the timing in the movement is not how i wanted but whatever i finished and i dont feel any better

Moth Drawn to the Flame (Part 2)

Title: Moth Drawn to the Flame

 Prompt: @asnowwhitedreams :  ***Keeping that a secret because of spoilers ;p  I want to give credit to this amazing person, especially since the plot and all the twists and turns was their idea! ^^

 Summary: When you are called in to help the Winchesters on a case, you suddenly find yourself thrown into a middle of a hunt.  But what you learn is shocking, and only you can find a way to stop the disappearances.  

 Warnings: Language. Violence. Angst.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

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 Part 2

It was well into the evening as Dean and Sam were helplessly searching for you.  Dean drove Baby around town, asking if anyone had even seen you, while Sam knocked on every door at the motel.  No one even saw you the day you arrived.

It was killing them.  How could you just disappear without a trace?  How could something just sneak by without anyone noticing and take you away? It had to be the monster they were hunting, but even then, they still had no leads, no idea on what it could be or where it could be hiding.

“We don’t know if it is even going to be out here.”  Sam mumbled to himself.  The worry and heartache at your abduction had started getting to him.  His mind was wallowing in the worst case scenarios, finding you dead somewhere, the monster torturing you, eating you.  It made him feel sick…

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spaceydreem  asked:

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into animation but have no idea where to start? (I love your art btw)

I hope you dont mind i answer this publicly! (ALso tHanK yOU <3)

I love this post as a way to start!

This post has exercises I did in school, as well as ones I wasn’t made to do, but wish I had been.


As for method, you can start right away if you have a pad of post-its! Otherwise, I recommend Krita and of course, Flash. 

Krita is convenient because it’s free!!! And also feels more like pencil/paper than Flash, which I think is very important in the learning-how-to-do-the-thing phase.

I’ve also used toonboom and TVPaint, which are way more animator-intended than Flash and Krita, but Krita works really really well in comparison for plain, frame-by-frame, paper-like animation, and Flash is such an industry standard you have to know it at some point. That said, I recommend Krita first and foremost.

This video goes over using Krita 3.0′s animation features!

For some reason, 3.0 doesn’t work on my desktop computer, (it crashes when I try to select other frames, or make guides) so here is a download for 2.9

in case you have the same problem. Here is a video for using 2.9 (p much the same)

Some Terms

Frames per second (How many ‘images’ that are ‘flipped/shown’ within 1 second of time)

When animating, you normally animate at 24 frames per second (Should be default in Krita, if not, change FPS to 24) You don’t, however, need to make a drawing for every one of those frames (ie. you dont have to make 24 drawings for every second) you can “hold” a drawing for 2, 4, or more frames.

In fact, it is standard to hear that a finished animation is “on 2′s” meaning you make a drawing on one frame, hold that drawing for another frame, and then proceed with another drawing. “On 3′s” or “on 4′s” etc, mean a drawing every third or fourth frame.

You can mix! Anime often makes some actions on 3′s or 4′s to save artists from DyING bc their designs and actions are so complicated.

Also, you’ll hear “Keyframes/Keyframing” a lot! Keyframing is basically animating all your EXTREME movements first (often called…extremes). Normally this means your first pass will be a mix of 4′s, 5′s, 10′s, what have you, all dependant on what you want your timing to be. 

Then, you…Inbetween! And draw on the frames “in between” your keyframes, to make things smooth, nice, and give further nuance to your “timing” (a term for another day, and a better teacher to explain).

Anyway that’s it for basic, how-can-i-start-immediately-in-one-post stuff. There’s tons more out there on animation, but what I wrote here (+ those exercises) are legit all you need. If you can draw, and have some way of putting those drawings really quickly one after another, you just have to…do it? until it starts looking like stuff you like, basically. 

Here are other resources anyway:

The Animator’s Survival Kit - The go-to-book, but don’t rely on as gospel word.

This post and this post have tons of stuff

51 Animation Exercises The post I linked earlier

The Twelve Principles of Animation - visualizations of the 12 building blocks of good animation, knowing them makes it much easier to google info on them lol

But really, just crack open krita or a post-it pad and have at it! But for the loVe of goD don’t start with full body heavy detail character animation you will hATE yOURSELF. Start with those level 1 exercises, then watch some good animation, then do them again, and then just do whatever you want really (tho those level 2 exercises are a good place to start). Everything is much easier than you think it is, but also slightly harder than you think it is? idk how to explain.

One day I want to make proper tutorial-posts for starting in krita/flash, and to cover  basic terms and stuff but i hope this does for now!

Team Johanna - Joniss

Synopsis: Recently after the war, Johanna still has to give a couple of interviews. She thought Katniss was bad… But this interview may have trumped any and all of the Girl on Fires muck-ups. 

Word Count: 1,339


a/n: I saw something about Team Gale and Team Peeta again, and I just thought “how would Johanna respond to this question” and the idea of her trying to end an interview and her variety of swears is something that appeals to me greatly and i need to think of more for her, but the ones in here are ones i use so yeah I have a deep love for Johanna and her swearing at anything and everything. … Enjoy this shitfest :D

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▐ █ imogen heap lyric starters.

send me a “➣” and i’ll randomly generate a number between 1 & 270 to see what my character will say to yours.  alternatively, send in a sentence from the list below to see how my muse will react. ( feel free to adjust the pronouns & such to better fit your setting! also includes lyrics from her songs under ‘frou frou’ )

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