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I Want Your Love In Ink Black

This little thing is based on the Ereri Tattoo AU by Lena that @aurieackerman reposted with permission on tumblr. Thank you for posting it Aurie, I’m in love with that art mmm (~1.5k words)

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“Hey, babe.”

Little time left before closing hour and it was then that tattooist Levi registered that voice behind him, it had sounded off right after the door bell of Levi’s tattoo shop had stilled eeriely; two words that were enough to dip the room in a sultry resonance.

Levi turned around and met with mischievous emeralds glinting at him hotly. Eren, his gorgeously perfect boyfriend, was smirking at him, teeth dug down on his bottom lip in a oh so sexy way.

He raised a brow at him, his return of a smirk being that of a little tug upward at the corner of his mouth. “You want a new tattoo?”

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“go float yourself” // JOHN MURPHY (3/?)

request: i think you all know the request by now lmaoo - @reading-vs-reality

warnings: language as always babies

tags: @cracraforfandoms @woahmal @elizakomskaikru @helpfulchicken

A/N: part three as so many of you were kind enough to request it! thank you to everyone who added in a suggestion as to what they thought should happen! i’ve chosen: (as always, all gifs in this post were found on google. credit to the creators)

- JELOUS MURPHY (because yes please)



also, side note, someone requested a murphy smut which i think would go SO WELL with this story. if you all want it then perhaps i could include it in the next part or so? let me know! xox

“hey soulie” the cheerful voice of murphy fills your ears as you grunt and turn your back to the work you’ve been doing 

“we’re not fucking soulmates”

“ahh yes, i forgot” he teases, leaning against the tree beside you

you sigh and dig the tip of the makeshift shovel into the hard ground beneath you so it stands up by itself. “can i help you, murphy?” you ask, raising a slightly annoyed eyebrow at the boy who stood before you

“oh no i’m just here to make sure you’re doing your work” a smirk spreads across his smug face

“don’t you have work to do yourself?” you question, tilting your head slightly

“yeah. this is my work”

“watching me is your work?”

“it’s the best kind, princess”

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‘Even Though My Bones Now Ache’

Been a long time since I did some quick writing, just a little something because I’m having lots of Tentoo and Rose feelings right now.

1117 words ~ angst ~ TentooxRose 

                                                           ~ ~ ~

She found him at the top of the stairs, standing with his hand on the wall with his tall, thin frame hunched over, the other hand occupying the top of his thigh.

His breathing was heavy and his face was pained. Of course, Rose was concerned.

She’d walked him to their bedroom, knowing full well their energetic little six-year-old girl was flat out in one room, and their equally active ten-year-old in another, so there was no chance of waking them. Once there, she’d sat him down on the bed and brought him a glass of water.

“Thanks,” the Doctor said with a light smile, taking a sip of the water and keeping his eyes diverted from Rose.

“No need to thank me,” she replied, sitting directly next to him with her fluffy dressing down touching his bare arm. She casts his brown eyes a soft glare, spotting the tiredness like an eagle to a mouse. He was such an idiot sometimes, probably thought she was blind.

“What’s wrong?”

The Doctor seemed to tense slightly at the words but let out a long sigh, placing the glass of water on their bedside table. He didn’t want to say what was swirling around in that human head of his.

“I’m getting old, aren’t I?”

The question surprises Rose, enough for her eyebrows to raise rather quickly.


“I’m getting old,” he repeated, the tiredness in his eyes now turning to something resembling sadness…or was that despair Rose could see?

“Doctor, what are you talking about?”

Twelve years they’d been together since the day on the beach. Twelve, extraordinary, beautiful - human - years. Rose was proud of what they had to show for it together. Two children and a life she’d craved - a life with the man sitting beside her, who was as human as she was.

“What do y'think I’m talking about?” he states with an awkward smile. “First it was that grey hair, and those little wrinkles getting bigger around my eyes - now I’m aching all over. My knees hurt, my back hurts…is that normal?”

Even after all these years, Rose was sure the Doctor was still learning. Many human things were completely new to him, and even after all that time, he still asked her if the common cold was normal, if the 'cut won’t stop bleeding’ was normal, if sleeping for eight hours a night was normal.

He’d been through a busy time recently, too. Leyla and Annie were both busy with school and needing to be here, there and everywhere, but of course wouldn’t miss out on the trip to the park with their Daddy. Torchwood was overrun with missions, which involved an awful lot of running sometimes.

The physicality of it was bound to make anyone tired.

“Doctor,” Rose started, her hand hovering to his which was placed in the small gap between them, intertwining her fingers in his long ones, “Of course it’s normal. You’ve been run of your feet recently,” she added in a warm, gentle tone.

The Doctor looked down towards their connected hands. “I don’t like it,” he clarified, his brown orbs finally meeting hers in a gaze which melted Rose’s heart.

“Well…what’s bothering you, love?” she asked, not to pester him - she was curious, and she knew this man better than anybody else. Something was hiding, right there, on the tip of his tongue.

“Because…” he began, “I chose to grow old with you, and I know we’ve been through that conversation many times, but…these aches and pains aren’t what’s bothering me,” after a small pause and a deep swallow, his Adams-apple bobbling underneath his chin, he finally said:

“I still want to be good for you.”

Rose felt her body grow still and her heart drop at the words escaping the Doctor’s mouth. Good. For her?

“Y-you still want to be good for me?” she stuttered after a few seconds.

He nodded, but looked slightly like a small child as he did so. “I want to be able to make you happy, to make our girls happy all the time, every single second of every day that passes by. I know I’m nowhere near old yet but still - you’re my everything, Rose. Our family is my everything. And I don’t want to lose you.” His thumb was running lightly across her hand as he spoke, and his human heart was beating with the emotion he’d grown to embrace over his human life.

“You are…such a daft, idiotic man, Doctor.”

The Doctor’s eyebrow raised in a flash. “Oi!” he protested in a harsh whisper, but Rose wasn’t taking it.

“But you are…d'you really think that of me?”

The Doctor’s lips were thin as he stared into Rose’s eyes, not saying a word, so Rose took the opportunity to continue, but not before she turned her body towards him and reached up her free hand to cup his cheek.

“Listen to me - you make me happy. You make our girls happy, every single second of every day that passes, or however you put it. All them years ago, you chose to stay with me on that beach and we have built a life together. You’re my absolute everything, Doctor…don’t make me tell you twice,” she finished with a half-smile, a light coating of tears covering her eyes. “I would never, ever leave you.”

The Doctor could feel his doubt lifting - what had he been doubtful for? “I won’t,” he confirmed, a cheeky grin popping onto his face as he leaned his head against hers, feeling her breath on his lips. He’d once told her to never say ‘never, ever’ – that phrase had never sounded so wonderful.

“I don’t care if you’re a bit slower than you were, or that you have the odd grey hair…of that you eat too many pies,” Rose explained, her tongue sticking out between her teeth in a cheeky smile as she reached out to poke his stomach. He was still a bean-pole, but with being human it hadn’t surprised her that he’d put on a few pounds, hardly noticeable and rather cute in her eyes. The Doctor swatted her hand away playfully and swiftly wrapped his arms around her, burying his face into her soft, sweet smelling blonde hair. “I’ll love you no matter what - having you here is a gift. And I love you.” Rose said.

The Doctor smiled tenderly. “I love you too…Rose Tyler. I love you too.”

That was all it had taken. Five minutes with his beautiful wife.

To go from doubtful, to hopeful - hopeful that he could continue to be the Doctor. For her, and for his little girls.

“Because even though your bones might ache…my heart would ache if you ever left me.”

The kiss the Doctor proceeded to give Rose was the most teary, but the most grateful of kisses.

Needy (Luke Hemmings)

Requested : Yes

Heeey, I was hoping that you could make a smut about Luke coming back from Tour and then he tells his gf how much he wanted her during tour and then it leads to the bedroom if ya know what i mean ;)

Rating : R

Word count : 1,4K+

Story lines: Luke comes back from tour and he’s really needy

He didn’t even say ‘Hello’. He just barged in and wrapped his arms around my waist before hungrily crashing his lips down on mine. I was surprised and it took me a second to understand what was happening and I then brought a hand up to the back of his head and started kissing him back.

Luke was finally back from tour after four whole months of being away living his dream. I couldn’t go and pick him up at the airport because we weren’t official yet and we knew people would have seen us; so we had both agreed that it would be better for him to meet me at my place. And there he was.

“Luke, the door” I managed to let out just as he started walking me backwards.

He pulled away, and looked behind him before turning around and closing the front door. He then looked at me and I could see everything in his deep blue eyes. I could see how profoundly happy he was, not only to be back, but with his life in general. I could see how badly he wanted me. I took a second to look at him; he had changed a bit. He looked older, wiser, somehow.

He took a step toward me and placed his hands on my hips as he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine again. Words couldn’t express how much I had missed that: the feeling of his thin lips on mine, his hands on my body and his need so evident in each of his move.

“I missed you so much” he whispered against my lips as he cupped my face and pressed them harder against mine.

“I missed you more, Luke” I replied and I felt him shake his head as one of his hands travelled to the small of my back.

“I really don’t want to sound needy but huh-” he started as he walked me backward toward the bedroom.

“I like you needy” I immediately protested and a slight groan came from his chest as he slipped his tongue past my lips and found my own.

“Good then” he replied as he opened the door to our bedroom behind my back. “I hope you’re not too tired” he said as he pulled his lips away from mine and started trailing them down my jaw and neck. “Because you’re in for the night, baby”.

I let out a slight moan as he found my sweet spot and started sucking on it, his lipring roughly pressing into my skin. He hummed in satisfaction and I brought my hands up to his shoulders and slid them under his black denim jacket before pushing it off his body until it felt to the floor.

I managed to turn us around and I then pushed his chest until his calves hit the bed and he fell on it. I immediately straddled him and reconnected our lips as my hands travelled down his covered chest and to the top of his jeans. I popped the button open and pulled the zipper down before sliding my fingers inside his pants and placing my palm over his boxer.

He was already starting to harden and I could feel him struggle to breathe as he whined into my mouth. I stroked him and trailed my lips down his neck before sucking on the side of his Adam apple, which I knew made him crazy.

“Shit, I have too much energy to not be on top today” he let out and he sounded so frustrated I considered teasing the hell out of him for a second.

I sat up and grabbed the top of his jeans before pulling the material down as he lifted his hips from the bed to help me. I came back up and straddled his middle as I started moving my hips on top of him and he took the hem of my dress in-between his thumb and forefinger before sliding the material up my body.

“You didn’t even notice it was a new dress” I jokingly pouted and he bit down on his lipring as he looked at me in my black lace lingerie.

“I swear I’ll happily watch you model all that you bought while I was away once I’m done with you” he replied as he wrapped his arms around my back and flipped us over so that he was now on top; “that’s if you can still walk” he added and I felt the need in my lower region grow more intense at his words. 

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anonymous asked:

Matthew blurb request on what he would be like whilst you are giving him head, thanks 😊

was low-key hoping i’d get this request ngl. ugh he’d be one of those really vocal people first of all. and since i also feel like he’d be big on foreplay it really wouldn’t be hard to get him hard and in the mood whenever you want. his hands would most definitely be all up in your hair, either holding it up or putting it up in a ponytail or just brushing his hand through before guiding you down in him - he wouldn’t be able to keep them off you. he’d sometimes cup your cheek with his right hand and raise your face ever so lightly to take a better look and as you look up at him he’d just let out this little moan as you swirled your tongue around his tip and let his head fall back and you’d see his adams apple bob as he’s trying to swallow his moans to try to be quiet but your name would constantly be heard from his mouth as you licked a strip up his length while holding the base and you’d feel him twitch in your mouth as he’d tell you to keep going watching you intensely, thrusting his hips lightly. shit fam

sirensinsunsets  asked:

Luke 50

Writer’s preference - #46 “Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

“Y/N?! Babe?!” Luke shouts as he enters the house.

“In here!” You yell back from your bedroom. You had just gotten out of the shower, and were currently standing naked in your bedroom looking for clothes to put on.

“Hey, have you seen the mailbox ke- Oh.” Luke pauses.

You blush as you realize you had nothing on. You grab the nearest t-shirt which just happens to be one of Luke’s and slip it over your body. “What do you need, baby?”

“I-uh-I-uhm was l-looking for the m-mail box key.” He sputters out.

You see he’s trying to keep his eyes from wandering your body, but they keep betraying him. His eyes continue to drink up your image when you interrupt his gaze.

“Luke? Did you hear me?” You chuckle.

“Huh? No, sorry.” He blushes as he realizes he’s been caught staring.

“I said the key is on the kitchen counter. You had left it in your jean pockets, and I found it while doing laundry this morning.” You smile at him. You step closer to him and you see his adams apple bob. You kiss his cheek and smirk. You stretch up onto your tip toes and whisper into his ear “go get the mail and then once you’re back you can look all you want without having to pretend you’re not staring.” You giggle as he shifts nervously.

“I-I um I’ll be right back.” He practically runs out of the room before you even process what he’s saying.

“Luke?” You call out down the stairs to him.

“Hmm?” He looks up at you.

“You might want to wipe that drool from your chin before you go to the post office.” You smirk.

Luke frantically wipes away at his chin and blushes as he dashes out the door.

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