the tongue tho

Voltron Headcanons: RuPaul's Drag Race

- Lance is most into it. He regularly tries to get everyone into it.

- Lance’s favorite queen is Valentina, red m&ms be damned.

- Lance’s attempt to get Keith into it was a failure.

- Or so he thought.

- Keith actually loves it. His favorite queens are Aja and Adore Delano.

- Shiro’s favorite aspects of the show are the lip syncs. His favorite is Pearl vs Miss Fame.

- “Shiro, that’s a terrible lip sync.” ~ Lance

- No one knows why he likes it (not even him).

- Hunk LOVES Stacy Layne Matthews. He won’t stop saying “henny” now because of her.

- Pidge ironically pretends to like queens like Magnolia Crawford.

- She’s also most likely to shout “Katya was robbed!!!1!” at any given moment.

- Allura doesn’t really get this form of earthling entertainment. Lance had to constantly remind her that Michelle is a judge and not a contestant at first.

- “But she looks just like a ‘drag queen’.”

- Coran loves Alyssa Edwards. He can’t tongue pop tho.

- In fact the only ones who can are Lance and, surprisingly enough, Shiro.

- Zarkon is a fan of Tyra Sanchez and Venus D-Lite.