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rest in peace, girl meets world. thank you for all the wonderful times uve given me. the times spent analysing the episode, arguing with other shippers and the times spent thinking about it then giggling about it, causing gina and heidi to look at me weirdly, i do not regret any second of that. thank you micheal jacobs for giving us Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas, Zay and Smackle. Thank you for raising awareness about autism. thank you for the beautiful love story of riarkle. which however they never became canon though we all knew u wanted it to be canon some day. thank you for lucaya and zayadora, which were so pure and theY NEVER BECAME CANON. i hate you for rucas and joshaya (and lowkey smarkle) but we all knew that they were created for a reason. thank you for the lovely cory and topanga and for the story of shawn hunter. thank you for auggie and ava. thank you for telling amazing stories and teaching life lessons all around the world. thank you for cheering me up when im feeling down. thank you for making me feel fuzzy inside everytime riarkle has a moment. thank you for leaked footage.thank you for this amazing cast and crew thank you for rileytown. thank you for the clique 6’s unbreakable friendship, especially riley and mayas friendship. thank you thank you thank you. so sorry that no one was smart enough to pick this wonderful show up.

Okay, I know I am a petty queer, but how in the very hell is Lucas Topanga in any story, be it with Maya or Riley ???¿¿¿???

If anything he is Lauren (the obstacle) or if you want to give him more credit, he is Angela (he dates one of them for a while, until they break up).

Farkle, Maya and Riley have grown up together, they didn’t even know Lucas before episode one. Maya and Riley are both Shawn and Cory and Cory and Topanga (Riley is Cory in both and a little bit of Topanga, Maya is Shawn and also a little bit of Topanga) because yes, they are THAT perfect for one another (it’s proven they have a stronger connection than Shory, because they can ‘read each other’s minds’). Farkle is Minkus (obviously) but also Shawn in the sense that he is the friend and the capitain of the Rilaya ship (If you two are not together it shakes the foundations of the world/ paralleling something similar Shawn said to Corpanga).

And if you insist on that pesky heterosexuality, AT BEST Maya and Riley are Shawn and Cory and Farkle is Topanga. But either way Lucas features no where in there. He will either be the obsticle to Rilaya/Riarkle (which he already is, because everyone* knows R*cas isn’t endgame) and/or Maya will date him for a bit and they’ll break up.

Ship whatever the hell you want, but don’t apply parallels where they clearly don’t belong!

*everyone with a brain

A Rant About a Disney Show

I finally caught up on GMW while dogsitting at my parents house this weekend and I’m just, sigh, I have so many problems guys.

So all of Maya’s character growth and development was just her “trying to be Riley” instead of actually growing as a result of experiences in her life?

In my entire life, I have never seen or heard of a best friend trying to become his or her best friend to test out a romantic partner.

So all of the progress and chemistry between her and Lucas (since season 1 when she was definitely still Maya) was her testing him out for Riley?

I call bullshit, forwards, backwards and on both sides.

So all of the things that were interesting and different from the original BMW were just a fake out to give suspense in the retelling of the Cory and Topanga story?

I can understand why this would be compelling for people who never watched BMW. But the differences have been the main draw for me. Otherwise, for me it’s just a silly show with occasional cameos by actors I loved as a kid.

I’m so incredibly disappointed.

And not just because of the shipping thing. Because although I favor Lucaya, I could stand Rucas if they weren’t trying to completely recreate Cory and Topanga, down to the ski lodge reunion.

Maybe I’m just looking at this from an adult perspective on a kid’s show.

I grew up with BMW and I loved it. And one of the best parts was that we got to see them grow up and change their world views but remain recognizable.

Cory and Topanga are ICONIC to my generation and I was so excited to see what the writers would do with their daughter.

But I just want them to get away from the idea that people have to remain static in order to be themselves.

Realistically, the age that these characters (and the actual target audience) are is an age of enormous change for most people. They grow and learn and gain new perspectives. And that’s not a bad thing!

It’s totally realistic for Maya to become more responsible. It’s totally realistic for Riley to become more jaded.

They can still be themselves as they grow up! BMW did it well!

I just feel like GMW could have been something really interesting and fresh if they’d chosen to stick with their “secret of life.”


It’s repeated over and over again. Until it’s inconvenient to their genderswap retelling of BMW.

It would have been 1000 times more interesting to see Riley react to losing her first “love” to her best friend, or realizing that her parents are the one in a million story. Or Riley and Maya trying to find their balance again.

Literally anything would be more interesting than what they chose.

Anyway, I’m just really disappointed in how they chose to handle this story and I will be done with it now. I’ve already seen BMW when it was age appropriate, don’t need to see it again as an old lady.


Rilaya Week 2016 - Day 3: Favorite Quote(s)

“I could’ve been them. R-Riley, I would’ve been them…but I’m not. Because they think a hammer and a brick makes you strong. And that, as much as I wanted to throw a brick through a window, I know that if I did that, that’s what would make me weak. I’m strong because there’s something inside me that stops me now. It knows how important you’ve been in my life and - it’ll never let me do any real damage as long as I live. … That part inside me - I’m gonna call Dorothy.”
-Maya Hart, 3x07 - Girl Meets True Maya-

“I know that, if you’re lucky in this life, you get an extraordinary relationship. My mother and my father met each other very early and stayed together for the rest of their lives. Our first boyfriends, Maya. Who knows how long that’s going to last? We’re going to meet new people all of the time. But, if there’s one thing I know for sure in my life - it’s that you - are my extraordinary relationship, Maya.”
-Riley Matthews, 3x09 - Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)-

There are a million Rilaya quotes that I like of course, but I tried to settle primarily on one for each of them.

3x07 is a defining moment for Maya. And her focus is on how powerful Riley’s influence has been in her life. Riley makes her strong. I love the juxtaposition against 1x01, where Maya says: “I go too far and I don’t think that’s gonna stop. I’m bad for you.” Which eventually leads into another of my favorite exchanges.

Maya: Riley, I’m pushing you away because I’m not good for you anymore.
Riley: Only I decide that. Y’know why?
Maya: Why?
Riley: Because, if this is my world now, the first person I want in it - is you.
Maya: You’re gonna save me aren’t ya?
Riley: … I am.

Maya goes from “I go too far and I don’t think that’s gonna stop” to “I’m strong because there’s something inside me that stops me now.” I take this to mean that Riley is making good on her promise to save Maya by helping her become the best version of herself. Riley gives Maya a strength that Maya never thought she would have.

“I’m gonna get you in that door, Maya.”
-Riley, 2x14-

“That little girl pushed those doors open with the power of love.”
-Evelyn, 1x01-

Riley opens doors for Maya. There are all kinds of moments along the way, but 3x07 is the culmination of those moments. Just when the audience is led to think that Maya has gone too far again, we learn that Maya has become stronger from knowing how important Riley has been in her life. That’s love, pure and simple. A soulmate doesn’t make you a better person; you do that yourself, because they inspire you.

Then we have Riley in 3x09. She delivers an elaborate speech about her parents, parallels her relationship with Maya to America’s sweethearts Cory and Topanga again. And she even seems to be banking on the idea that her first boyfriend won’t be important to her for the rest of her life.

I talked in last year’s Rilaya week about how important Rilaya/Corpanga parallels are to me: “I don’t want them to be a carbon copy of Cory and Topanga. … Copying them directly would be redundant and silly. That said, I desperately want a same sex love story that is like the Cory and Topanga story.” The way I see it, Girl Meets World is telling that story. And they’re either telling it as a genuine romance or as deliberate queerbait; there is no middle ground anymore.

These two moments, in 3x07 and 3x09, are what firmly establish for me that the romantic subtext is not an accident. I can only hope against hope that hope isn’t for suckers anymore and that the show really is setting up one of the best, most important, slow-burning, subtle romance stories I’ve ever seen.

(Srry this sucks) Riarkle Drabble: A Playground

Farkle Minkus and Riley Matthews have been friends for as long as they could remember. Riley was dating Lucas. Farkle was dating Smackle. Maya was dating Zay and everyone was happy.

“Peaches, can I just not go to history. Bad, bad things are happening in Rileytown.” Riley said making a pouty face to Maya. They were walking in the hallway next to the door that lead to her father’s history class. “Honey, how bad was it?” Maya asked putting her hand on Riley’s shoulder.

“Too bad.” Riley said shaking her head.

“ Riles we have ten minutes. What happened?”

Riley sighed and sat in a criss cross on the floor and put her hands up like a gymnast.

“He said he wanted to take a break.” Riley said smiling.


“He said that he wanted to- ”

“I heard you.” Maya said with her eyes closed.

“I’m fine Maya.”

“N-no. When I see Ranger Rick I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind.”

“Maya don’t. It’s just a break. I’m sure we’ll get back together after like a week or so.” said Riley smiling big.

“Riles- I don’t think that’s what he meant.”

Maya pointed behind Riley who looked back and saw Lucas holding a red headed girl in his arms.


Maya ran to Lucas and grabbed his shirt yanking him from the girl.

“What the hell! You break up with Riley and the next day your with a new girl?”

“Maya- let go! I was gonna tell you guys, but-”

“No! You don’t just do that! How dare you hurt Riley!”

“Maya stop.” Riley said putting her hand on Maya’s shoulder.


“Hi Lucas.” Riley smiled and walked away to history.

“ I WILL get revenge on you Ranger Rick.”

Maya caught up with Riley and saw Farkle and Smackle sitting in history discussing something then Zay also sitting with them pretending like he knew what was happening.

“Riles, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Of course Peaches.”

Maya smiled and walked towards Zay who was waiting for her and Riley sat in her seat.

“Hey Riley, you wanna come to the park later tonight to star gaze?!”

Riley turned back and saw Farkle. He was smiling and holding about 4 books on astronomy.

“What?” Riley responded furrowing her brows.

“Yeah. Smackle and some of the people in astonomy club are coming and I thought you would wanna come too.”

“Oh- um. Sure.” Riley smiled at Farkle.

“Cool. Um- let’s see…”

He put his books on his desk and grabbed his phone out of his pocket.

“8:30. I’ll pick you up.”

Riley smiled and turned around. Her dad was just starting his lesson and Riley looked at Maya then Lucas. She frowned upon the sight of him. They have been dating for almost a year. How could he just break it off when things seemed to be going so well?

Riley was trying to find her shoes in her closet when she heard her phone ring. She jumped on her bed and saw that it was Farkle.

“Helloooo.” Farkle said happily.

“Hey- are you here?” Riley was putting her shoes on and was definitely stuggling since she had them for 2 years and her feet were outgrowing them.

“Yeah, hurry it takes a while to get to the park.”

“Ok, ok. I’m heading out the door right now.”

Well, her bedroom door.

“Alright. I’m waiting.”

Riley got to his car and saw Smackle in the passenger seat. She smiled. Riley was so used to sitting in that seat. A lot of the candy wrappers she left behind were scattered in the nooks and crannies of the seat from late night drives with Farkle when she was feeling down and he would bring her a bunch of candy and drive around town until she felt better.

She sat in the back and saw Farkle and Smackle were holding hands.

“So- are you ready to see- the…stars, Riley?” Smackle said awkwardly.

“I’ve been trying to teach her how to talk a little normally where academically inferior people could understand.” Farkle said.

“Oh- well yeah, I can’t wait.” Riley said fake smiling.

“Why didn’t you bring your partner Lucas. Even though all he would do is pawn over me, but it would be a what they say- double date. Wouldn’t it?” Smackle said.

“Oh. Well. We actually aren’t together anymore.”

“Wait, what?” Farkle said confused.

“Yeah. It’s fine though. I’m totally fine.” Riley said lying.

“She’s lying.“ Farkle thought.

For the rest of the car ride Farkle and Riley shared little glances through the mirror.

Once they arrived Farkle noticed that Riley was wearing one of his shirts he gave her when she was at his house and she spilled grape juice all over her shirt. He was fine with it since it looked better on her anyways.

“Dearest I’m going to be by Lewbert’s group.” Smackle said. Farkle nodded and turned to Riley.

“So… you and Lucas broke up?”

“Yeah, but I’m kinda here to forget about that so…what telescope should I go to?”


Riley looked at Farkle confused.



Riley laughed and smiled.

“Then what do I do here. What’s the point?”

Farkle smiled.

“The astonomy club telescopes suck. Carl’s mom bought them and they’re basically happy meal toys. You wanna go to the playground?”

“OF COURSE I DO!!” Riley said jumping around.

Once they got to the playground there was no one there since it was pretty late and a school night. Farkle sat on the staircase of playground and Riley went on swings immediately. He looked at her having fun and smiling. She was so goofy and happy. Once she got off she sat next to Farkle.

“Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?” Riley asked.

“Yeah…why?” Farkle responded.

“I thought Lucas and I were meant to be…but maybe he was just there to help me grow and that’s why I had to be with him to realize that I can’t end up with my first love like a fairytale…like my parents…”

“Riley, not everyone marries their first love…”

“I just had an image in my head that I would have my own Cory and Topanga fairytale story.” Riley said while putting a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Well this is your world. Not your dad’s, and whoever we end up with in the end is whoever we end up with. We just gotta let time do its thing.”

“What if I don’t want to wait?” Riley asked quietly.

There was a moment of silence.

“I’ve never told you this, but I think you’re beautiful.”

Riley laughed.

“Farkle…you have told me that.”

“Not individually.” Farkle corrected her.

Riley smiled and put her head on his shoulder.

“Thank you. Thanks for everything.” Riley played with the shirt that once belonged to Farkle.

“It looks better on you.”


“The shirt.”


Riley wrapped her arms around Farkle and he did the same.

“I love you Farkle.”

“ I love you too Riles.”

“No. I actually love you.”

Riley looked up at him and he looked at her.

“As I said, I love you too.”

Rucas Shippers:


I have mad respect for Rucas shippers.You guys believe in love at first sight,and being with your first love forever.That is rad as fuck.

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So Corpanga is Riley’s Pluto and Lucaya is Riley’s Pluto…

And if x= z and y=z so x= y?

(Or what I like to call my crazy thoughts on how we should pay attention to Riley’s story, the love triangle is bogus and Lucaya is the Corpanga of the show – and probably not the only one.)

Hold on and don’t ignore this already simply because I’m blatantly and insanely claiming Lucaya is Corpanga. Or because you’ve already heard this before, saw gifsets or whatever.

If you give me a chance…maybe, you’ll see that I’m only a little crazy.

I don’t know if this is a theory. Most of what you’ll hear here, you’d probably heard before. What happened is that I’ve connected a few dots these days (probably i’m not the first one) – famous theories and the show and the writers tweets-and I feel the need to talk about it.

I don’t know if I’m right, heck things may change tomorrow, but I just need to say this and i need someone to hear it

(and talk about it and say their thoughts about it and the circle of life on a fandom and all that jazz)

So this is a three-part rant, considering the length and themes of it ( think of it as small bites of my crazy):

  • Part 1- This is Riley’s story. (Or, we look through a microscope but let’s do it selectively, heh?) (this rant you’re about to read)
  • Part 2- Lucaya as Corpanga ( Or let’s talk about how the writers are sneaky) (x)
  • Part 3- What (the HECK) does this all mean?! (x)

Part 1

So…. we often forget that this is Riley’s story.

Everyone is always talking about the love triangle. Girl Meets Texas comes out, Girl Meets New years (when anything really) comes out and everyone asks R*cas or Lucaya?? R*cas or Lucaya???  Which one will Lucas choose?? Lucaya is better, Rucas is better yada yada yada.

People love saying that the other side of the fandom is “looking through a microscope” when really, if you’re (only) looking at the show through the ships, you are looking through a microscope no matter what ship you choose.

Keep reading

“Thoughts on Season Three so far: Zay’s obviously perfect. Lucas has been written a lot better. Maya and Smackle don’t annoy me anymore, and I actually like them now. Farkle’s fine, Cory’s cool. The seniors were kinda weird. Riley’s starting to annoy me, she’s got this weird superiority complex. Topanga, Ava, and Auggie’s stories bore me. I want to see more Josh, and that girl in class who bickers with Cory (Marcy, I think is her name).”

I don’t understand why people use Cory and Topanga parallels to try and prove their ships are ‘endgame’. Cory and Topanga are one of a kind, a story that is unique to them. Riley has even expressed before that they are an ‘impossible thing’. Cory and Topanga are just that; Cory and Topanga. Their love story is theirs and no one elses. And all these ships from girl meets world are completely different from the dynamic they had. The writers aren’t going to write the same old story. We need to stop comparing our ships to Cory and Topanga because, let’s face it, there’s only ever going to be one Cory and Topanga.

anonymous asked:

I know the fandom is currently freaking out, but even though I didn't go to the taping, I just not worried. In my opinion, (and I'm only 15 I'll be honest my analytical skills aren't that great) the scene in Bay Window with Lucas's boot and the teddy bear just sealed it for me. He was Riley's first crush, a childhood thing, not her forever love. Jacobs isn't going to tell a Cory and Topanga story again. We've seen that. He's going to show us something different, but equally beautiful.

Yep. This new arc looks like it’s gonna be about how your girlhood romantic ideals actually play out in the real world when you finally get to test them out.

tbh, I want Topanga to know right away what led Riley to make her choices about the love triangle. I want Topanga to be so annoyed with Cory for letting Riley hear the Jack/Rachel/Eric story without any real context or detailed explanation. I want Topanga and Cory to sit down with Riley and tell them the whole story (about how Jack and Rachel did not have the same base of deep friendship before they started dating, and that Eric and Rachel didn’t really start to develop it until the relationship between them was off the table, so naturally things happened in a certain way). I want Topanga and Cory to sit down with Riley and tell her the whole story of Corpanga. Messy break-ups and all. She’s obviously heard the fairy tale aspect of the story, and they’ve hinted about the ski lodge and Lauren, but I want them to tell her about breaking up because of the fears about losing the friendship, and I want them to tell her about the mess with the wedding and how it was all because of their fears but trying to change the situation didn’t actually make things better. 

I want Topanga to point out that Riley can’t just avoid being in relationships with the people she cares deeply for. Because even if someone starts out a stranger, if it’s a good relationship Riley will care for them both as a partner and as a friend, and the fear is going to circle back around again and cause problems. 

I want Cory and Topanga to tell the story of Shawn and Angela, who were able to remain friends even after a deep, meaningful relationship. 

I want Cory and Topanga to give Riley all of the information and talk to her about all of it. The specific situations and relationships in general. And then they can let her make her own decisions about the triangle. 

Because I think the whole mess would be very different if Riley and received any reassurance about the nature of relationships and how they change instead of being left essentially on her own with only the classroom lessons to guide. Yes, as a teen, she needs to figure out what she wants on her own. But as parents, Cory and Topanga are supposed to give her all the tools to do that. 

Shawngela is Dead. 1997-2015

(I know there’s probably grammatical and punctuation errors in this. But it’s 3 in the morning, this is Tumblr, and I’m not an English major.)

Michael Jacobs and the rest of the creative team on GMW are gonna lay it to rest this summer the moment Girl meets Hurricane airs. In Season 7, Angela and Shawn had reunited as a couple and were as close and happy as ever, until her father shows up with the announcement that he’s moving to Europe for a year and asks Angela to go with him. Ultimately she agrees, though she told Shawn that he meant the world to her and she would stay if he just asked her to. Shawn was on the verge of doing more than that, he was gonna propose to her but at the last minute decided he couldn’t come between their father/daughter relationship. He’d lost his own father either earlier that year or the year before.

It’s important to note that Angela and Shawn DID NOT break up. GMW has been very unclear as to what the circumstances were around Angela’s departure to Europe and whether she even came back. As a matter of fact, since the show runners are obviously setting Shawn up to be with Maya’s mom, it’s likely that the young GMW fans who have never BMW think that Angela is a cold-hearted bitch who dropped everything to run off to Europe and never came back. The mentions of her and her reasons for leaving were very one-sided on the Disney show.

They agreed to have a long-distance relationship.With lots of phone calls and letters and probably emails. (In my head canon Angela sent Shawn tons of pictures of her and her experiences in Europe, knowing what a photography buff he was at the time.) 

If we’re being honest…Topanga, Angela, Cory and Shawn were all like 19, 20 or 21 around this time. Long-distance relationships are hard, and it’s rare for long distance relationships with people that young to work out. Angela wasn’t just moving a few towns over or to another state or even across the country. She was moving to another continent.

But I believe in Shawn & Angela, like everyone else believed in Cory and Topanga. I believe in them more than Corpanga. (If we’re continuing in this trend of being honest, when were Cory and Topanga ever realistic? Their story switched from Shawn and Cory barely knowing and not even LIKING Topanga in Middle School, to Cory and Topanga having been each others twu luv since they were two. That’s just one of many things…so why this sudden desire for Shawngela to be realistic? This is TV. We watch TV to escape reality.)

But the thing I liked about the series finale was it was very-open ended. Angela and Shawn could have continued their relationship like they said they would. Or they could have mutually decided to put it on hold until she returned to the trio in New York. Or maybe they broke up. Maybe they met a little later in life when they had both had time to grow up and work through their demons, a time when they were no longer afraid to give in to loving each other. The possibilities were endless. 

But GMW wants to tell me that none of this happened. They want to tell me that there was no communication, that Angela just simply never came back? Or never re-connected with her friends, best friend Topanga and her boyfriend?!  I can’t accept that. 

Then they try to justify it with this excuse that “Nothing good happens to Shawn.”  Well I would think that when he inevitably starts dating Katy and they fall in love or what have you, and he gets the family that he always wanted but never got a chance to have…I think that would be considered a good thing.

And this is why I don’t watch GMW, or acknowledge that it’s even canon. It might seem petty to do all that because of a ship, but hey. I know that watching Girl Meets Hurricane would give me hypertension, so I’m gonna leave it alone and continue living in a world where Shawngela is happening. They don’t have to be married, it doesn’t have to be a perfect relationship, I don’t need the white picket fence, dog, and the 2.5 children. As long as they’re together.

I don’t need them to be Cory & Topanga because they’re not. They’re Shawn & Angela, I think that’s more than enough.