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“They’re not very good, and they know that right?”

“Yeah, it’s like they got all this feeling and they don’t have any skill and they don’t want skill because it’s really interesting what happens when your passion is bigger than the tools you have to deal with it. It creates this energy that’s… that’s raw. Isn’t it great?”

20th Century Women (2016)


Ruled by the Sun. Symbolized by colors yellow and gold. Good for spells relating to physical strength, success, healing, ambition, careers, children, drama, goals, finances and selling. 


Ruled by the Moon. Symbolized by colors silver and white. Good for spells relating to the emotions, the subconscious, domestic issues, feminine issues, psychic pursuits, dream magic, spirituality, spirit guides, trip planning and astrology.


Ruled by Mars. Symbolized by colors pink and orange. Good for spells relating to energy, courage, self empowerment, victory, passion, aggression, confrontation, gardening, sex and tools. 


Ruled by Mercury. Symbolized by colors purple/grey. Good for spells relating to mental problems, communication, education, self expression, consulting oracles, sibling relations, wisdom.


Ruled by Jupiter. Symbolized by the color blue. Good for spells relating to prosperity, luck, business, influences people in high places, law, politics, travel and growth.


Ruled by Venus. Symbolized by the colors green and pink. Good for spells relating to love, friendship, beauty, sexuality, healing, peace, expressing artistic ability, marriage, affection, social activity.


Ruled by Saturn. Symbolized by the colors black and grey. Good for spells relating to overcoming obstacles, binding, banishing, protecting, death, debts, justice, protection and transformation.

Some witches believe the days of the week can influence the strength of the spell you cast, depending on their associations. Try casting a spell intentionally on a certain day, and decide for yourself! As always, my inbox is open to anyone with questions or inquires.

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The Hindenburg is my favorite dirigiblimp

I know you’re saying this as a joke but I have a sudden need to vent briefly about something that is in the grand scheme of things rather tiny but that is often overlooked so buckle up

Anyway the Nazis are 100% to blame for the Hindenburg’s destruction because not only did they appropriate this brilliantly-designed passenger airship as a horrid propaganda tool but they fucking exiled Hugo Eckener for being passionately anti-Nazi. Guess was? My boy Hugo was the one who enforced the strict safety standards that had allowed Hydrogen-filled German airships to ferry passengers around for like 10 years with virtually no major incidents. The Third Reich sure as fuck shot themselves in the foot with that one didn’t they? A bit embarrassing having their New Propaganda Zeppelin burst into flames for no apparent reason

On Ravenclaw Secondaries

Ravenclaws are collectors. Dedicated to knowledge, to facts, systems, tools, or skills, the things they have already learned are what they call on when things get tough. They can collect useful skills, build complex clever systems, invent vitally useful things, or just learn everything there is to know about the birds of South America.

Ravenclaws’ efficacy often relies on what situation they are in: what the problem is they have to solve and whether or not they’ve prepared the proper tools for that problem. While Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors can apply their skills at stockpiling trust or inspiring passion to attack various situations, Ravenclaws’ tools are necessarily task specific. Do they know how to ride horses? Speak Greek? Do they have contingency plans for earthquakes, zombie apocalypses, or a surprise visit from the in-laws?

If they’ve already built themselves a tool set for a situation, they’re likely to excel at it. If they have not, they’re likely to blink a few times while they try to either invent something new for themselves or to cobble up something approximate from their existing resources.

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Am I Passionate About Art?

Something I often hear other artists say is that you need to be passionate about art to make a career out of it. And then I question whether I really am passionate about art, and I think, that’s like asking a carpenter if they’re passionate about wood. 

Art is a tool I use to do the things I want to get done, and to talk about the things I am passionate about through a visual medium. It can be a burden, or it can be an effortless outpouring of affection for something I love. Most of the time, it’s somewhere in between. When it comes to the drawing process, I’m more often disciplined than I am inspired. I create art because I really want something to exist, not because I can’t wait to move the pen across the paper. 

At any rate, I sure am glad that I’m able to create visual art, because if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t have a lot of the things I enjoy, and some of the best experiences of my life would never have happened. 

Are you passionate about art? 

The Passione gang, ready to be made into stickers and badges!

I hope to get these up on the shop (stickers first) shortly~

I may also be making another Vento Aureo sticker/badge pack that includes Trish, Doppio, Diavolo, Polnareff and maybe 2 other characters!

32 days of sanji - PASSION

can i have this opportunity to talk about why sanji is my favourite character 

like i wouldnt have even looked at this characters way if his only thing was to look cool and kick things in a suit and have nosebleeds over boobs
but what oda did with him was have COOKING and NURTURING HIS CREW his PASSION, the most important thing in his life, finding an ocean that isnt probably even real his dream 
what i LOVE about sanji is that he cant STAND see food go to waste, he would rather die than let someone starve and he would do anything not to damage the tools he makes food with 
this kind of thing would probably be irrelevant in some other comic but in the strawhat crew its so important that they have a person supplying them with food and its not seen as weak or irrelevant at all 
sanjis characters has so many issues that i wish would be solved but i am so happy about the good parts of his character so idk thank you oda sanji is not the only character in one piece that could be really tropey and boring but ISNT and im so glad 
ok im done thanks

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” Albert Einstein 

One place for all your wedding plans! 👰 Your Passion Planner 📓 is a great tool to plan for that special day ✨ 

Use it for:
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💸 budget
📷 keep inspiration photos
✏️ agenda for the day
📋 guest list and of course, a place to keep all the memories after 💕 

P.S. Want a sneak peak of what’s happening tomorrow? Keep an eye out today at 5PM PST 😉


Sex. I know what you’re thinking, “I paid 80 grand a year for this? What does sex have to do with criminal law?” Everything. Sex, after all, drives most criminal behavior. For instance, a husband discovering his wife had an affair is one of the leading causes of murder. We call these crimes of passion, and the heat-of-passion defense is your most valuable tool when representing a client you know is guilty.

You can write it in English
French, perhaps Chinese if you want,
but I still don’t believe that the love you have is what you attempt to make sound like poetry,

All it reads is “I have him, and I want you to think we are happy”.

instead of trying to convince me, why don’t you convince yourself ?

Love is more than the cliché metaphors you try to capture, picking up a pen for your latest fad -
poetry isn’t this years style, for some writing is a passion and its been a tool for healing not trying to compete for someones heart that you only seem to want.

His heart is a vessel of secrets, but you just like the color and the way his name sounds with yours - love is more than just superficial, what else can I expect from someone who judges books by their covers?

—  Demetra Demi