the timing on this was the worst

Remember when the BBC sent out their first replies to our complaints and said “[…] and we hope viewers enjoyed the overall journey over the last 4 series.” [x]

And actually, you know what? For me personally the answer is NO, it wasn’t. 

Ever since S2 it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Admittedly I wasn’t in a good place in RL when S2 aired but one way or another TRF hurt like a bitch and influenced certain parts of my health as well.

Then S3 aired and I expected a logical explanation for the fall, but nada. Disappointing to no end. But that wasn’t the worst. After HLV I was so confused? I can’t remember a time when a show left me with so many conflicting feelings. I saw that Sherlock was in love with John, but he pushed John back to Mary and John went? And Mary just got a free pass? If it weren’t for post S3 fandom I probably wouldn’t have stayed around or been active in fannish activities. Fandom kept me sane with the explanations of theories of what was supposedly really going on between the three of them. 

But as it turned out, nothing of all that was actually the case in S4. And tbh, NEVER have I been SO HURT by something I’ve loved so much media-wise. Yeah, TFP was complete garbage and TST was characterisation hell but TLD? I have not cried this much about anything like I did over that episode probably ever. Yeah, some triggers might have been involved too. But the way the character ~development went thanks to the shitty plot arc? It was terrible to see that happen to my favourite characters. 

So no, overall the journey was NOT ENJOYABLE. What kept me holding on over the years was my love for Sherlock and John and the fandom. The show itself? A clusterfuck of emotionally shocking moments that were never dealt with in a serious way, something that I usually expect from a good TV show.

Right, our expectations might have been sky-high and we hoped for something good, something logical, something coherent. And then we received none of that. But I refuse to blame our high expectations for the level of disappointment we’re now dealing with. This is not our fault. 


Who keeps the world safe when the Doctor’s not there? Find out when Class, a new series from the Doctor Who universe, premieres on BBC America, April 15 at 10:10pm ET.

These four Coal Hill School students have hidden secrets and desires. They are facing their own worst fears, navigating a life of friends, parents, school work, sex, sorrow – and possibly the end of existence.

Coal Hill School has been a part of the Doctor Who universe since the very beginning, but that has come at a price. All the time travelling over the years has caused the very walls of space and time to become thin. There’s something pressing in on the other side, something waiting for its chance to kill everyone and everything, to bring us all into Shadow.

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i so want the twist to happen but i'm trying to not get my hopes up. what kind of twist would you like to see or think could happen? i just can't think of anything but i really hope we get one though

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst, is literally my motto right now, because as much as I’m 100% convinced, that this is happening, there is always gonna be a little voice of doubt, that tells me to keep my expectations very low, so I’m not disappointed.

For me, it’s a Robert breakdown, I want things to pile up, until Robert can’t take it anymore. I want Emmerdale to strip him down, and have Robert, have to rebuild himself with Aaron’s help. 

I want him to just break, because it’s about damn time, Robert has carried so much, for so long, and sleeping with Rebecca, was him beginning to bend, and Aaron finding out about the affair, and lashing out (which would totally be justified, not trying to say it wouldn’t be) but just laying it on, about how he let him down, maybe even a Jack mention, would just break him.  

And I think the character needs that. He needs to break, he needs to know Aaron can step up and be strong, and ground him, and he just needs to let go. Holding everything inside, only ends one way, badly. 

When you cram so much into one space, it’s bound to burst, and Robert is cramming all his emotions into one place, willing himself to be strong, to be everything Aaron needs and wants him to be, to be everything the village, and Vic and Diane and the Dingles want him to be and his drowning. 

He can’t find the surface, but his trying so damn hard. His right there, he can see the light, but he can’t find that final push inside him to break through to the surface and take that gasping breath of fresh air.  

And because of this he needs to break. Break and start again. 

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What's the legal age of consent in space tho

It doesn’t fucking matter what the age of consent is anywhere

There’s still a MAJOR fucking mental gap that separates and adult from a child and those kind of age gaps are harmful af

Especially during your teen years when you’re just figuring out things about yourself and your hormones are all over the place.

Honestly teen years are the worst fucking time for relationships if we’re being honest.

And please don’t come into my asks with the same phrase/connotation of “It’s not gay if it’s in space”

The way you’re using it is fucking bullshit and you know it

Stop fucking playing

morning  glitter bombs.  observe my son on  this billboard.  i’m crying  ; A; 


You had been a vampire for a while now, but the time in which Valentine had captured you was the worst.
You couldn’t even say how you had managed to escape. Maybe it was luck, maybe fate, you didn’t really care. All you cared about was being back at the hotel and in front of Raphaels penthouse.

Weakly, you opened the door and walked inside. Raphael was sitting on the couch, looking devastated. But when he saw you, it seemed like he was seeing a ghost. You probably looked like one, right now or at least  more dead than alive… even more than usually…

“(Y/n)?” His voice was only a whisper.
Even as hurt as you were, you managed to smile lightly at him. “I thought I’d lost you.”

With vampire speed he was next to you in a second, holding you up.
“You think Valentine can keep me away from you, Raphael?”, you gave back with a smile.

Maybe the last few days had been the worst in your living and undead life but coming back to Raphael was worth surviving it. 

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Tell me a story?

ive been trying to think of one for ages and i suck, so here are some things that happen when you work at a library:

  • one time someone came up to me and gave me a tomato? idk? also recently we found several opened cans of pineapple? they were full and just scattered around the children’s section?
  • jenny was helping someone and police appeared, tackled him to the ground, arrested him, and left, without a word
  • a little tiny boy asked me for chapter books about dinosaurs and when i gave him a stack, he literally fell to his knees and wailed “yeeeeeesss!!!!!”
  • the saddest part of working at a library is getting a tiny peak into someone’s life and mind. it breaks my heart when someone returns a stack of books about cancer or bpd. the worst was when there were about 7 books about “dealing with grief as a young widow”
  • there;s a pudgy boy with dark curly hair who ranted to me about adventure time, so i watched it to honor him and found my favorite show
  • a girl gave me a little illustrated book she had written about “destroying trolls” did you know they only eat boys with short hair
  • every tuesday during the summer we have a read to a dog event, and one therapy dog is enormous and black and i love him so much
  • once a youth services librarian brought her black poodle to work bc he was having anxiety and it was lovely
  • we had a wasp invasion once and so we were all stalking around the library with pans and raid, ready to kill the mofos in the children’s section
  • there’s this woman who always fights me on my age, that i can’t possibly be over 16. plot twist i;m 21 but she refuses to let it go
  • one time this man came up to me and asked what my major was. after i said “english” he went on a sermon about how i should go to school for ac repair bc then i’d actually have a job (even tho.. i have a job?)
  • there was this man named larry who i became good friends with. he helped me get a scholarship, but then he got cancer and moved to georgia and he refused to say goodbye i hope he’s okay :(
  • along those lines, i only see certain patrons when they’re in town for chemo. when i see them, i’m so happy they’re still alive, but so sad that they’re still in treatment. i worry when i haven’t seen one for awhile bc i don’t know if they’re in remission or… not
  • this man came up to me and asked if i could help him find a cd. he couldnt remember the lyrics, or the name, so he hummed to me
  • the librarian who brought her poodle had to move to louisiana or something, to the town where duck dynasty is? apparently to get a librarian job there, you dont even need a high school diploma. you need a masters here :/
  • people always go wide eyed and tell me how smart i am that i can answer their question, and i cant figure out if they know that google exists or not
  • my favorite event of the year is the lit and art magazine reading. we do it in a museum and an author/comic artist comes and lectures, and then we have a poetry slam, and it makes me so happy
  • last summer we found envelopes of photographs from the early 1900′s, of teenagers riding horses and hugging, and they’re the cutest!
  • sometimes i get to hang out with authors for a weekend. my favorites were a.s. king and andrew smith. we sat in the office and a restaurant and i got to just pick their brains. i love them. 
  • this woman once would not stop arguing that “graphic novels” should never be placed in children’s sections. she would not believe me that it was “graphic” as in “graphic design” rather than “graphic language”. her son was just standing there, so i made a stack of quality comics, glared at his mom, and set them in his hands. made sure he left with them. 
  • there’s this meme in the library world called the blue book. legend has it that someone came into a library once and said “i’m looking for a book. i dont remember what it was called, but it was blue, can you find it for me?”
  • a family periodically brings us cookies with little kid drawings it is v nice
  • sometimes people will pay for fines by mail. we’ve gotten envelopes from turkey and japan and such, filled with coins. but we love when they dont include a name or a library card number bc we dont know whose fines to clear.
  • during the summer, a montessori school brings their classes, and i always end up playing games with this group of little boys. i love them so much
  • recently i left the back door open bc it was warm and breezy out. this random man walked through the back door, up to my manager’s closed office door, and knocked. she opened it and he was like “i walked in through your back door lol” and when she told him to leave through the front, he did. he apparently didn’t come in for the library? it’s bc of him we cant have nice things smh
  • one morning my coworker went out to smoke and found a raccoon stuck in the dumpster. he spent literally 3 hours building a ladder for him and luring him out with cheetos
  • robyn found a cell phone once and set it on her desk so she could find who it belonged to. the ownder started texting the phone that he was going to bring his gun and kill the motherfucker that stole his phone. he was very sweet and apologetic when he realized he had left it at a public library
  • once we found a turtle in a garbage can and we adopted him. his name is yertle. sadly tho he got too big and a teacher who always came in adopted him to be a classroom pet i hope he’s having a good day
  • basically, i really adore where i work. i work with an incredible and badass group of women and men who really care about words, the world, and art. we preserve free speech and strive to create a safe place for everyone, and it gives me a lot of hope and inspiration. we laugh a lot. anyone who says that libraries are dying clearly are not using libraries. public libraries are thriving and essential. do not forget this.

ok i’ll leave it there. but i really love working in libraries. it’s always weird and wonderful.

So today i was at the bakery wtf as a french person this is the worst text post intro i could make and i was wearing my Dipper’s cap and this woman working there asked me what i wanted and then she looked at me and her eyes widened and she screamed “OH MY GOD ?? IS THIS THE CAP FROM GRAVITY FALLS ??” and she stopped what she was doing to call her co-worker who was in the kitchen like “HEY C’MERE SOMEONE HAS DIPPER’S CAP” and the guy saw me and was like “hey boy plus you kinda look like a real-life version of him” and this just brightened my day my week my month my life


arthritis is more than joint pain.
it’s feeling like your bones are breaking. your frame gets molded into an unnatural form. uneven and curved. it makes standing, walking, sitting, laying down, and moving very painul and difficult. flares last days. an your always uncomfortable. the worst part is your bones are deteriorating and you can’t stop it.

this is what arthritis is. a deteriorating bone disease. that disfigures it’s host. think about that next time you think it’s just joint pain.


It’s been a while since I’ve made a post like this. But frankly, I need help.

I need a lot of help.

If it hasn’t been made clear already, I am a very fucked up person. So much shit has happened in my life that I haven’t really received professional help form. My friends, my net family, they’ve been very strongly encouraging me to see a doctor. And at this point, it’s clear I need to.

I work full time to support two households, and currently my state of mind has been down the tubes. I can’t go a single day without having an emotional breakdown at work, and I’ve cried so many times today I’ve lost count. It’s been getting worse over the course of the last couple month and this month has probably been the worst in probably about a year. I’ve been losing the fight with all my intrusive thoughts and the fight with my suicidal thoughts is becoming more and more difficult.

The problem is that even though I work full time, I can barely keep myself afloat financially. Even with insurance I can’t afford the copay to see a doctor.

I’m taking commissions, as always, and if you want to donate I would much appreciate it. If you can’t, please spread this around. If you want commissions, email me at, message me here on Tumblr, or note me on Deviantart (ghosttempest is my username).

Thank you for your time.

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i really need help here-- i think something's latched on to me and is rather fond of me (i've been to a doctor, most of it is dead ends, here's stuff for migraines, you're depressed but what can we do about it really, i'm super fatigued all of the time) and i need to know how to get rid of it because even if this isn't the case i need it gone and the worst that could happen is its a false alarm and i preformed a banishment or what have you for no reason.

Heres a few different things you could try:

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I pretended to be you on the internet for awhile way back in early 2000's (mostly on Wolfquest, copying Blue's V1 design as best I could) NGL, being you was THE worst thing in the world lol so many annoying people asking for videos or free stuff. Every server I went on people knew your name. It was constant hounding basically. Also, you'll be happy to know I stopped impersonating you when I turned like 9. So, yeah. That's the time I pretended to be you.

*sticks out leg* You only had a taste of the daily hell that was my early internet life. lmao, but I’m glad you stopped that. Hope you had some fun tho!

I think I’ve had ppl come to me and talk to me about wolfquest days and I just “lol sorry fam, that wasn’t me”

Actually I’ve gotten that a lot about a lot of things. Actual people they knew at school, wolfquest, that mouse game, that toon town game, club penguin. it’s kind of crazy how large of an internet presence I used to have and how many ppl tried to say they were me. XD It’s cute.

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Wanted to share what happened to me today. My uncle has been a very outspoken supporter of Trump. The months leading up to the election we clashed numerous times over just the election. However, you'll be happy to know he called me this morning and apologized. Saying that voting for Trump was the worst decision he ever made. It doesn't make up for the fact he voted for the guy, but Trump supporters are finally seeing the light. If only it happened sooner 😪

wow..only if those revelations happened.. perhaps on november 8th?

“How can I ever forget? Just because we aren’t what we used to be to each other doesn’t make the memories we made together worthless. How can I ever forget a single detail about you- you, whose arms comforted me in the worst of times and beside whom I once wished to spend all my best days. It must be ages ago but there was a time when I thought you were the best thing in my life. Everything you said and did is imprinted on my mind and it would take something infinitely more heart breaking than a break up to erase it. Don’t you see? We might have moved on with our lives but we left a piece of ourselves in each other. I might have given my all my love to another but still I wouldn’t be who I am without you in my life. All these years might have changed you but once with these fingers, I touched your soul and went to sleep listening the beats of your heart .And yet you ask if I remember…..”

~~an answer to “Oh! You still remember?”….
~~an answer to “ Why does your ex mean so much to you?”

—  Oxymoronicsoul
Love her writing! Check it out guys, very relatable and very well written thoughts
send me nasty belly thoughts

okay okay so do you ever feel like there is no one with a nastier kink brain than you and you want to be proven wrong by receiving the most disgusting abdominal fetish content possible?

……..because that’s me today. S END ME UR SHIT. 

honestly nothing is off the table as long as it has to do with male bellies. and i don’t just mean bursting or gore like…. think outside the box people, now’s the time to send me that “skeleton in the back of the closet” kink idea that you thought no one else would be into. no kinkshaming here, worst that can happen is i’ll just be like *shrug* mmkay.

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How do you decide on the titles for your fics?

Titles are the worst [imagine Jean Ralphio gif here cos I’m on mobile] and I have so many duds, omg it’s not even funny. I generally have some boring working title like “necromancer au” or “oviposition bullshit” and then panic at the last minute.

Laeti Vescimur Nos Subacturis was one of the few where I always knew the title because the original mistranslation of the Addams Family credo pisses me off so much, so it was always going to be called that. Madame, That’s Not A Hedgehog is just one of my all time favourite animal welfare statements and never fails to make me laugh. The side fics for that AU ended up all having “help” in the title by accident for the first three and now I can’t stop, though the wedding fic (if it happens) will be called Some Animals Mate For Life. Most of my favourite titles were given to me by immensely superior writers and I am eternally grateful. The rest are puns. Too many puns. I really should be stopped.