the tolerant vegan

anonymous asked:

ok I need some suggestions! My ultra picky fast food lovin little 19 yr old brother who hates veggies (even baby carrots wtf) and hardly tolerates vegan junk food has decided to try eating whole foods vegan for a week. I'm shocked and excited but scared because I don't know wth to make him. I eat very basic wslf and that's not gonna work for him. I wanna focus on getting him to feel good and satisfied enough to stick with this for longer! He only has about 10lbs to lose but also has some acne.

Focus on WFPB/HCLF tacos, pizza & sandwiches.  a 19 year who was eating junk food will have a calorie density reduction just by removing the cheese & grease from those foods good enough to shred the last few pounds.  Forks Over Knives has great recipes.