the timing is a little too perfect there

Today is such a nice day outside. I’ve disconnected from politics completely and im just.

Enjoying today liike crazy! I’m in my fave sweater and this weather is,, perfect. It feels nice and warm and sweaters feel like a hug instead of too constricting or anything like that, and the sun is out and I can see the sky for the first time in days! But we have some beautiful fluffy clouds that are actually -pitch black- which is cool as heckie, like, maybe there will be a thunderstorm tonight to sleep to! I got to go to starbucks and this new barista (who told me he’s from india isn’t that neat?) told me he would surprise me so now I’m drinking this great mint green berry tea. It’s like life is throwing me a bone rn

snail emoji reviews


very detailed, blur tool is a little excessive; i appreciate the faithfulness to the eye stalks


simple and perfect. what a beautiful friend!! he smiles for you


easily identifiable, small spots add to maximum snail


a good friend, yes, but his eyes should be up there you fools


very shiny. the slimiest of all of our friends here, impervious to sharp objects at any angle. too powerful


simple and green, a very nice pal we have here today folks


his shell looks like a cinnamon roll, sweet boy


purple pal


minimalist pink friend, i trust him with my crops

Emoji One:

mischievous, chaotic neutral


eventually, this will be the being who we all have to submit to.

in short, i love all of them

dreamy thoughts
  • how do we know that magical creatures don’t exist? just because we haven’t seen them doesn’t prove they aren’t real.
  • what if clouds really are cotton wool and we can sleep in them? but airplanes move too fast for us to know.
  • flowers and forests are my home.
  • I walk in a snowy pine tree forest but I don’t feel cold. All the little woodland creatures greet me as a friend.
  • I’m looking up at the stars, but the stars are too distant for me to see that they’re smiling back, hoping that I’ll be okay.
  • what will my future hold? any day now, I could do something I fear terribly and all my dreams will form into a reality.
  • all the swans in the mirror lake know my name, they sing for me and tell me their stories.
  • I metamorphosize like a butterfly, from a shy weak little thing to a magnificent being of magic.

Pairs and characters that almost made it in my big cartoon crossover but that, for a reason or another, I had to leave out xP

Originally I wanted to have Louise (Bob’s Burger) and Mabel (Gravity falls) talk cause they are dubbed by the same voice actress, same goes for Candy (Greavity Falls) and BMO (Adventure Time), 

Mabel would have been good with Star (Star VS the forces of evil) too cause, come on… they would love each other! 
Star would have been great with Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony Friendship is magic) too, after all her bestie is a pony… sort of xD
Instead Star ended up dancing with ice King (Adventure Time), which I still think was perfect xP Come on, let the poor Simon enjoy a dance with a princess 8′D
And Mabel ended up with Steven… and at first I wanted to have them fuse, modifying Stevonnie, but… oh well xP 

Steven (Steven Universe) and Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure time) would have been awesome too cause there litterally is a scene in Adventure Time where LSP yells ‘get your hands off me, Steven!’ XD

Diane (BoJack Horseman) meeting Daria (Daria) would have been perfect cause.. I can’t be the only one seeing a similarity XD

I didn’t think to add Butters before cause… well, when I started the video I hadn’t watched South Park yet, my two best friend introduced me to this show just a few months ago, when the video was basically already over xP

Also I desperately wanted to add Appa but… he was too bit and basically didn’t fit in the dance scene v.v

Well, if you wanna check out the original video with the pairs and characters that made it in the end… here’s the link!

What do you think? Are the scrapped parings better then the ones that made it? :P
Or would have you preferred some different character/pair? :)

I think that if we had met under the right circumstances, we would’ve been perfect for each other. But life doesn’t work that way, and I’m always a little too late.

-We could’ve written a love story for the ages.



‘Brown Nation’ is exactly the kind of sitcom about immigrants we need in Trump’s America

Brown Nation was released on Netflix just days after the presidential election, yet there’s been relatively little web chatter about the quirky Indian-American sitcom — perhaps because art critics were too busy mourning the election results. With the inauguration only about a week away, now seems like the perfect time to reflect on how Brown Nation is the type of smart, funny and even heartwarming sitcom about the immigrant experience that we need in Donald Trump’s America. Read more

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Tomorrow AU
  • It’s midnight. Star is still wide awake. The fear she feels in her nightmares is terribly present for the first time in her life.
  • It’s a stupid idea. But she needs Glossaryck. She needs the spellbook. And most of all, she needs to get away from this dimension.
  • She has a spell to pack everything into a neat little bag, which she replaces her star purse with, and removes her room from the Diaz’s house. She doesn’t know how to fix the gaping hole in the wall though, so she just uses a massive amount of magical tape and leaves an apology on a sticky note.
  • She still has all of Janna’s makeup, and the foundation that Janna said was too light for her. She puts it on over her cheeks. She hopes it’ll help.
  • She tucks the note she tried so many times to perfect that night under Marco’s door, and gives it a final shove, her hand recoiling at the touch of the door.
  • She puts on the cloak that her mother had given her on her 12th birthday, saying it was a family heirloom made of the Unseen Threads that the Fates themselves use. It is only to be used when she needs to go into hiding. So, it was perfect for what she had to do.
  • Her sorrow and heartbreak are slowly turning to bitterness. That’s why Star needs to leave. 
  • She pads down the stairs, and remembers how just yesterday, she had fallen down the final step, uncaring of how she felt towards her best friend. At least, uncaring of what her strange feelings meant.
  • Star could never hate Jackie. She won’t blame her. Jackie is a wonderful girl, who’s cool, and pretty, and looks like the ocean. But she doesn’t want to see Jackie or Marco for a very long time.
  • Star passes by the kitchen, where she remembers how everyone lied about her cooking just to make her feel better. She wonders if she should let Janna, Ponyhead, and Starfan know where she’s going. She ultimately decides against it.
  • Her hair gets in front of her face as she swings down the stairs. She becomes irritated with it. Irrationally irritated.
  • She grips her dimensional scissors, swallows down an impulse, and walks towards the living room.
  • She tries to put her hair into a ponytail, but catches her reflection in the many photos of the foreign exchange students that have lived at Marco’s house. She sees her hair, the same as it was when she first got here. The same as it was when Marco befriended her and agreed she could stay. The same as it was when she and her fought together in every battle. The same as it was when she felt her heart shatter the day before.
  • Star grips her dimensional scissors even tighter.
  • She has to go back to Mewni. But her mother can’t know. Her father can’t know. No one can. She needs to get that spell book back from Ludo before anything else puts the people she loves in harm’s way.
  • She grabs her hair tightly and brings her scissors down on it, and feels a weight lift off her head, as if she had been released from a bondage she had never realized was even there. She looks at herself in the mirror, and feels hot tears rolls down her cheeks, which she quickly pats away before the foundation fades away.
  • Star uses a cleaning spell to get rid of the massive amount of hair on the floor, and just like that, she was someone else. She was no longer just Star Butterfly, a carefree magical princess from another dimension. She felt herself earning a title in this moment, like how her mother had when she had defeated Toffee once in battle. Her mother was Moon the Undaunted, her grandmother Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness, her great grandmother Solaria, the monster carver, and her great great grandmother, Celena the shy. But what would her title would be?
  • She shook off this thought. She opened up a portal to Mewni, and cast the only tracking spell she knew by memory. She stepped through, and the portal closed behind her. The Diaz house was silent still.
  • In a room where the Queens of Mewni have a tapestry of Fate woven for each of them, a new plaque rises from the ground. On it, words are carved on magically.

                                                  Star the Blazing

                           A heart of gold shines in the unending darkness 

                                 though forever shattered it may seem

                              And when it appeared all hope was lost

                         She rose like a star and earned the title, Queen.

Find yourself a boy who rubs your legs, even when they’re prickly. Find yourself a boy who plays with you hair, even when there are knots all through it. Find yourself a boy you can binge watch Netflix with, in your underwear, and you haven’t showered since the day before. Date the boy who looks at you at midnight after a McDonald’s run and tells you how beautiful you are and that he can’t fathom why someone as perfect as you would even think about being with someone like him. Date the boy who squeezes your boobs and rubs your butt in the most innocent way possible. 

Date the boy who gives you headaches. The boy who is so damn stubborn it frustrates you sometimes. Date the boy who is damaged because he gave his heart out a little too quickly a few times too many. Date the boy you are terrified to lose, the boy you are terrified to love sometimes. The boy that gives you goosebumps and calms your butterflies all in one moment.

—  Date the boy that makes you so uncomfortably comfortable. 
BTS REACTION - What kind of kissers and cuddlers they are

One more to the kissers and cuddlers series! And once more this post got waaaay too long… sorry T.T 



Rap Monster

Passionate, but teaser kisser. Namjoon would love to tease you, with many kisses in many places and a lot of almost kisses, just little pecks to provoke you. Being rough from time to time and lots of shoulder kisses. But, although he’s always trying different ways to drive you crazy through kissing, he is also the type of guy to cup your face and kiss you deeply, not necessarily provoking. He wants you to know exactly how you make him feel.

Originally posted by bangtan-tan

His lap is your perfect spot, with your head on his shoulder, also he’s always big spoon. Cuddling mostly happens under your request or after sex. He’d take this intimate moment to talk about everything, meaningful and deep thoughts or even the most trivial topics. He’d ask about your day and tell you about his. If you’re comfortable he won’t move, even if his arm goes numb.


Sweet kisser. There is no doubt seokjin would be a very warm and loving kisser, simply adoring forehead and cheek kisses and being as gentle and romantic as he can. I do believe he would take his time to appreciate you and let you appreciate him, principally setting the right moment. His kisses are something you’d be looking forward to.

Originally posted by meganhyunhee

He loooves cuddling. Your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat, your smell everywhere, both of you so close and intimate is just like heaven to Seokjin. He would like to have a good view of you, so he can admire you completely, caressing your hair and exchanging sweet compliments (he’d from time to time mention his own beauty to mess with you, almost apologizing and reseting the mood) or light kisses. And, he wouldn’t let you leave. Cuddling session is Jin’s, you must follow his rules.


Tender kisser. Yoongi would probably mix kissing and cuddling a lot. He loves to just feel you, your smell and your closeness, when kissing. His kisses would always start softly, a mere brushing lips to a very long and passionate kiss, also lazy kisses on your neck and shoulders when you’re distracted. Mostly he keeps this moments between you two only, but depending of the setting or situation I think he wouldn’t mind sneaking a cheek kiss or a peck in public.

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

Lazy cuddler, obviously. He’s the big spoon, keeping you as close as possible. It wouldn’t be a talking moment for you two tho, he would probably be napping when you snuggle up to him and he half-asleep pulls you closer and finds that perfect position, where you’re just close enough to kiss, but he can also play lazily with your hair until he goes back to sleep. Cuddling for him is a relaxing, silently loving moment.

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Playful kisser. No doubt. His kisses would be everywhere he can reach at that moment, although he have a thing for your lips (loves lip bites). He would make sure you’re always having a good time and enjoying him as much as he’s enjoying you, kissing you sweetly. He would love to snap you little kisses in public to make you flush and giggle. His kisses would always put you in a good mood, and when you’re alone he’d let it evolve to a more passionate kiss leaving you out of breath.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

He also likes cuddling. It’s a very funny time, where he can be close to you. There’s no doubt he would tell silly jokes to make you laugh and turn the cuddling sessions into a tickle fight that only ends when he makes you kiss him, but he’d also lazily talk about anything while holding your hand or drawing figures on your back, he may even try to seduce you too. He doesn’t mind much between big or small spoon.

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Bold kisser. Jimin would love to make you breathless, biting your lipas and giving you hickeys so everyone would see. But, although he is mad in love with sexy kissing, he knows how to be sweet. Eskimo kisses is something he likes but would never admit on, also when you ask for a kiss or a peck he would softly obey, instantly getting embarrassed on himself, but would totally get revenge asking for kisses too.

Originally posted by sonyeondan

He doesn’t really care about position, he only wants to have a hold on you, hands or arms touching, close enough to sneak a kiss on your cheek and make you blush and cares about you being comfortable. He loves to cuddle with you at all times, including when the boys are around (we all know he’s kinda show off). And, when you’re alone, although he’s being cute and quiet, he would make sure to “accidentally” grab something he shouldn’t or make a pervy comment.

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Slow and playful kisser. A little like J-Hope, Taehyung would simply love to tease you and play around. Like kissing you lightly then running away, or licking your nose when you’re about to kiss. Surprise kisses are a must. But, every time you do kiss he makes sure to take it slow and get deep, although it can easily become rough, principally because he always uses his tongue. His kisses naturally progress to leave you both panting.

Originally posted by tekukii

His position doesn’t have a name, for it’s a mess. You two would be always in random positions, only close enough for him to snuggle up on you, burying his face on the crook of your neck or kiss you (basically any part of you that is close enough). He’d also be playful, as soon as he gets bored he’d annoy the crap out of you, poking and saying nonsense, until you give him a death glare and he’s saved by his square smile you love. (sexiest gif ever… i’m almost sorry)

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Childish kisser. Being the shy bunny he is, at the beginning you’re the one leading, but not for too long. As soon as he started to feel comfortable, his kisses becomes more playful and childish, he holds you tight when you have to leave and kiss you until you’re late, or you get into a tickle fight that ends up on you two kissing. Those kisses, mostly starting on your cheeks and neck, becoming tender, deeper and more passionate.

Originally posted by missbaptan

Cuddling with him came natural to you, he was a little unsure of it in the beginning but as soon as he got used to it, he makes sure you feel special. He just keeps you comfortable and very close, talking lightly about your days and maybe singing something softly. He’d shyly kiss your cheek and play with your hair, sometimes little spooning and holding your hand tightly.

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~ADM Jam

A Hoe’s Guide to Flirting

in person:

  • smile! don’t cheese too hard, but smiling will show that you’re happy and open to conversation
  • ask for help! something as simple as asking for homework help, or to lift something heavy, will give a sense of pride knowing that he/she is needed
  • leave him/her wanting more. don’t play too hard to get, or they’ll just give up. but don’t go around giving your life story either. find a middle ground
  • physical contact is one of the most foolproof flirting tips i could give. something as simple as a thigh graze, brush of the arm, or shoulder graze will keep them interested and wanting more 
  • eye contact
  • flirt a little everywhere you go: with the waiter, the mailman, a taxi driver. practice makes perfect, and you’ll be surprised to see how well this helps when it’s time to actually step up
  • laugh at his/her jokes even if they aren’t funny. you can admit to their shit jokes only after you’ve snagged them
  • genuinely compliment them. it’s a great icebreaker and will automatically get this person interested 
  • be yourself! never feel like you need to be a certain version of sexy. you should be liked for who you are
  • don’t cross your arms: you’ll seem reserved and unapproachable. instead, lean towards the person you’re talking to. maybe cross your legs in their direction, or lean a bit closer

through text:

  • try not to get too serious or overshare. important things should be discussed in person
  • don’t reply to every message: it will make you seem busy, and not like you’re waiting for their next reply (even if you are)
  • don’t force yourself to reply to a text. if things are getting dry, stop texting back. it’ll make him/her want to work harder to grab your attention. 
  • ask about them! don’t go on and on about your life too much. getting to know the other person will keep the conversation going.
  • don’t underestimate the power of emoji’s



*squints* Does that say…

…it does! 

Thank you all so, so much… by your word of mouth, you’ve shared the magic of SDM with far more people than I ever dreamed of. The community just keeps growing!

Perfect timing, too, I’ve got a little something to give back – the 40k AMA video is done! Big thanks to everyone who submitted questions, this was definitely the best yet.

…it also has my cat Salvatore in it throughout, so that automatically makes it way better. Take a look!

(Direct link:

Big thanks to all of you that made this happen… get ready for lots more comedic craziness in the new year!


I hope you fall in love with dance.
I hope you fall in love so hard that it fills all of the dark places in your soul
With so much light.
That you find a sudden strength that gives you the power to fight
Through difficult times.

When we were young we were dazzled by these unreachable champions.
They wore beautiful dresses and they flew like birds across the stage.
We never could see the hours of practice and injuries at that age.
We only saw power and grace perfected.

There was so much love in that young, pigeoned toed dancer’s heart.
All she wanted to do was learn how to fly too.
How to learn to be a musician with her feet.
Creating rhythms that feel like a heart beat.
It was that little girl’s everything
Always keeping her awake at night with dreams.

And now she is older, she is you.
Standing before a mirror and not sure on what to do.
You’re tired and it feels like those dreams seemed to slip away
You can’t pin point when or what day
But somehow they did.
And you’re starting to feel undone.
As if failure has won.

But hope is not lost.
I hope the missing puzzle piece hits you one day,
When you finish that move you have been working months on.
When you finally get it and the pride comes rushing in.
When you finally win that 1st.
Let it all rush in and never let it go.

I hope you fall head over heels for dance once more.
Eager to walk through the studio’s doors
And make yourself into exactly who that little girl knew you could be.
Because you can.

I hope you fall so in love that it becomes the reason you breathe.
That it fills you with so much fulfillment and happiness,
That the blisters and bruises just don’t matter.
Because you proved that you could do it.

I hope that all of that love and passion pays off.
That one day, you will get that recall. That you might find yourself on that podium. Or whatever goal you dreamed of at night, while you ran through your steps in your head.
Right before bed,
Every night you saw yourself in that place.

I hope it becomes more than just a dream.
Because you have it in you.
I know you do.
The little girl knows you do.
Do you?

i know it’s been like. half an hour max but uh,,,, here’s some alex headcanons

  • she’s beautiful and im sobbing. that’s not a headcanon i just needed 2 remind you all
  • cares too much about her hair,, gels it into a perfect pompadour every morning & fights ppl who try to squish the floof down 
  • (yes that kinda contradicts the official art but idc!!)
  • blitz makes her a chain mail sweater vest !!
  • speaking of sweater vests ,, wanted to grow up to become a professor (pottery, maybe!) one day before. yknow. he died :(
  • fav animal to turn into is a koala aww
  • when shes close to someone *cough* magnus she becomes a lot more affectionate & dare i say.. cuddly!!! than one would think she would be
  • she and sam are the best pair of sisters the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!! soooooo much sisterly support and they only shout at each other occasionally!!!
  • magnus: “i’m so lucky, i’m the luckiest guy on the planet, i have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend” someone: “wait… is ur girlfriend alex okay with this?” someone else: “wait you have a girlfriend named alex?? i thought your boyfriend was named alex” magnus: “yes”
  • alex is actually really easily startled for someone so good in combat loooool just sneak up behind him and poke him in the side and he’ll screech and probably smack you
  • one time halfborn convinced her to turn into a bear and fight him to see if he could survive. alex won
  • a SOFTIE!!!!!!!! she’s such a SOFTIE!!!!!!!!!! don;t let his tough exterior fool u he actually cries at disney movies and once almost got hit by a car trying to save a stray cat and really truly cares for the emotional well-being of everyone around him
  • “executive function is for chumps,” she says, having eaten solely cheeto puffs for the past 2 days. doesn’t remember the last time she showered. it’s fun 
  • owns at least 20 “down with cis” shirts 
official ranking of every vaporeon sprite on bulbapedia

good!! her fins are very nice and she is striking a nice little pose

much better in design! she looks more cat like which is very good and she has much more color! a good sprite all around 

strangely dog like and has odd fins on her legs. not too good but still enjoyable 

a good action pose and a very nice design! this one brings a smile to my face. Very Good

this one is perfect! her design is spot on perfect. she looks so ready to battle too!! 10/10 the perfect sprite 

somehow became cyan but thats okay! she is still ready for battle but a little more cautious this time. pretty good!

lots of Personality! she is doing a dance for us and it is very good!! this is a fun sprite and should be appreciated 

she has calmed down a lot. she looks much more regal like a real mermaid should. i like how it shows off her tail. a little boring but a good sprite none the less! 

i like how it shows the full length of her amazing tail! not much personality but it shows off how good looking vaporeon really is and i enjoy that

back to sitting but this one has a little more personality which is very good! mouth is open and she seems to have a happy expression!! im happy if she is happy

kind of lifeless which is sad. vaporeon should be happy and full of life!! not very good but still a good pokemon! 

Class Reunions

(A/N): I loved this request so much! 

Request: Can you write another protective Chris x reader? Like Chris joining the reader on her class reunion but reader got bullied in her school time so she’s kinda afraid they will do it during the reunion too?

Warnings: some swearing

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms

Originally posted by your-kylie-me

   You sigh as you check your appearance in the mirror for the umpteenth time that night, glancing in the mirror to see that everything was perfect. Truth be told you hated the idea of a class reunion, it was almost like having to go back and experience high school all over again, something you weren’t too keen on but Chris, for some strange ass reason, was dead set on going alongside you tonight. 

   “(Y/N)! Come on we’ve got half an hour to get there-” Chris stops in the doorway of your bedroom, smiling softly at your little getup. “You look amazing,” You smile softly, sighing as you look in the mirror again. 

   “Did you know I used to get bullied?” You ask as you check your skin for any imperfections, something you once were mocked for quite a bit. Chris smiles sadly as he steps into the room, only to stop by your side. He wraps an arm around your waist, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead as he does. 

   “And that’s why we’re going, you’re gonna show ‘em that you’re successful and gorgeous and then you’re gonna rub it in their faces,” You chuckle softly, resting your head against Chris’ back. 

   “Isn’t that a bit condescending?” You ask, smiling as you tilt your head back just enough to look up at him. 

   “Yeah, well those asses need someone to rub their success in their face and why not you?” 

   “Because It’s rude?”

   “Well for tonight we’re rude people, yeah?” You can’t help by smile fondly at Chris, nodding your head as you do. “Well then, let’s get your gorgeous face to that stupid reunion and shame everyone there,” 

   “Sounds great,” 

    Despite Chris’ little uplifting talk to you you still felt rather scared of the whole idea. All your classmates, all your bullies, everyone who had ever unknowingly made you feel like shit was going to be there and quite frankly you just didn’t want to face that. 

   “(Y/N),” Chris’ states calmly as he drives into a rather packed parking lot. “You’re going to break my fingers if you squeeze them any harder,” You look down, realizing that you must have been squeezing Chris’ fingers tightly given that the skin nearly looked snow white. 

   “Oh,” You mutter, releasing your hold on his hand. “Sorry,” 

   “Hey, I said you were squeezing them too tight, I didn’t say to stop squeezing them,” Chris smiles as he takes your hand once again, intertwining your fingers as he does. “It’s gonna be fine (Y/N), what’s the worst that could happen?” Flashbacks to high school flit through your head causing you to externally cringe. 

   “You don’t want to know,” You mutter as Chris pulls into an empty parking space, his parking impeccable. The building before you damn near makes you want to cry but you refrain, keeping it all contained for now. 

   “You ready?” Chris asks, his thumb running somewhat soothing circles over your knuckles. 

   “No,” You answer meekly, sighing as you stare at the many people walking in. “But I know you’re gonna make me get out of this car anyways and go socialize,” 

    “You’ve figured me out well (Y/N),” Chris chuckles, lifting your hand to press a sweet kiss to your knuckle. “Come on, you’ve got this, I believe in you,” You smile softly, looking down to your intertwined hands. 

    “I swear if you let go of my hand for a single second in there I will never forgive you,” Chris chuckles, giving your hand a gentle squeeze as he does. 

   “You got it,” 

   The two of you only parted your hands for a split second, just long enough to get out of Chris’ car then you immediately grabbed his hand again, your anxiety starting to kick in. 

   “You’re going to be okay,” Chris whispers as he begins to pull you along, his hand squeezing yours once again. 

   “I’m having flashbacks to my angsty teenage years,” You mutter causing Chris to laugh heartily. His laughter soothes your nerves slightly as you finally walk through the doors of the building, your stupid school colors nearly blinding as you walk in. “God, couldn’t they tone it down just a bit?” You mutter, damn near getting ready to pop one of the many balloons that crowded you. 

    “You are already so negative,” Chris’ tone is lighthearted and the smile on his face only adds to his teasing tone and you can’t help but smile, even if you were already having a shitty time Chris was there to make sure you at least felt okay. 

   “Oh my god, is that (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” You cringe at the ever happy tone, even all these years later and all these fake people still don’t know how to speak normally. With an almost pained smile you turn to look at the person behind you, one of the student body officers who had actually been a bully to you back in the day. 

   “Hey!” You put on a fake voice, just as happy and preppy sounding as the body officer’s was. 

   “Oh my god! You haven’t changed on bit, still rockin’ that great skin I see,” Your smile falls but before you can even retaliate Chris has wrapped an arm around your shoulders, smirking at the old student. 

   “Hi, I’m Chris, Chris Evans, and who are you?” The body officer looks up at Chris in sheer shock, their lips parted as they look between him and you. 

   “(Y/N), you uh- you didn’t tell me you had connections-” 

   “Chris is actually my fiance,” You smile, sticking out your hand to showcase the ring he’d bought you a few months prior. The body officer gasps audibly as they take your hand in their own, staring at the ring in pure shock. 

   “That’s- that’s-” They look up to the two, their cool, fake demeanor returning once more. “That’s amazing you too! Congrats!” You chuckle dryly, smirking as Chris gives your arm a gentle squeeze. 

   “Well thanks, it was great talking to you but we’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” With another tight lipped smile you wave goodbye, turning on your heel to get as far away as you could from the ever snobby officer. “See? We’re not even here five minutes and someone has already found a way to make fun of me,” 

   “But we stopped it before it got any worse, we rubbed it in their face, remember?” You nod your head, sighing as you walk into the main room where all your old classmates had previously gathered. 

   “Chris, you are going to owe me so much after this,” You growl as you take a seat at some table, the farthest from anyone else. 

   “I promise I will take you out to buy some icecream and look at puppies,” 

   “Good,” You grumble as you fold your arms over your chest, glaring at anyone who passed your table. Chris smiles as he lets go of your hand, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and tugging you closer to him. 

    “Tell me when you want to go rub your success into people’s faces,” You can’t help but smile, looking out at the crowd of kids you once hated. Even now they still had that ‘I’m better than you’ aura about them and it sickened you. Guess Chris’ idea of knocking these asses down a few notches wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 

    “Give me five minutes and I think I’ll be ready,” 

anonymous asked:

Any fics you are currently obsessed with? Like your heart palpitates every time it updates. Or you salivate just a little too much. Anything like that?

xD hmmm let’s see. On-going fics updating that give me heart palpitations every time they update:

More Women than Warriors — this is one of (if not the) best Clexa fics ever. It’s just SO good. The writing is simply astounding, the characterisation is excellent (Clarke and Lexa are SO in character), and the story and plot are amazing.

in love and war and politics — first of all, the story is simply spectacular. Then the characterisation is top-notch. And the writing is really good too. Another absolutely perfect fic. It’s one of those you can’t possibly not read.

Hooked on a feeling — this is such a wonderful fic. I love it, love it, love it. Oh shit it updated and I didn’t notice :0

LIFETIMES — READ THIS READ THIS READ THIS!!! The characterisation is amazing, the writing is poetic, and the plot is awesome awesome awesome.

Room 615 — I adore this fic. Read it! The characters are very much in character (pardon the redundancy), it’s well written, and the story is both cute and has the right amount of angst (I hate too much angst).

Spelling It Out — super well written, super good characterisation, super good premise and even better plot and story. An absolute must-read.

blood rush in the hazy glow — idk if this still applies, since it hasn’t updated in like a century, but it’s still one of my all-time favourites and I know that if it were to update, I’d totally flip my shit and read it right away.

Help, I Need Somebody (Not Just Anybody) — ditto.

constellations of our souls —ditto.

L’arrivée des papillons — ditto!

Pas de Deux — ditto!

Stardust: Rise — ditto! :0

Also works by lordvoldyfarts and clarkesquad.

Breaking Out — this is a great, great story and I’ll voodoo you if you don’t read it. Honestly, it’s awesome.

living on a fault line — angst. But high quality angst. It gets (much) worse before it gets better. And it will get better. Still, not good for the faint of heart. But so, so, so, so good.

Lift Me, Catch Me — I really like this fluffy, endearing gem :3

Open Windows, Open Hearts — this gives me another kind of palpitations ;)))

Touch or Carry — read this now or you’ll face my disapproving glare >.>

Your Heart On My Sleeve — the soulmate what’s written on skin shows up in the other’s skin too trope gets a new spin and it’s uh-mayzing. Read it!

I’m sure I’m forgetting important fics, but these definitely make me salivate just a little too much whenever they update ;)

Originally, I collected these images to show how Scoob & Shag walk by the exact same house over and over again...

…but then I realized they also make a great montage of Shaggy’s love for leftover pizza!

Seriously, even the natural order they’re in is perfect.

The establishing shot.

The initial concern for the pizza’s freshness.

The comfort found in the pizza being still warm.

…perhaps a little too much comfort being found.

The anticipation of soon getting at the pizza.

…and suddenly, a shadowy figure, perhaps here to steal the aforementioned pizza!

Will Shaggy and his beloved leftover pizza make it out this time? Tune in next week to find out!

Same pizza time, same pizza channel.

Here’s to the girl who’s far from perfect. The one who’s confident yet completely insecure at the same time. Here’s to the girl who cares just a little too much. She loves with all of her heart yet pretends to have no emotions. She has her bad days and her really bad days, but most days are good and she’s thankful for that. She loves her family and friends, and she’s learning to love herself too. This girl is so extremely passionate, more than it even comes across. It is often her strength and her downfall. She wants to be swept off her feet, but will never be taken advantage of. She’s strong, but vulnerable in ways some will ever know. She’s opinionated and a perfectionist and her mind is filled with the most beautifully outrageous dreams. So here’s to the girl who’s still trying to figure things out. The one who people might not know as well as they think they do.
—  Kiannah Joylinn (i’m in love with this. by far one of the most personal things i’ve ever written)
The Final Problem.

The Final Problem does not deserve this.

Was it the best Sherlock episode ever? Probably not. Does the plot make sense? I’m not sure, go and ask Mofftiss. But while it might have its small flaws I’ve seldom seen a more gif-able story. They made every scene count. Every single one of them. Take Moriarty arriving by helicopter, take Mrs Hudson hovering to Iron Maiden, take Mycroft trying to manipulate Sherlock into shooting him in order to lift the weight of that decision off his shoulders. Them playing their violins in the end. Insert any of these into any other episode, and you’ll know what I mean.

The Final Problem is maybe not perfect, maybe it tried to achieve too much in too little time, but then, that’s Sherlock for you.

I expected a clever, logical case. Mofftiss gave us raw emotions instead and if this turns out to be the last Sherlock episode ever, I’m glad they went with the latter one. Because some of us will adapt Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes in the future. We’ll write our clever plots, we’ll insert our own subtext, we’ll have endless fun with drawing from the original. But none of us would have written this. The one where Sherlock Holmes tries to save his secret, evil sister. The one where he puts that infallible brain of his into the box and solves the case of the girl on the plane using his heart. The one where he is the stupidest of the Holmes siblings, but it doesn’t matter.  He still solves the case, saves John, Mycroft, Eurus and the day. Because he knows one doesn’t need to be clever to be happy. 

I’m glad that’s what Moffits went with. And if they should decide to add another series to this madness, then count me in.