the title of this manga should change to run! rather than stand up!

It’s Difficult To Love An Otaku - Manga

If you’re like me, you’ll find that whenever you head over to the manga sites, you’re immediately bombarded with all the updates you missed and then get completely distracted by all the new yaoi that’s just been scanlated (a huge shout out to all the groups that dedicate their time for our mutual happiness by the way) or you end up reading older yaoi mangas that have been running for eons! With all that boy on boy action happening, it’s no wonder that we don’t really get a chance to change genres and just read something a little less pervy and a lot more sweet.. 

Now I’m not sure how I got to reading this manga - perhaps it was a new title at the time that seemed interesting - but I after having read the first couple of chapters, I knew I was hooked.. “It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku” or “ Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii” is a manga that falls in the josei version (usually meaning that we’re dealing with people who are out of their teen years and should be more mature by now) and revolves around the interactions and eventual relationship between two childhood friends who are later reunited when they find themselves working at the same company.. Sounds sweet right? And that it is.. 

But if this were just a simple love story, I wouldn’t really be writing about it because love stories can be pretty easy to find.. The reason why this one stands out is because our main characters (and their friends)… are otakus! Our MC, Narumi Momose is a full-on fujoshi (and even attends events like Comiket where she sells her doujinshis) and her boyfriend, Hirotaka Nifuji, is a gaming otaku and will play games anywhere, anytime.. 

They meet again (after attending the same school together at one point) at the company they now both work in and start off as friends who go drinking after work and play games together (Narumi can always depend on Hirotaka to help her level up and defeat bosses) but after Narumi’s failed relationships, Hirotaka takes it upon himself to throw his hat in the ring and asks Narumi to go out with him (super sweet).. And so starts the somewhat odd relationship between two otakus with different interests but having the same “background”, so to speak, makes things a little easier for the both of them since they don’t have to hide their true selves.. 

In addition, two of their co-workers (who are also a couple) also share common otaku-like interests such as cosplay and MMORPG (that’s massively multiplayer online role playing games, in case you were wondering) and so the four of them spend time together (sort of like those couples that are friends with other couples) and get up to all sorts of otaku-related things.. 

Now apart from the amazing concept that will have you shouting “LIFE GOALS!” or “RELATIONSHIP GOALS!” every time you read it, it’s the layout and format of the manga itself that also keeps you entertained.. Nothing is funnier than having your boyfriend appears in the form of a Nintendo DS game like a Pokemon.. If you check the panel below, you’ll understand what I mean.. 

And that’s the joy of reading a manga like this.. Because if you yourself are an otaku or know about gaming, anime, manga, Japanese life etc. then you will definitely be able to pick up on the insider jokes.. And if not, you can learn something new (courtesy of translator notes that usually accompany the scanlations)..

So if you’re looking for something new, refreshing, sweet and something that will make you wish you could find an otaku like Hirotaka (or Narumi) too, then I would highly recommend this manga.. It has enough laughs to leave you feeling happy (rather than depressed, if you’re single and looking for love) and sort of hopeful that there are people out there that understand you and your otaku tendencies with the saying “There’s someone out there for everyone” floating in your mind…