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BTS Jungkook’s popularity completely overshadows how much V has to offer. I honestly think that V’s range, tone, and control are all better than Jungkook’s. And why is he never included as part of the BTS Dance Line? He’s an awesome dancer and he slays their choreography every time. Literally everything he does is flawless. I worry sometimes that people choose other members over V just because V likes to make weird faces and be goofy instead of looking conventionally attractive all the time.

Tips to Become a Better Musician!

-practice at least half an hour a day (but you should practice more)

-keep distractions far away from you

-take good care of your instrument and maintain it regularly

-drink more orange juice. 

-listen to a lot of music. Silly, but it helps!

-do more theory

-willingly enter a contract to give up your firstborn to a strange magical troll creature of unknown species and genus in exchange for superior tone quality, breath control, and technical facility

- do breathing exercises before you go to bed


Moral Orel and Working the Camera: How filmakers use camera angles, lighting and staging to control the tone of a scene.

So a while back in my Screen Design class our professor went over an important lecture that forever changed my view about film and storytelling. I knew this somehow subconsciously, but it was finally put into simple words. How you set up a shot will automatically give the audience a perception of the mood, and it’s surprisingly formulaic! Even though it’s a formula that you can use to create many beautiful shots. If you’ve already been studying film this comes as no surprise to you, but I know many of my followers and friends who have not had the resources to study film but want to do comics and learn visual storytelling might find this cool. There are great books I would recommend on a later date for those people to read, but today I want to talk about the camera and its use in storytelling.  Each of these images has a little blurb about me rambling about the set up of a shot.

 I love studying stop motion animation. It combines the things I love about live action film with the things I love about animation. In live action film, everything you have to work with is something that already exists in physical space - the lighting is from a real light source, lights, sun, and the physical camera (even though you can and often do many more camera movements during the compilation process.) But in a stop motion cartoon, it is entirely fabricated objects being shot and manipulated to move, just like in animation, where everything in the process is made from scratch. 

Moral Orel is a show famous for its extreme shift in tone from the end of season 2 onto season 3 - starting off as a lowbrow comedy and shifting into a heavy character driven drama. And you can bet that the camera has a lot to do with that!
Looking back on season 1, my film theory professor was right - there are a lot more “flat” shots than in seasons 2 and 3, and the entirety of the Nature episodes were shot as traditionally like a drama as possible. 

So if you are experimenting with visual storytelling, I have made a quick and handy guide for you to keep in mind! Hopefully my examples work even without the context of the series.

Keep in mind everything I am saying here does not apply to all films ever made and you can certainty break rules but experimenting with these techniques can lead to great shot choices.

Love when there are “how to tell if someone is lying/manipulating you” posts on my dash and 90% of them are things I do as an autistic person

Stuff like not making eye contact, wringing my hands, having a closed-off posture, having to control the tone of my voice, preferring to talk over the Internet… The whole damn list is just a huge presumption that if you don’t act “normal” then you’re lying

Like… Buddy. My whole childhood I got in trouble for things I didn’t do because I couldn’t make eye contact and I laughed at inappropriate times because that’s how my body decided to deal with fear. It wasn’t the greatest tbh

Although can we have a thing where a ~great detective~ accuses someone of being a murderer based on body language during an interrogation and then they’re like “I’m autistic, you fuck. This is just what I do! …Nice work being ableist and letting the real killer get away btw”

ELEKIT Hifi Hybrid Amplifier

[Product]  Vacuum tube hybrid stereo amplifier
[Design]  Koichi Futatsumata / CASE-REAL
[Manufacturer]  EK JAPAN
[Circuit components]  Tone control stage / Tubes (2x 6SN7GT), Power amplifier stage / Semiconductors (IC)
[Rated output power]  10 + 10 Watts
[Rated powe consumption] 38W
[Rated Power source]  100V AC  50-60Hz
[Input / sensitivity]  Rear RCA jacks / 560mV (For component type player), Side mini phone jack / 180mV (For portable music player)
[Frequency response]  5Hz - 50kHz (-3dB)
[Dimensions]  W265 x H103 x D151 (millimeters, including projections)
[Body Weight]  2.6kg
[Special feature] Automatic sleep mode (at no input signal)

Photo by Hiroshi Mizusaki

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send my muse flowers!

the bouquet is a mess. everything about it screams tony; from the horrible colour coordination to the types of flowers & their conflicting scents, the bouquet is a clear floral manifestation of him. 

what’s this for ? forgive him for being so taken aback by tony’s random act of kindness; what he perceives to be random, anyway.  this is… something. um, thank you.  he pulls out a flower; a vibrant red rose, & hands it over with a warm, but slightly crooked smile.  here you go. ❜ 

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A preference on how they would react when the reader would give them a secret handjob under the dinner table when everyone is eating? Some reactions would be priceless 😂

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS I AM SO DOWN FOR THIS 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 (OMG IMAGINE THEM JUST LIKE TRYING TO CONTAIN THEM SELF AND KEEP QUIET OMG! Even better imagine when someone asks them something and they have to control their tone and face 😏😏YES)

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❝ Call me One Direction ‘cause my relevancy is dropping by the day. ❞

game grumps memes. / accepting.

❛ … your name is jane. there’s four directions, technically eight. why would i call you that ? i think you’re very much relevant. he’s really, really not catching on. ❛ is someone giving you a hard time ?

BTS reaction to singing their songs badly

Of course, here’s your reaction 

Jin would probably try and distract you before you asked if you were any good or sing another one. He wouldn’t want to make you feel bad about your voice, and when you sing again he may try and sing along with you and secretly give you a hand with your control and tone. 

Suga would probably be working on his own music when he heard you singing his older songs. He would know that you are self conscious about your voice, and if he felt like you were getting down about it he would jump around to cheer you up and sing a lot worse and with less care than you were. 

J-hope would probably hear you singing from the other room and run in excitedly. He wouldn’t care too much about the way you sound, and would join you by dancing their choreography, adding a few adlibs and cheers from the background so you continue. 

Namjoon would listen to what you were singing by the door, and when he saw you get frustrated he would walk over and stop the karaoke videos, and sit down with you. He would go through all the other things that you were good at to bring your confidence back, and tell you that if you really want to sing, he would find someone in BigHit to train your voice. If singing ended up not being your thing, you can bet he would try and teach you some of his rap skills. 

Jimin would probably sit down next to you and listen to your voice, jumping in every so often to help you find the right key. He would be very patient with you and would gently squeeze your leg as a form of support whenever he noticed you were getting stressed or disheartened about it. Jimin would take the time to teach you, and then encourage you to keep trying. 

V would listen to you singing all the high notes that Jungkook and Jimin had sung in their songs, listening you struggle with them. If you called him over and ask for his help, he would attempt to give you a hand. However V has a deep range, so when he attempted and failed, he understood your pain, looking like this every time you and him try to get the note in Let Me Know. 

Jungkook would join in your singing almost immediately, adding a few adlibs here and there, as well as high notes. He wouldn’t notice you quietening down, as he would be enjoying himself too much, hitting all the high notes perfectly, with little effort. 

 Don’t show emotion if it isn’t positive and respectful. Don’t close the cabinet with any force. Set the glass down gently. Don’t sound angry. If you can’t control your tone don’t say anything. Don’t do anything that could make it worse.

 Smile, but do not clench your teeth; it’s visible. Keep control of your facial expressions. Do not look them in the eye, you can’t hide the emotions there. Bite your tongue until it bleeds if you have to but don’t make it worse.  

‘And by the way, Alloran, thanks for standing up for Ax. And all of us.’

Alloran turned his main eyes to me. He gave me a strange look. ❮I never hoped to be free again. You freed me. I have done what I have done in my life. I am what I am, though I may have gained at least some wisdom through the years of enslavement to Visser One. Just the same, I will always be Alloran, the Butcher of Hork-Bajir. Alloran, the only Andalite to be taken alive by the Yeerks. But, disgraced, even despised, for whatever I am worth, I am yours to command.❯

The speech was delivered in a low thought-speak tone, all emotion severely controlled. But then Alloran whipped his tail blade over his head, so fast it cracked like a whip. He smiled the subtle Andalite smile and yelled, ❮Do you know who did that? Do you know who moved my tail? I did. I did. I did it.❯

I smiled, but more for him than for me. If he would forever be the Butcher of Hork-Bajir, what would my name be?

—  Book #54: The Beginning, pg. 56 (by K.A. Applegate)

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Can you do 86 please??? Any character 😀

So this is basically what happens if, in Cabinet Battle #1, Washington hadn’t stepped in to break Tjeffs and Alex apart when they stormed towards each other.
Thanks for the request, it’s under the cut!

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Betrayed- Part 12 (D.O)

Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

Your eyes locked onto Sehun’s and you felt a tsunami of emotions hit you, and rush through you. You didn’t know if you wanted to run to him and hug you, or punch him in the face until your knuckles split and bled, but judging by the way your fist twitched, you were leaning for the latter.

“What are you doing here?” you asked him, trying to control your tone. He flinched at your tone, and suddenly he realized this was probably not a good idea.

Sehun walked past Kyungsoo who had been leaning against the doorframe, looking down at his feet, and stood in front of you. He took a deep breath, before bringing his eyes up to you.

“I want to apologize, for everything I have done. And… I don’t really know. I heard that you were in hospital and I was worried… I just don’t know where to start Y/N. I know I am an asshole, and you don’t want to see me again, and that I don’t deserve you, or your forgiveness, or anything really, but I still… I still have feelings for you.” He started, choking on his own words from the nervousness that now ran through his whole body.

You shook your head, you wanted to hate the boy, you wanted to, but at the end of the day, you just couldn’t. Perhaps it was because the memories of all those good moments you had shared together were still present in your mind, the moments you cried into his arms, or when you fell asleep with your face against his chest, and your hand holding onto him tightly, and you couldn’t resent him. Or perhaps it was, because deep down you knew, that at the end of the day Oh Sehun was still a child, who didn’t know what he wanted, what he was doing, and just needed a kick to learn.

“Sorry isn’t enough Sehun….” You told him, giving him a weak smile. Sehun felt a pang of pain shoot through his chest, and although he had been expecting this, it still hurt more than he could have imagined.

“I know it isn’t… I know I will never be able to make it up to you. I know. I know I am not worthy of you. I know I am selfish, and stupid, and I made the biggest mistake of my life, and I couldn’t possibly regret it more than I do but Y/N I still love you… I love you Y/N.” Sehun cried, looking at you in the eyes, and you pitied him.

Part of you wanted to run over to him, and bring his head to your chest and comfort him, because the idea of him in pain still tortured you, but he had to learn. You couldn’t always give into all of his wishes, especially not now.

“Sehun… I know you think this is love, and it might be for you, but the day you genuinely fall in love with someone, you will understand how wrong you were about today. I am something you know, something that is comfortable and comforting. You don’t want to go out there and meet someone else, because perhaps they don’t know how to make your pancakes, or cuddle you the way you like, but when you meet the right person, none of that will matter, because she will be the one. And you will know it.” You started, taking a step closer towards him, and cupping his face in your small hands, and looking at him sweetly.

You loved Sehun, you really did, but you were not in love with him anymore, you had moved on.

“But I do love you Y/N….” He cried, a tear falling down his face.

“No Sehun, you think you do. But you don’t hurt the ones you love. You don’t cheat when you have the love of your life at home. You will find her Sehun, and she will teach you how to love, don’t worry about it. But please try to move on, so we can be friends, okay? I still love you, but I am no longer in love with you Sehunnie…. I’m sorry…” You admitted, your eyes shifting slightly towards Kyungsoo’s direction. Sehun understood, and gently removed your hand from his face, and held it in his own hand. He squeezed it tightly.

“You are in love with Kyungsoo…” He spoke. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. You nodded, a shy smile tugging at the corners of your lips.

Sehun smiled, although he was in pain, because he knew this would happen. Ever since you and Kyungsoo met, he could see the connection between the two of you was different to anything you shared with him. He could see how comfortable you were with each other, how you moved in synchrony, and you seemed to glow whenever you were with him, even though you never did anything that could be considered suspicious or odd. You were made for each other, and he could see it. He could also see the way Kyungsoo looked at you like you were the most amazing thing that had happened to him in his whole lifetime, like you were the perfect starry night, like you were the warmth of fire in the cold chilly winter air.

“I wish you the best of luck Y/N… I know Kyugnsoo will never hurt you. I hope one day you can forgive me, and we can at least be friends… You will always hold a special place in my heart… I’m sorry for hurting you.” Sehun told you, with a warm smile, as he leaned forward, and brushed his lips against your cheek gently.

“I forgave you a long time ago Sehun…” You whispered back, as he pulled away, and turned towards Kyungsoo to give him a polite nod of the head. He smiled at the older boy, before walking past him to exit the apartment.

Kyungsoo couldn’t restrain his smile as he looked at you, his cheeks flushing red, and his eyes sparkling. Had you just admitted to loving him? Had you just confessed you were IN LOVE with him? This must be a dream. He was dreaming.

Kyungsoo pinched the inside of his arm subtly. It hurt. This was reality. He gave you a shy smile, as he walked towards you. He didn’t know what to say, or what to do. He had never imagined this situation would ever unfold. He never thought this relationship would become anything more than merely platonic. And here he was now, in front of the girl he love with all of his heart, after having heard her admit she loved him back.

“Y/N…” Kyungsoo started, rubbing the back of his neck. Singing in front of thousands of people, at the risk of messing up the choreo, or going off tune, didn’t compare to how nervous this situation made him.

You smiled at him, before standing up on your tip toes, and grabbing his face between your hands, before crashing your lips onto him. Kyungsoo’s  eyes widened the moment he felt your soft, warm, plump lips on his, but he immediately melted into the kiss, and wrapped his arms around you tightly, bringing him closer to you.

He deepened the kiss, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he couldn’t stop thinking this scene had just played out like something straight out of a romantic movie.

“I love you Kyungsoo.” You confessed, once again, as you pulled away, gasping for air. Kyungsoo’s lips formed into a wide smile.

“I love you Y/N.” He told you, his heart expanding in his chest to the point it almost hurt. He could feel a happiness bubble grow inside him, pressing against his ribs.

You brought him back for a kiss, as your lips hungrily ravished his. He tasted better than you had imagined, and he kissed even better than that. Who would have imagined how wonderful those heart shaped lips could be.

You felt heat course through your body, as you grabbed onto his shirt, and pulled him down onto the floor. Kyungsoo looked at you a little confused, until he understood what was going on. You kissed his neck, leaving soft bites here and there, as you straddled him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked you, his eyes scanning your face, but his hands were tightly secured around your waist. You nodded, before pulling on the hem of his shirt. He understood, and pulled it off him, before throwing it at the floor.

Your hands travelled down his toned chest, and found the buckle of his belt. You quickly undid it, and let that too drop to the floor, as you continued to kiss his plump lips. He moaned into your mouth, the ripples of his voice vibrating against your lips. You felt yourself heat up immediately. Your whole body reacted to his in a way it had never done before, not even with Sehun.

Kyungsoo’s hands pulled your dress over your head, and threw it somewhere in your room. They then began to roam around your body, caressing every inch of naked skin they could find, sending shivers down your spine, and raising goosebumps on your arms and thighs. It was your turn to moan into his mouth, as your eyes fluttered shut from the overwhelming sensation of pleasure.

You couldn’t believe you were doing this, at this moment, with the man who had once been your best friend, and was now the man you loved. His hands travelled to the hook of your bra, and swiftly undid it, removing the material from your body with astounding elegance.

“You’re beautiful….” He whispered wonderingly, as his eyes raked through your body, and then landed on your own eyes. You could see not just the lust in his look, but also the love and adoration, and for the first time, you felt completely safe, and fulfilled.

“Just kiss me, stupid.” You told him, slightly embarrassed from being so exposed, although he had already seen you naked before, this time was different. You were opening your heart to him, it was your soul that was bare, not just your body.

He complied eagerly, and took your lips in his, as his thumbs toyed with the band of your underwear. You could feel him grow inside his jeans, and decided to give him some relief, by unbuttoning his trousers, and pulling them gently down his legs, along with his boxers. He hissed at the sudden contact with cold air, but you were far too distracted by him to notice. Man, that boy really was hiding something.

You smirked at him, as you placed yourself over his lap again, and began moving your hips against him. He moaned, with his hands wrapped tightly around your waist. His fingers were turning white from the pressure, and you were sure you’d have bruises there by tomorrow, but you didn’t care. You were feeling him against you and that was all you could ask for.

“Please…” he begged, his thumbs now pulling on your underwear, as he stared into your eyes. You wanted to tease him, to deny him what he wanted a little longer, just to drive him wild, but then he bit those glorious lips of his, and you couldn’t help yourself. You nodded, and very quickly, he pulled the undergarment off from you, tossing it aside.

You were about to lower yourself onto him, when he shook his head, and gently flipped you over, so you were on your back, on the floor. He smiled at you cheekily, before spreading your legs with the help of his knee, and positioning himself between them. He waited.

“Kyungsoo, don’t be a tease…” You moaned, as you bucked your hips upwards, rubbing him slightly. His eyes fluttered shut, and he bit his lip harshly, but he smiled.

“I just want to make sure this is what you want to do.” He told you, before sheathing himself inside you. You gasped at the sudden feeling, but soon you grew accustomed to him, and the pleasure overthrew the surprise you felt.

He began moving gently, savoring each thrust and the pleasure that it brought to him, but most of all, he loved the way he was making you feel, he loved the expressions you pulled, the sounds you made, and the way you bit your lip in embarrassment when you got too loud.

He hit you in all the right places, building up the pleasure to a point you didn’t even know existed. You felt yourself writhing and squirming underneath him, as you felt yourself reaching your end. His thrusts deepened, pushing your pelvis down onto the ground, as his hands slid from the secure hold he had on your hips, to your hands, and then pulled them so they were resting on the floor beside your head. He laced his fingers with them, and then kissed you gently.

He bit your neck gently, and the sucked on it, leaving a small mark, and you loved it. You loved the feeling of being beneath him, of feeling his arms around you, his skin on yours, and you loved watching the small beads of sweat sliding down his toned chest.

His thrusts became harder and sloppier, and you knew he was close. The sole notion of it brought you closer to your end, your toes began to curl, your back raised from the ground, as your moans became louder and louder.

You scratched his back, leaving large red marks on it, as stars began to shine in your eyes, and the pressure in your lower abdomen expanded.

With one last thrust, he climaxed just after you, and rode his high out, panting deeply. He pulled out of you with a hiss, and embarrassingly looked away, with a shy smile on his face.

“That was… amazing Soo.” You told him with a deep sigh of pure bliss parting your words. He turned to look at you, his cheeks flushed but his smile bright.

“Really?” He asked you, hopeful. You nodded.

“Really… And… if you don’t mind, I would like to share a whole lifetime of doing this with you…” You awkwardly told him, brushing hair off his face as you sat up. He grinned.

“Does this mean you will agree to be my girlfriend?” He asked you, his large eyes full of pleas. You nodded again.

“It means I agree to be yours forever Soo. You are my one and only.” You told him, bringing his forehead down to yours, and smiling warmly as he enveloped you in a tight hug.

Kyungsoo felt his heart beat faster than ever before, but at the same time, he felt at peace. His dreams were finally coming true, and it had nothing to do with you lying beside him, completely naked, with your head on his chest, and a pleased smile on your lips, but with the fact that you had agreed to be  with him for the rest of your life. You were his, finally his.

“I love you Kyungsoo…” you whispered against his chest, as you snuggled closer to him, while he covered both your bodies with the blankets. He smiled, and kissed the top of your head.

“And I love you my baby…” He whispered at you, watching how your eyes fluttered shut from the exhaustion. This was probably what Heaven felt like, and honestly, he wouldn’t mind dying if it meant he could wake up with you in his arms every day. He couldn’t imagine feeling any happier.

Until the day he watched you walk down the aisle, with your cheeks blushing a gorgeous peachy rose, and your skin glowing in the delicate snow white dress, and the brightest smile you had ever seen plastered on your face. He only then realized, how lucky he was to have met someone as wonderful as you, and after that day, he would be able to call you his forever.

And so he did. You lived the rest of your days with Kyungsoo, holding onto his hand, gazing at the stars together, watching him cook as you happily read him a chapter of the newest book you had acquired… Life was great, having Kyungsoo beside you was great, and honestly, despite the fact that you had always dreaded growing old, you realized you wouldn’t mind it, as long as it was Kyungsoo who turned old and wrinkly with you, because you knew he would love and cherish each and every one of your wrinkles and white hairs, and you couldn’t wait.