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Out Of Sight Part Two - Auston Matthews

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Thank you guys for the amazing support on part one! I love hearing your feedback so much. I hope you enjoy part two! Please let me know what you think. If there are things you like or don’t like. Thank you again!

Word Count: 1160

Warnings: I think one curse word?

Part One / Part Two

 Luckily, Willy lived in the same building as you, only a couple floors down. You knocked on the door and waited a couple seconds. You’re looking down, playing with your hands. Tears still falling but your arm muscles are tired from reaching up to stop them. There’s a strange feeling in your mind. It’s blank. Not being able to create a thought.

The door swings open taking you by surprise. A gust of wind blowing your hair over your shoulders. You jump back a slight bit. A flash moving by your vision and immediately you feel a body wrap around you, a hard chest at your face. Fresh air replaced with a smokey cologne.

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I Can Do It Myself- Frederik Andersen

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Ok so I like how this turned out even if there’s not a lot of Freddie interaction in this one. Sorry. But there’s more Freddie coming up in my queue! So yay! Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Pls pls pls do more Freddie. Do you mind doing one where the reader is Marner’s older sister and her and Freddie hit it off and date. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH, YOU DESERVE THE WORLD!!


              “He’s hot” you commented.

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When Lightning Strikes - Part III

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Word Count: 1691

Player: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)

feat. Mitchell Marner

Warning/s: swearing

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“Mitchell Marner I will fucking end you!”, you yelled when you slammed the front door shut behind you. 

Your brother was going to beg for his life when you were done. Why the hell did you even think that it was possible to share a car with him? Sure, you usually managed to do that but Mitch had the habit of forgetting you. Normally you would call him and he would be ten minutes late, but this time he didn’t answer his damn phone. 

Which meant you had to walk from Campus, all the way to your house. And it had to happen in the exact week the temperatures dropped again, leaving you a shivering mess of clattering teeth. Sure you were wearing a coat but after twenty minutes in the freezing cold, trying not to sliü on the sidewalk, your sight invaded by snowflakes, the coat was, useless. Your hair was dripping because you didn’t think that you needed a toque, your fingers were frozen. Your lips had turned into a healthy blue color.

Oh, you would punch Mitch. You never did before but this time your twin brother wouldn’t get out of this without a really good apology.
But when you made your way into the living room, not Mitch but Auston looked up from his phone.

“Y/n?”, he asked.

He jumped up when he noticed the violent shaking of your body, coming over to you in a matter of seconds.

“Where the hell is Mitch?”, you pressed out, arms wrapped around yourself for some warmth. 

“He went to get food. Why would you- Oh no, he didn’t. He forgot you again?”

“He did. And he’s not answering his phone.”

“He left it here.”, Auston muttered. 

You rolled your eyes at the mere thought of your brother. Never, he never left without his phone but the one time you needed him to have it? You put your bag in the corner, still under Auston’s concerned eyes.

Ever since that incident, you hadn’t really talked to each other. You were trying so hard to act normal, that you often found yourself trying to avoid anything that included him. He found himself doing the same, so you had reached a level of mutual ignorance to each other. You knew Mitch was aware that something was up, but you didn’t know what he thought it was. And now, being angry at him, you didn’t care that you were alone with Auston.

“Y/n, did you hear what I say?”, Auston questioned. 

You looked up at him, to notice he was looking at you as if he was waiting for a reply. You must have zoned out, or you were finally passing out because of hypothermia.

“What? Sorry, I didn’t listen.”

“I said let’s get you warmed up before you’re getting sick.”, Auston repeated. 

You nodded. Why didn’t you think of that? Gosh, you really needed to focus. But it was really hard to focus around him.

Auston noticed you still weren’t moving, so he put his hand on the small of your back and led you into the downstairs bathroom. He got you to sit down on the side of the bathtub, as he busied himself by scavenging the cupboards and drawers for towels. 

“Top left.”, you said, not sure how loud because you couldn’t hear yourself speaking, the sound of your teeth hitting against each other too loud.

Auston pulled out a soft towel and gave it to you. But as you took it he saw your fingers that were white and on the verge of turning as blue as your lips. You won’t need gloves, he said, I’m picking you up it’s unnecessary. You held back a frustrated groan.

“Let’s take care of that first.”, he instructed. 

He pulled you up, his warm hands barely touching your cold skin. He led you over to the sink, putting your fingers under the water while he steadily increased the temperature. Your hands were vibrating, but sure enough, you got the feeling in your fingertips back after a couple of minutes. Your fingers were red now and still didn’t stop vibrating. 

The warmth of the bathroom was helping with your shivering, but you were still ice cold, as you took the towel and rubbed your hair to dry it. It didn’t work fully, but it was a lot better when you reached for your brush and smoothed your hair down.

“Come on.”, Auston said, this time leading you back into the living room. 

He noticed you were still shivering. In a lack of better ideas, he pulled off his hoodie, making you take a step back in confusion.

“Woah, wait. What are you doing?”, you asked. 

Was he trying to make a move on you again? If yes, he would get one hell of a tirade. In case he didn’t notice, your mood wasn’t the best. But Auston shook his head with a chuckle.

“Just take off your hoodie so I can put it on the heater to warm it up.”, he demanded. 

You looked at him hesitantly, before you sighed and just did as he said, pulling your almost frozen hoodie over your head to leave you only in your T-Shirt. Auston gulped, his eyes scanning over the thin fabric for a moment. His gaze snapped up to your eyes, and when he noticed that you were watching him he quickly looked away and handed you his own hoodie, his face turning a faint shade of pink. 

You didn’t have the body temperature to make a sarcastic comment just yet, though.

You slipped into the hoodie, struggling to get your arms through. But when you did, the oversized sweater was going down until your mid thighs, the sleeves too long for your arms. It was warm, as Auston had worn it the whole time, almost instantly making you feel better. If only it wouldn’t have that familiar scent. 

Because the scent was making you more comfortable than you should be, showing you just how much you missed Auston in the time that you didn’t talk. 

“Let’s get you on the couch. You’re still cold.”, Auston said, motioning to the couch in your living room. 

You followed him and sat down, while Auston took the blanket from the armchair and draped it over your shoulders.

“Thank you.”, you muttered shyly.

Auston didn’t say anything. He just silently kept his eyes on your trembling stature as he sat down close to you, trying not to let his mind wander. Seeing you in his shirt almost made him smile. He liked seeing you in his clothes, although he wasn’t sure why.

“Come here.”, he muttered when you didn’t stop shivering. 

Without waiting for any kind of reaction from you, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest, adjusting the blankets. 

And you completely relaxed in a matter of seconds. Both of you felt it, the tension around you still thick in the air. The touch you had yearned for, for weeks, was now finally existent, although not in the way you might’ve thought.

“Sorry for avoiding you.”, you muttered, with your eyes closed and head rested against his chest. 

“Same.”, Auston chuckled, hands trailing fictional patterns on your sides.

“Damn, finally.”

Auston and you jumped up and brought a good two meters between the two of you, staring at Mitch in shock. Your brother stood in the living room, a shit-eating grin on his face and two bags of takeout in his hands.

“Mitchell”, you stuttered.

“Marns, this is not-”, Auston started.

This is what you had feared.

“What? Not what I think?”, Mitch asked, arching an eyebrow at him, voice dripping with sarcasm. But there was something off. Something in your brother’s eyes that you couldn’t quite asses. Or did- No!

“Wait a second! You little shit!”, you exclaimed, causing Auston to look between you and Mitch in confusion.

“Huh?”, he asked.

“He knew the whole time!”, you explained, staring at Mitch. Mitch looked a little guilty, but he kept his grin.

“What?”, Auston asked, turning around to his best friend.

“I knew you liked each other. And you’ve been both acting weird after the storm so I just figured. But then I got confused because you stopped talking.”

“We stopped talking because of you, dumbass! We met up and we were both scared shitless that you would never talk to us again!”, you called out in frustration.

“Jeez, why so complicated? If I had anything against it I would’ve said something.”, Mitch said, putting his arms up in surrender. “I know you wouldn’t hurt her, Mats. And I know I’ve been keeping you away from hockey players since I started juniors, Y/n, but this is Matts we’re talking about. If you’re happy I am, alright?”

“You’re okay with it if we would start dating?”, you asked faintly.

“Yeah, as long as I don’t have to third wheel all the time. And keep kissing or making out to a minimum, please. I really don’t need to see that.”, he said, scrunching up his face in disgust. “Anyways, I’m getting the plates out of the kitchen. Feel like I forgot something though.”

“You forgot me at college asshole!”, you called after him when he disappeared into the kitchen. 

You turned to look at Auston, but you couldn’t see anything but a blur of his shirt and hands as he put his arms around you and pulled you in for a kiss.
The feeling of electricity returned to your body, making you smile into the heated sign of affection. Auston’s hands trailed down your sides before they rested on your hips, and you buried your hands in his dark hair, feeling even better than when you had kissed before. 

And the tension - goddamn the tension - you really had to work on that.

Player: Mitch Marner – Toronto Maple Leafs

 Prompt: You are the new in-arena host for the maple leafs and you take quite the liking to the small brunette rookie.

 Mentions: Auston Matthews, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Matt Martin

 Warnings: None, just pure fluff.

 Preview: This had become a daily routine between you and the guys. They all tried to push you and Mitch together but you always dismissed the idea. Mitch never really made a move himself besides small flirting here and there, and you weren’t going to push it. You didn’t want to ruin what you had going.

 Characters: 767 words.

Masterlist is right here

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The season had started and you couldn’t love your job anymore. You were literally being paid to watch hockey and pump up the crowd. It also helped that the team took you in as their family.

You always had such a fun time, talking to fans, playing games between periods and you even had taken the role of go to arena lip syncer from Mitch and Auston.

It was the end of a long night, the Maple Leafs had just won and you were gathering your things from the media office. You had actually been stopped tonight by a group of people to take photos. Something you were still getting used to. You were looking down at your phone checking your messages that you didn’t notice the group of boys occupying the hallway.  

“Y/N!” The all called out, causing you to jump.

“Oh hey guys, good game tonight” you smiled at them, and turned to head back towards the garage to grab an Uber but they waved you over.

You walked over joining their little huddle 

“I really enjoyed the moves tonight Y/N, you and Mitch here have a lot of the same moves.” Auston laughed as Mitch whacked his arm.

“I’ll take that as a compliment Matthews.” You smiled at Mitch.

This had become a daily routine between you and the guys. They all tried to push you and Mitch together but you always dismissed the idea. Mitch never really made a move himself besides small flirting here and there, and you weren’t going to push it. You didn’t want to ruin what you had going.

“You want to join us? We are going to go out and celebrate.” Matt asked you.

All the boys looked at you expectantly, almost pleading with their eyes.

You shrugged. “Sure, just tell me where so I can get an uber.” You began to pull out your phone

 “Mitch will give you a ride!” William piped in.

“I wouldn’t want to impose, plus I am pretty sure the driver of the car has to actually offer the ride.” You laughed.

“I wouldn’t mind” Mitch responded quietly.

You swore you saw evil grins flash across all their faces.

“Okay then, thank you, Marner.” You blushed. He met you with rosy cheeks of his own.

 “See you guys there!” Morgan stated as he slapped Mitch’s back before he headed toward the garage. The rest of the boys followed leaving you and Mitch alone in the hallway.

“Well my car is this way, ” Mitch said suddenly rubbing the back of his neck.

 You smiled, “Lead the way”

 You followed Mitch and you both fell into an awkward silence.

 You yawned as you climbed into the car. It really had been a long day but you didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to be with the small brunette rookie outside of work.

 Mitch got into the driver’s seat but didn’t start up the car. Instea, he turned to you.

 “I know this might be bold, but would you like to just get dinner or something with me instead of going out.” He asked nervously

 “But what about your teammates? Wouldn’t they want you there?” you asked a little shocked by his sudden question.

 “I think this was their plan all along…” He stated.

 “Plan?” you questioned.

 “Get me alone with you, so I would stop being such a chicken and ask you out.” He stated looking away.

 You must have stopped breathing right then and there. You didn’t know what to say. Was Mitch Marner, one of the star rookies of the Maple Leafs saying he wanted to ask you out?

 Your silence made Mitch even more nervous and he turned to you again.

 “And now I have made this really awkward and we have to work together. I should have never listened to Matts. I am so sorry. It’s just ever since Media Day I have been so drawn to you. You were just so cute and confident dancing and singing. I can’t help but watch the moment I hear you on the jumbotron when I’m sitting on the bench. I get so much shit from the guys for it but I don’t care. I long for home games because not only do I get to do what I love but you’re there and…” He kept rambling on.

 You smiled. “Mitch.”

 He suddenly stopped and looked you in the eyes, waiting for a response from you.

 “Shut up and kiss me Silly.”