the tomorrow man

mirrorfalls  asked:

Could you, ah... please explain why everyone adores Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow so much? I've tried to get into it over and over but I just can't. It... it just feels like a big Silver Age trivia checklist stretched over 44 pages of Superman utterly failing at everything (even at winning), and it doesn't even try to mine that for introspection like The Killing Joke did (or tried to do).

Personally I love it, though as a funeral dirge for the version of Superman Moore grew up with that’s informed heavily by both the tone of those comics and how this violates him, and Moore’s bitterness and melancholy over this guy being thrown away right around when he himself was exiting the mainstream in disgust. Even outside that though I think it works as a big human story in the same way as a lot of the best Superman stuff, except rather than death standing for actual death in the same way as in All-Star, by the end it’s more a metaphor for encroaching middle age and obsolescence as Clark’s forced to come to terms with life as he’s always known it up to this point coming to a close.


Without light, there would be no darkness.
                     Without you, there is no meaning.