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Northern Lights Upload - 150 Follower’s Gift

I was asked a while ago to upload this lot. I was going to just touch up a few things and upload it mainly as-is. But then I saw I was approaching 150 followers so I decided to go all-out, balls-to-the-wall on this bad-boy.

There has been a few changes since I posted the photos and CC-List for each floor, I added some funky looking ceiling lights called “Northern Lights”. It had to be done, because then I would Northern Lights, within Northern Lights, within Northern Lights.

Some of the flooring was changed to include the additional colours of my contrasting marble-tiles I added.

The other change was full-length glass fences on the mezzanine level and dance-floor level. And glass rails to match the fences for the stairs.

I’ve added some wide-angled shots of the exterior, and included shots from different entry points on the strip. You can see that Northern Lights is very prominent even from far away, and is often the first thing you might see if you were driving along the road.

Anyway, enough drivel, lets get down to the nitty-gritty. CC  and additional photos are below the cut:

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if i had the death note i would basically start testing the death note’s limitations and trying to find technicalities in its rules. like if you write a persons name in the book and give an impossible cause of death, they just die of a heart attack. the death note has rules, its got systems. systems and rules are made to be pushed to near breaking without breaking them. 

like do you think if you wrote “this guy died by nutting so hard and so much that he died of dehydration” the Death Note would make that happen? i mean thats highly improbable but not entirely impossible. could i kill a man with The Ultimate Nut? 

the death note has the kinda bullshit stipulation that if you even touch the thing, you get a one-way ticket to purgatory after you die. purgatory is widely described as being not that bad in basically every religion that has it. its basically just “heaven, but kinda shittier.” not eternal bliss but more like an eternal okay. an eternal “it could be worse.” you’re guaranteed to go there so you might as well fuck around with the thing that caused your fate. get up to some life and death shenanigans. 

could you use the death note to make people do things that you wanted them to do without killing them? like if I wanted a billion dollars, could I write “Bill Gates: Flies down to my house, gives me a million dollars, and then goes back and lives his life normally until he passes away of natural causes in his nineties” in the Death Note and that would work? Like, just give a specific instruction and then write “dies of natural causes later?” could I do that with the Death Note? That seems like it’d be a really nice thing to do for people, use the death note to guarantee that they live long lives and die of natural causes later. 

basically, Death Note is bad because Light never decided to experiment with it in fun ways. instead the manga was all ~serious~

disclaimer: I only ever read the first volume of Death Note and don’t know anything about it past that 

  • me:i need to introduce myself to some new material. i'm gonna translate so much new stuff this summer!!
  • me:*continues to translate the exact same authors i've always been translating*
  • me:why yes, i AM good at making decisions, why do you ask?

Uugghhh. I bought a little handheld vacuum today to pick up litter or cat hair tumbleweeds so I won’t have to take out the big vacuum everyday. Well it got caught on one of the sheepskin rugs and I thought I fixed it but now it won’t turn on at all. The only troubleshooting I can find is to call customer service. LOLOLOLOL I’m going to return that shit tomorrow because that’s dumb.

But whatever because now I can just relax and watch the soccer game!


Happy birthday, Coba!  It’s been 7 years of awesome with my fluffy little buddy.

His cake was a can of Tiki Dog garnished with dog biscuits and noodles, with a meatball on top.  The other dogs also got ‘slices’, (that much rich food at once would be bad for him) but Coba got to eat at the table and have the first portion.   This all made Coba very happy!

No fire danger, btw; the candles were never close enough to harm him, and Coba is very good about not touching wonderful things placed in front of him until given permission.

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Not wearing glasses might not be a privilege, but I've had to wear glasses for nearly 19 years now due to a mix of genetics and bad forceps delivery. I was ridiculed all my life in school for wearing glasses - something I couldn't change because I have a phobia of things touching my eyes - and seeing glasses suddenly becoming "cool" and "in" really fucking hurts. It's not a privilege to see properly, but people take it for granted. Having bad sight fucking sucks and I wish I could fix it.

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about the touching anxiety thing i suffer w anxiety and im ok w like my best friends touching me and my parents but thats abt as far as it goes. i hate people invading my personal space as it makes me rlly worried and tense idk if thats just me but yeah

same tho ok omg at least I’m not the only one!!(as far as hugging goes, the only person im 110% comfortable with being hugged by and going to hug is my mum like, not my dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, best friends - just my mum!! is that weird??)

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explain about the pie episode?

as a wee child i saw that episode and was traumatized into thinking that if i didnt perform certain rituals i would die at sundown just like spongebob in that episode. eventually it expanded into other things where i was constantly paranoid about dying or other people dying or certain things happening if i didnt perform certain rituals or abide by the rules of certain numbers (i was rlly good at math as a little kid because all the numbers 0-9 were designated as “good numbers” or “bad numbers” and if i saw a multiple-digit # i would add all its digits together and if the sum was multiple-digit then i’d add those together until i reached a number 0-9 and figure out whether it was a good or bad number so i couldnt move for a full minute if all the numbers on the clock added up to a bad number, i had to touch things a certain number of times before i could put them down, etc etc etc) basically this started around the age of six but prior to that i’d had issues with anxiety before so (pun not intended) i was essentially a ticking time bomb and it took as little as a spongebob episode to completely set me off

creanator replied to your post:oh yay, nepeta!!! i’m so happy to see you again my…

Considering that Jasprose was able to pat at her friends, and in general touch others without fusing, I think it’s safe to say that she can no longer fuse any further. OuO

well yes but so was jaspersprite. the reason he fused with rosesprite was because she had only been prototyped once, and therefore the next thing that touched her (jasper) was prototyped as the second part of the sprite.

nepetasprite is currently just nepeta, and tavrosprite is just tavros. as long as they stay a singularly prototyped sprite, they are in danger of being prototyped again.

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um, do any of you know like the traits that come with being a child of hecate? (like grey eyes blonde hair for athena etc.)

There aren’t really any physical attributes, like hair color, but if you notice things moving without you touching them, things changing color when you look at them, stuff exploding around you when you get angry, ect… there is a chance you might be magic. -Lou Ellen

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oh my god these never end #s: 182, 190, 195, 208, 210, 222, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 268.

182 - What kind of music you like?
Anything that sounds good tbh.

190 - Describe your dream library:
Quiet, warm, cushioney couch, book shelves that are easy to reach. Something relaxing and sort of antique feeling.

207 - Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with someone you love for ten years or someone you hate for a month? Explain why.
I feel like I’ve answered this before somewhere but I’d rather be with someone I hate for a month because everyone I hate was at least a good team player or athletic and subjecting someone i love to being on a stranded island with ME

208 - 5 things within touching distance:
My sister (slaps her,) my phone, hotel blanket, table, sweet potato

210 - What are you supposed to be doing right now?
Probably getting up but eh

222 - Would you go against your moral code for money?
Only for other people I think. Like, if I needed to save someone with said money.

232 - Say 5 things you love unconditionally: Babies, birds, presents, music, dancing [shrugs]

233 - What motivates you in life?
I don’t really know at this point.

234 - Something that you’re proud of:
I have gotten hotter or something I don’t know.

235 - Five words/phrases that make you laugh: “Quire no,” “PLEASE,” “GODDAMMIT,” “potato child,” “oh my god.” Not necessarily in that order. :^)

236 - Share the story of something that makes you smile: I got to kiss curly red hair.

268 - Make a confession: I am an actual asshole just you wait you haven’t seen it but I am.

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-insert butt touching thing- (Sorry, on mobile xD)

Bell squeaked at a hand touched her butt, jumping a bit before looking back at who did that. When she saw it was Edward, she raised an eyebrow. “Did you need something?”


I always watch till the very end for the end screen, and to see what you have to say Mark! I love them. I think they are a great little personal touch to your videos, and I for one am glad you brought them back :D