the times in xfactor

honestly every time an article references liam & cheryl meeting at xfactor WHEN HE WAS 14 and uses that clip of liam winking at her i genuinely lose like at least 8 years off my life

This Day in 1D History - December 15


  • Rays of Sunshine event: “Ahead of their performance on The XFactor finals, One Direction took some time out give an exclusive performance for some exceptional fans. 36 children and teenagers from across the country were fulfilling wishes to meet their idols… Rays of Sunshine made arrangements for each of the families to travel to Wembley from across the country for their own private One D day. Many arrived on Saturday 14th December and spent the night in a hotel. The families were all treated to lunch at Frankie & Bennys in Wembley. Afterwards they made their way to Cineworld next door. Britain’s Got Talent Finalists Luminites surprised the special audience by giving an impromptu performance before the One D movie, This Is Us began. The film was interrupted when the biggest boy band in the world stormed into the cinema shining torches. The stunned audience were then treated to an acoustic performance of one or two of their songs. Afterwards it was time for each of the seriously ill children to meet their idols. All children were also given a signed One Direction T Shirt, a One Direction watch, 2 tickets to the 2014 tour all donated by One Direction.”


  • Niall visits his casual pal Michael Buble at his concert at the O2 


  • 1D are announced as part of BBC  Radio 1’s Christmas Day Superstar Playlist!!

This happening at the same time as Simon talking about Louis again and with the XFactor finale coming this weekend is just so obvious.

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Hello! In the future, I'm going to audition to become a Kpop idol, but I'm a trans male and I haven't transitioned yet. What companies would you recommend to me that would be supportive/accepting of me and help me with the transition?

Okay, first of all I’m going to give a lecture that I would give to everyone whether you’re gay, trans, straight, non-Korean, female, male, Korean or of any Asian heritage. Being an idol is not easy and it’s probably ten times easier to go on shows like XFactor, The Voice or any other singing or talent contest. Being an idol that isn’t from a large company means having shit pay and often bad living conditions that can be bad to a person’s health. So, before you decide to audition please think about whether you are physically healthy enough and mentally strong enough to audition and actually try become an idol. There’s nothing wrong with having health conditions and not being mentally tough but having a health condition like asthma or bone condition will limit you as will being overly sensitive. As harsh as that is it’s the truth.

Now let’s address the fact of nationality. Chances are if you’re white and/or of European/American/Australian nationality you’re going to have an even HARDER time becoming an idol as you won’t understand the language (unless you’ve learnt from a young age or are from a Korean family/background) because even learning it to the fullest degree you are going to have misunderstandings with the language barrier. You’re going to lack understandings of your environment and the culture, you’re probably not going to have any kind of support so you sure as hell better be independent. I’m a big believer that anyone can be an idol if they try hard enough but things will limit you and make it harder including your race and nationality. But if you think you can try despite all of this then don’t think that’s where the problems end.

If you’re planning on auditioning anytime soon or in the near future be prepared for companies to reject you no matter how talented you are. I’m quite an optimistic person and I hope this situation changes but as a girl who is bisexual I’ve got to be honest with you and say that Korea is not accepting of the LGBT community as a whole (especially the older generation) even if the Korean younger generation are apparently more accepting. If a company does accept you prepare to be discriminated against both verbally and potentially physically. Be prepared to be rejected for things left right and center and don’t expect all idols to accept you behind the scenes as it’s basically a fact that some idols are going to be secretly homophobic. This is life and it’s hard but not impossible which is why if you’re prepared to suffer discrimination to a higher degree than you would in Europe and even American then I encourage you to give it a go but only if you’re prepared for all of that and you actually believe you have the motivation to spend more than 12 hours of your day learning/ improving singing, dancing, composing, acting, rapping and languages. Then go for it. But right now I don’t think any company is going to be prepared to actually help you transition and support it. If anything companies will try and dissuade you from transitioning which is why you need to be careful as you may get into some nasty situations so please be careful. 

And I can’t guarantee any of these companies I’m about to recommend you are going to be accepting and decent but these are the ones I think would be the best bet for someone who is a male who is trans. And I’m going to include a few that I personally think you should avoid as well.

I’ve had a little help with this from @glitterykoreanboyband , @jsh-zrkr and @crap10tion . Thanks. But remember none of this are definitely gonna accept you before or after you’ve transitioned so please don’t take my opinion as fact. 

Okay, I personally think Bighit would be the best possible scenario as Namjoon has been able to tweet support for the LGBT community on their official twitter page which requires consent from the managers and people in charge. I can’t guarantee that I’m right but if I was desperate to become a successful idol this is the first company I would try for. Plus, they were allowed to release a song not just aimed at loving female fans but male fans and Glam (former bighit) even did a LGBT themed MV before they disbanded.

YNB Entertainment, they are the company that hosts KNK and BESTie who released an MV that involved probably the healthiest homosexual representation in a kpop MV. And the homosexual characters were played by KNK members which is why I personally feel this company would be a good choice even if I can’t guarantee they would necessarily accept debuting a trans idol. I highly recommend this one after Bighit if they don’t accept you.

Also, Starship Entertainment hosts Monsta X, Sistar, WJSN and K.Will. Starship have allowed K.Will to release an MV with an obviously homosexual male in it which is progression. Also their idols are some of the most progressive and open-minded in the industry with Sistar members crushing female stereotypes and Monsta X implying homosexuality without having to deny the homosexual implications like many idols do. Starship may not accept you but there’s a chance they will.

Next, would be Gaon Entertainment. They are a small and practically unknown company but they have already debuted a person who was trans which is why it’s probably a safe bet even though the chances of bad management, living conditions are possible which is why I ask you to take this recommendation with a pinch of salt.

And lastly, TS Entertainment and AOMG I don’t really have any reasoning with these ones but they allow their idols to express themselves more than most companies so I’m hoping sometime in the future they could even home an LGBT idol.

Now time for the companies that I personally believe (please remember these are opinions and if you want to take the risk then go ahead) you should not audition for unless desperate.

YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Cube, FNC and Fantagio (this one ‘jsh-zrkr because of bad treatment). I feel these are mainly bad companies because of their bad management, homophobic/racist/sexist idols and I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable auditioning for them.

I hope this helped in some way and I wish you luck if you do decide to become an idol. Please don’t take my opinion as fact and at the end of the day you need to make your own decisions based on how you feel. Good luck with your future decisions  

EDIT: I’m sorry if I’ve used wrong pronouns or said anything offensive towards you in my answer. Please tell me over messenger if I’ve done something wrong as I would rather be corrected than remain ignorant. 

You're part of the girl group Little Mix and your famous fiancee broke up with you over text. You wrote a song to tell him exactly how the breakup has made you stronger and you and the girls perform it for the first time on the XFactor where he is a judge. You slay the performance and in the end, your ex is very embarrassed and realises that what he did was wrong and that you've won the breakup.

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okay since they said L has been dating lucy, we can at least add points to the laucy ship if lucy was already hanging out with L before or after the "I found a girl" by the vamps. were they already hanging out at that time?

theyve been friends since before xfactor. i dont know if they hung out that time tho

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where did stan go?

To adulthood?

Idk he still pops up from time to time pretty sure he was at Xfactor for the JHO performance

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Omg I have a feeling there gonna give mani shitty scores and the judges will give her a hard time just like when she was on XFactor! There gonna make her the underdog but they will make sure she'll make it to the finals cuz the show wants the views! So many people r watching only cuz of her! I think Simone is who they want to win but they'll keep mani around for the views

yeah, i see this.


If I ever tell you that I am inconsolable please know that I am a faker and a liar I am very consolable just remind me that Niall’s email address used to be “da_pimp_is_here@hotmail dot com” and I will be laughing again .00001 seconds.


Louis playing Danny Zuko in his school’s performance of Grease.

Summer Nights.

Louis and Harry holding hands for the first time - palms sweaty and butterflies in their bellies, they sit in the xfactor house, and pretend they don’t give a shit about their fellow contestants stares.

Louis and Harry holding hands in public - they’re in a restaurant, a secluded booth, and Louis reaches across the table, pulls Harry’s hand into his own. Harry looks around, instinctively checking there’s no cameras, no fans, just like management has told them to. Louis smiles, bright and happy and tinged with sadness all at the same time, “Don’t worry, I paid off the staff.” He tries not to dwell on the fact that he had to.

Louis and Harry holding hands today - maybe it should feel like nothing, like a cop out, after all this is happening under the guise of a fan photo, and yet Harry feels an inescapable exhilaration rising up in him. Louis can’t stop the fond grin pulling across his face. He wants to shout, “Look at us, we’re here, look how far we’ve come.” He settles for holding his boyfriend’s hand, loud and proud, and knows tomorrow brings a new dawning day.

Louis and Harry holding hands when they come out - Harry takes a breath, then another, embraces the peaceful acceptance that’s settled in his chest. “No going back,” he murmurs to Louis, nodding towards the pap waiting to take their photo when they step out of the car.

“Never,” Louis responds, a promise and an oath and a reassurance and more.

Harry holds out his hand. “Ready to rock the world?”

Louis takes it. They really, truly are.

Another nice Louis receipt...

Not my own. Sent to me by a blog I’ve followed since 2012.

I have never told anyone about this but I see your post about the real Louis and I just want to say something. First the background, my sister worked for an event company that handled VIP guests for the London Olympics. She was seated just a few seats behind the boys’ friends and family. She knows about them and my love for Louis because we used to watch XFactor together for our sibling bonding time.

She didn’t handle the boys for the Olympic as she is not in charge of the entertainers but she did crossed path with them sometimes especially at the fancy dinners and the winding corridors of the stadium. Louis and Niall talked to her a bit, just casual convos without much context. She did mentioned where she came from and noted their surprise as it was far away from UK. Her feedback was that they were nice and funny and very soft spoken on Louis’ part.

fast forward to when they had their last concert in my country. It was one of those cities where the boys disappeared and we barely saw them other than the concert itself. My sister was in town for her vacation and was not planning to go to the concert. Our apartment is very close to their hotel and it was in the middle of the high end business district. The day before the concert we were having lunch at a nearby plaza when my phone kept vibrating on notifications about crew sightings

crew sightings at a mall down the street fron the plaza we were in. Apprently fans spotted Josh and Lottie and later Lou and the fans followed them to the mall. My sister asked if I wanna go but I said no because I have no interest in them. About 20 minutes into our conversation my sister suddenly paused mid sentence while looking away from me. We were seated in the outside part of the cafe we were in. Even though it’s outside the cafe was still inside of the plaza.

she told me that she thinks she saw Louis walking out of a branded clothes store a few shops down, I was trying so hard to play it cool. I did turn around eventually because Louis was talking to someone while he was walking pass and that heavenly voice is unmistakable. I squealed a bit and my sister laughed at me. Her laugh made Louis looked our way (it was Alberto he was talking to) I just gave him a small smile of recognition as I don’t want to bother him.

what happened next surprised both my sister and I. He actually remembered my sister. He walked over and gave her a hug and cheek kiss (envy very envy much envy). He didn’t remember her name but was talking animatedly about how he suddenly thought of her once they settled in the hotel. I witnessed first hand just how soft spoken and dainty he is it is insane. He was very charming and friendly. He offered to try to get tickets for my sister is she wants but she declined.

my sister made it very clear to him that I was a fan, and a fan of HIM in particular. I know she did that so Louis will make completely informed actions. He just stayed for a few minutes before leaving and Alberto was waiting outside the whole time. He gave me a hug before he leaves and he smelled so good! And he is soooo soft and gorgeous. He was holding his own shopping bags I may add. And he is just lovely, so very lovely.

I did not ask for an autograph or a picture mainly because I know my sister needs to be a professional in this. It wasn’t after that I realized Josh and Lottie was a diversion for Louis to slip out. Basically my point is Louis is a tiny little ball of loveliness and minty fresh sunshine and he remembers people he likes however long ago he met them and that my sister us around 5'9 in heels and Louis is definitely not 5'9. (end)

Dirty Niall Imagine - Friends with Benefits

Anonymous said to nialler-imagines21:Can you do a dirty imagine were y/n and Niall are friends and fight and things turns out dirty?😊❤️

(Y/N)’s POV:

I was so excited for Niall to come over it’s been years since. No honestly since Niall got his new girlfriend he hadn’t any time for. I didn’t like her, she didn’t like me, because I always liked Niall more than a friend and she knew, so she wasn’t happy about me and Niall spending time together. Niall and I knew eachother since he started at Xfactor, but he never saw in me what I see in him. I would give up everything just to be the one, he loves and he is making love to. But I won’t tell him, it would ruin everything, he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore then and I can’t risk that, a friendly cuddle is better than none. 

So Niall and I planned to have a sleepover at my house today, because the last time we saw eachother literally like 4 months ago. And I couldn’t be more excited. 

Later that night my doorbell finally rang. I quickly opened my door and and smiled widely as I saw Niall. 

“Niall!” He quickly opened his arms and we hugged for minutes, I wouldn’t want to let go so he did. 

We walked in and sat on my couch. 

“How have you been?” Niall asked.

“Ok, but I missed you a lot. What about you?” 

“I have been great, spend a lot time with my girlfriend, she is just amazing” he smiled a bit but it looked a bit fake. 

“So you didn’t miss me?” 

“Sure I missed you but you know my girlfriend-” it already started to annoy me and I got really jealous.

“Are you just here to talk about your girlfriend and literally tell me that she is more important than me?” 

“(Y/N) what’s wrong with you I am here for a few minutes and you already get angry with me, are you jealous of her or something like that?” 

“I just think she isn’t the girl for you” 

“And what gives you the right to judge that?!” Great he wasn’t here a few minutes and we were already screaming at eachother. 

“Oh Niall open your eyes, she just want your money” 

“Oh yeah sure, why can’t you just respect that you aren’t the only girl in my life anymore?!”  

“I respect that but I just can’t stand her!” Instead of screaming back he just walked towards me, because while we screamed at eachother we stood up. I walked backwards because Niall looked a bit scary. As my back hit the wall Niall was just inches away from me. His body pressed against mine and his eyes staring into mine. What was he doing? His eyes were almost black, pure lust. Lust? 

“You look so hot when you are angry” he whispered in my ear, his lips touching my ear a little bit, the I could feel them move a little behind my ear trailing kisses down to my neck. “Niall what are you doing, you have a girlfriend” 

“Shhh love, I know you want that as bad as I want it” he started to suck on my neck until he found my sweetspot. 

“Fuck” I breathed heavily. Niall smirked because he found what he had searched. He kept kissing and sucking, while he pressed his crotch against mine and fuck he was hard, I could feel it through his jeans. 

“All for you” he smirked. Then Niall pressed his lips against mine for the first time ever and damn it felt good. My hands wrapped around his neck playing a little bit with his hair while his hand trailed to my bum. He squeezed it a bit, so I moaned, he used his opportunity to push his tongue in my mouth. While we were making out, he lifted me up, so my legs were wrapped around his waist. He pushed me against the wall and started to suck on my neck again.

“This is so wrong” I moaned. “But I need you Niall” 

“Then we should take this upstairs” Niall carried me up to my room and laid me on my bed. He quickly pulled off his shirt and crawled on my bed to me. I sat on him, trying unbuckle his belt, while he removed my shirt. This kept going until I only had my panties on and Niall his boxers. You could clearly see the outlines of his dick and damn he looked huge. 

“Like what you see?” he smirked. I got on my knees and finally pulled his underwear down so he was naked. And I was right he really was big. I licked from the base of his cock up to the tip and looked at him with puppy eyes. 

“Fuck, you look so hot” Niall moaned. First I slowly swirled my tongue around the tip but then I tried to took his whole length in my mouth and start to suck. 

“Uhhrgh” I heard Niall above me, his hands were in my hair, trying to find something to hold on. Then he stopped me, changed our position so he was laying above me now. He removed my underwear and started to kiss from my neck down to my belly and even more down to my pussy. Then he stopped and started to smirk. 

“Tell me what you want” He isn’t serious right? I was never really noisy when it comes to sex. I couldn’t get a word out. 

“Oh now are you the shy one ok I understand, what do you think of this” he kissed me shortly between my legs “or of this” he started to touch my clit “or this” with that he started to suck and finger me. I couldn’t help it anymore and started to moan. After a while he came back up to my lips again and started to kiss me again, while one of his hands went between us, grabbed his dick and guided it to my opening. 

“I am gonna make you scream my name” Niall whispered in my ear and pushed his whole length in me. 

“Oh my god Niall!” 

“Yeah that’s it” he trusted in and out really quick, trying to find my g-shot. 

“Ah FUCK!” he found it. He kept pounding in me, while I was a moaning mess. I started to feel my high coming. 

“Niall I -ah- think” 

“I know shh- I am close too” he moaned. His trust got sloppy and he grabbed the bedsheets tight, trying to find something to hold on. I pressed my hands in his back, probably leaving some scratches. 

Then the pleasure overtook me and I came. “Ohhhhh Niall” Niall just grunted and came too. He rolled beside me and both of us were laying there heavy breathing and sweating. Then it hit me Niall just cheated on his girlfriend with me. I quickly got up and started to search for my clothes, this was a big mistake but a mistake that felt really good, the sad point is I always will be a friend of Niall and just a friend, nothing more.

Things you need to remember when you see hiatus rumours:

  • They will not be cancelling shows that have already been scheduled. 
  • Putting in a small hiatus between tours/albums is actually the standard thing for artists.
  • We have been begging to give these boys a break for ages. We asked for this and we wanted this.
  • A break is a great time for them to relax. They’re more likely to stay together longer if they have breaks. They will be happy and rested. Also likely better music will be made because they have more time to write.
  • They have more time to participate in other projects. Like Louis as an Xfactor judge, perhaps. 
  • The Sun and Dan Wootton are both shitty expired cheese sandwiches on mouldy bread. Do not even give them your time.

Anyway, thank you for your time.