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Scorpion 3x14 liveblog post #5: and Toby suggests just that - Happy be “Paige” for the day!

3x14 The Hole Truth


Toby knows Happy doesn’t have the EQ skills to really be the interpreter, but he knows she needs the practice and is the better option…because Tobes & Walt.. have “issues” 

PS. The fact that they added that line - had Toby say that about him & his advice to Walt… is such an awesome thing from the writers to do. Now..if only people got the inside joke… 


I thought you guys might like to see some stuff I drew the other day!
I posted that new vs old Vagabonds picture a few days ago, but I also drew a lot more side by side comparisons of the first time I drew the Pucca gang vs now! ; v ;
Not all the characters are there, obviously, but I hope you enjoy what’s here! <3

Perhaps this will lift some peoples spirits after the latest update ; v ;

Lots of love <3 Clauds