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I saw some logo mashups for other ships going around but didn’t see one for ColdAtom so I made one out of spite because I felt inspired. :D

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what non-muslims can do to protect muslims tomorrow: 9/11 edition

if you are from the NYC area, this is what you can do:

  1. If anyone at work starts a discourse about 9/11, tell them you wish the nation would work tangibly harder (and not just theoretically) to protect the lives of muslims. 
  2. If anyone at work starts talking about their fear of “another terrorist attack,” tell them you’re afraid the KKK doesn’t slaughter black people today. 
  3. If anyone on the street is harassing a muslim, especially a visibly covered muslim, tell them to fuck off. do not call the police because the police do not try to protect muslims (call 911 if it is life threatening, though). ask the muslim if they are okay. 
  4. give up your seat on the MTA World Trade Center bound trains for muslims. it is scary to stand because we don’t know who can hurt us from behind or from the sides. 
  5. be so fucking polite, please. 

anywhere else, 

  1. if they are being harassed, provoked, or look like they are in danger – get involved. call 9/11 if it appears life threatening. VIDEO IT. 
  2. if they are being ridiculed or treated poorly at work, ask them if they would like a cup of coffee. tea. if they need a ride home. 
  3. if cops are harassing muslims, take a picture of their face. take a picture of anything visible regarding their badge number or name. 

BROTHERS AND SIS – MUSLIMS: please feel free to add to this. PLEASE LET THIS GET AROUND. 

yall want to help? we are telling you how.