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The #Supergirl guitar is finally finished


2 piece swamp ash body, 1 piece maple neck, stainless steel frets, 7.25″ freatboard radius, TV Jones Classic Plus brdige pickup, Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack neck pickup, Hipshot bridge, 1 volume and 1 tone control, 3 way toggle switch, 50s wiring, Kluson Deluxe tuner.

The SUPERGIRL inlays on the fretboard are aluminum, The inlays on the back are aluminum, copper and brass. The symbol is also made of copper and brass and the ‘belt’ of brass.

Court of Nightmares

For the @acotarkinkmeme here is Nesta and Cassian’s visit into the the Hewn City!

Prompt: Pretend Dating Trope; Nesta and Cassian go to an event in The Court of Nightmares and they have to pretend to be dating. Cassian loves it a bit too much, Nesta is a bit overwhelmed but decides that two can play at that game. Feel free to make it as sexually tense as possible. Bonus points if Nesta gets to wear a dress like the one Feyre wore under the mountain and makes Cassian forget his own name (this is basically the scene where Feyre + the Inner Circle go to the Court of Nightmares but for Nessian)

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The plan was straightforward. Go to the Court of Nightmares and figure out who was the traitor that gave away secret intelligence to Hybern.

Cassian and Nesta were the ones chosen to go on the mission.

Their roles were simple. Cassian was to maintain the persona of the High Lord’s General who eagerly waited to sink his sharpened blade into anyone who so much as gave him a wrong look.

And Nesta was to be a meek female who was Cassian’s latest conquest.

The amount livid words that spewed from Nesta’s mouth was more colorful than the Rainbow of Velaris.

Even more so when she found out that the dress she was to wear was a sheer fabric that revealed more than it covered up.

She strode to the large room where she was to meet Cassian and Rhysand who would winnow them there since Cassian’s wings were still in recovery.

Outside the door she stopped when Cassian’s voice filtered out.

“I’m not going with her Rhysand,” Cassian said loud enough that Nesta could tell he had been arguing with his High Lord for some time.

“We don’t have a choice with Mor and Azriel on their own mission,” Rhysand replied in a controlled tone. “Why are you so afraid to let her go to the Hewn City? She can handle herself and with you there no other male will approach her if they believe she has been claimed by you.”

“She’s not ready,” Cassian gritted out. “Honestly I’m not ready for her to be in that wretched place. How can you expect me to treat her like a whore?”

“The same way I had to with Feyre for the sake of human and fae alike,” Rhysand said a bit sharply. For a moment there was silence before Rhysand continued softly enough that Nesta barely caught.

“I know you care for her and you don’t want to ruin the trust you’ve built so far with her, but we need you to do this Cassian. You and Nesta could be what shifts the war in our favor if this goes well.”

Cassian said nothing. Nesta decided that she didn’t want to hear anymore of this if Cassian decided to keep talking about her as though she were some child who couldn’t handle herself.

She would show him that the Court of Nightmares should tremble before her.

Nesta glided into the room, Making sure that Cassian saw the full effect of her entrance.

And his reaction did not disappoint.

His eyes widened as they took in the sheer silver fabric that hugged every curve of her body. Whorls of black beading covered the more intimate areas of her cleavage and lower regions. Enough to tease, but clearly showed off the emphasis of her shape.

Pale skin was visible through the sheer fabric that plunged between her breasts and the low cut line in the back of the dress.

She stepped forward with her long leg slipping through the long slit that ran up the length of her lower thigh. One wrong step could mean a disaster of modesty if Nesta wasn’t careful to walk in even strides. Yet considering this dress and all that it showed rather than hid perhaps modesty was already tossed to the side.

Cassian’s gaze wandered her entire body. Devouring the unexpected sight of Nesta revealing so much skin with that flimsy piece of fabric he couldn’t even believe was a dress. He could easily tear it apart with a flick of his fingers.

He watched her in rapt interest as she closed the distance between them. Her stormy blue eyes were lined with kohl to give the illusion of smoke and stardust intertwined. That look of fierce determination accompanied by that revealing dress made Cassian forget his own name for a second.

The only thoughts running through his head were of Nesta and how it would feel to run his fingers between that slit in her dress to find her core and see if he could bring his name from those glossy lips of hers.

Ravenous hunger written openly across his face made Nesta shiver in triumph though that was short-lived when Rhysand interrupted the moment asking if they were ready to leave.

“I’m more than ready,” Nesta answered. “So let’s stop wasting time. Unless Cassian wants to keep acting like a drooling dog with his mouth open.”

Cassian blinked and realized the baiting tone she was using. “If you don’t like me drooling then perhaps you would prefer licking sweetheart.”

Because we both know how much you like my tongue on your body.

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So Far Gone
Thousand Foot Krutch

(So Far Gone)

Quite a number of you were pretty upset with the first 4 frames I posted as wips(it was very entertaining to read some of your tags) but don’t worry!! Makoto and Haru will get through anything and they’ll come out stronger. Keep your heads up!!

Also I’m sorry that it’s such a long post(especially if you’re not into Free! or makoharu)!


Leveraging communication difficulties as an abuse tactic.

This is something my dad does a lot. He’ll use my difficulty with words under duress to steamroll over what I’m trying to say and force me to agree with him or he’ll keep pushing the issue until I explode in a meltdown so he can belittle and insult me.

I always try to warn people when I’m out of sorts and may not be able to be nice and smiley for whatever reason. If I’m having a negative emotion, I can’t pretend to be happy and pleasant. I warn in advance that I’m not in good spirits that day and that I don’t mean anything personal if I’m less than pleasant. I try to not say mean things or be insulting, but my tone of voice may sound cranky, and I have zero control of that.

But my dad will steamroll anyway, then get mad at me for having an abrasive reaction when I warned him of what would happen and why I need to be left alone. 

Let’s get real silly here: It’s like somebody ignores a fanfic author’s warnings about a fanfic containing clouds. The warning about clouds is in the summary, the tags and the very top of the fic itself. The cloud-hating reader reads the story despite having three warnings that the fic contains clouds. Then they flame the author to say what a hideous person they are to write about clouds.

Yeah. How’s that fair?

Here’s what usually happens with my dad. I’m using a recent real-life example.

Me: Dad, I’m having a really bad day. I might end up yelling at you because I can’t control my tone of voice or my emotions. I would prefer to avoid talking to anyone unless it’s extremely important.

Dad: Fine.


Dad: *Dings the ‘I need help’ desk bell on his TV tray.*

Me: *was hyperfocused, as I thought dad saying “fine” meant he was going to finally leave me alone for once*

Me: *hears bell ding again* Shit! *Gets up and runs in, wild-eyed and frantic* What?! What do you want?! *angry sounding voice*

Dad: What the hell? *Stares at me* What’s your problem?

Me: I told you. What do you want?

Dad: Don’t talk to me in that tone.

Me: Tell. Me. What. You. Want.

Dad: Why are you so mad at me?

Me: I’m not mad at YOU. I’m mad at ME. Now what do you want?

Dad: I just wanted to tell you that Bill Paxton died. Geez. You’re such a fucking baby.

Me: Dad, I warned you earlier that I have no control of my tone or my reactions right now.

Dad: You can control yourself, you just don’t want to.

Me: *Shrieking* NO, I CAN’T! 

Dad: What’s wrong with you? 

Me: *starts slapping my hands against my hips* I told you, I’m mad! I can’t talk right now! I can’t find words! You never listen to me!

Dad: Bullshit! *Yells* You can talk fine, now tell me what the fuck is wrong! You owe me an explanation.

Me: I don’t own you shit! I said I can’t talk! I can’t talk! I’m losing my words! *frantic hip slapping* I can’t talk!

Dad: You’re talking now. Stop being a baby and talk to me like a fucking adult. Why are you so mad at me?

Me: *No longer able to speak coherently, so I flee from his room and slam my door, taking advantage of his inability to get up and chase after me*

Me: *Barricades the door with two heavy bags, a chair and my body, and has a four hour self-injurious meltdown*

…and after all that, my dad still thinks I’m the one who was wrong. I wasn’t wrong. He was.

Here’s why:

  • I was highly aware of the state I was in.
  • I set a clear interaction boundary to protect myself and others from my emotional state. 
  • I gave a clear warning of what would happen if that interaction boundary was crossed for any reason outside of a dire emergency.
  • My dad ignored that boundary and got mad at me for having the exact reaction I said I would have if that boundary was ignored.

This is an emotional abuse tactic. It may get used often on people with communication difficulties. It’s not okay.

Welcome Home [M] - Min Yoongi

(Sorry, I’m posting this on my phone so it’s not turning out exactly how I want it to, but I’m managing. Enjoy!) 

Originally posted by yoongles

 Wind flowed peacefully through the open windows while you sat, anticipating your boyfriend’s arrival. He had been gone for the last three months, and you desperately wanted to see his flawless face once again. You felt deprived; of his touch, scent, lips, and everything in between. You had spent countless hours touching yourself to the thought of him every time you felt a strong desire towards your boyfriend who was countries away. You cuddled a body pillow each night to replace the warmth of him; but none of it compared. 

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…I hold my pencil further out when sketching or adding soft tones. The control is in my arm so creating lines that are more fluid feels easier. A majority of the time this is the way I hold a pencil, any area between the middle to the end. The closer my grip is to the point the control is in my finger tips instead. So I do details in that hand position(?)/write. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense. (’ ^ ’).

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips regarding writing john, jade, dirk, jane, or jake in pesterlogs?

The biggest tip I have for general pesterlog writing is to go find an actual canon pesterlog for whatever character(s) you’re going to write and read it, first. It REALLY helps with settling into the voice. Pesterlogs aren’t just specific quirks, it’s the way each character uses their quirk to change how their sentences flow and the kind of pool of vocabulary they each pull from. They each kinda have a different internet language. I use mspawiki’s links under the character portraits to quickly find conversations when I’m doing this cause it lets you quickly look up pesterlogs by act and characters involved.

other than that, for Dirk you have to remember that Dirk always wants to sound smart and capable and put together but his uncool nerdy side is constantly slipping through the cracks and undermining this goal. Also any time Dirk Strider has An Emotion Of Any Kind in a pesterlog he tries really hard to smooth it over with sarcasm or rambling joking (a lot like Dave but a little more self aware – Dave just lets himself drown in his own bullshit, Dirk is aware that he is about to drown and desperately looking for the ladder out.) And whenever he actually does snap at someone (he does it with Jake and Roxy sometimes off the top of my head – I seem to recall he’s generally more gentle with Jane overall) you can tell he always feels like immediate fried shit about it and even about being angry in the first place and all of his negative emotions are paired with like 18 flavors of guilt.

Jane is fun to write because she has a really nice, pleasant TONE to her pesterlog chat voice but she’s mad about half the time about something and is constantly struggling with like no I have to be cool I am collected and polite and in control versus WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NERD I’M TALKING TO RIGHT NOW EVEN SAYING/DOING??? She tries so hard to keep a tight lid on everything and the dichotomy between Jane’s actual emotions at any given time and the pleasant way she’s trying to force her expression of them are what make her pesterlogs so funny. Oh and obviously sometimes the bottle overflows and explodes. Also you have to remember Jane outwardly is very sure of her own intelligence and understanding of the world to the point where she often misses very obvious things because she feels she already knows what is going on and takes situations for granted. Something I’d write her as actively Working On post-canon (along with the bottling things up too much stuff.) 

And Jake, I think a lot of people struggle with or are intimidated by writing Jake because of his vocabulary quirk, but when I write Jake I just try to keep in mind who he IS, what persona he’s trying to perform as, because Jake in pesterlogs is always trying to put out whatever persona he thinks is most what the person he’s talking to wants to see. Some flavor of movie hero. What’s fun about Jake’s quirk is that he uses those old timey words/minced oaths in a way that like, makes it seem like he’s adverse to swearing (like, say, equius) but then he’ll just let fly a sentence with both a minced oath AND flagrant fucks or shits or what have you without a single care and it’s like BOY WHAT? lmfao god I love Jake. It REALLY helps to re-read some of his actual writing in canon. One thing I see a lot is that people just assign him British slang which isn’t quite right – if you want a more accurate vocab list to pull from for Jake look up like early 1900s American slang, it’s more the flavor. The other big thing with him is that you actually have to structure his sentences such that like, he doesn’t use punctuation a lot so he has this like long run on rambly tone punctuated with short clipped sentences, it gives him a really specific kind of manic barely controlled tone, which is VERY APPROPRIATE because Jake English is like five seconds from flying apart in every conversation. 

I’ve never written john or jade in a pesterlog so imma not expound on them but I hope this helps a little 💪

proudlyunicorn  asked:

9 karlenaaaaa

karlena, playing footsie

Kara doesn’t think she’s ever been arm candy before.

She says as much to Lena who laughs and leans across the back seat of the car, laying her hand lightly on Kara’s thigh.

“You aren’t arm candy, Kara,” she says. “I invited you because I need your intrepid reporting skills and quick wit to get me through this dinner.”

She flits her eyes from Kara’s face to her high-heeled feet, gaze lingering at the slope of her cleavage, at the lean flex of her calves, before smiling, coy and red-lipped. “It doesn’t hurt that you are an absolutely gorgeous date.”

Kara grins, tilting sideways in her seat, ducking her head to reach Lena across the suddenly vast distance of vinyl upholstery between them. She nuzzles into Lena’s neck, finding the floral perfume dabbed lightly at her jaw, mouths kisses along the hard line of Lena’s throat.

Lena eyes the partition that separates them from the driver before sighing softly, a light exhale falling from her parted lips. She tilts her head back, fingers tangling loosely in the hairs at the nape of Kara’s neck, careful not to muss the intricate braids that curl along the crown of Kara’s head.  

Kara, emboldened, nudges in harder, nipping teeth at Lena’s neck, one hand curling at her waist. Lena makes a small noise of surprise low in her throat, pulling back, fingers moving to splay at Kara’s jaw.

“No marks,” Lena says, tone controlled, even. But her eyes, dark-lashed and half-lidded, fix at Kara’s mouth. The quick tempo of her heartbeats, dampened by cloth and the distracting rush of city traffic, promise later, later, later.

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anonymous asked:

It has been pointed out to me several times that sometimes I use the "wrong tone" like I come across sounding mean/rude when I really really didn't mean to. Itaat? Or idk just me not having good control of my voice?

Yes, that is an autism thing. Many autistic people have difficulty with the tone or volume of our voices and may come across in unintended ways. 


What a Tease.

gif from: isophhia  gif source: x

(check out their posts bc they are a peaky blinders blog and have a lot of cool posts)

John Shelby x Reader

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Prompt: You are hired by the Shelby’s after impressing them. 

A/N: I will be releasing a part 2 that involves more reader and John stuff than this one. This is more of an introduction than anything with slight hints at John taking a liking to you. Hope you enjoy!

Smoke swirled about the room, topped with laughter and the strong scent of alcohol. The further into the night, the looser the lips in the room became. Louder and louder as more people packed in the later in the day it became. The front doors smacked against the wall as they entered and the room became slightly quieter, still loud with whispers. As the three entered the side room the bar crescendoed back into speaking and laughter. 

You wasted no time and walked behind the bar reaching for the top shelf placing three glasses and whiskey on a tray. You passed the men crowding around the bar stools towards the Shelby’s side room. The tray weighed down on your hand as you knocked with ease on the small door. A creak came from the door that was now opened slightly, inviting you in. Only one of them looked up at you as he took a large puff on the cigar in his hand. The other two continued talking not paying attention to you pouring the whiskey into the glasses. Silently listening to the conversation acting as if you were hearing nothing about their newest business plan, your eyes drift upwards from the drink making unwavering eye contact with the lighter haired Blinder. Usually you avoided doing this with guys, knowing it usually only leads to trouble. Maybe it was because you were yelled at by the boss today or that you had been groped by twice as many guys today but you didn’t break as you continued to pour drinks.

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Taking a bath with EXO (analysis)

Thank you for your request my love. ;-; <3

Just to be on the safe side: SLIGHT NSFW WARNING

Kris: Sensual, no doubt. Although Kris is relativity ‘eccentric’ in terms of sex, I don’t think full blown intercourse would transpire, but there is definitely an intensive level of intimacy. He’ll be especially touchy with you, hands coursing over your slicked skin not withholding in granting attention to all parts of your body; heightening the nerves over your body. He won’t say much aside from a few husky chuckles, while admiring you in this state. 

Kai: Hmm, more than likely, bathing with Jongin will be strikingly congruous to being with Kris. Jongin comes across as a sensual person to me, so this would be especially titillating. He may come across a bit modest/reserved initially, but once becoming immersed in the temperate water, his reticence will gradually dissipate. Soon, distance will alter into broiling temptation, as your body presses against his, kiss locked in while still encompassed within a soapy body of water. 

Suho: He’d be adorably bashful at first. You’d be the one who would come up with the idea, much to his initial perplexity. “R-really jagi? It’s not a bad idea! Just different.” He’ll agree indifferently only to find himself enjoying the sensation of sharing such closeness in an unexpected place. Most of your time with Suho would consistent of him pampering you, benignly offering to soap your body over, complimenting you throughout the process. 

Chen: This would be a mixture of placid and sprightly. “A bath huh babe? Well, not the weirdest thing you’ve asked me,” he’d snicker playfully. Jongdae would be able to get you to tend to him while he smirks promising to wash you next. When it’s your turn, he’ll groan aloud with reluctance profound in his tone, much to your befuddlement. “Nah~ This feels really nice jagi. Maybe next time. Or maybe you could continue on me? I really like your hands on me.” To which you would respond by playfully jabbing him. 

Sehun: One thing will eventually lead to another. At first, a bath with Sehun would commence in a lighthearted, jocular manner with your inner, puerile senses manifesting once you both enter the water. Playful water/bubble fights, while he comments on how competitive you can get with how much water there is on the floor. Once settled, Sehun will opt to observe you as you lather yourself in various soaps, becoming increasingly enticed. “Okay, I’m pretty turned on. Come sit here,” he’ll request, a controlling tone in his voice as he straightens himself, smirk evident awaiting your next move. 

Chanyeol: Ahhh, he’d probably be the most awkward of all the members initially. Inwardly, he’s wondering what he’s getting himself into with you, however, Chanyeol wouldn’t want that to become evident. “A bath? Ahhhh~” he would drone aloud, trying his best to conceal the lucid abashment. “You’re sure we’d both fit?!” At this point, he’s trying to start a humorous banter with you. And no, a bath with Yeollie would be incredibly innocent and not sexual in the slightest. It would be him huddled in a small corner, making misshapen figures with the bubbles. 

Lay: Another innocent instance in the scenario. Of all the members, Yixing would love this the most. I feel as though he would see this as very romantic and sentimental, gladly agreeing to your request without hesitation. His loving and affectionate side would show luminously while bathing with him. Your senses would heighten immensely as his gentle touch courses from the back of your neck, delicately outlining the shape of your back. “Mm, so perfect baobei,” he would murmur softly, beginning to dose your body in more soaps. 

Luhan: Bathing with Luhan would be most intimate. Lots of caressing, kissing, holding, etc. It wouldn’t get…overly sexual, but expect a ravenous Luhan to quite literally whisk you from the bathtub and into the bed afterwards. Like Yixing, Luhan would be enthralled with the idea of bathing with you, perhaps a little hesitant at first, but once a scented candle is illuminated along with scattered, crimson rose petals embellishing the effervescent water. 

Baekhyun: Instantly, you’d entice him with your request, as evidenced by the naughty glimmer flickering within his gaze. “Naughty girl~ Is the bed getting too boring for you now?” Despite the sexual implications he’s granting you, bathing with Baek would actually be incredibly playful and not at carnal. He’s going to tempt you into having a fight involving bubbles and water, probably managing to sneak in a small water gun, when you least expect it. 

Xiumin: Minseok is pretty nonchalant and wouldn’t think much of your request, willingly going along with you, even suggesting a specific type of soap to use or shampoo to use for your hair. “This one has a nice scent jagi. It has flower notes in it.” Of all the members, Minseok is the one that would be most diligent and attentive to actually bathing you, since he is assiduous when it comes to cleanliness. He’ll be sure to express his gratitude for bathing with him, solemnly. 

D.O: Kyungsoo would be pretty reluctant at first, seeing as this request has come up rather randomly. Caught off guard lucidly, he’d run it by you once more, contemplating the thought himself. Eventually, he’ll concur with you, prepared to pull out all the ‘sentimental’ cliches, such as the lowly light candles, the incenses, and flower petals scattered upon the bubbly surface. While humming a soft melody, you’ll feel his hands upon your shoulders, gently easing away any lingering tension. 

Tao: Interestingly, as opposed to you being pampered by Tao, your focus would be centralized primarily on him. At first, Tao wouldn’t be too keen on the idea, only to dip a hand into the tepid water, instantly re-thinking his thoughts. “Baobei~! More water on my back please?” he’d request in that diva like tone of his, relishing in the feel of the water. “We need to do this more often baobei! No! Not just for me…” 

~Hope you enjoyed my loves. <3


Stranded [M/F/A] - Mark Tuan

I loved this request and had to do it ASAP. Hope you enjoy your moodboard and imagine. (((:

You watched with careful eyes as your friend opened the door, allowing the men she invited to the week vacation you both planned together. You recognized a couple, but there was no time for introductions, given the fact that (F/N) was in a complete rush for a reason unbeknownst to you.

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You don’t own me part 10

Originally posted by iwantyoursexybaek


“Jealousy is a delicate topic, am I right?” His voice was soft as you felt his lips close to your ear.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m not jealous!”, you snapped. You were annoyed over you own childish behaviour. What could possibly be more indicating that you are jealous then saying you aren’t?!

Word count: 1837

Warnings: A little angst and slight mentions of domestic violence.

Author’s note: Mainly fluff :D Feel free to tell me your opinion and enjoy :)

♥♥♥ @httpwyf @vicassa @byunbunniess @i-am-a-death-dealer @jookyunhoe @byunshim @galaxy99love @holymolydrrad @imbaekhyunstrash @shesdreaminginoverdose @princess-ellaxo @baekmuffin @dont-hyuck @mynameissoonyoung-callmesoon ♥♥♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6 || part 7 || part 8 || part 9


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anonymous asked:

I've been told that my story has a magical/mystical/enchanted feel, but it's not really a conscious decision on my part. It works because my story is part of a world set apart from the normal human world, but every time I get told about how my writing makes someone feel, I'm just not exactly sure how I pulled it off. What are somethings that can give a person's writing that sort of feel so that I can I be more intentional about how my writing comes across?

Hello anon! It looks like you have a natural flair for tone! That’s great! 

There are a number of ways you can control tone.

1. Word Choice: Certain words tend to give off a certain idea, usually because of the connotations they have in society or past literature. For example, words like corpse, death, disaster, bloody, suggest violence and darkness. Royal, glimmer, mystical, moon, spirit, sword, suggest fantasy, and so on. Here is a pretty good post on power words. 

2. Tropes: Tropes are common themes and ideas that frequently appear within stories, and certain tropes are attributed to certain genres. Your story being set in a different world is the basis of most fiction like fantasy or sci-fi. Or mystical type tropes you see in fantasy is the inclusion of magic in the medieval-inspired worldbuilding. Try exploring TV Tropes sometime. Just because it’s fun. 

3. Setting: Again, being set in another world is a key element of fiction. If you want to include magic and technology that doesn’t exist in this world, the simple answer is to make up a new one, or create an alternate version of this world that includes those things. 

4. Voice: Your voice as a writer and the protagonist’s voice as the main character affect the way the story is told. If you character is serious, then everything they say will sound a little more serious. If they are funny, they might make a joke of things and lighten even grim occasions just a bit. Likewise, you as a writer may use a sarcastic or colloquial tone that makes your story more contemporary, or you could use lots of descriptive and poetic language to make it a little more whimsical.

A few additional tips:

- If you are aiming for a certain tone and are not sure how to achieve it, study it. If you want to write a sad scene, think of a book that has made you cry or feel very sad before, and then re-read that scene and figure out what it is about that scene that achieved that effect. Were the characters realistically heartbroken? Was it the words that were used? Was is the way it fit into the plot?

- When you are not sure how a scene feels, have someone read it without telling them what you were going for, and then see how they thought it felt. If it didn’t have the desired effect, ask what you can do to make it more {insert whatever emotion or vibe here} or what kicked them out of that feeling. 

Sounds like you’ve got a natural skill going already, but I’m glad you want to hone it! Have fun!


No Way

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Word count: 415

Part 2 of Twins

The entire time that you watched your twin and the shaggy haired man, you were shaking. You had no idea what was going on! And before you knew it, they were moving towards you. All you could do was look at them, terrified.

“We won’t hurt you.” He said gently, seeing your eyes water. “I’m Sam, this is Y/T/N.” He added, distracting you while your twin freed your hands.

Instantly, your hands ripped the gag from your mouth. You were gasping for air as you worked on untying your feet. “I don’t know what the hell is going on, but you people are insane.” You were backing up towards the door, bumping into another warm body, causing you to scream.

“No way…” He breathed as you turned around. “Look at that, Sammy. You get to keep two of them away from scumbags.” He smirked, glancing at you. “Hey, kid. I’m Dean.”

Your eyes looked between the three of them, and you had nowhere to run. “Look, I don’t know who those people were, or what they wanted. I just want to go home!”

Your twin stepped forward. “I doubt you have one to go home to.” She told you sadly.


Sam gave you a sad smile. “Were you taken from your home?” He asked, and you nodded. “Who else was home?”

Your mind was racing. “Uh… My parents, my younger brother…” Your face paled. “Phone.” seeing their faces you held out your hand. “Someone give me a goddamn phone!” Sam was the one who gave you his phone, a curious look on his face. Quickly, you dialed the number you needed and started pacing. “Come on, come on…. Pick up!” Starting to panic, you leaned against the wall and slid down a bit. “Zach! Please, please tell me that no one has come asking for me, or trying to see Xander.”

Sam raised an eyebrow as your forehead went to your knees, listening to whoever Zach was. The three of them went between watching you and watching out the door. While they assumed they had gotten them all, they couldn’t be too careful.

Your voice made them stare at you with wide eyes with it getting a bit angry. “Damn it, Zach! He’s my son, and if I want to question things while he’s with you, I will. Don’t start with me. I will be by to pick him up soon.” It was obvious that you were trying to control your tone with him.

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