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No, child, please. If I were standing closer to you … I would slap you. In the throat.
—  Draal after hearing one of Toby’s ideas, probably.

These are white latinx, contrary to popular belief latinx are not, in fact, a race

pictured- karla souza (mexican), guillermo del toro (mexican), rita moreno (cuban), fede alvarez (uruguayan)

These are white passing latinx aka latinx who benefit from white privilege in latin america but experience racialized xenophobia in anglo countries

pictured- adriana lima (brazilian), diego luna (mexican), america ferrera (honduran), alfonso cuaron (mexican)

These are european culture vultures aka white people who’ve made themselves rich by playing off of stereotypes about latinx

pictured- penelope cruz (spaniard), javier bardem (spaniard), catherine zeta jones (british/welsh), antonio banderas (spaniard)

But these are actual, albeit super lightskin, brown latinx

pictured- emeraude toubia (mexican), oscar isaac (guatemalan), justina machado (puerto rican), richard cabral (mexican)

note: this post isn’t overly researched so any latinx feel free to correct me


Hey Paladins, Dragon Riders, & TrollHunters!!

Just thought I’d share what I came across from @dennys today. Look at this magical kids menu!
I never knew Denny’s had a partnership with Dreamworks but I like what I see here.
To note: the special collectible cups are for Shrek, King Julien, & Dragons, but maybe in the future they’ll have Voltron and Trollhunters? That would be awesome! Especially if they’re as nice as the last promotions cups- Kung fu Panda/Home/Donkey.

I went to Denny’s to try and get the Toothless cup (I did call first to see if they had them & was given a tentative “I think so”) but when I got there (there was even a poster on the wall featuring the cups) I was told it was “false advertising” and they didn’t have them (only cups from the prior promotion)  :(

So, hopefully you guys will have better luck than me!

Oh man, if they release Trollhunter & Voltron cups or other promotional items I’m gonna be so sad if I can’t get them!

More news to come as I find it!

matthew-toro  asked:

Your art is beautiful, Rose. I can say for certain that every single one of your beautiful followers loves it. Me included. We love you and everything you do. -- Lowercase Love Anon.



but thank u

it’s not like i ever said my art was bad pfff