¿
-They got e n g a g ed
-Victor being protective over Yuuri (which is honestly so cute)

Also by the time we watch episode 10 we can clearly see that Victor already had PASSIONATE feeling towards Yuuri a y e a r b e f o r e h a n d. These two are literally everything I love about this anime!!! Including the fact that this anime breaks and rips apart homophobic remarks towards ice skaters,,,I just love it.

Speculations on a possible season 2 for Yuri on Ice

After episode 10, I’m starting to get more convinced that Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto Sayo might have been laying the groundwork for a season 2 of Yuri on Ice with Yurio as the main character since the start.

Like all that talk about Yurio being worried about his body changing, his family background that we’ve only seen little glimpses of through his interactions with his grandpa and the info in his profile on the official YOI website, him softening up to Yuuri, his challenge to Victor, and now his new blossoming friendship with Otabek… So far YOI has touched on these things enough that it would be ok to end YOI with just one season, but these issues also have the potential to be developed alot more if there’s a season 2.

Especially because when Yuri on Ice was first announced, we all thought that it would focus on both Yuris because of the decision to spell out “Yuri” in katakana instead of using Yuuri’s kanji name. But so far YOI has turned out to be pretty light on Yurio and the focus has mainly been on Yuuri.

… So if they have a season 2 that centres around Yurio, the second “Yuri”, it would be a brilliant stroke of foreshadowing laid down by the YOI team because a season 2 would literally be “Yuri on Ice 2”!?

Man I really really REALLY hope Yuri on Ice gets a sequel - even if it doesn’t turn out to be focused on Yurio, I’m sure I’m going to love it no matter who they decide to focus on. Because the YOI anime team is just that amazing. <3<3<3

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i've been on this blog for like 2 days but i've seen some of your stuff occasionally on my lucina so your widowmaker is seriously so impressive ?? like the way you write her just brings her to life to me. instead of being just this crazy sniper with an agenda, there's a lot more layers to her & i love how you go through great lengths to express it. you use her name ( they say a lot of power's in one's name), you give her a personality, you make her /whole/. my dude, you write her splendidly.

talk shit. /  @mechagain​ /  accepting.

hiyori do u have the wrong blog or smth im c rying….. like!!

i think about amélie wayyy too much and there’s so many headcanons i have yet to write out so i?? i really have no idea how my portrayal comes off to others seeing as she’s ended up being really canon-divergent + i havent written out much to explain WHY she’s like this. im super happy that you actually enjoy her though like?? this is one of the biggest compliments i’ve ever gotten im crying ur too Sweet…

Bruce and Betty had been dating for a little over a year when they found out they were having a child. Betty was thrilled, despite only being seventeen and Bruce being recently broken away from hydra.. She loved him with everything she had and the gloves weren’t off putting anymore. They had a little boy, naming him Dylan and making sure he had gloves of his own right away, but one night she the boy had woken up from a nightmare, he didn’t wear his gloves when he slept and the child didn’t know why he needed to have them on before he could touch things, when Betty had come to check on him he’d hugged her and Killed her. Dylan was devastated, he felt like a monster.. It had been a year since that incident now and shield had grown weary of Bruce, they believed he had killed Betty and that the boy really didn’t have special powers at all.. One day Robert had gotten bored in his apartment and decided to wander outside where he could play, he had gone to an ally out back where he had a friend, it was a kitty that came to visit him as long as he fed it. He had been building up its trust so that he could pet it.. But as soon as he touched it it dropped dead in his grasp. The boy began to sob, running through the halls of the building yelling for his father.

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The Flash Podcast's twitter has a thread where one of them is recounting a conversation they had with some young fans (kids) of The Flash who were devastated by Iris' death and it is one of the most touching things I've ever read! I'm literally crying lol

Aww, link? 

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I love soft clexa as well! I feel like lexa is really touch starved so especially things like bed sharing, massages after a long day of practices, taking baths together, cuddling, etc. I also love the idea of lexa teaching clarke to fight and them wrestling/sparring together.

Ahhh YAS, touch-starved Lexa is one of my favorite headcanons. She’s such a fascinating character, and this constant duality between the stoic, closed-off Commander who has been taught nothing but ‘‘to be Commander is to be alone’‘, and Lexa, the girl who carries the heavy burden of Heda, is simply mesmerizing. She is sheltered and brooding and ruthless but then she also learns that while Heda holds the power, it is Lexa who ultimately makes the difference; warm, loving, idealistic Lexa. 

Probably why these two fics are some of my faves when it comes to this type of headcanon. An Education by @danger-eux ( Lexa teaches Clarke how to fight, and Clarke teaches Lexa how to read. It’s a fluff-fest with a smidge of angst and oh, be be still my heart). Also, I Got Arms (That Long to Hold You) - honestly, my kink is touch-starved Lexa allowing herself to love and be loved, to touch and be touched, to hold and be held; allowing herself to hope and believe.

- the allotted thorn in your holiday side

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So today we have to do a lab in physics class and we are using marshmallows. Do you think it's unreasonable that I don't want to touch them? I just hate the thought of gelatin it grosses me out so much and makes me sad

I dont think its unreasonable. Is it unreasonable to not want to touch meat? Same thing p much 

Turn Ons:

1: Extremely passionate conversation on a specific topic that is both intellectual and also shows a window into what she’s all about and what she cares about, and what upsets her about the world.

2: Smiling while kissing.

3: Good smells.

4: Lip biting.

5: Eye contact that not only communicates something more than just “I see you”, but really shows emotion and makes you feel like you are the only thing being seen in that moment, special, whatever you want to call it.

6: Hip grabbing.

7: Face touching.

8: Moaning.