the tom and jerry otp

the signs as iconic markhyuck quotes
  • aries: "we have a fantasy-like relationship"
  • taurus: "haechan-ah, isn't that my shirt?"
  • gemini: "mark hyung, you should be glad we're not the same age~"
  • cancer: "honestly haechan treats me well"
  • leo: "mark hyung has this really cute face"
  • virgo: "i want to be haechan for a day. he always exceeds my upmost imagination"
  • libra: "he [haechan] is always following me!"
  • scorpio: "i, haechan, thought 'is he really older than me?' when mark hyung couldn't even cook rice"
  • sagittarius: "i want to receive a kiss from mark hyung!"
  • capricon: "i've been to a lot of places before, but i've never met anyone like haechan"
  • aquarius: "insects are insects, but i'm actually scared of humans. especially haechan"
  • pisces: "you [mark] like me too much!"

Look. Yes markhyuck always tease each other, yes donghyuck literally lives for roasting mark’s ass and mark looks like he just wanna punch donghyuck in the face but! They also have those soft moments when they cuddle on couch and watch tv, when they caress each other’s hair while cuddling in bed before falling asleep, when they make little surprises to each other. They are like tom and jerry but they also have their romeo and juliet like moments too. They do have those moments don’t argue me about it i swear to god.

honestly donghyuck treats mark really well okay ;-;

although he may seem like he’s ready to piss mark off 24/7 bUT he’s always there to compliment mark and hype him up or give him reactions like the (boy)friend he is ;____;

during limitless room ep. 01, when it was mark’s turn to be ‘it’ and all he did was chase after taeyong (the leader is so sloppy it’s so cute lol) and donghyuck was one of the people who said mark is good at walking fastly ㅠㅠ

and during nct life in paju when mark (unknowingly cutely) ask donghyuck if he could crack the garlic as well, donghyuck was chill at first bUT THEN he said in a very small voice “mark hyung is cute” after repeating what mark said to him ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

and when mark messed up the egg, he didnt put up a fit and instead told mark in a very low (raspy too i just have to point that out) voice “that’s why i told u to put more oil” and the way he said it was so tender and soft and maybe i’m being delusive but put that aside, their friendship is so beautiful? (of course we have to mention donghyuck putting his hand on top of mark’s hand when mark was handling the pan. best excuse ever)(wait im getting off track here)

the thing is; markhyuck is so wonderful ;^; remember when mark said actually haechan treats him well? he does! he doesn’t show it as often as he teases mark, but he does by small actions and things like that. i think mark notices, though i’ve always thought mark is the type to be pretty oblivious lol. i guess i’m a little correct on how haechan is the type to show his affection through little things :^

anyway, markhyuck is life, markhyuck is air