the top right and the bottom left


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I chose Mark & Jackson bc these were the only pics I had that (kinda) matched my selfies. Also because they’re such cuties and ugh im weak for cute selfies.
top right is the most recent selfie that i’ve taken.
the bottom left is the very last selfie i took when i was still blonde! I had to dye it back to brown bc of the maintenance and after being blonde for over a year my hair was pretty much dead lol
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I drew him earlier and I felt the need to post it 🌿

the top two photos are the edited versions and the bottom is the original without the editing. if you’re wondering what it says in the characters, the one to the right says “I don’t wanna waste my time”, the bottom right says “joji”, and the two on the left say “but I promise you, my heart is made of gold”

feel free to use as long as you credit me!!

love uuuu⚘


Introducing yet another Cathar to the collection….

Talyon Rhao (and family!)

At the top is Talyon! His full name is Taylon Guildford Rhao (Taylon Rhao in game).

The bottom row (from left to right) is…

Jaaso Guildford (left), uncle to @hoiist‘s Viios (the cute little Jedi who adores Doc), is Taylon’s father.
Nahur Adara (center), belonging to @fer8girl and older brother to the lovely, Dixie, who is Talyon’s biological father.
Mylyn Rhao (right), is Talyon’s mother.

His basic background is below and under a read-more since it gets a bit wordy! It may be subject to tweaking later, but this is the gist so far.

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[Image collage. Top left image: Lianna on her first birthday, holding a pink balloon. Text on the top corner says 1990. She is sitting in a baby-seat with a pillow supporting her head. She’s wearing a bib that says #1 on it with a candle. Top right image: Jessica on her first birthday, wearing big paper glasses with “Happy Birthday” written across the top in balloons. She is sitting in a baby-seat with a tray, and cushions supporting her. Text in the top corner says 1992. Bottom Image: The Disabled Life logo with a candle on top, and confetti in the background.]

The Disabled Life is 1 year old today, so we thought we’d share our 1st baby photos with you all (and yes we added dates, because NO we’re not twins)! AW just look at our cute little mushy/jelly faces, and no neck support… adorable.

Thank you to all our WONDERFUL followers for supporting our blog so far. We’re grateful for all the love!!


Top: left i planted nasturtium and strawberry popcorn, middle is old horehound regrowing but I planted more seeds in there too, right is suppose to be valerian that @tropicalhomestead gave me but I can’t tell whether what’s in there is valerian or weeds.
The big middle photo is the roses! At least the ones I planted up on the po ch as opposed to the seeds that I planted down at the end of the yard near the apple tree. They are starting to get bigger.
And on bottom: left I have Rosemary planted in the green container and milk thistle in the white/gray container. Image on the left is my sage.


🥑🥒🍅🧀🥗🍳🍗🥓 FOOD HAUL 🥓🍗🍳🥗🧀🍅🥒🥑

I have so many photos yet to post of the meals I’ve had recently, so I just decided to do a multi photo post of my keto/cooking progress. I will admit I’ve fallen off the bandwagon recently, but I’m trying to get back into my keto routine now that I’m not as depressed lately! 💕

From top left to bottom right:

1) Breakfast: Almond flour pancakes with cinnamon and butter + peppered bacon.
2) Late Leftover Lunch: Cheese quesadillas with low carb tortillas and sliced avocado, with leftover caesar salad and butter sautéed, parmesan crusted asparagus.
3) Dinner: Onion smothered porkchops, asparagus (mentioned above), and mashed cauliflower.
4) Dinner: Lettuce-wrapped, pub style burgers with onions, mushrooms, and blue cheese.
5) Dinner: Creamy chicken alfredo with spaghetti squash noodles.

Snacks I’m loving rn: pork rinds with sour cream, blue cheese stuffed olives, pickles, raw celery sticks/broccoli florets and ranch dip.

Not pictured - Mozzarella stuffed meatballs over spaghetti squash. I used the leftover squash to make the chicken alfredo! 😋

Happy hump day!


Happy bellarke fam selfie night guys! We all survived this month that was longer than the real hiatus!!!! I won’t be watching it live and might only watch it until Friday, oops, but hi guys! Top left is me for the women’s conference. Makeup not on point. Top right is me the next day for easter! Dress on point, hair on point, makeup on point. The two bottom pictures are fetus me during freshman year of college!

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Here are some Doilypon adopts! The top left and bottom right are my favs so I haven’t put a price on them yet //weeps You may make offers on them so don’t be afraid to put an offer out there, I won’t bite ;//w//;

As for the Unidoily, you can make non-money offers like art, games on steam, points on DA, etc! I will try to always include an adopt that is an OTA for those of you that are young, don’t have paypal, and/or can’t afford an adopt cause I know what it’s like to stare at an adopt, wishing you can have it, but can’t get it ;o;

Hope you guys like them!

Rockfall level design

Today’s challenge, using these materials

Create an easy medium and hard level,
What I found?
Making an easy level isn’t easy, making a hard level is hard
And making a medium level is what I land on after trying to make a hard level

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greerian  asked:

Nabulungi in the top right one or the jewel tones on the bottom left?

Man I had a hard time making my mind up on colors and I am not sure if I am completely happy. >_< Not sure if going for flats instead of a painterly look was a good decisions.


Well, I missed #WorldTheatreDay yesterday, so to make up for it, here’s pictures from ten shows I’ve been a part of, in no particular order! There’s so many I’ve loved doing!! From top to bottom [left to right when applicable]: Anything Goes (Billy Porter), Les Miserables (Javert), Into the Woods (The Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince), RENT (“Christmas Bells” guy/Ensemble), The Producers (Leo Bloom), White Christmas (Phil Davis), Smokey Joe’s Cafe (Ensemble), Children of Eden (Adam), Singin’ in the Rain (Don Lockwood), Heathers (JD)

I was just watching CNN as they discussed the Pepsi commercial backlash.

My favorite part? Immediately after they first played the clip, everyone just sat in awkward silence and kind of just laughed at the absurdity that Kendall’s can of Pepsi solved police brutality.

Least favorite part? Symone Sanders (top right) make a beautiful point that Pepsi co-opted Black Lives Matter while placing a white woman at the FOREFRONT when it is black women and men putting their bodies on the line. Afterwords, Paris Dennard (bottom left - a man that CNN likes to pull out of the sunken place from time to time to be the token self hating black man) had to speak over her to assert that “we can’t say black lives matter is only for black people.”

And no one called him out on how grossly he missed the original point. Everyone gets so upset at the suggestion that white people aren’t allowed to own *everything* that they’ll gladly lay the bodies of people of color down to get stepped on. And opinions like his are always heralded as the “logical” one that gets the last word.

I would recommend any watch the clip just to hear Symone Sanders take the video & Kendell to task:


Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 contains a model viewer within a dummied-out debug mode that can be accessed with cheats. This feature allows us to see what the player characters’ models look like before animation data is applied to them.

Top left: DK as he normally appears. Top right: DK’s default model before animations are applied. Bottom: 360-degree view of DK’s default model.