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Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York

I Have A Crush On You…

Title: I Have A Crush On You…

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you can please do a Josh imagine where he and Tyler are doing sound check for msg and y/n is just watching him in the empty pit and it’s really fluffy? And maybe he can be looking at you during the show and after you and him just cuddle and stuff while on the tour bus watching a movie with everyone. Thank you ❤️ p.s. Sorry is that was confusing

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph, Jenna Joseph

Warnings: None

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“I’m always doing something, and I’ve found that success sometimes has a way of finding those who aren’t really looking for it. I’ve directed short films; I liked that a lot. I have two books out. I have a photography show that just came down in L.A. at the Voila! Gallery with huge photographs, giant pieces that are printed on metal. That show headed to Paris, and Tokyo after that. I also had a show in Times Square that was dramatic and fun. It was held for charity and everything was sold.” - Norman Reedus in GQ

anonymous asked:

Library or subway? Favourite other location (ex. Samaritan HQ asylum, NSA, the bank in Asylum/YHWH)? Favourite shots?

I have a very soft spot for The Library! It was a lot more cluttered and was more atmospheric than The Subway which was so open and empty. Also, I love how much history is associated with The Library – right from Nathan and Harold’s fight there, to Dillinger, to the present day with our current team. I also adored the cracked glass board!

Favorite other location would have to be Times Square. They’ve shot there pretty often throughout the show and I adore it every single time. The most recent scene set there that comes to mind is Harold and SAM’s showdown in Return 0.

I have an entire poi aesthetics tag, and there are so many absolutely stunning shots that I just picked the first 5 that came to mind immediately!:


“Hands in the air
Presidents, prime ministers
They said that we didn’t care
But we’re the circle in the square
The time is now, our time has come
We show them how, what can’t be done
No matter what they say or they don’t say
We make a way out of no way
Against the gun, beneath the veil
Yes we can, too big to fail
We are the ones we’re waiting for
We save ourselves; Praise the lord”

littlemouse85  asked:

Hi guys love your reviews as always.I think it's clear the informant call Nas received was a trap and I think the writers are trying to deceive us into thinking Jane wasn't the informant after telling us Nas lost contact just before Jane showed up in Times Square (because they know we're clever and made the connection lol). What do you think?

L: Thank you!

I want to believe that Jane wasn’t totally on board with Shepherd’s plans. And if we go back and rewatch some of her pre-ZIP scenes, we can make a good argument that she doesn’t seem completely committed to the cause. (I’ve gone on about this a lot.) So yes, I do think she was the informant (or one of them, at least; I think Markos was also involved).

But whoever attacked Nas had the pass phrase to convince Nas that they were legitimate, so it had to be either an informant or someone who obtained that information from the informant. It’s possible that an informant changed his mind or was exposed and tortured for the information. But any way you look at it, having the informant turn up and then try to kill Nas is a lovely, unexpected twist, and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

And yes, at this point, I just assume that writers (and especially the promos!) are deceiving us in some way. The question is HOW?

Y: I’ve always loved the theory that Jane was the contact, and yes, there is a lot to indicate that Jane wasn’t completely on board with Shepherd, or at least felt that she had no other choice for some reason but to wipe her memory to do this. But while the timing of when Nas lost contact makes implies it was Jane, the timing can also imply it was Markos or Cade, who both “disappeared” just days after Jane showed up in Times Square. And there is always the possibility that Nas’s information was always more than one person. And if it was Jane, it would make sense that she had a partner still working inside Sandstorm– and yes, from the flashbacks it would make the most sense that it would be the ruggedly handsome man. 

But Markos is dead (sniff) and Cade for all we know is AWOL and not in contact with Sandstorm, so, the question is, how did Sandstorm get the pass code? And if we are left with only Cade, this could mean a few things. One, Sandstorm have recaptured Cade and have managed to get that information from him. Two, Cade is the one who called Nas and he is the one attacking her (for some reason). Or three, they still have someone inside the FBI who has managed to get into Nas’s collection of big cardboard boxes.

Either way, things just got super exciting, and if the writers manage to pull one over our heads then this just makes me so much more excited because where is the fun in being right all the time? LOL.

The Signs on New Years Eve.

Aries: Watching fireworks on top of an art gallery.

Taurus: Making a list of all their resolutions, quietly saying them outloud.

Gemini: Throwing up hours before the clock hits midnight.

Cancer: Chilling in a bean bag watching Dick Clark.

Leo: Club hopping with their friends.

Virgo: Holding Gemini’s hair while they throw up in the bathroom, and pass out at 11:00.

Libra: Making New Years jokes, “I haven’t showered since last year!”

Scorpio: Flirting with Pisces trying to get them to play beer pong.

Sagittarius: In Time Square watching the live shows.

Capricorn: Beating everyone at beer pong.

Aquarius: Staying home trying to forget its New Years eve.

Pisces: Trying to ignore Scorpio as they flirt with them, wishing they could watch the ball drop in peace.

This is the asshole

Per Wikipedia, who got the information from “The Guardian,” Omar Mateen was born on November 16, 1986, in New York City. (When a time of birth isn’t known, the astrologer usually plugs in noon local time; that’s what I did here.)

Note the fixed t-square - Sun/Scorpio opposite Moon/Taurus, both square Mars/Aquarius. In fact, that Sun-Mars square is exact no matter what time of birth he has. Fixed t-squares show bad habits lasting many lifetimes; Mars at the apex shows “a strong-willed individual” whose “normally assertive, aggressive temperament can become a major source of antagonism and conflict.” (Bil Tierney, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis) And yes, @squatferbrains, this suggests he was an “over masculine homophobe” all right - “manliness” would always be an issue for him. Interestingly, his Mars is conjunct the minor asteroid Isis. (”Of course it is,” commented Fangirl Astro.)

This is where my eyes bugged out: transiting Mars is currently stationing on top of his Sun, opposite his Moon, and square his natal Mars. An extended period of anger and frustration. Initial contact was made in February 2016, when Mars entered its retrograde zone at 23:03 Scorpio. His father has stated that the asshole reacted negatively to a gay couple kissing “a couple of months ago.” Perhaps around the time Mars went retrograde two months ago in April?

Both of the mutable Grand Crosses affected critical areas of his chart. 

  • Vesta/Gemini - Jupiter/Virgo - Saturn/Sagittarius - Neptune/Pisces affected his natal Jupiter (search for meaning, truth, ethical values) and his natal Saturn (limitations, hard work, tests, karma)
  • Sun-Venus/Gemini - Moon/Virgo - Pholus/Sagittarius - Chiron/Pisces affected his natal Juno (one to one committed relationships)

Finally (for now), transiting Pluto has been squaring his Nodal Axis, North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra. Steven Forrest (in Yesterday’s Sky) describes this aspect in a NATAL chart as indicative of someone who “was touched by one of two realities: either catastrophe or flat-out evil.” By transit, then, we’ve got someone who CAUSED catastrophe AND flat-out evil. Without a birth time, we don’t know his Ascendant/Descendant or MC/IC, so there’s not yet a way to tell if Pluto was prominent in his chart. As a Scorpio, though, he would be sensitive to Pluto transits.

I look at these charts and think, “20/20 hindsight is an amazing thing.” How could an astrologer have counseled this asshole? With such a predisposition for Mars, I could counsel him “you’re going to have a few months of having a very short temper” and suggest ways to cope with that - exercise, maybe. If I had been advising his parents since birth I might have suggested team/group activities - team sports of some kind. Dude was also having a Saturn return, so there were some “mature adulthood” issues along with the masculinity issues.

What I can actually DO is combat this “apex predator masculinity” that is literally killing our planet and our people.


George and Gil went into Times Square to support other br'dway shows btwn THEIR Sunday shows. (at Lyceum Theatre (Broadway))

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