the times of trenton

On the 240th anniversary of the crossing the Delaware river into Trenton, please take the time to remember an unsung hero of the revolution- James Monroe. He was the youngest founding father and of the more important founding fathers, he is under valued and almost forgotten for the impact he made during the American Revolution.

James Monroe was only eighteen when he crossed the Delaware river into Trenton. He came in an even earlier boat than General George Washington, who had sent him on a scouting mission. He was shot, at the battle of Trenton and the only reason he survived is because someone stuck their finger in the bullet hole. They never got the bullet out of his shoulder- and carried the bullet in the soldier for the rest of his life. 

Please take the time to remember such important occasions such as this as a moment to honor the forgotten soldiers of the revolution. Ones who had an impact, ones to were brave and ones who made a difference and mattered! There are unsung out who fought in the revolution- please take the time to remember their stories and remember their names. 

OKAY SO I PLAYED BRIDGETTE’S BIRTHDAY LAST NIGHT AND IT STRAIGHT UP MURDERED ME. I also took the opportunity to snap a new banner pic of the sims which i accidentally put up before posting birthday pics so lol a few of you have already seen teen Bridgette #whoops.


I’m going to try and run her birthday queue maybe tomorrow, or as soon as my work schedule allows. But in the mean time, have some teen Trenton (Alix/Max son), and Sativa (Rose/Juleka daughter)! 

(im about to post Felix in his own post)


i think mostly when i think of what i like about darlene and trenton, it ends up being super domestic, small scale stuff. idk, i like the idea of party girl darlene who flirts with all the boys but is always home in trenton’s bed before dawn. and i like to think about darlene picking out trenton’s hijab for the day, buying her beautiful hijab pins. trenton teaching darlene persian, taking her out for persian food. they browse the tehran times and trenton talks shit about how everyone on the blog is rich. “like my mom or me could get away showing that much hair on the street? not a chance.” the pair of them getting coffee before trenton’s classes, darlene sitting in on some of her more interesting lectures. going to the movies together and holding hands in the dark. darlene crying in their bed because she’s realizing she can never tell when elliot recognizes her or not. trenton wiping angry tears away when she thinks about her parents’ financial situation. darlene meeting her folks and being adopted in a lot of ways, which is so fucking meaningful given her own upbringing.


New Jersey cops shot 14-year-old Radazz Hearns 7 times when he tried to run 

On Aug. 7, state troopers in Trenton, New Jersey shot 14-year-old Radazz Hearns seven times while he attempted to run from officers. Hearns was completely unarmed at the time of the shooting, according to a lawyer retained by the family. The officers were reportedly in an unmarked vehicle.

Police had been on the scene to investigate gunfire in the area when they encountered Hearns and two others walking nearby. The boys ran away when officers tried to question them, and Hearns was shot shortly thereafter when two officers opened fire.

According to witnesses, when officers unloaded their bullets, Hearns reportedly cried out, “Why they have to shoot me?” With luck, those won’t be his last words.

Remy Joseph, 38, of Trenton gives a tour of his property on 262 Home Avenue in Trenton on Thursday, November 17, 2011, which has been rendered uninhabitable by vandals since a June 30th fire that destroyed the abandoned property next door and forced his family to move. The rental home has become a hangout for vandals who continue to destroy the property. Andrew Miller/For The Times of Trenton

(Jack+lily+Trenton) he lives

Lily had brought Trenton to the nearest place she could get him the way he bled, starkey keep.
Lily knocked in the door loudly
“Hello?! I need help!!” She shouted hoping someone would hear her, it had begun to pour outside and by the time she had reached the house by now she and Trenton were soaked to the bone