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Cooking with Avengers
  • Tony: Hey, Peter, pass me the pan
A few reasons why Voldemort was clearly gay for Snape
  • Everyone in Voldemort inner circle distrusted Snape, but Voldemort still kept him by his side even though he’d kill others just because they dared worry about him
  • Bellatrix was extremely devoted to Voldemort and yet, he basically had Snape as his Right Hand Man
  • Voldemort was patient with Snape
  • No matter how many people Voldemort had around him, he’d always call for Snape
  • Snape asked Voldemort not to kill Lily - a muggleborn - and Voldemort actually agreed to spare her life. He told her she didn’t have to die - again, because of Snape - and only killed her when she refused to get out of his way. 
  • He actually looked hurt when he killed Snape

voteroberts: In honor of now being released everywhere in the world, I’m going to keep posting behind the scenes photos but I’m also going to start putting out some of the more fun moments of us having fun. This one belongs to @twhiddleston and @eugcordero. Everyone was up to their waists in freezing cold water for an entire week to shoot the final battle. Moments like this are how we got through it.

Cover for Batman #25 (DC Rebirth 2017) part of “The War of Jokes and Riddles” story arc

It’s the flashback tale of the Dark Knight facing The Joker and The Riddler who are in war after the events of ‘Zero Year

written by Tom King
art and cover by Mikel Janin

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Imagine Toms expression when you get a dirty joke after a long time!

You and Tom had an interview for the upcoming movie Thor Ragnorok.

INTERVIEWER: So y/n! Tell me what do you like about Loki?

YOU: I really like his staff! If Loki never had the staff, I wouldn’t of fell in love with him.

TOM: That’s not the actual reason why she falls in love with Loki!

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean?

(You stare at Tom waiting for an answer)

TOM: fun fact! Loki actually has 2 staffs! (Tom starts heckling)

INTERVIEWER: is that… like an inside joke or something?

(Tom just stares at you for a reaction)

YOU: I don’t get it!

~~~5 minutes later during the interview~~~


(Toms gif)

YOU: Can I say a cuss word?


YOU: Tom you dirty bastard!

TOM: You’re are soooo late!!!

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