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Better endings than TFP: PSBattle

Finally found an aequate-quality still.  Let’s fix this, people!

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Have fun~!  To start us off:

If Sherlock only had a heart!  If John only had a brain!  If they both only had one inch more!!!  They’re off to see the wizard to get their dearest wishes granted and be home in time for tea.


There’s been a fourth. And there’s something different this time.

Guys. I know some of you are panicking about TLD, and unresolved issues in TST. I fell asleep last night wondering what the hell Mofftiss is trying to do. I woke up at 5:30 am and had an epiphany. I wept for 10 minutes because… if they are doing what I think they are doing, The Final Problem will indeed be insane wish fulfillment and the culminations of love conquers all. I’ll try to unpack TLD and TST and all the callbacks with gifs and text in the coming days to sort out the plot, but I want to get the premise out there - mostly to calm some nerves, start a discussion, and please feel free to run with the idea as well if you agree.

To date, we’ve been told explicitly there are three storytellers in Sherlock: John, through his blog; Sherlock, through his MP; and Jim Moriarty. John’s blog, whether the one online or the one in the show has been our go-to – to learn about the cases, behind the scenes, and what might be hidden between the lines. Sherlock’s deductions, which began in RL in ASiP, then via MP to further our understanding of his reasonings, and then, in S3 and beyond, his emotions. Jim Moriarty revealed himself as the storyteller in TRF, but we all know Moriarty casts its shadow over the narrative as early as ASiP.

So what, you asked?

We already know John’s blog is the version of Sherlock that John presents to the public. In addition, it’s the version of THEIR LIVES HE PRESENT TO THE PUBLIC. In another word, a FACADE. That’s right, a facade. As we bear witness to their adventures, there’s something definitely more than meets the eyes, and dots that don’t quite connect – he knows it, we know it, but none are written or spoken out loud. His blog is another version of the truth (as Lestrade kept reminding us in TLD) – about the cases, and likely, about their lives. What does that tell us about TST and TLD?  

Sherlock’s deductions began as a device for us to understand his reasoning, then it advanced to his MP so we get a glimpse of his beautiful mind; then, his vulnerable heart. We literally witnessed his struggle for love and heartbreak in S3. But what happened before? We saw Sherlock falling for John even if Sherlock himself didn’t realize, yet – as if there’s a virus in the data. He began to sort through the pieces in TLD; yes Sherlock IS the lying detective, but it’s so much more than just Culverton Smith; Sherlock’s mind is lying to himself, and we won’t know what until he does.

Jim Moriarty, Richard Brooks, James Moriarty, Professor Moriarty, or simply, Moriarty. Moriarty is a name; Moriarty is… anyone. There’s a dominant narrative in the stories of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson during the past 130 years, I don’t need to tell you what that is, do I?

If you find TST and TLD confusing, try to unpack the story using these three narrative perspectives. And yes, including the BIG BROTHER in Moriarty camp – anyone, remember that. Forget about the plot or timeline, for now, just LOOK, AND I MEAN REALLY LOOK – Mary did not take a bullet for Sherlock; the weirdness of the whole baby/no baby mystery is a facade (didn’t Mofftiss say the dog ate the baby?). And the scene at the morgue where Sherlock’s being beaten to a pulp? That’s Sherlock realizing what he did to the one man that loved him with all his heart when he jumped off the roof of Barts – yes Sherlock indeed killed John Watson’s “wife”, and he finally realized the extent of John’s grief.

Oh and the fourth? IT IS WHAT IT IS – the story that’s been HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, and we’ll finally see the missing pieces, the true meaning of insane wish fulfillment. What’s a title for? THE FINAL PROBLEM – no wonder Mofftiss chose the most iconic of all ACD canon. There’s something different this time.


Don’t forget the Rohingya’s

Analysis: Jonathan Head, BBC News, Bangkok

By and large the humanitarian groups got what they wanted, as the meeting ended with promises to improve the search for stranded boats.

Dealing with the causes of the migrant exodus was trickier.

Everyone knew the dire treatment of Rohingya Muslims is what drove so many of them to flee. But Myanmar still insists they are illegal incomers from Bangladesh.

One million of them remain stateless, with Myanmar making no apology for segregating and restricting them; a kind of Asian apartheid.

There was an awkward moment when the UNHCR delegate insisted the Rohingya problem must be addressed, though even he avoided using the term Rohingya, something Myanmar won’t accept.

The Burmese delegation responded by denouncing “finger-pointing”. The problem, it said, was criminal trafficking gangs, not Burmese policies. Changing attitudes in Myanmar will be a tough long-term challenge.

On Friday it said it had picked up a boat with 727 migrants on board - just a week after it picked up about 200 in its first such operation. The Myanmar government has the boat under the supervision of the navy. Media isn’t allowed near the boats.

Asia’s migrant crisis

  • Rohingya Muslims mainly live in Myanmar, where they have faced decades of persecution.
  • Rights groups say migrants feel they have “no choice” but to leave, paying people smugglers to help them.
  • The UN estimates more than 120,000 Rohingya have fled in the past three years.
  • Traffickers usually take the migrants by sea to Thailand then overland to Malaysia.
  • But Thailand recently began cracking down on the migrant routes, meaning traffickers are using sea routes instead.


Please keep the Rohingya’s in your prayer’s. 

I’m going to make a donation post soon inshallah. Please raise awareness!

So I’ve had this theory/headcanon/deep wish for a long time but after the BBC’s Snapchat this morning I might as well say it out loud:

Remember how we got fan service in TEH with “not dead”?

The only thing I want in this life is for the word “confirmed” to show up somewhere in the s4 script. Or, like, softly softly, but let’s be real, confirmed would be so easy to work in if they wanted to.

the-gamemaniac  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for where to watch Classic Who online for someone who's wanting to 'catch up' so to speak? Netflix seems to have switched both Classic and New Who over to Netflix DVD-only.

I wish I had any- the  BBC’s ineptitude with making the classic series more available to newer fans is crazy frustrating.  Chunks of it are on Amazon now, but on a pricey per-episode basis and disingenuously marketed as “seasons” (it’s usually just one or at most two stories at most- even the Key to Time Season is cut in half!).  Yes, a lot of the few out there are great stories (The Caves of Androzani, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Spearhead from Space), but they’re all better watched in context of the full series (which is a lot more complete than it used to be, thanks to some of the recent missing episode finds and animated recons).

I can only guess it’s some sort of rights issues with various episodes, but the BBC should make whatever concessions they need to to get the bulk of the series out there.  It’s ridiculous that even paying per-episode you can only watch a handful of scattered eps when a Netflix subscription gives you literally every episode of every Star Trek series ever.  In this day and age, it hurts the show’s brand to not have those eps (legally) out there for fans on a streaming service. In Moffat’s era especially, you’ve got direct refs to stories that are only available on expensive DVDs (which are often out of print!).

jpbebbington  asked:

Your time at Les Mis will be over next year and you always wanted to be the Doctor's Assistant in Doctor Who. This is Jenna Louise Coleman's last series as Clara. Is this a coincidence, or do you have a secret you're not telling us?

I’m secretly hoping BBC have cast me without telling me but of course this is a very silly thing to wish as I would have had to auditioned and gone through a rather extensive process but alas…I have not! It is just a coincidence I’m afraid!