the tomb of tutankhamen

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There's a kid in my world cultures class who made a rap for the class called "Crank That Tutankhamen" and it goes exactly how you think (Tutankhamen in this tomb, lots of shabtis in this room) and my teacher won't stop playing it i want to die

sounds like fire tbh

I always knew that Tutankhamen was buried in a lesser tomb not truly fit for a Pharaoh and I’d never rally bothered me I didn’t think it was right but it in no way bothered me till I watched TUT and you know you get attached to character even though most of the show was not historically accurate watching everything he went through to see Ay cry while on Tuts deathbed only to burry him in a small meaningless tomb. Listening to Tut worry about his legacy and what did he really do to be remembered only to have it all be squashed and be buried like a commoner. As a fan of the mini series it really crushed me. I try to tell myself that it’s a good thing because what tomb raider would choose a commoners tomb over a pharaohs so maybe being put in a lesser tomb is what help hide his history, so I guess when it comes down to it by Ay putting him in the lesser tomb hoping to make him disappear and be forgotten from history he ended up making him the most well know house hold Egyptian right next to Cleopatra. But it still kills me that after everything he did that to him.