the timeless man

Steve: This attack plan looks really good

Tony: So do you, sweetheart.

Steve: …

Tony: *wiggles his eyebrows suggestively*

Steve: …

Steve: Meet me at the dorm in five.

Steve: *louder and slightly blushing* So we can…..discuss strategies.

Tony: *grinning* Strategies……sure, I like the sound of that.

*five minutes later*

Sam: We should have told them the dorm’s walls are pretty thin, shouldn’t we?

Peggy: Not if you don’t wanna see Captain America’s face the color of this carpet.


I very much love Garcia Flynn. Definitely too much. We don’t deserve a character so complex and tragic. But also yes I do. Give me more. I earned this. I’ve sat through so many black and white characters. Give me all those shades of gray.

As for the group picture near the end, you know I’m on the Lucy is Flynn’s wife train. All aboard. I will hold out for this until they blatantly tell me no. Probably not even then really. And if it isn’t true, boy, do I have enough observations and theories to make a kickin AU.

A Happy Birthday to the man and the legend, Mr. Jimi Hendrix. 

“In the recorded cosmic or Midgard concepts of the Indo-Europeans, man has his proper place in the great scheme of ordered life, but he is not enchained to it as are the oriental religions, with their star worship and priestly prophesies of the future — the study of entrails and the flight of birds, practised by the Babylonians, Etruscans and others. He appears in a trusting relationship with his God, whose nature itself is connected with the world order, and he joins with this God on a national scale in the struggle against all powers hostile to man and God, against chaos, against Utgard. The Indo-European recognises Midgard, the earth-space, as the field in which he may fulfil his destiny, cherishing life as a cultivator or farmer, where plants, animals and men are each called to grow and ripen into powerful forces asserting themselves within the timeless order. Guilt in man — not sin — arises wherever an individual defies or threatens this order and attempts through short-sighted obstinacy to oppose the divine universal order in life. For such a crime an individual incurs guilt. By such a crime, his people are threatened with the danger of decline and degeneration, and the world order with confusion and distortion.“

~   Hans F. K. Guenther,  The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans

It's got me thinking....

As I’m rereading “Hope Springs Eternal: A Subterranean Romance” by Quantum Witch (brilliant story, by the by!), a sudden lightning bolt strikes me.

Hades’ characterization and idiosyncratic dialogue (a la sassy Disney classic baddies treatment and their warped sense of humor) reminded me of Handsome Jack…so by extension, the willful Persephone would be Rhys? The imagery has me in stitches.

i just finished the Timeless finale and wHAT 






Mr. Michael Caine. 


  “I love you Iris.” 

“Sometimes me and Iris have these moments, when I’m looking into her eyes, it’s hard not to think she’s feeling the same way I do.” 

“It’s still beating.” 

“It’s the little things, the way you linger on her when she isn’t looking. The smile you play to fake the part. The quiet dreams you keep to yourself.” 

“I don’t think she’s the right one for you.” 

“When the Universe wants to make something happen, putting two people together… It has a way of figuring those things out.” 

“You don’t think I know how you love her.”

“She’s doing it for me.” 

“Thanks Barry. Having someone believe in me, it’s a small, really really big thing.”

“Barry will always be a part of my life.” 

“When we were kids, I loved you before I even knew what the word love meant.” 

“God, I just want to tell you. How I feel. How you make me feel.”

“What other girls?” 

“She’s his something.” 

“But then I see her smile, man, that cannot be science.” 

“Ever since the night you told me how you felt, I have not been able to stop thinking about you…and then I realized the reason I couldn’t stop thinking about you was because I didn’t want to.”

“I’ve never stopped thinking about you.” 

W E S T A L L E N  

barry x iris ❥ ❥ ❥