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Anyways I just wanna bring up that they were talking about Cheryl and Liam on Graham Norton and Graham was saying that “we have a clip of the first time you met” which was Liam’s very first XFactor audition when he was FOURTEEN (and she was 24!!!) and Liam pretty much said “she doesn’t like talking about that” which means that she’s aware of how creepy it is and she doesn’t want people remembering that she had a whole adult/child relationship with Liam wherein she mentored him but knew he was a kid and she treated him as a kid. And to have a perception of someone like that for like eight or nine years, to still think of them as someone 10 years (!!!) younger than you and to have a ‘they’re a child’ mentality of them right until they become of age/legal, is pretty much the definition of predatory behavior to me. I don’t know how she can look at Liam and not see the 14-year-old she mentored when she was then pretty much how old he is now. Any memories they look back on from him on the XFactor early on can’t and shouldn’t be labeled as 'cute’ or 'romantic’ because Liam was a CHILD. And she knows this, since she doesn’t want people talking about them at that stage, but she still agreed to this relationship when she also knew it wasn’t okay. And that’s my issue with their relationship.

oh my god the first time harry and louis spooned:
• squeezed impossibly close together in an xfactor bunk, giggling silently so as not to wake anyone
• a shy kiss goodnight, followed by another few kisses goodnight
• harry says he should probably get back to his own bunk
• and louis doesn’t want him to leave so he says, “stay”
• and harry blushes bright red and then whispers that he can’t like, “there’s no room lou how are we supposed to sleep”
• but louis is having none of it and literally begs him to stay (although it doesn’t take much begging at all because harry doesn’t want to go either)
• and so they try to go to sleep all squished together, and it gets not-fun hot really fast and they kick off the blankets and wriggle around trying to get comfortable
• they’re both huffing and maybe just a little considering giving up and then…harry turns onto his side to tug at the blankets some more and louis turns to ask him what’s up…and then:
• they’re spooning. and louis’ arm is slung over harry’s waist, and harry’s shoulders are tucked against louis’ chest and they can hear each other’s breaths.
• and they fit and it’s still just this side of too snug because it’s a tiny fucking bunk but it’s okay because they can lace fingers and fall asleep and that’s that
• in the morning, they wake up in virtually the same way and they’re a bit cramped and stiff but neither of them care
• one of the boys sees them and snorts and says, “harry you’re a little spoon?”
• and harry says “i’m louis’ little spoon” and cranes his neck to give louis an off center kiss and louis smiles and says “and i’m harry’s big spoon”

do you know how horrible it would’ve been for louis and harry if they didnt have larries ? like i dont think people truly understand how important this fandom is, larries have been rooting for them since xfactor !!! imagine how they felt the first time they saw us bringing rainbow flags to concerts ? imagine the first time they read, “i support you nomatter what” signs ? imagine the first time they saw “louis and harry are such a cute couple im so happy for them” tweets ? imagine how happy they would be when we figured out their little rbb riddles ? imagine the relief they must feel when they creep and see us not believing anything cause we think better of them ? two boys who were probably told they would be hated by fans if they were to be themselves only to have a huge separate fanbase supporting them nomatter what pleaseeeeee we are gonna be iconic one day, when they tell louis and harrys story in the future they are gonna talk about us and how stubborn we were lol

honestly every time an article references liam & cheryl meeting at xfactor WHEN HE WAS 14 and uses that clip of liam winking at her i genuinely lose like at least 8 years off my life

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Hi. I am someone you like to call an 'anti'. I don't want trouble. Can you show me why I shouldn't believe that Louis is straight?

Let’s forget twitter. Let’s forget Larry. Let’s forget the “girlfriends”. Just focus on HIM and his actions, ok?

(no source for the vast majority of the gif’s, please let me know if you own one, ok?. Oh and LONG POST AHEAD.)

This is my attempt at explaining you or more like showing you with gifs how IN FACT TOTALLY NOT STRAIGHT Louis Tomlinson is.

Tell me this boy is straight…

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this... is the first time..... he's performed ..... by himself........ on tv....... since xfactor ..................... GUESS I'LL DIE.


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Hello! In the future, I'm going to audition to become a Kpop idol, but I'm a trans male and I haven't transitioned yet. What companies would you recommend to me that would be supportive/accepting of me and help me with the transition?

Okay, first of all I’m going to give a lecture that I would give to everyone whether you’re gay, trans, straight, non-Korean, female, male, Korean or of any Asian heritage. Being an idol is not easy and it’s probably ten times easier to go on shows like XFactor, The Voice or any other singing or talent contest. Being an idol that isn’t from a large company means having shit pay and often bad living conditions that can be bad to a person’s health. So, before you decide to audition please think about whether you are physically healthy enough and mentally strong enough to audition and actually try become an idol. There’s nothing wrong with having health conditions and not being mentally tough but having a health condition like asthma or bone condition will limit you as will being overly sensitive. As harsh as that is it’s the truth.

Now let’s address the fact of nationality. Chances are if you’re white and/or of European/American/Australian nationality you’re going to have an even HARDER time becoming an idol as you won’t understand the language (unless you’ve learnt from a young age or are from a Korean family/background) because even learning it to the fullest degree you are going to have misunderstandings with the language barrier. You’re going to lack understandings of your environment and the culture, you’re probably not going to have any kind of support so you sure as hell better be independent. I’m a big believer that anyone can be an idol if they try hard enough but things will limit you and make it harder including your race and nationality. But if you think you can try despite all of this then don’t think that’s where the problems end.

If you’re planning on auditioning anytime soon or in the near future be prepared for companies to reject you no matter how talented you are. I’m quite an optimistic person and I hope this situation changes but as a girl who is bisexual I’ve got to be honest with you and say that Korea is not accepting of the LGBT community as a whole (especially the older generation) even if the Korean younger generation are apparently more accepting. If a company does accept you prepare to be discriminated against both verbally and potentially physically. Be prepared to be rejected for things left right and center and don’t expect all idols to accept you behind the scenes as it’s basically a fact that some idols are going to be secretly homophobic. This is life and it’s hard but not impossible which is why if you’re prepared to suffer discrimination to a higher degree than you would in Europe and even American then I encourage you to give it a go but only if you’re prepared for all of that and you actually believe you have the motivation to spend more than 12 hours of your day learning/ improving singing, dancing, composing, acting, rapping and languages. Then go for it. But right now I don’t think any company is going to be prepared to actually help you transition and support it. If anything companies will try and dissuade you from transitioning which is why you need to be careful as you may get into some nasty situations so please be careful. 

And I can’t guarantee any of these companies I’m about to recommend you are going to be accepting and decent but these are the ones I think would be the best bet for someone who is a male who is trans. And I’m going to include a few that I personally think you should avoid as well.

I’ve had a little help with this from @glitterykoreanboyband , @jsh-zrkr and @crap10tion . Thanks. But remember none of this are definitely gonna accept you before or after you’ve transitioned so please don’t take my opinion as fact. 

Okay, I personally think Bighit would be the best possible scenario as Namjoon has been able to tweet support for the LGBT community on their official twitter page which requires consent from the managers and people in charge. I can’t guarantee that I’m right but if I was desperate to become a successful idol this is the first company I would try for. Plus, they were allowed to release a song not just aimed at loving female fans but male fans and Glam (former bighit) even did a LGBT themed MV before they disbanded.

YNB Entertainment, they are the company that hosts KNK and BESTie who released an MV that involved probably the healthiest homosexual representation in a kpop MV. And the homosexual characters were played by KNK members which is why I personally feel this company would be a good choice even if I can’t guarantee they would necessarily accept debuting a trans idol. I highly recommend this one after Bighit if they don’t accept you.

Also, Starship Entertainment hosts Monsta X, Sistar, WJSN and K.Will. Starship have allowed K.Will to release an MV with an obviously homosexual male in it which is progression. Also their idols are some of the most progressive and open-minded in the industry with Sistar members crushing female stereotypes and Monsta X implying homosexuality without having to deny the homosexual implications like many idols do. Starship may not accept you but there’s a chance they will.

Next, would be Gaon Entertainment. They are a small and practically unknown company but they have already debuted a person who was trans which is why it’s probably a safe bet even though the chances of bad management, living conditions are possible which is why I ask you to take this recommendation with a pinch of salt.

And lastly, TS Entertainment and AOMG I don’t really have any reasoning with these ones but they allow their idols to express themselves more than most companies so I’m hoping sometime in the future they could even home an LGBT idol.

Now time for the companies that I personally believe (please remember these are opinions and if you want to take the risk then go ahead) you should not audition for unless desperate.

YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Cube, FNC and Fantagio (this one ‘jsh-zrkr because of bad treatment). I feel these are mainly bad companies because of their bad management, homophobic/racist/sexist idols and I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable auditioning for them.

I hope this helped in some way and I wish you luck if you do decide to become an idol. Please don’t take my opinion as fact and at the end of the day you need to make your own decisions based on how you feel. Good luck with your future decisions  

EDIT: I’m sorry if I’ve used wrong pronouns or said anything offensive towards you in my answer. Please tell me over messenger if I’ve done something wrong as I would rather be corrected than remain ignorant. 

Interesting highlights from Steve’s Grammys Red Carpet interview about “Just Hold On”

In recent interviews, it’s become quite clear that the “Just Hold On” release was sudden and not how Louis and Steve had thought it would or wanted it to go. Seems like it was taken out of their hands all of a sudden. But why??

Again, in Steve’s Grammy Red Carpet, he said the following notable things:

We debuted it in December quickly, we didn’t mean for it to come out. We just plopped it out into the world,and all of a sudden, the fans ate it up, and now it’s finally  doing its thing on radio. It’s so crazy how fast things are going, I have a difficult time processing, but yeah, it’s been wild.

“We let the fans pick it up and make it into something where the world was like - alright, you guys got to hear this.

Remember that Louis and Steve said the following during the Lulu and Lala radio interview as well:

“We kinda had the song and we knew we really liked it, and the last 3 weeks of putting it together it was just like, speed, like 10 times.”
“We had a performance at XFactor and they were like “okay we want you guys to perform and we’re like, oh, we’re not quite done yet”

We can establish by now that Steve and Louis had different plans for this song and it seems like the label took over when they weren’t ready and were told to perform it and release it. The language they used is notable because it distances them from the decision to release it  – that was NOT a conscious decision by Steve or Louis (as it relates to his personal circumstances.) This isn’t straightforward - as with most of the JHO promo - so again, what’s going on? (Will the questions ever end? Probably not.)

You're part of the girl group Little Mix and your famous fiancee broke up with you over text. You wrote a song to tell him exactly how the breakup has made you stronger and you and the girls perform it for the first time on the XFactor where he is a judge. You slay the performance and in the end, your ex is very embarrassed and realises that what he did was wrong and that you've won the breakup.

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Hi it’s 2017 the year of our lord and I still wanna know why you’re all still writing smut fics involving 16 yr old Harry. Also why you all continue to read these fics and get off on them. Why am I still seeing this on my dash? Please stop. You can’t go off on how (legit) disgusting Haroline was and in the same breath get off on xfactor Harry’s first time, with Louis or otherwise. Y'all are too grown, why do I even have to say this?? He was 16. SIXTEEN. Most of y'all are 21+ like seriously, please stop it.

Sour peach

Since my wonderful titling probably didn’t give away a lot, it’s basically just a short little blurb in which Harry is feeling down after tonight’s x factor performance.


Yes I know my baby was happy again on the xtra factor but let’s pretend that didn’t happen for the sake of this blurb. Okay thanks love you stay fab. xx


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I can’t believe its been 7 years since my xfactor audition, where has the time even gone too! It seems so far from sitting on those steps at wembley stadium hoping that everything would work out to what i am today. It still feels a little weird without my boys by my side, but i got my chance to live a dream and hope to keep living it for a long time, unless i have a massive fail in my career, which i hope not! 

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Heeeey girl. May 2016 is around the same time I got sucked into the fandom. Besides watching that season of xfactor and really only remembering the girls, and then MMO came out and I was obsessed with it. And then I fell off for a couple years and got back in 2016.. and now im stuck for life 😩😂🎉

For life. 😂😫💀

If I ever tell you that I am inconsolable please know that I am a faker and a liar I am very consolable just remind me that Niall’s email address used to be “da_pimp_is_here@hotmail dot com” and I will be laughing again .00001 seconds.