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Look we all need some reminders from time to time, I think this one is the most important.

When you get heavily involved in a social justice movement, it’s easy to get neck deep in the theory surrounding that movement, the terminology, the in depth thought processes trying to rationalise the motives of the oppressors, and you can become pretty shit hit on the spot at spotting someone being problematic.

The problem comes when you get so deep that you forget the way you thought before you got so heavily involved, and you forget how people on the outside think! You may see someone with the most damaging behaviour but unless they’re being deliberately hurtful, chances are that their behaviour is totally unbeknownst to them! And so going on a call-out spree and shredding their actions in front of them is the most unproductive thing you can do.

You can be campaigning for equality for POC, women, LGBT+ individuals, you can be campaigning to try to bring people over to veganism and you can know everything there is to know about the environmental repercussions of meat, the socioeconomic implications of animal agriculture, the inner workings of animal rights theory and the history of intersectional exploitation as a whole but you can’t forget that others just don’t know about this!

If someone clearly doesn’t understand, help them.
Lifting them up to your level of understanding is a lot more effective than kicking them into the dirt then telling them to climb the ladder themselves.


ready to go // panic! at the disco

Also, gotta have another rant.

Last week, I saw an Instagram story that made me pretty mad.

This particular person is vegan. Fine. I admire vegans for their dedication, and think it can be an extremely healthy way to live (if eating a balanced vegan diet, of course).

The thing is, it’s not healthy for everyone. Particularly, some people with IBD who can’t tolerate a vegan diet.

This is not to mention the whole concept of choice. Some people choose to be omnivorous, or vegetarian, or vegan, or fruitarian, because that diet is better for them, and there should be no shaming of anyone for the diet they choose to follow. Unless that diet involves cannibalism. That is not ok (obviously).

Anyway, back to this post. The poster was telling people to go vegan, and watch a new documentary about veganism and health on Netflix. Fine.

The next part of the Instagram story featured the following: “A plant based diet can help/treat the following: diabetes, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Prostate Cancer, arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, and Crohn’s/UC.”

Ok. Ignoring all the other conditions listed (because I’m not a patient and can’t speak from experience, but seriously?), for Crohn’s, just no.

There is no diet that treats or cures Crohn’s, and the ignorance around food and this disease drives me nuts.

We do not know the cause of Crohn’s Disease. Do environmental factors play a role? Very probably. Is there also a genetic component? Yep. Can you modify diet to try and soothe an inflamed digestive tract? Yes. Is there any evidence that dietary change will cure the disease? No.

It 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 autoimmune 👏🏻 and 👏🏻 there 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 no 👏🏻 cure👏🏻

Stop 👏🏻 shaming 👏🏻 IBD patients 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 our 👏🏻 disease👏🏻

For so many Crohn’s sufferers, major components of a vegan diet are just not possible. When I’m sick (and frequently when I’m not even flaring), I can’t tolerate fibre. No leafy greens, vegetables of any kind have to be cooked to mush (and even then, cause pain), nothing with any kind of skin or rind, no nuts, no beans/legumes or pulses. Even whole grains are a no go.

I can basically eat bananas, potatoes, rice, plain chicken, white bread, dairy (I know, I’m weird), and high fat/sugar things like pudding or jello.

For others with Crohn’s, veganism is achievable, and that is truly amazing. The fact is that it’s not for everyone, and I find it highly offensive to suggest that just by going “plant based” and “loving animals enough to not eat them/their products,” that someone who is currently pooping blood 20 times a day no matter what they eat, or someone on TPN, can just heal themselves.

This whole concept of “if you would just do this simple thing, you can help yourself,” is obnoxious, ignorant, and offensive. Especially when it’s prescribed for everyone regardless or circumstance.

It suggests that our GIs don’t know what they’re doing by prescribing the best possible medical/surgical treatment options for us.

It also suggests that we are to blame for being ill.

That is not friendly or loving. Let’s just stop policing the food choices of others, and call it a day.

I don’t have a problem with people being vegan but like don’t shit on those of us who consume animal based products. That’s the way a lot of people were raised and some people literally have not other option than to consume animal based products. Just chill out and do your own vegan thing. In the same respect, to those of us who shit on and make fun of vegans, grow up. It’s not funny and it isn’t cute. Stop trying to force each other’s ideologies on everyone. If everyone would respect each other’s reasonable life choices we could all be one step closer to getting along. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t need to shit on people for it either.
If you have something you’d like to say about anything I’ve posted about feel free to message me. But understand that I do not tolerate belligerence.

08. a living cadaver

Genre: Vamp!AU || Angst.

Content: Min Yoongi. The deplorable musings of a medical student existent since the creation of the Hippocratic Oath. A downwards spiral.

Request: Vamp!Yoongi (warnings: blood, psychological decompensation, etc.)

Word Count: 2,475

This goddamn duplicity,” Yoongi muttered under his breath, tracing a delicate finger over the rendered image of the human heart.

Ziiiiing. He cringed, dragging his nails in pain across the glossy pages of his unused anatomy textbook as the cacophonous scrape of soles against the moldy, government-funded carpet in the library clashed with the resounding sting made by his rumpled bangs pricking his forehead. God, I have to get rid of these split ends before I go deaf.

Blue-green optical auras consumed the rim of his pupils as the poor boy desperately tried to counteract the searing pain by yanking on the darkened roots of his brittle, mint strands.

He was decrepit, now more than ever, and it was all because of them.

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Getting annoyed by blatant hypocrisy

Maybe I’ve become too calloused, but I can’t help but roll by eyes every time I see trending hashtags where self righteous people  voice their anger about a dolphin dying because tourists wanted a selfie, or a dog that is traumatized or maimed because someone wanted to beat them. People complain about the horrible treatment of a sick orca in captivity, or the killing of a lion for sport, ranting and raving about the depravity of people who abuse and harm animals. All the while, these same people not only completely ignore the suffering of billions of farm animals, but ACTIVELY AND FINANCIALLY SUPPORT IT. They are fine with calling out other people’s moral failings when it comes to animals, but once their choices come under fire, they accuse vegans of being self-righteous, whinny, and annoying. I’m losing my tolerance for this bullshit.   

trappedinpiss-deactivated201501  asked:

hey i used to follow this blog back before i actually did any research/reading about social justice/racial issues. ever seen the study that says children are more racist and intolerant after given school lessons about being tolerant? yeah, talking about it makes people more alienated and prejudiced (hmmm... alienated and prejudiced.... sounds like you.... hmmm...). keep perpetuating that "us vs them" mentality, you sure are "fighting racism" by being a prejudiced asshole. kys.

Sadly, this is true. 

Well, the part about this person following me. He used to asked questions and I used to answer them. Used to be one of the good ones. Weird ones, but good fellas. He even re-define “acting white”.

And yes, I have seen the studies. But before I comment on them… I must said… I was going to write a blog post about this. But you saved me the time and I get to do something I never thought I was going to do…

… drag you. Sorry that I’m not sorry, but you clearly asked for it.

Do you know what tolerate means? 

Let me google that for you

  • allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.

Here’s me using tolerate in a sentence.

tolerate vegans preaching to me about eating organic veggies, even though that they get all uppity when I tell them that they are not buy fair trade.

In this sentence, it means that I tolerate people who are preachy vegans until they say something like “oh, we can only eat organic exported veggies. Not that imported crap!” because they cost more, but they don’t realized that the human beings that slaved for their veggies are not paid a fair wage. 

The problem with the studies are that they are learning things that they DON’T need to learn. It’s being forced on them.

Let’s talk about Catholics students for a minute.

Catholics school students that are in school for 3 or more years are more likely to drop their affiliation with Catholics. In all fairness, there are a lot of factors, but my wild guess is… if you’re in school with religion baked in, chances of you not wanting to hear this in college increases. 

But this is tolerance.

When Black people are told to “tolerate” stop and frisk as a way of life, we must be doing something wrong. So, if I’m having a bad day at work, and I leave the office in a foul mood, and a police officer sees me in that mood and stop me, I have to “tolerate” that. If I’m in a happy mood, and a police officer stops me, it must be because I’m on drugs. I have to “tolerate” that.

It’s like me posting computer stuff on my personal blog and someone hated me for it. How can you HATE me for posting about building a computer on my PERSONAL blog? That’s stupid. 

See… when I post things, I also remind people that they can “shut me off”. Why? Because this is all I do on this blog. And the last thing I want them to feel is the burden of bad news becoming too much to bear. 

But you need to see this. You need to see that we’re NOT getting a fair deal, that we’re NOT getting treated as human beings.

When I ask for fairness in history reporting, I’m not saying “make it Black 365 days a year!” When I ask for news, I’m not saying “make the news of Black people ONLY about the good stuff!” When I ask for movies, I’m not saying “Hollywood should only pump out major Black movies!” 

I’m not forcing you to “tolerate” me. I am asking you to let me be human. To show that I am human. To stop treating me like a second class citizen.

But you know what…

… you’re the person who defined what “acting White” is.

So allow me, former follower… to tell you in the kindest way possible…

Stop acting White.

If you don’t like what I have to say, stay in your privileged lane.