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Singing-Related Headcanons.

A special request from a friend ( StardewShindigs you should totally check them out~~ ) and also a celebration post!! (This blog hit 100 followers over night???? oh my goodness!!) Here is a long post that was a h*ck of a lot of fun to write! (I also didn’t know what to call this, the original title was “What Type of Singer is Your Spouse” but it kind of derailed so C: Here we go!)


- Alex - Alex doesn’t find himself singing too often, but if he gets a song stuck in his head he’ll start humming the tune and humming for him will almost always lead to him singing. While it’s mostly adorable- it can get a little repetitive, especially depending on the song.
- Elliott - Hoo-boy this fella can SING. He’s got a very strong and fairly deep voice for singing dramatic songs, but really he rocks practically all genres. I bet he hums a lot of songs most of the time, but humming can easily lead to singing in a matter of seconds; especially if his s/o joins in!
- Harvey - Harvey is very shy when it comes to singing, but he has a lot of cute, upbeat tunes in his head that he likes to quietly sing to himself while he does other things - typically while toying with his model planes. His voice might not be seen publicly as ‘great’ but honestly it isn’t bad; He’s got a very cute voice, just little practice with it.
- Sam - He’s a very energetic singer and loves to do it with a passion, and loves getting his s/o to sing with him! It’s just no secret for Sam to enjoy singing, but I bet you his guilty pleasure is singing Avril Lavigne songs. He probably gets really into it too, with energetic hip-swaying and such to follow.
- Sebastian - Sebastian doesn’t really like singing, and will very rarely do it, but every now and then you may catch him singing very quietly (and it’s usually to help his child(ren) get to sleep~) and he has one of the most soothing voices out there.
- Shane - Honestly if you can get this fella to sing you must have some kind of other worldly power; the only person who can get him to sing at all is typically Jas+him already being in a good mood. The times that this has happened though, you can bet Jas got him to sing parts of Disney songs with her.


- Abigail - It’s pretty rare for Abigail to sing when people are around, however it is definitely a habit of hers when she knows no one is going to hear. The few times she has sang with other people around was when she and Sam were super caffeinated and he got her to do silly duet songs with him. Sebastian definitely recorded it much to her disliking lol.
- Emily - If this girl could sing and dance everywhere she would, she’s super energetic and sings all types songs- sometimes not even songs but just makes up rhymes for what she’s currently doing, turning them into little tunes!
- Haley - Haley, like her sister, does like to sing too, but she’s much less practiced on it and though she has a voice for higher notes, it’s hard for her to hit them. However, her voice is so sweet she fits the ‘singing princess’ category perfectly in movies and shows! Hearing her sing quietly to her children is an absolutely heart warming scene.
- Leah - She doesn’t straight up sing too often but she does love humming while she works, and typically (After marriage, as her cabin doesn’t have one) will have a radio playing quietly in the background while she does her work. The cutest thing is to come across her while she’s searching for berries and such for her salads, hearing her hum while she does it!
- Maru - While she is like Leah and typically only sings or hums while working, she has a very pretty voice for singing. She, like Sebastian, can be a little shy about singing for people though, but she takes a lot less persuasion than her brother would. Just imagine her tinkering with a robot and singing a little song omg.
- Penny - This girl, loves, singing. She’s practically the shyest out of everyone- maybe just with Sebastian being a little bit more than her. But her voice; it is the sweetest thing ever! Vincent and Jas have both definitely asked her to sing during their school hours before, and if you ever bring it up she will get super flustered. But maybe, she’ll sing for you sometime~ C:

Grateful (Sam Drake)

Here is another Sam Drake imagine. I’m sorry for not posting anything of my work lately, I have summer work to do for three honors classes and one AP, I just finished reading the Odyssey and that was a nightmare, but I conquered it! Anyways I feel that this one is a bit more rushed and not as good as my other ones, I know the title isn’t all that grate either…. I hope you guys enjoy this one and make sure to spread word of my blog! I need more followers. Also feel free to message me, I’m always open for a conversation:)

Character: Young Sam Drake x Reader

Word Count: 3521 (Lengthy, but worth it!)


“Wrong.” I folded my arms in Nathan’s direction as he just scoffed and turned to his older brother, Sam, for some back up. Sam just stood quiet throughout our little debate and shrugged his shoulders as we continued to walk on the sidewalk, heading in the direction of my house at the end of the block. The streetlights lit a path for us as the night sky was absent of the stars and the moon itself. The clouds that covered the sky had smelled of rain and sounds of thunder were clapping throughout our little walk. I didn’t pay any mind to the warning signs of the storm as I just gripped the straps of my backpack and grinned as I jumped in delight from finally one of the Drake brothers wrong on a little topic in history.

“That’s so not true! The Ming dynasty was always there when the Mongols ruled, they just didn’t have enough people to support them to overthrow them.” Nate threw out his arms in front himself as I chuckled in sweet victory. I turned around and started to walk backwards facing Nate and Sam.

“You’re still wrong. The Ming Dynasty succeeded the Mongols under the ruler of Zhu Yuanzhang; He then eradicated all types of foreign rule. He even enforced the way of Confucianism when the Mongols were gone.” I looked at Nate’s expression as I turned to look at Sam, who was just looking at all of the houses on my block. I could see that he was feeling a bit out of place as he stared at my neighbors large front lawns and lavish exteriors. He must’ve felt my gaze, because he turned to look at me with a smile plastered on his face.

“Sam, come on. She’s totally wrong on this one.” Nate had nudged his older brother in the side while he just chuckled at the both of us. When Sam didn’t say anything, that’s when Nate was in shock and started to finally realise that I was correct. “Sam?”

“I hate to say it, but (Y/N)’s right on this one, sorry little brother.” He reached over and ruffled Nathan’s hair as I just laughed out loud. “Congrats (Y/N), you finally have struck a victory after many losses. You were correct on most of your points, but i’ll let you consider this a win.” He held out his hand for me to shake, but instead of accepting my victory like a normal person, I went a bit overboard and slapped his hand and skipped down the street. I heard Nate scoff at me and scuff his shoes on the concrete while Sam just stared at me wide-eyed like I was crazy.

As we came to the corner that was across the street from my house, a loud crack of thunder erupted throughout the sky, sending a shiver down my back. I turned to look at Sam and Nathan and replaced my wide grin for a small smile as I waved them along. “We should hurry up, it could start raining any minute.” I told them as they sped up their pace.

“Quick question if you don’t mind me asking, but uh… are your parents even going to let us in? I mean it’s late as it is and I don’t see your parents just letting you, their daughter, have a “sleepover” with two boys that they hardly even know… two good looking boys at that.” Sam mentioned the end part to me with a slight chuckle as I turned to him with a smile.

“Well I can’t argue with that last part,” I said flirtatiously, “But you guys have nothing to worry about. My parents left earlier in day for a three week business trip in Europe. You guys are welcomed to stay all the way up until the twenty fifth; Even if they were here, I’m sure they wouldn’t even notice you guys, they hardly ever notice their own daughter, so…” I just left it at that, but as we reached the foot of the driveway, I was a bit confused on why there was a taxi waiting by the front doors of the house.

“I don’t know what it looks like to you, but it looks to be that they‘re still here.” Sam said as I cursed under my breath as I wondered why they would still be here. I turned to the brothers and then back at my house. The thunder in the sky only got louder and started to mix in with flashes of lightning. I knew it was going to start raining any minute.

“Umm, we can try the front doors, but you guys will have to follow my lead and very carefully. I don’t know if they are staying or leaving.” I started walking up the driveway and looked at the taxi driver through the window. I gave a slight wave as I put a hand on Nate’s back and hurried him along. Right when I got to the door, rain started to heavily pour from the skies above.

We were getting soaked as I did my best to quickly open the front door and check if the foyer was clear, which it was so I quickly ushered the two inside. I closed the door behind me and looked at them who were dripping wet. I turned in the direction of my kitchen to hear my mother’s voice. I looked to the stairs and told them to go up them silently. I was right behind Nate, when a voice stopped me my tracks.

“There she is! (Y/F/N), come here.” My mother said as she came to stand in the middle of the foyer. The corner that hide the stairway came in use as I shoved Nate to continue up the stairs with Sam before stepping off the bottom steps. I held my breath as I came to stand in front of my mother. She folded her arms as she wore her raincoat. My father soon came onto the scene and gave me a disappointed look.

“Where have you been? We were looking for you to tell you that we were leaving, but you weren’t anywhere in the house.” My father said as his stare made me feel ashamed for making them worried. “We thought you were kidnapped or something.”

“I went to my friend Carla’s house after school. From there we went to the mall and all over the place until I forgot about your trip and walked home. I’m sorry, I thought you guys would’ve been gone by now anyways.” I lied to them as I rested a hand on my hip, staring my mother down.

“Well just because you’re going to be sixteen in three months doesn’t mean you can start to do whatever you want.” I just laughed as I turned my head towards the top of the stairs where Nate and Sam stood awkwardly, listening to mine and my parents argument. “Well since you think this is so funny, you can go to your room. We’re leaving tonight, we already paid for a hotel near the airport and we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning from there.” My mom sighed and went back into the kitchen while my dad just shook his head at me.

“Oh okay so now you’re choosing to be a parent and actually be concerned that I was missing?” I said as my mom turned around and gave me a death glare. My father just walked up to me and shoved me in the direction of the stairs.

“Don’t make this worse than it already is. Just… just listen to your mother.” My dad said as he stood at the end of the stairs and waited for me to start walking. I just turned around and started to walk in the direction of my room. Nathan and Sam stood far away from the top of the stairs and close to my bedroom door, surprisingly. They stared at me wide-eyed before I motioned them to come inside my bedroom with me. I closed the door and faced them who looked nervous and out of place.

“Sorry about that, it’s a normal occurance around here, unfortunately….” I sighed and kicked off my shoes before remembering that we were all wet and probably cold. “I’m sorry, hopefully you guys have clothes in that bag? I obviously don’t have any clothes for you to borrow. Unless you want to wear one of my tank tops.” I chuckled at I made a gesture towards my closet.

“Don’t worry, we got our own clothes; do you have a place for us to change?” Nate said as he looked around my room. I nodded and pointed towards the bathroom that was on the opposite wall of my bed: “You guys can change in there while I change out here. Stay in there until I knock on the door. There should be towels in there for you two to dry off.” Nate gave a small smile as he walked towards the bathroom; Sam just stood there for a moment looking at all the stuff in my room, he looked to be in deep thought, so I snapped him out of it.

“Um, you just gonna stand there and watch me change? or are you gonna go change in the bathroom with Nathan?” I smirked at him as a light blush crossed his face before giving a hitchhiker’s thumb towards the bathroom: “right.” He walked backwards and he nearly tripped as he collided with the edge on my bed. I chuckled a bit before I watched him go into the bathroom and shut the door. I quickly changed into a baggy, maroon t-shirt with black joggers with some nice dry clean socks.

I knocked on the bathroom door, “You can come out when you’re done.” I sat on my bed, waiting patiently for them to leave the bathroom. As I waited, I thought about Sam actions this night. When we were walking through town with Nathan, he was pretty quiet, letting Nathan do most of the talking, which I didn’t mind but every once and awhile, I would feel him staring at me and when I went to look, he would turn towards Nathan that bright smile I loved.

“We’re done.” Nathan said as he closed the door behind him and stood next to Sam. I rose from my bed and walked over towards my bedroom door. I opened it and told them to stay put for a moment, I went by the stairs and listened for my parents voices, but the house was silent. I went down the stairs and opened the front door to be hit with the fresh smell of rain and flowers. The taxi was gone and I knew that my parents had left. I smiled to myself and yelled up the stairs, “They’re gone! Come on down!” They came down the stairs and followed me to my living room. They sat on the couches and stared up at me like lost puppies.

“So what now?” Sam asked me as I just shrugged my shoulders and plopped down on the couch opposite of them and stared them down. They stared back and it was like a silent, but intense stare down. “What do you do around here for fun? You have a nice house, you never mentioned that you were living with the big bucks.” He gestured to my lavish living room and the house in general.

“Don’t be fooled by my lifestyle, I don’t have anything to do around here besides watch movies, play pool and sleep.” I said as I stood from the couch, making my way over to my t.v. stand to retrieve the remote and look through my movie collections. “If you guys would like, we can watch a movie, or just watch plain ol’ t.v.” I sat on my carpet floor as I pulled out some movies they might like.

“What movies you got?” Nate questioned as I waved him over to join me. He looked hesitantly over towards Sam who just motioned to go sit by me. I smiled as he joined me on the carpet looking through my movies. I once again felt Sam’s gaze on me and I turned around to see him fiddling with his fingers looking at Nathan with a small, kind smile.

“No way, you have Indiana Jones! Sam and me have been dying to watch it since it came out.” He turned to Sam with a huge smile on his face. I pulled out a couple of documentaries and set them aside as I let Nathan take control of picking the movie. I had only gave him one suggestion.

“Oh Nate, maybe you can brush up on your history with the Ming dynasty, it seems that you need it.” I said with mirth in my voice. He looked at me for a moment before he laughed sarcastically before taking the case from me to look at it. Me and Nate continued to look through the movies before settling for Indiana Jones. They haven’t seen it yet and I personally love the movie, so why not?

When I popped in the movie, the storm outside was still raging on, flashes of lightning continued to flash throughout the night sky to make us aware of it’s strong presence. I had brought down blankets from my room and the linen closet and threw them at the boys. I sat on Sam’s left side as Nate took the other. As we watched the movie they had big smiles plastered to their faces. By the end of the movie, I turned to ask them what they thought of the movie, but they were fast asleep. Nate was snuggled into Sam’s side while Sam had a protective arm wrapped around him with his head resting on the crown of Nathan’s.

I smiled and stood up from the couch to stretch my legs. I went to grab some more blankets and as I draped the new blankets on the two, Sam’s eyes fluttered open and he stared up as me with slight grogginess in his hazel eyes. I gave him a light smile as I continued to cover Nate. “I’m sorry, I thought you were asleep. I know Nate is.” I pointed to his face; his mouth hung open and light snores could be hear from him. I quietly chuckled before turning my attention back to Sam. He sighed and looked down at his brother with a kind, and gentle smile.

“Yeah… Well I was only checking my eyelids for any holes that could ruin my sleep…” He said as he pointed to his eyes with his free hand, “So far, no holes which is good.” I lightly slapped his arm as I took my seat beside him. The faint glow from the t.v. screen highlighted his face in the dark. “Well, I don’t think I’ll be going to sleep anytime soon…” He said as he looked out the windows in my living room to see the rain still falling and running down the windowpane.

“I’m not really tired, I’m a night owl. If you want, you can join me in the kitchen, I’m kind of hungry.” I stood up and backed up a bit as Sam gently peeled Nate off of him and laid him down on the couch. He stretched out his arm and followed me to the kitchen. “It’s alright if he sleeps there?” He questioned as I nodded my head. I rummaged through the fridge and pulled out some good ol’ milk, peanut butter and jelly, and made myself and Sam a sandwich. We sat in silence for a moment, not even touching our sandwiches, but fiddling with our glasses of milk.

“Thank you.” Sam said quietly as I looked up from my glass to meet his soft gaze. He looked tired but content. “Thank you for letting us both stay here. I know you didn’t have to take us in but you did and for that me and Nathan are grateful. It’s been awhile since Nathan has slept on a real piece of furniture with a sturdy roof over his head. You know our story, so I know that you know that we haven’t been in the best of places. I just want to do what’s best for that little numbskull on that couch over there.” He said as he looked over his shoulder to look at the couch where Nate was soundly asleep.

He took quite a long sip of his milk before setting down his glass half empty. I took this moment as my turn to thank him. “Thank you.” He looked at me with confusion in his eyes. “Thank you for adding some excitement to my life. I know my life is nothing close to yours, but in ways it is. Ever since I met you two both, you have made me laugh and actually have fun. When I’m not around you troublemakers, my life is actually a bit bland and depressing. You might think that I’m happy with all this money that I have but here’s a life lesson: Even when you have everything, you have nothing. There will always be something missing in your life.” I sighed before drinking my glass of milk, setting it down on the counter before wiping away the extra milk on the edges of my lips.

“You guys really do make me happy.” I said finally as I looked him in the eyes. He stared at me blankly. I noticed that we were both slowly leaning in and next thing I know, I’m sharing a gentle, sweet, kiss with Sam. It was short and when we pulled away from each other we looked at other things in the kitchen but each other. “Wow, okay…” I said as I tapped my fingers on the cool counter.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I just… (Y/N) I liked you from the moment we met. I just love your personality and the way you talk with Nathan. When he’s happy, I’m happy. I love everything about you. I-I love you.” He said quietly as he stared at me nervously.

“Sam, you don’t have to apologize for that. To be completely honest with you, I’ve had feelings for you too. I didn’t think you would feel the same, since you are putting Nathan above everything else, which is fine with me; Blood before love, but i’m glad you feel the same way.” I said as I smiled at him while he just laughed in relief. “But a side note, your kiss was a bit sloppy. I thought you would be good kisser, y’know, to at least back up your oh so charming words.” I poked fun at him as he placed both of his hands flat on the counter space.

“Well, I’ve been out of the game since I met you, so i’m a bit rusty. You don’t mind if I practice?” He flashed a smirk at me while I laughed out loud, but quickly hushed myself as I remembered that Nate was sleeping on the couch. I stood up from my seat and walked around the counter to stand in front of him. He got off his seat and kissed me once more. He had to lean down a bit because of my height. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my waist, bringing me closer to him. I smiled into the kiss and when we broke apart, I looked at him.

“We should at least try to catch some sleep. Nate’s ahead of us by a couple of hours.” I told him as he just nodded his head in agreement. I grabbed his hand and guided him back to the living room. Nate was sprawled out across the whole couch, so we took the other one across from him. I snatched a blanket up and sat next to Sam. He let me snuggle into his side as we listened to the thunder and watched the rain patter against the windowpane. As the night dragged on I was getting sleepier, so I laid down on the couch and Sam laid behind me, resting an arm on my waist as I held his hand.

“Goodnight Sam.” I whispered as I pressed my chest against his back and pulled the covered up to my neck. Sam readjusted himself and let out a gentle sigh before say, “Goodnight (Y/N).”

In the morning Nate teased us both, but I fired back at him about falling in love with a girl. I told him that he might be in the same situation later in life with a girl he truly loves. I would only pray that the girl loved him just as much as he loves her. Sam was a friend to me and I was lucky enough to love him more than friend. I am truly grateful to have Sam enter my life when he did, and I’m sure he feels the same way too.

Scifell Squad Unite!

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Red Rollercoaster

Title: Red Rollercoaster

Warnings: None. I believe this counts as fluff somewhat lol

Word Count: 1,662

Chapter Number: 1/??

A/N: I feel like Natasha needed some love on this blog, so here you go! I had fun writing this and look forward to writing more if you guys enjoy it. Let me know what y’all think(:

There she was, standing on the opposite side of the room filled with people, but all you could see was her. Her flaming red hair and pink lips demanded your attention. Suddenly you weren’t so mad that the guys yanked you out of your room and away from Netflix. It’s just too bad you hadn’t notice her sooner.

“Let’s go Y/N! We’re gonna go hit a few a few more bars.” Jay, one of your best friends, came over from his hustling game of pool with a handful of cash. “I got paid.” He grinned slyly.

“Stealing from the incoherent?” You replied keeping your eyes forward on the intriguing woman—that now noticed you staring. You sent her a small smirk and looked at your friend. “Classy.”

“Its fair game,” He laughed and turned around to see what you were looking at, but nothing was there, “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m cool.”

“Well, I don’t know about cool…” He smiled and you punched his shoulder jokingly.

“Go round up the boys,” You laughed, “I gonna use the loo real quick.”

“Ok—and hey did you see that brunette at the pool table? H-O-T!”

“Boy…” You laughed, “Let’s go to Freddy’s next. I heard they got great pizza.” He nodded and turned around whilst you finished off your whisky and headed to the restrooms.

As you stood washing your hands the red haired woman walked in. You sent her a smile, except you wish you hadn’t, because next thing you knew the wall and the back of your head became best friends.  

“What the hell!” You groaned. She pulled out a dagger and held it to your throat.

“Who sent you? Who do you work for?”

“What?” You asked, lifting your hand to rub your head, but she grabbed your wrist and spun you around so you were facing the wall.

“Don’t play me! Who do you work for?” She tightened her grip and you inhaled deeply.

“A coffee shop in Brooklyn.” You raised your voice. It went silent before she let go and backed away, giving you the time to fix your jacket.

“Sorry.” Left her lips and you turned around to look at her. She held a tight jaw and you could tell from the look in her eyes that she honestly was.

“The one day I leave the comfort of my room.” You mumbled and rubbed your wrist.

“What?” She questioned, but you just gave her a look and walked away.

“Have a wonderful  life…” You swung the door open and left her alone in the bathroom.

“You ready now?” One of your friends asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Are you bringing your friend?”

“Who–” You turned around and saw her standing by the bar, staring at you.

“She’s not my friend.” You replied looking at her and walking away, your friends following.

“What’s was that all about?” Jay asked.

“I can’t say that I know…”

“Is it just me or did that look like Black Widow?” Kevin, another one of your friends, asked?


“You know, Natasha Romanoff? One of the most badass avengers? She works with Tony Stark.”

“The one that was in trouble with the government after leaking all that information a few months back?”

“That’s the one!” Kevin yelled excitedly.

“Huh… You actually follow them—the avengers?” You laughed, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Don’t hate me because I’m in the loop.”

“You need a life.” You laughed.

“Wait,” He stopped walking and faced you, “Why was she staring at you?”

“Thanks Kevin! You really know how to boost a girls self-esteem.”

“Not like that Y/N! Come on, you are sizzling! All I’m saying is that an avenger was checking you out tonight. That’s big! Like New York-being –invaded-by-aliens big. Wait… Are you wanted?” He looked serious and you couldn’t help but crack up laughing.

“Yes, Kevin. I’m the biggest crime Lord in New York City and you’re an accessory to all of my wrong doings.” His eyes got big and you actually thought that this ‘adult’ believed you. “I’m kidding, Kev.” You added just in case.

“I knew that!” He smiled and looped his arm in yours to continue walking.

The night went on; full of booze and pool hustling. Eventually it all came to end when Jay started dancing on a bar and ripping his shirt off.  By the grace of the gods above, you all somehow managed to get home, with a little dignity left.

The minute you and Kevin made it to your shared apartment, you both crashed out on the couch. And neither of you would of woke till the sun was going down again, but someone was knocking on your door.

“Kev… Kevin get the door.” You kicked around, but he wasn’t there. You sat up and huffed. Somehow that man always managed to get up even on his bad drinking days.

“I heard you!” You yelled as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. You thanked god all the windows were shut because your head was pounding like there was no tomorrow. You dragged yourself to the door and swung it open not thinking. The sun nearly blinded you, so quickly you covered your eyes.  

“Stupid sun… Come in.” You told whoever was standing before you. You shut the door behind them and blinked a few times, trying to focus.

“I don’t know where your shirt is, Jay, if that’s what you’re wondering.” You mumbled thinking that’s who was visiting this early. He usually made his way over from his apartment and few doors down to raid your fridge. When you turned to see him, you jumped back.

“Woah! Hey!” You nearly tripped over your shoes when you saw the same woman from last night. She grabbed your arm just as you were about to tumble over the couch. When you were on your feet again, you took a step back.

“This isn’t weird at all. How—how did you find out where I lived?”

“I stole your wallet. I’m just returning it.” She handed you your belonging and you took it reluctantly.

“You’re not here to kill me?”

“Is there a reason to?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No! It’s just that people don’t steal wallets then return them without a reason…”  

“… Well last night–” She began. “I thought you were tracking me, so when we uhh—met in the bathroom, I took it and checked up on you. I had to be sure.”

“Oh that’s right. You’re the avenger.” You rubbed your head and hopped on the counter.

“You know who I am?” Her whole demeanor changed and she stiffened up. You gave her a weird look at that and tilted your head in confusion.

“She didn’t, but I did.” Kevin walked out of his room and made his way to the kitchen. He poured himself some day-old coffee and threw it in the microwave to warm it up.

“Oh.” She simply said.

Kevin stood there with a hand on his hip, staring at both of you guys. His hair was wrapped in a towel and his was in his favorite silk, red robe and bunny slippers. After a few seconds he pulled out a nail file from his pocket and began working on his nails.

“What’s your name again?” You asked, throwing your hair up in a messy bun.

“Natasha is good enough.” She replied.

“Well, Natasha is good enough, thanks for having a conscience and giving this back.” You motioned to the wallet that was now sitting on the counter next to you. “And do you like pancakes?” You raised an eyebrow and waited for her reply.

“… If there’s raspberry syrup.” She smiled softly and let her body relax. Natasha still looked like she was ready to fight anyone that looked at her wrong and that made you laugh to yourself.

“Don’t beat me up again, but we have only have strawberry.”

“That’s fine.” She laughed, looking up to meet your gaze. You probably stared a little longer than you should of, but hey she didn’t exactly look away either.

“Aww you two… I totally ship it.” Kevin smiled and began sipping on his coffee when he pulled it out of the microwave.

“Ship what, exactly?” Your unexpected guest asked

“Just ignore him.” You gave Kev a death glare as you hopped down from the counter and walked past him to start making breakfast.

“Yikes. I’ll just be in my room….” He held his hands out and mischievous smile plastered his face as he left.

“You know last time I saw that look on someone’s face, they nearly destroyed half of New York.” Natasha spoke up. You laughed quietly and shook your head.

“You don’t have to worry about him…” You looked around, noticing the quietness in the apartment; something Kevin never was. “On second thought, do you maybe want to order pancakes somewhere instead?”

“I’m right behind you.” She jumped up, giving you enough time to grab a jacket, boots and your car keys. As you turned around to shut the door, Kevin was in the hallway holding two thumbs up and you couldn’t shut the door quickly enough.

“Do you have a place in mind?” Natasha asked, waiting for you.

“Not really… Do you know of any place good?”

“I know just the spot. They can make a mean crepe. If that’s what you like.”

“Sounds great.” You smiled.

Ok, so your world was just turned upside down. You met an avenger last night in the most weirdest of ways, she stole your wallet and returned it back to you, she probably knows—no, she does know—that you dropped out of medical school and probably thinks you’re dumb for doing such a thing, and know your both going to have crepes for breakfast together. There’s absolutely no way this relationship is going to be normal… ever. And let’s not forget about Kevin, who obviously has something up his sleeve.

how you ended up with johnny

okay the title is already shit lmao
so!! this is my first time doing something like this and my blog isn’t like a scenario blog but i wrote this while helping a friend and i didn’t want it to go to waste.
SO. here’s a little au of how you and johnny ended up together
sorry that it’s just the building up part, not the relationship part ):

— — — — — — — — — — —

- johnny was in your english class but you guys never really talked
- until one day he decided to randomly say hi to you
- you were confused but rlly happy because you’ve always thought that johnny was really cool
- he thought you were cool too (and cute, but like in a sister type of way) and very friendly ((:
- so y'all just naturally started texting each other about school and the assignments you guys have
- “did you do the homework”
- facetime/skype each other like all the time
- but y'all weren’t dating yet you guys were just good friends
- whenever johnny wasn’t busy he’d always ask you if you wanna hang out
- you guys either hang out at the park or the arcade
- always offers to pay but ur like nO- LET ME PAY
- and he’s like NO LET ME PAY-
- and it goes on and on whenever you guys go somewhere that costs money
- you guys once went to mcdonald’s and brought 100 chicken nuggets bc Y not
- it was wild
- you guys pigged out and ate all of it
- probably one of his favorite memories with you :’)
- he makes THE WORST jokes
- “how do you organize a space party”
- “wha-”
- he sometimes pats your head bc he’s like a giant compared to u
- calls u smol
- literally giggles all the time when he’s around you
- always share the craziest stories together and end up crying from laughter
- y'all can go on and on about one topic like
- he just has so much to say
- you guys once had a 30 minute conversation about vegetables
- “i like carrots but only when they’re boiled-”
- “SAME. but i like eating broccoli the way it is and-”
- it’s weird lmfao
- he once came up to you and said “HEY BROSKI WHERE’D YOU GET THAT FRESH PEPPERONI”
- you face palmed and acted like you didn’t know him
- y'all are like bffs at this point
- but
- he started developing real feelings for you when he saw you reading a book in class
- and he thought you just looked so beautiful and elegant that he just stared
- a lil smile formed on his face
- and now he’s like o shit
- kept it very low key about his feelings for you
- you didn’t start to develop feelings until later on during your hangout at the arcade
- u guys were playing that basketball shooting game
- as you were trying to shoot the ball you missed the basket so badly that it bounced off near the other games and people
- no one was hurt but !!
- johnny laughed his ass off
- and you just stood there looking at him
- the way he laughs and smiles just
- and now ur like fucccc
- you also kept it low key so you both didn’t know if you guys were flirting or just being friendly
- your friends and his friends couldn’t tell either
- ONE DAY he asked if he could come over
- and you’re like HOLD UP
- you guys never been to each others houses before
- so you cleaned your house like 5 times
- when he came over he brought over board games
- what a great idea johnny
- y'all played checkers
- he was so good at it and you kept getting your ass beat and u were like this 👌 close to breaking the board
- he eventually won and you jokingly threw the checker pieces at him
- he threw them back
- and you guys are just in a bundle of game pieces and giggles and going “OW, STOP”
- you guys eventually landed laying on the floor next to each other and laughing
- he calmed down now but you were still laughing
- he gave you THE LOOK
- u know what i’m talking about
- that same look like the time he realized he had feelings for you in class while reading
- but like the extreme version
- he couldn’t help himself any longer
- so he just pecked your cheek
- you immediately stop laughing and laid there in shock
- and johnny is like freaking out inside like “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i fucked up i fucked up”
- but you smiled really big and kissed his cheek back
- it’s so cute you guys are like a bunch of 9 year olds
- :’)


handwriting tag

i was tagged by @kihyunhatesheteros, thank u signe!

sorry for the quality being low and bad lighting! i will write this all out under here if you can’t really read it

tagging - @ilovesuga @kimhyunjung @pjjms @stigmz @softguk @hobinie and last but not least @jungkooksweetheart , no pressure guys!

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[gotta make up a title]

AN: haha, fun things here!
Pairing: SasuHina
Rating: T (swearing)


“He’s asleep.” Lie.


“He’s always been a heavy sleeper.” Another lie.

“Sasuke…” Don’t fall for it. Please don’t fall for it. “Okay…”

Daisuke groaned and rolled onto his stomach. The walls were so thin that he could hear his lying ass father’s and his damn innocent teacher’s words clear as day. His eyes widened when the sound of moaning pierced through his wall.

“No, no, no…” He covered his ears.

Boundaries. His father knew no boundaries. You give the guy an inch and he takes a mile, the highway and a flight. No, he didn’t mind his father dating again because…well, he didn’t deserve to die alone and his mother was already married again to some store manager. Daisuke didn’t really care about the guy but he treated his mother with respect so…he could deal.

Anyway, his father…since he was living with him for the time being asked him how he felt if he started dating again and Daisuke replied, “I don’t care…as long as she isn’t trying to be my mother.”

He accepted the terms and conditions.

Then Daisuke had gotten into a little fight at school and his father came to the school and met Hinata Hyuuga, his literature teacher.

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When It All Falls Down - Story

Hey! So as mentioned in my bio, I love to write. I’ve had this blog for about 5 years and realized that I have never put any of my material on here so I’m going to start now. This particular story is actually a film script I’ve been recently writing so I wanted to give a clip/excerpt. Any feedback is appreciated. Note: NSFW warning and OTS means (Over the Shoulder shot), CUT TO (switching the scene)


The Wilsons’ House - Brooklyn, NY - Late Morning

A guy pulls out their Air Jordans before slipping them on and bending over to tie their shoes. When the person rolls back up, we see the guy is ANDRE.

He stands up to walk over to his dresser, picking up his gold chain and bracelets before flipping on his NY fitted cap.


OTS shot of him walking down the hallway into his mother’s room.  

CUT TO: Mother’s Room - Same - Same

She’s laying down sleeping.

Andre: Mama, wake up.

She doesn’t stir. He shakes his head before walking over to her before shaking her shoulder. Her eyes flutter open.

Andre: You know, you could probably sleep through a hurricane if you were tired enough.

Marie: Haha, you think you funny? Come, give me some love.

Andre smiles and bends down to hug her.

Marie: Don’t forget that you’re helping me with the empanadas tonight.

Andre: You know how much I love empanadas. I’m not gonna forget.  

Marie: Mhm, like how you didn’t forget last time.

Andre: Never gonna let that go, huh? I’m going to school, I’ll see you later.

Marie: Alright, see you later, baby. Love you.

He kisses her cheek.

Andre: I love you.

CUT TO: Wilsons’ Living Room - Same - Same

Jermaine is on his phone sitting on the couch, chilling. Andre walks in and slaps Jermaine’s fitted down, before sitting down next to him.  

Jermaine: [sucks his teeth] Dick.

Andre: [laughs] Wassup, bro?

Jermaine: Wassup, you bout to go to class?

Andre: Yeah, what you been up to?

Jermaine: Same old shit.

Andre: So how’s that girl whose name you never learned how to pronounce?

Jermaine: [chuckles] I mean the head game was aight but that pussy was amazing.

Andre: Aight, that’s wassup. [Daps him]

Jermaine: Yo, I can’t believe she let me hit so many times. I fucked her like 10 or more times just this month and every time, I just called her beautiful or babe. I don’t know how she didn’t catch me slipping.

Andre: Me neither, bro. [Laughs]

Jermaine: Then Ashley from that Jump Off Party texted me saying I could get it. Bitch was already at the door when I agreed.

Andre: [Laughs] Holy shit, she’s thirsty. Fucking dehydrated ass.

Jermaine: Hell yeah, my nigga. But yeah, Beautiful saw Ashley and now she’s gone. After she left, me and Ashley fucked in the shower.

Andre: [Shaking my head] Beautiful was fucking sexy though. Mm, and that accent.

Jermaine: Yeah , but her voice gets so whiny when you hit it from the back. Fucked my whole shit up.

Andre: That’s crazy, though. That’s just like that white girl I fucked last summer, Sandra.

Jermaine: The Australian one?

Andre: Yeah, it was like listening to some opera type shit.

Jermaine: Damn, nigga. So who you with now?

Andre: Haha! Funny. I’m not with anyone. I’m fucking with Brianna and making moves on Sharice. But at least I know the names of my fuck buddies.

Jermaine: [Laughs] You got jokes, huh? Well, I don’t know their names but they still come around so who’s really fucking up?

Andre: Touche, my man, touche. Aight, I’m gonna get going. I gotta go pick up Brianna. [leaving the room and then heading out the door]

Jermaine: [to himself] I’m 99% certain chick don’t go to his school.

CUT TO: FDR Drive – Brooklyn, NY – Noon

Aerial shot of the FDR Drive and a black car speeding down the lane.  We see a Bentley emblem before it starts swerving and a woman giggles.

Female: Andre, you better not make us crash.

Shot from the dashboard of Andre.

Andre: [Moving her hair to the side to see more of her face] Baby, you know how I get when you move your tongue like that.

OTS shot of Andre looking down as Brianna smiles at him before going back down to suck his balls lightly.  

Medium wide shot of Andre groaning, throwing his head back as the car starts to swerve a bit. She giggles before taking his shaft fully in her mouth before deepthroating.  

Andre’s eyes rolls to the back of his head as he grabs the back of her head.  

Andre: Damn, Bri. You go this hard for every dude you fuck?

Brianna: [Giggles] No, just for you, baby. [Licking his shaft]  

Andre: All this for me? Aww, you’re so thotful, baby.

Brianna lifts up her head in a daze.  

Brianna: What you say?

Andre: I said you’re so thoughtful. Now open wide.  

Brianna happily opens her mouth and Andre brings her head down on his dick before growling lowly.  

Andre speeds down to the Columbus University. Once reaching the parking lot, he pushes Brianna’s head all the way down on his dick, groaning as he cums in her throat.

Andre: Damn, girl.

Brianna sits back in the passenger seat and wipes the corners of her mouth. He hops out the car with his bookbag and she follows. He places a $50 bill in her hand before kissing her cheek.  

Andre: Here, some money for a cab. See you later.

Brianna: Deadass, Dre? I thought that you was gonna drive me back.

Andre: Sorry, baby. I really gotta go to class. All this time I spend with you gotta a nigga slippin. I’ve been failing so I gotta get my grades up. [flashes her a smile] You understand, right?  

Brianna: Aww [hugs him] my baby’s so addicted to my love that he’s distracted in class.

Andre rolls his eyes and continues to put on an act.

Andre: Yeah, baby. I’ll call you later though.

Brianna: Okay, see you later, baby.

He walks into the building and into the lecture room 1004. He walks all the way to the back and sits next to KATRINA.  

Katrina: [whispers] Wassup, dumbass?

Andre: [whispers] Why am I a dumbass, Kat?

Katrina: ‘Cus you walked in here thirty minutes late like for the fourth time and we’re only two months into the semester.

Andre: It’s aight. He doesn’t count attendance anyway.  

Katrina shakes her head before putting her feet on her desk, crossing her legs.  

Katrina: Are we still hanging out after class or are you fucking with one of ya biddies again?

Andre: Nah, we still hanging out today. I haven’t seen you all weekend.  

Katrina: Yeah because your schedule was full, nigga. Couldn’t make time for ya bestie.

Andre; I know, I know. I’m a horrible person but you still love me. [showing his dimples, smiling]

Katrina: Whatever, dude. Pay attention.

He pulls her close before kissing her cheek and then looking at the professor.


「previously sora-o-koete」


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My top 5 favorite Youtubers

Ok guys so as most of you are now following me I thought I would share with you guys my top 5 favorite Youtubers. Now going into this I must warn you that alot of this has to do with a bunch of factors. Not just about the content that they make but also with how they are with the fanbase. How the fanbase is in general is also important to me and how I interact with it.  Some of them will surprise you guys to be honest while others might not. However remember that these are just my own personal picks and all youtubers are amazing.

However here is a honorable mention to someone who I am only getting into now: GreatAxeGaming a small youtuber who was introduced to me by the wonderful @lissachan504. GreatAxeGaming is a guy named Jakz who mainly does some lesser known horror titles. He is an awesome guy and totally sweet. Give his blog @dammitjakz a follow and get to know him.

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***Don’t delete text, okay? Seriously, just don’t…***

I haven’t done Awards since pretty long time and since I’m rooting for my beautiful student in UBNetwork and I’d really love to get back on my feet with being more active here, interacting with you guys, bc I miss you all, I prepared something special for you! ♡

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In Vino Amaritas (Leopika)

I’m playing with kurapilka‘s awesome headcanon, which you can see HERE. I’d link to the original, but my internet is sketchy at the moment and won’t load her blog.

The title is a play on the old Latin saying, “In wine there is truth.” Now it’s, “In wine there is bitterness.”

Warning: mentions of grisly death pop up.

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hi guys, i have said this multiple times and it is even the title on my ask box, i do not do compatibility unless the question is a complex one. simple ones can be googled. i’m sure there are other blogs that are willing to answer these but i find that google is the best place to go for a long and descriptive answer as that is what most of you are looking for. here is a quick reminder:

fire x air pairings: generally great compatibility
fire x earth pairings: generally bad compatibility
fire x water pairings: can go either way, usually leans towards bad but has the potential to be good. problematic otp pairings basically.
air x earth pairings: can go either way, usually leans towards bad but has the potential to be good. problematic otp pairings basically.
air x water pairings: generally bad compatibility
earth x water pairings: generally great compatibility

for those who don’ t know:
fire signs: aries, leo, sagittarius
earth signs: taurus, virgo, capricorn
air signs: gemini, libra, aquarius
water signs: cancer, scorpio, pisces

sister sign pairings: opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. from compatible elements and share the same modality. either love or hate each other because they are so similar but at the same time very different (each sister sign contains what the other sign lacks. these pairings are complementary opposites), so compatibility is either great or very bad. sister signs are typically very strongly attracted to each other.

sister signs are:



So the Stevenbomb starts in just 4 hours and I’m hyped as heck. But I want to remind you guys that I do a lot of follow-up discussion after episodes and as such my blog is not spoiler-free. I do, however, tag the discussion posts so you can blacklist them. Here are the terms I’m using:

steven universe, steven universe spoilers, [episode title], stevenbomb spoilers

so blacklist any of those terms and you should be fine. btw, [episode title] is the title of the episode being discussed, not the term ‘episode title’ itself.

If you’re not in the position to use a blacklist or are just nervous about some spoilery posts sneaking through, I recommend you unfollow me until you can get caught up on the episodes, just to be safe.


((T-thank you for this much followers wWwwWwwww I am really moved. ; 7 ;; I want to say more but i think these two words “Thank you” is really telling everything… I don’t want to ramble again haha… ; v ;;

I need to tell you guys something important, yes, you read the title I guess?

I am going to be in semi-hiatus

Which means I will only be here (or not) during the week end…. 

As you know, school started again, and I am quite busy with homework, exams….. And other important stuff. I want to concentrate on these things. I don’t want my grades to be infuenced just because I devote too much time to this blog.

Of course I will try to answer some asks during week end, but I am not even sure to have time to do my homework for the next week if I do so. So I’ll see. Actually…. I am really sad to be in semi-hiatus…. I love you all, so I am sure that i am going to miss you. But well, it’s not like I am leaving right ? o7o 

See ya all later? Okay ? Please enjoy your day and be positive! uvu

((I am preparing something “big” for the 1000+ followers but it might take time…. And let me finish my events or even start them guys ; v ;….. hahaha… where are you all coming from?!))


same character, same artist, same year (alternatively titled ‘2015 is the year I forgot what the word ‘consistency’ means)

Here’s a bunch of Murphys I’ve done in the past year - I hadn’t realised just how many times I’d drawn him! Setting up this blog has been really good for my creativity and motivation to keep drawing, and after only four months I’m on almost 500 followers, which is amazing <3 Happy New Year everybody, hopefully 2016 will be just as productive and with Season 3 just around the corner we’ll all have a lot to talk about!

I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me in the past months - this fandom is far from perfect but I’ve been met with nothing but kind words and enthusiasm and it really makes a difference. If you like my art you can check out my other art blog @jammyscribbler, or if you want to chat some and say hi to my main blog @androgynosaurus, I’d love to get to know you guys C:

See you all in 2016!