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hahahahah Cas is dead. You sad? Are you crying? good. That's what you destihellers deserve. Your stupid delusional ship ruined a good character. Thank God he's dead. Did you know most people who watch the show are either happy he's dead, or don't really care? Fact.

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1) Hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but I’m not even a Destiel shipper. 

2) Despite that fact, I’m still super sad that Cas is dead.

3) Plus, he’s probably gonna come back. Obviously, I don’t know that for sure, but it’s highly possible. So-

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4) I’ve seen plenty of people who’re sad he’s gone.

5) You must be a truly horrible person to waste your time dissing people who love/loved Cas. Like, what’s up with that?

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Anyway, have a nice day. 

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(That gif in no way means I’m likening you to Sam. I really don’t think he’d send anon hate.)

[To anyone else who got something like this, just tell the anon to screw off. We get to be sad about Cas being gone. {And Crowley.} Plus, they’re both probably gonna come back.]

Also, all of those gifs were entirely and completely necessary. 

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Gabi I drove all the way out here to tell you something, uh and obviously, I’m too late, but I’m gonna say it anyway. From the moment you walked into my life, you have brought me nothing but pain. Everyday I have to look at this beautiful, amazing and funny woman that I can’t be with either because I screwed it up, or I lost my nerve, or I didn’t get to you in time because Sofia made us run out of gas.
                      Gabi, I’m crazy about you. I always have been. And I always will be. 

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Could we have more Husk x Hilda? I feel like it's been a while and I really love their ship!

O_O …are you serious? Of course! I’d love to! I mean the main thing is the Zoophobia and Hazbin Hotel universes have been completely disconnected but if there’s a demand, then hell I’ll ship it! …still shipping Husk and Charlie a tad though…. <.<

Screw it, Mini-comic on the way (hopefully by Friday night)!

I miss drawing husk anyway. Every mini-comic I’ve had planned for him has fit perfectly into the Overtime comic so I keep having to put them on hold until then.

Speaking of which really trying to get Part 2 of that done by April 30th for you all. So mini-comics might come a bit slower (sometimes I finish up mini-comics before leaving work but I’m devoting that time to Overtime Part 2 now)

Also I’m gonna be honest I’m having a ton of fun making the Shadow Day arc thingy. So that might be holding him up a bit. Hopefully I can get the next part of that up before the end of this week too.

Did you submit an ask?

Don’t worry I NEVER delete any asks without getting back to you guys. But I might go a little out of order sometimes. If somebody sends something in that just so happens to relate to a comic I’m already drawing then obviously I’ll respond to their ask with that. And sometimes you guys send in really good stuff but I just can’t come up with a good story right away or I think I don’t know enough about the character (like somebody asked about Tyco) so I put them on hold until I can up with something. And sometimes you guys ask for something I just did (which is totally fine, I’d definitely love to do more Alastor/Niffty/shapeshifting girls night out cuteness) but I like to get to different questions first, so that gets put on hold. Bottom line your asks will be responded too. …eventually.

Anyway Hilda, Husk, Charlie, Angel, Crymini, Niffty, and the little silhouette wolf (that you can barely make out through Angel and Crymini’s hair, literally my biggest hurtle in trying to fit those two in the frame) all belong to @vivziepop. Who I really hope I can thank personally sometime for letting me draw all her characters all the time XD

I really like the flat motherboard design for heavy cards though so it’s even odds I’ll just get another identical case anyway. Black this time! And I’m not getting one SINGLE lightup component because they’re all super fucked up and not good yet.

In like… A year and change… I’m gonna have Such a good pc… A blower style card if I can’t get AIO… AIO is just waiting to screw me over bigtime but it hasn’t yet, it HASN’T yet so I am still riding the wave of that dream

Every part will be glistening black and since it’s going to take so long to build I am gonna do whatever it takes to get scintillant, beetling black custom cables. And I won’t put ANY stickers on it! No wait, yes I will, but only one. The wrongneko I’ve been saving for a flat black pc.

// guys i was sent home because im sick \o/… and prob would infect all of my patients at hospital if i stayed- 

anyway im not feeling too well, and its possible a good time for 10 cups of tea

idk if id update today or not- depends on how id feel after. i declined however to stay home for days since im stubborn and work hard- though if i get worse, i might return home tomorrow.
i just dont want to screw up my pals for not being at my place at work, even though they insist that i should rest - i just cant be that kind of bad friend-

Jealous Luke Imagine - Too Close

Requested: Yep

Author: Brit

Too Close – Jealous Luke Imagine

“No way!” You shrieked into your cell phone, “Luke, that’s incredible! You’re the best!”

“I’d do anything for you,” He said through the speakers. You were on the phone with your boyfriend and he had just told you that he wanted your band to go on tour with 5sos.

Of course you accepted and couldn’t wait to tell your three other band mates, Josh, Sam, and Derek. Josh played lead guitar, Sam played the drums, Derek was lead singer and rhythm guitar, and you played bass and backup vocals. You went over to Derek’s house first. You always had a special bond with him. He was incredibly tall, with blonde, floppy hair, and was extremely muscular. He always made you feel safe.

You walked right into his house, unannounced. “Derek!” You called and he came running down the stairs in nothing but a towel.

“What?” He rushed over to you and put his hands on your shoulders, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, sorry!” You blushed, “I just had to tell you. Luke called me and asked us to come on tour with them! Isn’t that amazing?”

Derek’s worried expression turned into one of joy, “Wow, Y/N, that’s fantastic!” He hugged you, “We’re gonna be famous!”

“Pack your bags, bitch,” You breathed him in, “Because we’re leaving in a week.”


The plane was just minutes away from landing. You were sitting in between Josh and Derek, Sam sitting in the row behind you. You could barely contain your excitement. “I can’t believe I’m going to see Luke again,” You smiled widely, “I haven’t seen him in so long.”

“I can’t wait to meet the guy you never shut up about,” Josh joked.

“Yeah,” Sam piped up form behind you, “We need to approve of this boyfriend of yours.”

You laughed, “Don’t scare him off, guys!” You frowned. “Luke gets very, uh, sensitive,” You put the joking aside, “I don’t want him feeling intimidated by you.”

Sam ruffled your hair, “Don’t worry, Y/N, we won’t be too mean.”

The plane came to a halt and you were basically jumping out of your seat, ready to pounce onto your boyfriend. Then Derek pissed on your mood. “Oh, I can’t wait to see this pussy of a boyfriend you have,” He sneered, sticking his nose up.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You snarled, but forgot about it once the doors opened. You ran as fast as you could to the lobby and couldn’t miss the tall string bean that was your boyfriend. “Luke!” You screeched and jumped into his arms, “I missed you so much.”

Luke held you tighter, “I missed you so much more,” He whispered, breathing into your neck. He pulled away, with a smile. “Where’s your band?” He asked with a laugh.

“Right here,” Josh appeared extending his hand for Luke to shake. “I’m Josh,” He introduced himself, “I play guitar.”

Sam shook his hand next, “Sam, I play drums.”

“Nice to meet you both,” Luke said shyly. You kissed his cheek, reassuring him that they were good guys.

Then Derek walked right past all of you and made his way to the car. “And that’s Derek,” You said suspiciously, “He sings and plays guitar. Just like you!” You chirped.

Luke bit his lip, already feeling less than. “Just like me,” He muttered under his breath, but you didn’t hear him.


At rehearsal, Derek was extremely touchy. He was all over you really. You let it happen because it wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary. You thought it was just his stage persona. Luke watched intently, not taking his eyes off Derek. He could feel the envy boil inside him.

Derek sang into the microphone while having an arm wrapped around your waist at all times. “I can’t watch this,” Luke mumbled.

“What’s the problem?” Michael asked him, noticing the tension radiating off the singer. He laid a hand on Luke’s back and saw what he was looking at. “Oh,” Mikey nodded, “I see. But come on, Luke, you’re way better than this tool. And Y/N sees that for sure.”

“Thanks,” He replied, but his eyes didn’t waver.

Derek made eye contact with Luke and smirked. He called a five-minute break and went out to see your boyfriend. “Hey Twiggy!” He chirped mockingly.

“What?” Luke asked, confused about the nickname.

“Twiggy!” Derek said again, “Sorry, it’s just you’re abnormally skinny for a dude. You’re a stick with no muscles. I don’t know why Y/N’s even with you. You’re like the wimpier version of me.” He patted Luke on the back, “Well, I hope you’re enjoying what you’re watching.” And went back to the band.

While all this was happening, you took the opportunity to chat with the other two band members. “Guys,” You got their attention whilst sitting yourself on Sam’s drum set, “What’s going on between Derek and my boyfriend?”

“You know Derek,” Josh shrugged, “He’s kind of an asshole, Y/N.”

“But not to me!”

“That’s because he wants in,” Sam noted. You thought for a moment, and then looked up at Luke and Derek, who were talking on the balcony. You saw Luke’s face fall as Derek walked away and you were immediately concerned. Your boyfriend started rubbing his nose, and you knew he did that when he was nervous about something. He took off after that. Derek returned to practice, but you couldn’t stop thinking about Luke. You ended rehearsal early and went to find him.

You ran into to Michael who was also looking very concerned. “Mikey,” You panted, “Where’s Luke?”

“I think he went to the gym,” He replied, but as you were leaving he stopped you, “Y/N, make sure he’s ok.” You nodded and ran to the gym.

You stopped at the door to the gym and heard Luke talking to himself. You lurked by the entrance, not letting him know you were listening. He was lifting weights that were way too much for him to handle. He put them down and looked at himself in the mirror. “You’re not good enough,” Luke said, staring at his reflection, “You’re doing this for Y/N.” He bent down and picked up the weight again.

“Luke, stop!” You ran in, not wanting him to over do it, “What are you doing?” You pulled the weight away from him before he hurt himself.

He pushed his hair out of his face and started trembling, “I’m not good enough for you. I’m doing this so you don’t leave me for Derek. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Y/N. I need you so much.”

Your heart sunk. He thought you were going to leave him? “No,” You shook your head and bit your lip, “Luke, I would never leave you for Derek. I would never leave you, period.”

“But he’s so much more muscular than me,” Luke pouted.

You kissed his forehead and whispered, “Can I tell you a secret?” You moved your lips to his ear, “I don’t give a shit. You’re perfect to me.” Luke pulled you into a big sweaty hug and kissed the top of your head. “Ew,” You giggled, “You’re so gross!” He laughed with you.

“Ahem,” You both turned to see Josh and Sam at the door. “I hate to disturb whatever this is, but we have a situation,” Sam announced.

Josh spoke, “Derek left.”

“What?” You and Luke both gaped at the same time.

Sam shifted his weight uncomfortably. “We told him to stop flirting with you because he was never gonna get anything.”

“And he said screw it because all he wanted was ass and fame,” Josh finished.

Luke turned to you, “Y/N, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want that to happen. I just-“

You put a finger to his mouth to shut him up, “We didn’t want him around anyway.”

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