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Skyrim leather journal…

Full leather bound blank book is in 8" x 10" (26 x 20 cm) size and thickness around 3 inches (8 cm). Leather is hand toned and aged in dark brown color tone. The front cover plate has specially made map, surrounded with embossed frame and handmade brass corners. Central detail, Skyrim symbol has hand carved from thick leather and hardener with special bookbinder mixtures. The book block has 350 leaves (700 pages) of special, thicker, cream toned vintage paper type in 100 gsm paper weight. Paper edges are gilded and aged.

I just love Iron Bull and Vivienne’s relationship so much. She teases him and gets this giant, violent qunari completely flustered. He knows she’s messing with him, he’s been trained by the best spies and manipulators in the business and he still can’t stand up to her. 

Thank you darling! 

But at the same time she genuinely cares for and appreciates him. Her teasing is never cruel and her criticism is never harsh. She wants to keep him safe and look out for him. 

You do so much to protect us, if there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know. 

She wants to introduce him to court, get him involved in the game at Orlais. She genuinely thinks he’d do well there. She teaches him to dance and plans to dress him up to fit in the court, but never in a way to embarrass him. It’s not sticking an oxman in a frilly ruff to amuse herself, it’s designing an outfit that makes use of his best traits.  

Every woman will want you. Every man will want to be you. 

It’s her world, her court, and she wants to bring him into it. I can’t think of any higher compliment from Madam de Fer than to have her think that with just a little polish – never to rewrite your personality – you could succeed in playing the Game. 

Vivienne has a great heart under the ice and she shows it in her own way. She calls everyone ‘darling’ but the way she uses it with Bull, she genuinely means it. 

I just…their relationship is so good??? It gives me the heart feels??? It’s so sweet and caring and I just ffffffff


people speaking in “talon of the hawk” by the front bottoms

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The grand enchanter of the troubled Circle of Magi during the explosion at the Temple of Sacred Ashes is the only Warden on record who was actually able to reverse the effects of her Joining - an apparent production of an expedition to retrieve Warden-Commander Bregan from the Deep Roads in 9:10 Dragon. The fiery elven mage was present at the White Spire conflict and, before the violence, preached for mage independence, even going so far as to controversially proclaim, “fuck the Divine.” 

Mahalen Lavellan Things: being a loner dalish boy

Hal is 100% aware of the elf struggle, but because he didn’t fit in with his clan and isolated himself, he kind of… forced himself to think positively about his situation. So he thinks very highly of himself to make up for the actual love & praise he never got. while he lived with the dalish, he always used to think about how great the elven empire must have been - how much splendor & riches the elven people had. So as inquisitor, he knows the Orlesian court sucks and they’re prejudiced, but he loves being surrounded by the grandeur of it and being able to live refined & interact with the rich because he feels like he always deserved this. he feels like Important Lord Lavellan of the elven people, as if this is what it’s like to be an ancient elf, powerful and dressed in finery and not fearing for his life in the woods. this is why he gets along with the nobles - not because he wants to forget about the elves, but because he wants to be what they ought to be (in his opinion). equal to humans.


Rainbow Skintone Set

Created for: The Sims 4

A new set of skintones for you. I created these skintones to fit my upcoming mermaid costume (see recommended items tab). 9 new tones. Works for all ages and gender but since they are specifically created to fit females teen to elder the outcome may vary.


Serena     (on the phone) Hello? Is that the writing team? What part of  'I need some romance, today’ are you struggling to script? … Hello? *lowers phone in despair*

Bernie       Sex drive been howling or pining? Any promising whiff of hot or scorching new interns?

Serena       *harrumphs* Define ‘promising’.

Bernie       *casts a cursory look over the scene, and adopts a stern, yet ever-so-slightly amused, tone* Oh dear! Middle-aged female character bed-death may have descended.

Serena       Sounds bad. *grimaces*

Bernie       Tis, if you ever want your heart to beat faster again.

Serena       Funny, you don’t look like the sodding hacks. Well, apart from that strange contraption you have there. 'Gaydar beam, ’ eh?

Bernie       Oh, I’m not a writer; *laughs saucily* I’m your new love interest. *extends a perfect, elegant hand, with telltale shortly-clipped fingernails. Serena’s normally so observant of the finer details of grooming. How could she have missed this, not registered what it might mean?*

Serena       Ah, you must be Berenice Wolfe! Serena Campbell. *gives off frantic, yet unconscious, eyebrow action while shaking hands … now glancing down and gesturing hastily at the peculiar gun-like gadget poised between Bernie’s fingers. Oh, those fingers!* … I think you’re meant to point it.

Bernie       No, ha ha … I’ve had this old thing for two years. The writers made me take it when I left the Dr Who set. So I tore up every dress I had, just started wearing trench coats and skinny jeans, and cultivating a hoarse, adorably dorky manner. No idea how this thing works, *peering at the gun* … but I thought I’d keep it as a symbol … of my sapphic appeal, my future queer icon status. *looks skywards, in mock innocence*

Serena       As seduction tools go, it’s a bit pants  - you know, stuck on 'Yes of course you are, Bernie,’ as it is. Set it to 'Slay the straight girl’, however, and who knows what could happen …?

Bernie       Ooh, now that would go really nicely with some lingering looks and killer smiles *wistful grin, and the first of innumerable, highly gif-able hair swishes*

Serena       Oh dear, those writers are clearly going to sacrifice all vestiges of heterosexuality.

Bernie       Ha, I wish you’d tell them to hurry up about it!