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Collection of the Creepiest and the Weirdest Wikipedia Pages

I’ve seen quite a few similar posts floating around, so here’s one with some pages that weren’t included in the others. Just as all these posts go, do not read if you are easily disturbed or triggered. Some of these are extremely graphic.

Crimes & Killers:

Hinterkaifeck Murders
The Vampire Rapist 
The Hi-Fi Murders
Hello Kitty Murder
Sasebo Slashing
Keddie Murders
Murder of James Bulger
Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (3 Guys 1 Hammer)
Sada Abe
The Vampire of Sacramento
The Little Girl Murderer
Tylenol Murders
Issei Sagawa
Luka Magnotta
Blood Countess
Murder of Tim McLean
The Boy in the Box
Murder of Shanda Sharer
Robert Pickton
Theresa Knorr
Strip Search Phone Call Scam
Unit 731
Rape of Nanking
Hoeryong Concentration Camp
Sawney Bean

The Unknown:

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter
Belmez Faces
Jimmy Carter UFO Incident
Clinton Road
Cicada 3301
Rosalia LombardoWeeping Statue
Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
La Llorona
The Superman Curse
EctoplasmKuchisake-Onna (Slit Mouthed Woman)
Rat King
SS Baychimo
Salish Sea Human Foot Discoveries
Green Children of Woolpit
Skinwalker Ranch
Devil’s Tramping Ground
Pope Lick Monster
Devil’s Chair


Revival Experiments
Cotard Delusion
Elephant Man
Penis Panic
The Toxic Lady
Sensory Deprivation
Youngest MotherBrain Eating Amoeba
Locked In Syndrome
Stendhal Syndrome
Jerusalem Syndrome
Self Enucleation
Stanford Prison Experiment
Pit of Despair
Harlequin-Type Ichthyosis
Genie the Feral Child
Benjamin Kyle


Torture Methods and Devices
The Pear of Anguish
Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered
Rat Torture
Brazen Bull
Slow Slicing
Sleep Deprivation
Stress Positions

Conspiracies & Stories:

Black Helicopters
The Licked Hand
Chemtrail Conspiracy
New World Order Conspiracy
Killer in the Backseat
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Boy Scout Lane
The Clinton Body Count
Denver International Airport Conspiracy
New City Village


Yosemite Sam
The Station Nightclub Fire
Rogue Waves
Vagina Dentata
Mongolian Death Worm
List of Unusual Deaths
Being Buried Alive
Daycare Sex Abuse Hysteria
Carl Tanzler
Bog Bodies
A Serbian Film
Cannibal Holocaust
Dead Hand
Action Park
120 Days of Sodom
Human Corpse Soap
Christine Chubbuck
Traumatic Insemination
John Fare

Elijah Page was a convicted murderer who pled guilty to the brutal murder of his friend Chester Poage in 2000, both men were 19 at the time of the killing. Page was sentenced to be executed by lethal injection, a sentence that was carried out in 2007. Page had no last words, and his final meal consisted of steak, jalapeño poppers, onion rings and a salad.

The murder itself was especially brutal, Poage being tortured for three hours before he finally died. Page, along with accomplices, kidnapped him at gunpoint, and then forced him to drink acid, beat him, stabbed him in the neck and torso, and then forced him to remove all of his clothes after entering an icy creek. Poage’s body was not found until a month after the crime had taken place.

(Pictured above l-r: Elijah Page, Chester Poage, Briley Piper)

On 12th March 2000, Elijah Page (19), Briley Piper (19) and Darrell Hoadley (20) kidnapped, tortured and murdered 19 year old Chester Poage in a rural area of South Dakota. 

After holding him at gunpoint, the three boys kidnapped Chester and took him to a secluded place deep into the woods. Once there, they forced him to drink hydrochloric acid as part of a two hour torture ordeal. They also confessed to kicking and stoning their victim, at one point stopping to stab him in the head and torso, and eventually forced him into icy waters without any clothes on- all so they could rob him of his possessions. Chester’s body was then left there naked, bloodied and almost frozen until its discovery around one month later. 

After their arrest, Page made no effort to deny the crimes and instead readily admitted his involvement. He subsequently received the death penalty and went on to waive all appeals as he confessed to wanting to die. On 11th July 2007, 7 years after the cruel murder he committed, Elijah Page simply replied “no” when asked if he had any last words and received the lethal injection. Accomplice Briley Piper was also sentenced to die but still remains on death row, while Darrell Hoadley serves life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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prompt - eliot gets hurt on a job, the mark is more powerful than they thought, there was a player they weren't aware of, and eliot gets taken as leverage and there's too many of them for him to escape by himself. maybe the mark is looking for information or just for some revenge on the crew who thought they could screw him and takes it out on eliot. cue a rescue and some hurt/comfort or just pure angst if you want

(This is my favorite kind of self-deprecating pain-filled Eliot. Severe injury/not super explicit torture, Eliot does not like himself/value himself. The OT3 totally wants to be a thing but in my mind Eliot’s been holding back for a variety of reasons. I want to turn this into something longer incredibly badly. This also has a non-depressing but still angsty ending, so you know ahead of time).

Eliot counts the ribs that are now broken. Thinks about the consequences of that, the internal bleeding, the potential to puncture a lung or worse. Most people, they focus on anything else to forget the pain of the body. Not Eliot. He’s familiar with pain. It’s a relief, almost, a grounding normality. And, more importantly, something to focus on, remove his mind from the world around him, so he doesn’t have to think.

If he’s counting ribs and fingers and wondering about the slow bleed on his thigh–missed the artery, and that’s a deliberate choice, they want something there–then he doesn’t hear their questions. Can ignore them asking about Parker and Hardison, about the job.

He’s going to die here. He’s going to die here and he knows it, has long ago made his peace with dying on the job. He’s going to die because they thought the mark was into some sketchy shit, but no one would have even guessed he was a well-trained, paranoid recruiter for some of the blackest black-ops groups within the CIA. Not even Eliot. There were no markers, no clues.

All in all, it’s not the worst way to die. It’ll be long and slow but that’s never been a disqualifier for Eliot. And as long as he keeps his mouth shut, he’ll have died protecting Parker and Hardison. Kept his promise to Sophie. All he’s ever wanted to do was protect them. Give his life for them.

There’s no redemption for people like him, but he’s always thought this would taste something almost like it.

It honestly tastes more like the iron of blood, and he can’t tell if he bit the inside of his mouth up that bad or if he’s choking up blood now. Maybe the latter. That’d be good. Mean it’s almost over. Eliot can hold out indefinitely, for Parker and Hardison he will, but he’s not a masochist. The sooner his torturers push things too far, push his body over the edge and let it end, the better.

At first they hadn’t roughed him up too bad. Had thought his partners would come for him. But they wouldn’t, and Eliot knew it. He had trained them too well.

Not in too many words, not explicitly like that, because they don’t respond very well to the facts of life, Hardison especially, but even Parker wouldn’t have taken it well. And he didn’t want to confuse them. If Parker gets grabbed, if Hardison gets grabbed, Eliot would move heaven and earth to find them. Would kill people if he had to, no questions asked.

But he’s not worth that to the team, not really. One more unredeemable ex-mercenary whose greatest wish is to die for his friends should and will eventually be put out of his misery. Besides. If Eliot finds himself in a situation he can’t get himself out of, then no one else should go in. The world knows full well Eliot would fight his way back to them tooth and nail, if at all possible. Eliot is meant to be left behind when compromised, replaced maybe, and he has to shy away from that thought, because it hurts, selfishly, even though he knows they’ll need someone in his place.

Eliot counts ribs again. Wonders if he missed one. The questions seems distant now, almost unintelligible. He continues to ignore them entirely, keeps his eyes closed. Soon. It’ll be over.

He thinks of Parker and Hardison, thinks about the way they smile at him sometimes, and focuses on the image. Hardison’s big hands when he claps Eliot on the shoulder, pulls him into a hug. Parker’s feet in his lap when they sit on the couch.

It seems selfish, to use them like this, to get him through to the end, but then again, he is selfish and they’ll never know.

It’s hard to process that the pain’s stopped coming when his whole body still hurts so badly, but he’s sure of it, there’s no new additions to the pain. It must mean he died.

“Quinn, you can go now.”

It’s Parker’s voice, and Eliot squeezes his eyes shut tighter. Hallucinations, then. He’s reached this stage before. Almost to the end, then.


That’s a strange voice to hear. Quinn. He’s not a bad guy; maybe Parker and Hardison will get in touch with him about filling the vacancy on the team. He’ll want a paycheck, but they’ve worked that out before, and he would take care of them. Not like Eliot, maybe, but it would be…passable.

“Money’ll be in your account by the morning,” Hardison snaps. “Let us take care of him.”

Jesus, his subconscious is going wild on him at the end, some twisted form of torture. Maybe he was drugged. That might explain it.

There are hands on him, and Eliot sucks in a shaky, bloody, painful breath. He’s hallucinated more times than he cares to count, and they never feel this solid, this real, this warm…

They never make his pain worse.

He doesn’t cry out but Hardison apologizes anyways. “Sorry, sorry,” he mumbles. “Lemme get you off this chair, El, lemme get'cha, I got'cha.”

Then there are more hands, Parker’s light fingers skimming him for injuries.

“You’re not supposed to be here,” Eliot manages to mumble, eyes still closed, half unsure if they’ll even open, half unsure if he wants to see. “You’re not supposed to come.”

“Don’t you ever say that again,” Parker says sharply, and for just a moment her hand isn’t light anymore. Eliot doesn’t say anything but she lets up anyways. “Don’t you…we’re supposed to do this together.”

Eliot does his best to forget his body, the way it’s broken and twisted and shutting down, because if they really are here, if they were this sentimental and desperate and stupid, then that means they’re in danger, and he needs to take care of it.

He’ll die for them today after all, but hopefully he’s still coordinated enough to give them an opening to get away first.

They both hold him down. “Eliot,” Hardison says patiently. “Just trust us. For as long as it takes to get you to the hospital. Then we’ll talk about security an’ strategies an’ next steps. But just trust us.”

“You’re not supposed to risk yourselves for me.”

“Listen to me,” Hardison says, as fierce as Eliot’s ever heard. “We would tear the world apart for you, okay? Because this team–us–it only works with three.”

Parker’s hands leave him and Eliot holds back the whimper of how much he doesn’t like that. They don’t need to know that. “They’re here. Let’s get him to the chopper.”

Eliot’s still rational enough to have questions–like how they plan on flying a chopper off a secret black site base, or how the two of them plan on dragging his ass to a chopper. But as they load him onto a stretcher, as their hands leave his broken body but he’s left to listen to familiar if labored footsteps and breaths, he knows he’s selfishly not going to ask, selfishly going to let them keep going, because if there’s an option that allows him to stay with them, he’s going to take it, whether he should or not.

Hangman is writing his summer experience essay about how WWE kidnapped and tortured his ass 😂

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1) You've discussed the negative effects of solitary confinement at length, but I was wondering exactly what kind of situations produce those negative effects. If a character were trapped alone in a cabin by a snowstorm, would it still function as solitary confinement torture? What if they were trapped alone in a ravine? Is it just the isolation that damages people, or is the lack of control, or the lack of stimuli? I've got a character I want to be trapped away from their companions for a

2) couple weeks by environmental factors, and I want to know what I should avoid in my scenario to *not* subject my character to the tortuous conditions of solitary confinement.

Good question.

The good news is this is one of the few things that we actually have good information on. The bad news is that we’re still not 100% on all these points and it’s complicated.

Some people are incredibly resistant to the negative effects and we’re not entirely sure why.

People who sail long distances alone spend weeks or months by themselves in a small space and most of them don’t show the kinds of problems you see with solitary confinement. Political prisoners tend to do better in solitary than the general population, Nelson Mandela spent about six years in solitary.

At the moment we think that a cause or a purpose for people to focus on protects victims from some of the effects of solitary confinement.

Another factor that we know makes a huge difference is knowing when they can leave. Knowing when they can leave actually increases the amount of time people can safely spend in solitary confinement (Shalev goes in to detail about this in their Sourcebook on Solitary Confinement).

So lack of control is a major factor.

While that probably won’t affect your character getting out a hazardous environment or surviving in a hazardous environment may well provide a focus/cause and give them some protection from the worst effects.

We know that environmental isolation can function as solitary confinement because some of those long distance sailors I’ve discussed do show the symptoms of solitary confinement and have to stop sailing as a result.

The type of natural environment and the amount of stimulation makes a difference. A flat ocean with no land or deviation in the environment appears to be more damaging then a forest. Which I suppose makes a certain amount of evolutionary sense.

Based on that I think being trapped in a cabin during a snow storm, especially if it’s a white-out situation, would qualify as solitary confinement. It will probably be mitigated slightly if the cabin is larger and the character can focus on smaller problems to do with survival (ie do they have enough fuel for heating, will the heating system continue to work, do they have enough food, do they have enough water-).

A ravine might be ‘better’ in terms of staving off the symptoms of solitary confinement especially if they can move around freely. Being able to actively search for the other characters would help mitigate feelings on powerlessness and helplessness.

Generally speaking two weeks is still within the time frame where victims of solitary confinement make a full recovery. It’s at the long end but it’s still relatively realistic even in a prison situation.

Moving it to an isolating environment rather than a prison cell gives you some leeway. You can add in factors that would protect the character from the worst effects. In this case I think having things they can actively focus on and work towards to help their survival and rescue will really help stave off depression and anxiety. Having an open space with plenty of sensory stimulation would also be a protective factor, making the ravine a ‘better’ environment than the log cabin. I am assuming that they wouldn’t be able to leave the cabin; if they could leave the cabin freely then it would probably be about the same as the ravine.

It’s going to be a stressful situation for your character; I’d expect them to show some mild symptoms similar to solitary confinement. They shouldn’t be at risk of the more extreme effects; the hallucinations and drive towards self-harm, the aggression, I wouldn’t expect your character to be at any risk of those. They might be affected by things like bouts of depression, anxiety or feelings of helplessness and despair. But I don’t think they’d be nearly as intense as in a prison situation and your character should be able to mitigate them to some degree by keeping productively busy.

I hope that help :)


Calum frowned when he returned from a writing session to find you still sitting behind your laptop, surrounded by printouts of scholarly articles and your battered copy of Pride and Prejudice. It was the exact same position you’d been in when he left early that morning. In fact, it looked like you hadn’t moved. You’d mentioned the massive research paper you were working on briefly, but just from that little bit he knew it sounded like torture. A twenty page paper, sorting through long articles full of complex academic jargon to find just the right quotes to support your argument, analyzing every little aspect of the book, it was enough to make him glad he’d never gone to university. 

“Have you been working on that paper all day?” He asked. 

You shook your head. “No. I took breaks to eat and stuff.” He gave you a hard look. He was always telling you that you were working hard, especially since the due date for this paper was rapidly approaching and you’d shifted into maximum overdrive. “But most of the day. I know. But I really don’t have time to waste.” You insisted. 

“Maybe I can help.” He said, throwing himself down next to you. Your heart melted. He was always trying to make your life easier, and even though he’d had a long day as well he was still looking out for you. 

“You don’t have to do that.” You told him as he paged through one of the articles you’d printed that you would use to support your argument. “None of those will make sense unless you’ve read the book anyway.” 

“Oh.” He said simply, scooting away from you. You knew you’d struck a nerve.

“Baby, wait you’d probably still get the gist, it doesn’t matter that you never went to college-” You stopped abruptly, knowing that you were digging yourself deeper. 

“No, I get it Y/N. You’re probably the smartest person I know. You want someone at your level-in school and on the track to do great things. Not someone who dropped out of school for a band.”

You hesitated, taken aback. Dating someone in the public eye, with other girls constantly throwing themselves at him, you were no stranger to insecurity and you were open about your feelings with your boyfriend. But he’d never mentioned feeling the same way with you. You also knew Calum wasn’t always one to readily open up about his feelings, which meant that this was most likely something that had been bothering for him awhile and things had finally gotten to the point where he had to discuss it with you. 

You chose your next words carefully. “Baby, I love you for you. Even though we’re on different paths, I wouldn’t want to be dating anyone else. And honestly? You’re one of the smartest people I know. The lyrics you write, all your deep thoughts. With that who needs school?“ You finished, nudging him jokingly in the ribs. You saw him smile a little bit and know that your words had had the desired effect. He pulled you close to him, dragging you away from your paper for a moment. 

“I love you.” He said. 

Even though you’d been dating for a long time and had said those three little words to each other dozens of times, they still made your heart race. “I love you too.” You replied. You fell asleep on the couch in his arms, the paper temporarily forgotten.

Teach Me (Part 6/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1,960

A/N I gotta say, this one is by far my fave of this series, I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!



You woke up to an empty bed, the only indicator that Bucky had slept here last night was the crinkled sheets on his side. You felt a weight of disappointment sink into your chest that he hadn’t stayed until  the morning. You shook it off and went to brush your teeth and take a quick shower before grabbing your sketchbook and a few pencils before heading down to the kitchen.

When you  neared it you could hear Steve and Bucky talking.

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page to screen; osney’s betrayal

“He is mad,” said Cersei. “You have driven him mad.”
“Ser Osney,” said the High Septon, in a firm, clear voice, “did you have carnal knowledge of the queen?”
Aye.” The chains rattled softly as Osney twisted in his shackles. “That one there. She’s the queen I fucked, the one sent me to kill the old High Septon. He never had no guards. I just come in when he was sleeping and pushed a pillow down across his face.”
Cersei whirled, and ran.

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“Some people assume that authors write books we have vivid imaginations and want to share our visions. Other people assume that authors write because we are busting with stories, and therefore must scribble those stories down in moments of creative propondidty.
Both groups of people are completely wrong. Authors write books for one, and only one, reason: because we like to torture people.”—Page 163

So that’s why Kaladin will never be happy.

Also no, I didn’t make a horrible typo, ‘propondidty’ is in there because Brandon is a dick.