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Puppy Play

Wanted to give an appreciation post to Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder for being the first men to peak my interest into puppy play. I know it’s porn and fantasy and all that but I have never seen it done until these two men, it looks like a lot of fun and totally hot and though the two aren’t together anymore and Tate has since retired, I still appreciate them for catching my eye into the world that is Puppy Play.

Hole Buster’s 5 Scene 4 Falcon Studios

On the 240th anniversary of the crossing the Delaware river into Trenton, please take the time to remember an unsung hero of the revolution- James Monroe. He was the youngest founding father and of the more important founding fathers, he is under valued and almost forgotten for the impact he made during the American Revolution.

James Monroe was only eighteen when he crossed the Delaware river into Trenton. He came in an even earlier boat than General George Washington, who had sent him on a scouting mission. He was shot, at the battle of Trenton and the only reason he survived is because someone stuck their finger in the bullet hole. They never got the bullet out of his shoulder- and carried the bullet in the soldier for the rest of his life. 

Please take the time to remember such important occasions such as this as a moment to honor the forgotten soldiers of the revolution. Ones who had an impact, ones to were brave and ones who made a difference and mattered! There are unsung out who fought in the revolution- please take the time to remember their stories and remember their names. 

Good Weird

A/N: What I think could have happened after the events of the music video :} Let me know what think and I you have any prompts for this couple just let me know and I will try to write it :)

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” Coley asked, peering over Sonya’s shoulder to Trenton who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, a scowl on his bloodied face.

“No, he’s an asshole but he deserves for me to break up with him properly.” Sonya assured, running her hand down Coley’s arm until she reached her hand, giving it a little squeeze. “But I will come over to yours straight after, we can talk about this.”

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i think mostly when i think of what i like about darlene and trenton, it ends up being super domestic, small scale stuff. idk, i like the idea of party girl darlene who flirts with all the boys but is always home in trenton’s bed before dawn. and i like to think about darlene picking out trenton’s hijab for the day, buying her beautiful hijab pins. trenton teaching darlene persian, taking her out for persian food. they browse the tehran times and trenton talks shit about how everyone on the blog is rich. “like my mom or me could get away showing that much hair on the street? not a chance.” the pair of them getting coffee before trenton’s classes, darlene sitting in on some of her more interesting lectures. going to the movies together and holding hands in the dark. darlene crying in their bed because she’s realizing she can never tell when elliot recognizes her or not. trenton wiping angry tears away when she thinks about her parents’ financial situation. darlene meeting her folks and being adopted in a lot of ways, which is so fucking meaningful given her own upbringing.

Have You Heard and Watched Hayley Kiyoko’s “Girls Like Girls”?

First off! Let me introduce Hayley Kiyoko! One may know the 24-year-old as Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo, or maybe from her appearances in The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, OR MAYBE from Insideous 3??? If you haven’t, than maybe you have heard Kiyoko’s new music video release for “Girls Like Girls,” which is an entire song dedicated to how girls just happen to like girls just like… well… like how boys do! The song’s music video dropped June 24 off Kiyoko’s EP This Side of Paradise, which released this past Feb.

Not only has Kiyoko herself been associated with Disney, but so have the stars of her music video, 18-year-old, Stefanie Scott who played Lexi Reed on Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm and 23-year-old, Kelsey Asbille who played Mikayla on Disney XD’s Pair of Kings. The reason I bring this up, is because it just brings a big, fat smile to my face. I enjoy the fact that Disney has brought TV recognition to the existence of same-sex couples in their show Good Luck Charlie, and it makes me proud to see two Disney affiliates being natural… making art… and, of course, liking girls.

Anyway, shall I finally discuss the heart-throbbing details of the “Girls like Girls” music video? I think so! I was first made aware of the video through Tumblr! I kept seeing pictures of this beautiful girl cut up on a bike, and then I saw the same picture as the cover frame for the music video on YouTube. I had an “OOooo!“ moment and once I saw the video, my heart broke and melted together:

The story is about two best friends Coley (Stephanie Scott) and Sonya (Kelsey Asbille). When the video begins with a beat-up Coley riding her bike–I presume back home–I couldn’t help but wonder why it was that she was beat-up, and then we cut through to see Coley and Sonya together at a house–maybe Sonya’s boyfriend’s (yeeeeah riiiigggght!). The two look at each other like no one else was in the world but them, as they do through the entire video, and it just became impossible not to smile about it. As Kiyoko’s lyrics come through, “Stealing kisses from your Mrs., doesn’t make you freak out; got you fussing, got you worried, scared to let your guard down…” one shall see, Coley gives Sonya something her aggressive boyfriend cannot–true love. You root for them the whole time.

However, when Mr. Aggressive Drunken “boyfriend” Trenton–A.K.A. Hayden Thompson–realizes this, he pulls Coley flying from Sonya in an outrage, yelling at Sonya in anger of the fact she has picked Coley over him. Meanwhile, with Coley hitting her head upon some patio rocks (explaining the opening scene) looks up to witness Trenton yell at Sonya. With the final straw pulled out, Coley socks him in the face a few many times. And finally, then, tears and all, the two loves finally kiss and all is made right in the world… “Tell the neighbors I’m not sorry if I’m breaking walls down.”

Many Tumblr comments about the video include ones like tayloredheart’s: “This honestly needs to be spread everywhere. A song about girls liking girls by a Disney star, starring two other Disney stars. Plus the unexpected but most enjoyable part that showcases females standing up for themselves and fighting back is just perfection.” 

In a post about the video, camila-alpaca of Tumblr said, “After watching the music video [“Girls Like Girls”], there’s a void in my heart that needs to be filled. AND THAT’S A FILM ABOUT THE CONTINUATION OF GIRLS LIKE GIRLS…”

As one shall see, the lesbian and Tumblr community or as I’d like to call them, leztumbs, have been empowered about love and I most certainly cannot disagree with them. Nothing like some female love and empowerment. Right on Kiyoko!!!!

Go to iTunes to download Kiyoko’s EP This Side of Paradise, which includes the EP title track, “This Side of Paradise” and “Cliffs Edge”

Check out the video here:



Mrs. Maryland is posted at door four every day.
I like her. We know each other’s names. She has
stubborn sprayed hair. Her head moves but her hair
stays put. She smiles in intervals. Depression comes
and goes for her. Her eyes sink into their sockets,
tiny gemstones coaxed by quicksand. Sometimes,
when nobody is looking, she lets me in without
my ID. She tells me, Honey, I get it. It conflicts
with the fashion. Green and gold don’t go with
nothin’. I been there.

She just became a grandma. Her daughter let
her pick the baby’s middle name. She told me
three times. Trenton, because New Jersey was
home, home, home before this. Believe it or
not, when she was a little girl, she didn’t think
she was going to grow up to be a hall monitor.
The way she says this sounds like an apology
to her younger self. I wanted to be a pilot, but
here I am. Sometimes, ya know, things just
never work out, even if ya did good in class.


Janet wears a peace sign necklace and lets us
call her by her first name. Once, she caught my
best friends older sister (a wild goose chase
of a teenager) smoking a joint in the parking lot.
She could have screwed her over, but she didn’t.
Instead, she flashed a peace sign of her own,
went on her merry little Janet way, humming
Baby Love by The Supremes. Ooh, baby love.

She says she’s been here since the dinosaurs.
I could never have babies, so you kids are
my moons, my beautiful flower children.


Her name is Nancy, but everyone at this school,
including most of the teachers, call her The Tank,
even to her face. Last year, she told me she was
leaving soon. I want to believe it was because
she was older, because retirement was waiting.
We all know that is not true. She left because
we were too mean. We spat at her when she
asked us to put on our ID’s. We pretended that
we didn’t hear her. We ran away from her in the
lunchroom. I thought they called her The Tank
because she blocked troublemakers like us in
the hallway, but yesterday, I discovered it was
because of her size.

When she got real thin, everybody joked
she was finally taking our advice. When most of her
hair fell out, lingering in wisps around her head like
cirrus clouds, when suddenly she wasn’t in her usual
chair outside the main entrance anymore,
we had nothing to say.


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I saw an ad for season three with the emoji heads on the train, as much as I loved season one i wasn't impressed by season two and tbh I'm not excited for season three unless Trenton gets more screen time

Wellllllll most ppl are assuming the worst that Trenton is dead or as good as in S3 which is…. fuck you, you know? fuck you @ writing team. (tho Sunita is Doing Things!!) but uhhhh I don’t know there’s a lot of deaths expected from viewers this season so who’s to say, really. all my friends are dead push me to the edge is the major theory for S3. the emoji heads is…. we’ve already roasted it tbh its edge lord 3x but idk I’m still planning to watch S3.

Chapter 1: The First Day


My mind flooded with memories as I sat at home alone, again. Friday nights I’m usually out kickin’ it with my boys or with my girl. But, as of late, I haven’t really been feeling it. I haven’t been feeling like myself because of what happened. Fuck, man…love is stressful and not being able to see her is even more stressful. Trying to wave everything off, I sat back and watched ESPN. but eventually letting my thoughts take over my mind and allowing myself to drift asleep. The same way I end every night now it seems.

“Trenton Antonio King.” My gym teacher loudly announced as he went through the list of kids on his roster for this year for this specific period. “Here.” I said, slightly raising my hand and after being acknowledged, placing it back down gently. “This is going to be a long year…” I said to myself and only myself as I tilted my head back in relaxation; waiting for Mr. Thomas to finish the routine roll call before we began our exercises for today’s gym class. It was an easy ass grade to be honest. You can earn up to ten points per day, and they pretty much only grade you upon: Participation, and Effort. Just make it look like you’re doing something. Anyway, we finally began stretching after what seemed like forever. I wasn’t really much of a talker, and making friends hasn’t always been quite easy to me. Some people have a natural gift and glow about them when it comes to that spectrum of life. But, not me. On the contrary, if you introduce yourself to me and get me to start talking, making a new friend, or “associate” because real friends are few and far between, isn’t that hard. Most people rarely acknowledge my presence or even know I’m in the same class as them so when someone finally does I kind of feel special.

“Hi, I like your shoes.” A voice said in my direction as I slowly walked back to where the starting line was after having raced James, a wide receiver for the high school football team. I beat him easily. I looked at the person that the voice belonged to and was kind of surprised she even spoke to me. “Thanks..” I said, walking past her and the group of girls that were sitting on the side of the track. “Sage Lancaster.” I said within the own confines of my mind, I remembered her name being called during the roll call. She was in the row next to me, to my right hand side. She was the definition of beautiful. Gorgeous face, beautiful dark brown eyes, wide hips and perky breasts. I throbbed at the sight of her. “Shake it off, man. You can never get with someone like her.” I reassured myself as I finally reached the starting line and awaited to race another opponent.


“He’s realllllllllly cute.” I said to my bestfriend Sondra, my eyes following Clinton King as he walked back to the finish line and waited patiently till it was his turn to run. “Yass. He. Is. Girl.” Sondra replied in her usual ratchet ass voice. I laughed at her per usual. “I want to get to know him better, girl.” I said, never taking my eyes away from Clinton’s gorgeous face. I rested my head within the palms of my hands as I sighed dramatically “Sondra, he’s so FINE.” I said to her once again. She just rolled her eyes and laughed at me. “Girl, I know! You better reel him in before some of these other ho’s do.” She said to me, with a lot of hand motions indicating how serious she was. “Did you just lowkey call me a ho?” I looked at her, trying to keep a straight face but to no avail as we both started laughing.

It was nearing the end of the gym period and I wanted to at least say goodbye to him before we parted ways. Now that I thought about it, we had homeroom together. I never really noticed him until today. I don’t know why, but I noticed him. As we were walking back into the building, I slowed down and let Sondra walk ahead of me. She gave me a flirty wave and said “Good luck” with a confident smile. As she turned and walked away, I caught Clinton out of the corner of my eye and kind of slightly waved, more so signalled, to him in order to gain his attention as it seemed his mind was elsewhere. As I was doing so, something caught my eye. I slowed down drastically from the pace I was setting prior. I peered just past from where Clinton just was and I saw a red Toyota Camry. “I…I know that car…” I said softly to myself, not knowing I had said it out loud. I saw movement within the car and I squinted ever so slightly in order to get a more clear picture of who was in that car. It was so familiar.

And then I saw him, as clear as day.

No…no, no, no, no, no…” I said to myself over and over again as I finally recognized who the red Toyota Camry belonged to: Anthony, my ex. Why was he here? Why was he at my fucking school? How did he know that I would be outside in gym during this EXACT time? Nothing was adding up. My mind was racing now. I closed my eyes and just stood there, hoping. No. Praying that when I opened them that he wouldn’t be there anymore. Then I felt gentle hands place themselves upon the sides of my arms; I flinched a little bit. Then I heard a voice speak to me. “Sage…..” It sounded so distant at first. “Sage, girl, are you alright?” I opened my eyes to find the source of the voice that was embracing me. It was Sondra. Definitely not the person I was kind of hoping it was. I looked over her shoulder, simultaneously hugging her to find the red Toyota Camry not there anymore. Not a trace. I peered down at the nearest stop light but he was not anywhere in sight. I looked to my right just in time to see Clinton walk into the building after holding the door, like a gentleman, for a few girls. Just before walking in, though, he met my gaze with his own. He stood there for a few seconds and then turned his head and walked inside, the door slowly closing behind him. “Trenton caught up to me and told me you were kind of freaking out so I ran back here as fast as I could…what happened?” She was oblivious to my past relationships. She knew who he was, but not what he had done to me. “It was nothin’ boo…”


Did she say Trenton?

“Did you just say TRENTON caught up to you..?” I kind of emphasized his name to make sure that I heard it correctly. “Yeah, girl, why?” I started laughing hysterically as I said “Sondra, I’ve been calling this boy CLINTON in my head this whole time!” We both started laughing and started our trek back into the building in order to get dressed and ready to go to our other classes. My mind drifted back to seeing Anthony for the first time in a long time. But, I disregarded it and kept it in the back of my mind for the time being.

That nigga ruined my chances to talk to Trenton.


The day dragged on after gym class ended and I dragged along with it. Getting my work done and over with in each and every one of my classes as quickly as possible so I could lay my head down and rest my eyes for a bit. I never really fell asleep in class, just rested my eyes. I was just wishing the day was kind of over so I could come back tomorrow for gym. I loved my gym class now. I really did, because she was in it. God, her eyes are beautiful. I thought about her till the last bell of the last class of the day. I walked calmly out of class and straight to my locker, my headphones blasting music into my ear drums rhythmically. The song changed just as i reached my locker that was on the third floor in the school. Inserting the combination key into my lock without missing a beat, I pulled on the handle and it opened. Scanning the inside of my locker, I realized that I honestly didn’t need anything in it and closed it. Almost simultaneously after doing so I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I turned just my head a little bit just to find the beautiful face I daydreamed about the entire day a few inches from me. She smiled and It made me smile without even thinking. She had that effect on me. She had that effect on everyone I assumed. “Trenton?” Her voice was soft and sweet; innocent sounding. “Hey…Sage, right?” I said, sounding like an idiot probably. I should have played it cool. Fuck. “Yep, that’s me!” She smiled again and giggled a little bit. She was so cute. “What’s up?” I said, leaning back on my locker, never breaking contact with her gorgeous eyes. “Oh, nothing…I just noticed that your locker was right across from mine…” she pointed directly across from where we were towards her locker; it was directly corresponding from mine. She turned back towards me and we locked eyes again as mine trailed right back into hers as she started to finish her previous sentence. “…and wanted to come say goodbye considering I didn’t get to do so earlier after our gym class ended…”

She…she wanted to say goodbye to…to me?”

I played it cool again.


Or so I tried to.


That sounded rude.

She looked surprised and then suddenly sad. But, it was only for a split second it seemed then she popped right back into her giddy-ness. But, I saw it.

Well, I’ll see you tomorrow in class, Trenton!” She said as she smiled her beautiful smile again and turned around motioning to walk towards the stairwell. I reached out to her, grabbing her hand ever-so gently. She turned back around and our eyes met once again. I guess this was our thing. Because, I hate staring people directly in the eyes. But, with her I get lost in them. I could stare at them all day.

Hey…you want to walk together? I mean, uh. If you want…” Her smile reached from ear to ear as she nodded her head in confirmation to my question,“I’d like that.”. We talked about trivial stuff as we walked down the abundance of stairs and out the doors of our old and worn down school. “This your first year here? I don’t remember seein’ you freshman year, I definitely would have remembered a face like that… I mean! Not that it’s ugly or anything!”

Was she just as nervous as I was? If so, why was she? I began to answer her question, “Yeah, I went to a different school last year. It’s not too far from here.”

Did you like it better there?”

We were nearing the buses by now.

I knew a lot more people than I did here. Probably because I’ve been goin’ to school with them since middle school. But, I’m starting to think I’m goin’ to like this school better.” I said, smirking at her.

We reached her bus.

Well, It was nice walking and talking with you. See you tomorrow, Trenton.” She said in her sweet, innocent voice. I waved at her whilst walking towards my bus “See ya tomorrow, Sage.” I turned around completely and grinned stupidly.

I think I’m going to like this school.


Who the fuck was this nigga that she walking and talking to? I know we ended on a bad note and all but that don’t mean she can go around flirting and talking to other niggas as she pleases. She’s mine. I picked up my phone and started to dial her number, never losing sight of her. I know she didn’t change her number because she’s had the same number for years. Her phone rang, She stopped just before stepping on the bus and picked up the phone.


I missed her soft voice.


Hey, Sage.” It shocked her hearing my voice. I saw her look at her phone; puzzled and afraid. She put the phone back up to her ear.


I just want to tal–”

She hung up. She makes me sick. But it turns me on to know how disgusted she is of the slight hint of my presence. She’s so sexy when she’s mad at me. I put down my cell and turned on my car, pulling off and heading towards her house.

She knows she misses me.

OKAY SO I PLAYED BRIDGETTE’S BIRTHDAY LAST NIGHT AND IT STRAIGHT UP MURDERED ME. I also took the opportunity to snap a new banner pic of the sims which i accidentally put up before posting birthday pics so lol a few of you have already seen teen Bridgette #whoops.


I’m going to try and run her birthday queue maybe tomorrow, or as soon as my work schedule allows. But in the mean time, have some teen Trenton (Alix/Max son), and Sativa (Rose/Juleka daughter)! 

(im about to post Felix in his own post)