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Aw yeah, Little Archie is back on April 5th!

Archie’s wildest day ever starts with a cat eating his homework—and things just get crazier from there! But this isn’t just an ordinary cat, and this certainly won’t be an ordinary day for Little Archie and his friends. 

Join in on the fun adventure from the superstar comics team Art Baltazar and Franco (Tiny Titans, Action Cat and Adventure Bug)!

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Kara Szamborski  recommends Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #1

Tiny Titans #1: Return to the Treehouse is simply one of the most adorable books on the market. The fun plot and colorful aesthetic are appropriate for all ages, but if you’re a long time fan of the DC Universe, cameos that will delight you abound, and avid TV watchers will spot elements from the original Teen Titans animated series as well as the 1966 Batman show.

In the return issue of the wonderful and widely missed series (read the original run here!) members of the Brainiac Club try to earn their first badge by shrinking and bottling the Tiny Titans’ treehouse—but some of our heroes are trapped inside! The remaining unshrunk Titans turn to Robin for answers, and with the help of some borrowed Bat technology (and canine sidekicks) they search for their missing friends.

If you’re a Titans newbie, you’ll love the fun, non-continuity dependent story, and if you’re a long time Teen Titans fan you’ll appreciate nods to pieces of DC history that span mediums and decades. If you like Baltazar and Franco’s work on Tiny Titans, be sure to check out their creator owned Aw Yeah Comics! or their Superman Family Adventures (published between the original and current runs of Tiny Titans). Their excellent work has never failed to bring a smile to my face, and Tiny Titans #1 is no exception.

[Read Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #1]

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Tiny Titans: Return To The Treehouse #1

Superboy and Supergirl return to the treehouse to discover…IT’S MISSING! Or is it just…really small? Who could have done such a thing?! Find out as all your favorite Tiny Titans search for answers.

Check out what comiXologist Kara had to say about this comic!

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