the tin princess


[EPISODE] 193. The Stolen Silver Crystal! Princess Kakyuu Appears.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Kana: うばわれた銀水晶! 火球皇女出現
Romaji: Ubawareta Ginzuishou! Kakyuu Purinsesu Shutsugen

Original Air Date: November 30, 1996

Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Miho Shimogasa

Plot: Knowing Sailor Moon’s secret identity, Sailor Lead Crow attacks Usagi and her friends at a school event.


  • Sonoko Ijuuin was briefly seen at the school festival. She first appeared in episode 187, which had the same director, writer, and animation director as this episode.


  • This episode marked the first on-screen physical appearance of Princess Kakyuu. She would not speak until the next episode, though.


  • This was Miho Shimogasa’s last episode as an animation director. She went on to become the character designer for the series Cutie Honey F, the anime that took over Sailor Moon Sailor Stars’ timeslot.
  • Sailor Lead Crow made her final appearance in this episode.


  • The Tsukino Residence
  • Ginga TV
  • Sailor Galaxia’s chamber
  • The Three Lights’ studio
  • Juuban Municipal High School

It has recently come to my attention that not everyone has seen/read/heard of The Ruby in the Smoke/The Shadow in the North/The Tiger in the Well/ The Tin Princess. 

Here are some important reasons why everyone should read them:

  • Victorian murder mystery with teen-aged female protagonist
  • Teen-aged female protagonist with flaws
  • Victorian era woman who is smart and good at accounting, but is really bad in most social situations.
  • Quirky characters
  • Badass female characters
  • Opium dens and pirates
  • Creepy warmongers trying to set up world domination
  • One of the main characters gets killed off and the other characters grieve appropriately
  • Fake wizards
  • elopement (with fake wizards)
  • Jim. Just the character Jim. I would read them all over again just for Jim.
  • Quirky, artistic photographer love interest with slap-slap-kiss love story
  • Dead dogs to cry over
  • Hella creepy villains
  • Former street urchin and prostitute becomes queen of a small German state and postpones WWI.
  • Written by Phillip Pullman (Author of ‘His Dark Materials’)\

And why you should watch the movies (or at least the two that exist. I’m still desperately hoping for the last two):

  • By Masterpiece Theater
  • Billie Piper as the main character
  • Matt Smith as her rather quirky office clerk sidekick
  • Hayley Atwell as the love interest’s actress sister who makes jokes about acting and cocaine
  • Julie Walters (Molly Weasley) as the creepy antagonist with no teeth
  • Cool costumes
  • Cool music
  • Cool cinematography with especially with all the smoke
  • Opportunity for angsting over the fact that the last two books have not been made into movies yet.

I lost my link to the movies, but as soon as I find another, I will share!

ellieofmidnight  asked:

Mimi mother fucking Santos

yesss thank y ou for my ba be

A (realistic): Mimi has probably bullied someone enough to drop out. She’s ruthless.

B (hilarity): She fucking loves those dumb ass magnets with awful puns that you can get at touristy places. She just…buys a lot of them and laugh snorts at them even though she knows they’re trash

C (heart-crushing): Mimi feels like she was so close to getting the luck of “main characters” because she has strangely colored eyes and this has kind of haunted her for her whole life. She speculates if maybe her parents adopted her from a family of “pink-haired/main characters” and if that family gave her up because she wasn’t “special enough” (bonus adopted headcanon? its a thing ive thought about haha)

D (not canon): She’s grown into a more sassy mofo than a total douche. Like she’s still a big jerk but she has her reasons and rationality for why she does things and when she gets “reformed” so to speak, she has a lot of sass and sarcasm, but still has a softer side.

Rudolf shrank; it was his judgement being questioned. Count Thalgau was bristling warningly, but Jim felt his heart leap with anger.

“It’s true,” he said, “I’m a foreigner. I plead guilty to other faults as well. Yes, I’m young. I’m not high-born. I enjoy the company of rogues and artists and vagabonds. As for the mercenary charge, I admit that when I first came across His Majesty - or His Royal Highness, as he was then - I offered my services as a private detective. We shook hands, and that handshake was my guarantee of honor, because I’m not just any foreigner, I’m an Englishman, by God, and I’ll thank you to remember it. I’m not bribed by treaties or bullied by threats, and I won’t be bought by gold. My loyalty is freely and wholeheartedly given to the king and queen, given for life, and God help the man or woman who doubts it.”

The count was bursting to say something, and the king looked anxious, but a smile of gratitude passed over his face for a moment. Then he flicked a nervous glance at Godel.

The Chamberlain bowed very slightly.

—  The Tin Princess