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How does Bucky feel about the soulmate thing? We know everything about the reader but i'd like to know if he's had any reaction pretty pleeeeease?

Strings of Fate - Outtakes

He remembers the first time he saw her, really saw her, her red hair flying behind her like a trail of flames. Back then she was Romanoff, only answering to her last name and always wary, looking constantly over her shoulder whenever he was around.

There were only a few things he could remember, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t forget how he’d given her the scars.

Bucky had felt bad at the beginning, awful. They were a constant reminder of all the people he’d hurt when he wasn’t himself, but as he spent more time with her, and she went from just Romanoff to Natasha, he found himself drawn to her.

He found that she had saved his life more times than he could count, and he felt he owed her something, because he had hurt her and yet there she was, all fiery red hair and a cool temper, her lips always set into one of her trademark smirks. So he took her out for dinner.

That very same night they had stumbled into the tower, a tangle of lips and limbs and clothes that had ended up on her bedroom’s floor. He had returned to his room much later, with his lips swollen and his hair messy and his shirt unbuttoned, the smell of her perfume still fresh on his brain.

Steve had been there when he returned, an unreadable expression on his face. “Do you know what you’re doing, Buck?” he’d asked. His question had seemed stupid at the moment, but after the fourth time of coming back to his room, Bucky began to understand.

“She’s not yours.” Said Wanda during breakfast, when it was only the two of them at the tower and the rest of the team was out on a mission. “Natasha, she’s not your soulmate”. And he had understood. He’d seen her wrist, where the faint scar of her soulmate’s initials was barely visible on her milky skin, proof that her soulmate had passed away, but he had no mark. No way of knowing if his other half was even alive, or if he even had one.

Yet another thing HYDRA had taken away from him.

He’d said he didn’t believe in soulmates, that there was no such thing as a String of fate, and he had lied right through his teeth.

Both him and Natasha had found solace in each other, spending the long nights in a haze of lust and soft touches  and heated kisses and whispered words, but it hadn’t been enough. It never was.

Finding a way to escape his nightmares is tricky. He tries running and kissing and sex, but it never seems to work, and his impossibility to get drunk makes it that much hard, until one day, when he’s walking through the city he spots a group of people drawing. Bingo!

The very first sketches he tries to make are terrible, no more than a blur of lines and smudged pencil, but he gets better with time. And Natalia is always there, a constant presence at his side, always laughing about his flower drawings, even though it’s the only thing he’s good at sketching. He doesn’t know what they are, beyond the four walls of her bedroom, and she doesn’t know either, but she plays along, calculating and distant outside the endless floors of Stark tower.

So when she shows up one day, a brand new sketchbook and a box of colored pencils under her arm, he doesn’t know what to make of it, because it’s not a gesture he’d expect from her, and yet there she is, smiling bright and handing him a gift. And for a brief second he feels as if she’s the one, so he asks her out, this time the word boyfriend slipping easily from her lips.

Bucky falls in love with her, he learns to know her the way one might know the lyrics to a popular song, even though there seems to be something missing, because she’s not his soulmate. The initials on her wrist confirming his thoughts.

So when her mysterious friend shows up at the party, with her carefree aura and a bright smile, he feels as if he’s breathing for the first time. She’s the opposite of Natalia, open and clumsy and visibly uncomfortable with crowds, something they have in common. And the second she shakes his hand, there’s something stirring inside of him, something he’d never thought he’d feel again.

His arm is tingling.

Some doctors call it a phantom limb, but it’s not pain he feels, but pleasure. A soothing sensation where his left arm should be, and he can’t ignore it. Natasha doesn’t notice, and he doesn’t tell her either, afraid of what her reaction might be, because they’ve come too far and he doesn’t want to lose her. But as he spends more time with he friend, the feeling become more intense. His nightmares stop altogether and he can’t get her out of his head.

Then there’s Steve, the small kitten who seems to like him, of all people, and her smile when he takes the tiny creature in his hands, and suddenly he’s afraid. And it’s fear, of the unknown feeling in his arm and the strange thoughts on his head, that guides his hand as he buys a ring. A bright ruby that matches Natalia’s hair.

He’ll marry her, he thinks.
He has to.

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Strings of Fate outtakes

hunk appreciation time

ok so like i feel like i don’t see people talking about his enough

but like


from the very beginning, the series portrays him as being the most anxious of the gang. uncomfortable with flying because of his motion sickness (and the inherent dangers of, you know, flying in space), very cautious, and not a fan of risk. 

but, i think this just even further highlights how good and brave and GREAT he is??

he’s someone who really thinks things through and goes into situations understanding the risks and the possible consequences of his actions, but he steps up to the plate and does what he needs to do, every time, because he’s always ready to be there for the people that need him, and they’re his priority. like, even right at the beginning of episode 1, when lance is trying to sneak out and go out on the town, hunk vocalizes that this is probably a bad idea. he mentions that many times, lance’s ideas have landed him in the principal’s office. but he knows that lance won’t be dissuaded, and he isn’t going to let him go it alone because he cares about lance and appreciates that lance is doing it because he wants them to bond and get to know each other better as a team, so he tags along regardless.

and even in the first season, he’s already shown considerable growth as he’s begun to embrace his responsibilities as a paladin. when he goes to the balmera for the first time, and he learns about the oppression and tyranny that shay and her people suffer through under the hands of the galra, he starts to better understand the gravity of the situation. he starts seeing the bigger picture, and he’s driven by a desire to show the balmerans what freedom is and improve their lives.

he’s not a pushover, either. in episode 6, he doesn’t let the group atmosphere influence his feelings when he senses something of wrong or off. he trusts his feelings, and the well-being of shay and her people and the promise he made to her is always at the forefront of his mind. he doesn’t forget the debts he owes, and he knows what his priorities are and sticks with them.

and there are also the little things, that i think are so under-appreciated??

like, hunk cooking meals for everyone. it takes the load off coran, just for a little while. it makes the meals a little more appetizing for the paladins and their earth-conditioned tastes. it makes them feel more comfortable in this new “home” they’ve been forced to adopt and probably helps addresses the homesickness that they’re feeling, if even only a little.

in episode 2, please appreciate the fact that hunk had to walk all the way to his lion instead of taking one those quick little transport ships, and he complains a little but he doesn’t even explain what took him so long when he’s late getting to the others.

when hunk has to kick pidge in episode 9, hunk doesn’t even ask WHY. the first thing that comes to his mind is “no, you’re my friend, and that would hurt you, i won’t do that.” like, if that doesn’t show how important they are to him and how his first thought is always about their well-beings, then I don’t know what does.

anyways tldr; hunk is really great and i love him and he’s just really good, ok?

Okay, okay, okay. I see all of these posts about Draco getting his comeuppance for being a Potter-obsessed little shit as a kid to Lucius with Scorpius doing the same to him, but have you considered the alternative? That Draco and Scorpius bond over their Potter nemeses/crushes?

Scorpius (about Albus): I just don’t understand why his hair is like that all the time, dad! It doesn’t make sense!
Draco (about Harry): I know! It always looks like he’s just fought a a herd of hippogriffs!
Scorpius: Or been flying in rain. He does know brushes were invented, right?
Draco: I’ve felt the exact same way since the first time I saw him! Is wild hair genetic? Can wild hair be genetic?
Scorpius: Do you think he’d do it intentionally? That seems really… conniving.
Draco: I’ve learned not to make hasty assumptions when Potter is concerned. He might just do it on purpose to annoy me… it seems like the kind of thing he would do….
Scorpius and Draco together: Ugh, Potter!
Lucius crying into his hands in the background.

a guaranteed way to make friends is to get on an airplane and then take off your watch and show it to the person sitting next to you once they see the time look them directly in the eyes and say “wow time really does fly” ive never tried it but its guaranteed

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)RADIO the Gazette Translation (2016.04.15) #2
  • *Question from a fan: How does it feel when you guys kiss each other on the cheek, hold onto each others' arms, or try to fly and jump around on stage during the lives? It warms my heart to see you guys interacting with each other and being friendly.*
  • Reita: But you know, I do some of these things kinda subconsciously, so after the live ends, I don't really remember doing those things.
  • Ruki: Yeah, but our interactions are pretty normal.
  • Reita: Yeah,but there are times when I wish that I could be more involved with you.
  • Ruki: What the heck are you saying. *giggles*
  • Ruki: But you know when Uruha and Aoi occasionally stand on the platform together with their guitars?
  • Reita: Right.
  • Ruki: They like, stand there laughing and stuff.
  • Reita: Right.
  • Ruki: I wonder if they truly are having fun.
  • Ruki: I wonder why they are laughing.
  • Reita: I know! It kinda makes me jealous. But to be honest, I'm busy playing my bass so I don't really care.
  • Reita: But I really like those kind of interactions.

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Okay so even after watching tons of videos I still have a problem grasping special personality traits the guys of got7 have. Could you introduce them and say something special about each of them? :)

hello dear, of course i can!!! i’ll just write some special things/facts/etc about them and i’ll do it from oldest to youngest!! (i apologize ahead of time if i get too into this and start going overboard lol)

mark (oldest member, part of rap and martial arts line of the group) :
-is a pretty quiet kid 
-although he is quiet, he does have things on his mind (he said so himself)
-cares a lot for each of the members (if you pay close attention, you can see that he just silently takes care of everyone)
-also can practically fly the in air (like how?!?)
-really cute and adorable (but can also be hot af omg no pls)
-owns a cute lil dog named coco with youngjae (he is apparently the father between the two of them lol)

jb aka jaebum (leader of the group, main vocalist, debuted back in 2012 with junior as “jj project”) :
-tries to live the chic and cool life (but is a fucking nerd)
-loves his cat nora to death
-savage af (his clapback game is too strong)
-is infatuated with the simpsons 
-ready to fight someone 10000000% of the time
-can act, sing, and dance (did bboying and was he also know as ‘defsoul’)
-got7 obviously means a lot to him
-he’s wonderful person and probably deserves an award for being able to lead this crazy group

jackson (part of rap line and martial arts line):
-“wild and sexy” → a very accurate quote by him
-extremely hardworking (and i mean EXTREMELY) !!!
-is a beautiful human being inside and out, not to mention is freaking hilarious  
-is really freaking extra for no damn reason 
-loves his own personal family and his got7 family deeply
-only fears bugs and jyp pd
-who doesn’t love jackson?!?

junior aka jinyoung (dancer, vocalist, debuted with jb as “jj project” → was a rapper back then):
-loves to read and study (he is quite the smart boy)
-is mother of the group (very motherly to the members aka his children)
-also an amazing actor (support and love actor jinyoung!!)
-is a gentleman and is just husband material overall tbh
-has a reaaaaaaaallllyyy nice butt 
-all he really wants in the world is to eat meat with jackson

youngjae (main vocalist and rapgod):
-is actual sunshine
-his laugh and smile makes flowers grow
-but his vocals makes you really emotional (has voice of an angel ;;n;;)
-should be protected by all means
-cucumbers are his worst enemy
-him speaking in english is probably one the cutest/best things ever
-only trained  for 7 months prior to debut (the boy is just so talented)
-coco = his life
-recently began his career as a rapper and has been killing it since

bambam aka kunpimook (rap line and dance line):
-is secretly the lost member of every girl group tbh 
-fanservice king
-he’s fab af but is kinda a confused child 
-his rapping should be appreciated more (like seriously)
-is such a caring sweetheart
-probably whipping his way into your bias list
-just love bambam okay

yugyeom (maknae of the group, dancer, vocalist):
-cute giant baby 
-“i’m the maknae, although I do not look like I am”
-is a dance machine and is always slaying
-the members are all practically his servants (king gyeom ftw)
-not really as innocent as he might seem … o.o
-is total chris brown trash omfg 
-living the double life “a.k.a browny” (oH MY GOSH)
-sensitive, yet things don’t scare him easily
-always thankful and grateful to be in got7

Every parent dreads the day when they have an empty nest.
Bruce Wayne is no different.
Only Damian really lives at home now.
Or at least Bruce thinks he does? He hasn’t actually seen him for a week.

Alfred will sometimes find Bruce in the Cave, sifting through old newspaper articles of the many adventures he had had with his children. Or he’ll be sat in his study, WE work ignored on his laptop,while he rearranges the photographs on his desk for the umpteenth time.

All robins eventually learn how to fly, and so do children.
Unlike robins, children, however, always seem to know the way back home.

All of the Batkids just waltz through the Manor’s front door without knocking.
The first port of call, is to rifle through the mail for any letters that had been sent to the Manor (or in Jason’s case, the magazine he liked reading as a teen, that Bruce has never stopped the subscription for.)

The second stop is the kitchen. Always, the kitchen. A quick hello to Alfred before the fridge is raided and the random prodigal child is off in search of whatever had called them back home for.

Without fail, the final stop. Each child always pokes their heads around Bruce’s study and gives him a wave, a hug, a hello, before disappearing off.

Times like this, when his children actually remember that Wayne Manor exists?
Alfred will find Bruce stood at the top of the grand staircase listening.
Not just to the arguments, although there were a lot.
Oh no, he also listens to how the kids have just come home as if they had never left. Slotting back in. Filling the Manor with their favourite shows, activities and general chatter.
Bringing the manor back to life again.

All children grow up. All children will one day, fly the nest.
However, no matter what life throws at the Batkids, come hell or high water, even death itself. Each of them can walk through Wayne Manor’s doors and just for a moment, feel the weight of adulthood lift from their shoulders.

It may take longer for some of them, than the others, but in the end? Deep down, beneath all the bravado and angst? Each Batkid knows that they can always come home.

And that is why Bruce Wayne stands at the top of the staircase and …. smiles.
Well, until the novelty wears off and he goes from Batdad to Batman on 0.2 seconds after someone falls off the chandelier for the millionth time!
10 Things We Do to Prevent Happiness.
“The clearest path to happiness emerges when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

We procrastinate:

Many of us are all talk, no action. Especially when it comes to personal goals and what we really want out of life. What are your dreams and aspirations? Do you want to hike the Appalachian Trail or become the lead singer in a band? What is it that you’ve always wanted to try, do, see, explore?

We all have dreams and desires, but many of us take little or no action to get there. We procrastinate because we think we always have more time. The reality is, we have plenty of time, but boy does it fly by. We wake up one day, realize we are about to turn 50 and panic because we thought we had Way More Time to follow our dreams—but procrastinated and squandered it away instead. Happiness requires action, even if it’s difficult or if we are unsure.

“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.” ~ Laozi

We stay indoors:

We stay inside when it’s perfectly beautiful outside. We look out our windows at the sunshine, and yet, somehow have to come up with a reason to go outside. We should not need a reason to get outside. Staying inside blocks happiness because it keeps the light from hitting our face, the sun from warming our soul, and the crisp, cool air from entering our lungs. Inside is boring. Get outside as often as possible and watch how your mood changes.

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We let our junk and our chores pile up:

What’s up with the endless, needless junk? Why do we keep so much stuff? For what—so we can look at it? Having too much clutter in and around our homes clutters up our minds as well. When we purge the junk from every room in our house, we clear the path for happiness.

If an item doesn’t serve us in some way, we need to kick it to the curb. In the same regard, when we tick chores off our list, we can move on to brighter things. When we keep a tidy home, and chores are complete, we often feel the sense of serenity that cannot (and will not) come from anywhere else.

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.” ~ Christina Scalise

We watch too much reality television:

We watch other people living their lives instead of living our own authentic lives. We are entertained by other people’s arguments, problems, and day to day activity. We watch people go out to eat, we watch them drink and smoke, we watch them get into fist fights and yell expletives. We watch them sit around the house and complain about problems that are not problems. We watch them do everything except go to work. We get wrapped up in these shows the same way we became wrapped up in the soap operas of the 70s.

When we lose ourselves in someone else’s version of reality, we do not confront our own reality. It’s a guilty pleasure like candy, food, drugs, and alcohol, but too much of that sh*t is bad for us.

“Watching too much television can triple our hunger for more possessions, while reducing our personal contentment by about 5 percent for every hour a day we watch.” ~ David Niven

We live in the future and in the past:

We pine nostalgically for the old days, or we keep thinking that tomorrow will be different. We often forget that the only living we need to do is in the present moment. Wishing we could change the past has never, in the history of humankind, changed the past. And while it’s good to think about the future in a positive way, the future has a funny way of unfolding based on the things we do in the present. Or, it’s completely unpredictable so there’s no sense getting caught up in what tomorrow will bring.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” ~ Gautama Buddha

Too much yes and not enough no:

All too often we are stretched to our limits—physically, mentally, at work, at home, and in many of our relationships. A lot of the time, this cannot be helped, but if we consciously recognize when we are being pulled out and spread thin, we can say no to what doesn’t serve our inner spirit. When we start serving our inner spirit, we make our own happiness a priority instead of pleasing other people in order to gain friendship or garner praise.

“When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Frivolous Spending:

Money comes in, money goes out. We know where it comes from, but where does it all go? Much of the time we buy an abundance of items we just do not need. We buy clothes, new phones, new dishes, and freakin’ beaded pillows from Home Goods, and then we stop at TJ Maxx, where we get the maxx for the minimum. And it’s a rush because it’s all fun stuff we don’t need.

Most of it is just stuff we buy because we like the way it looks. We think it will make us happy. We are lured in by gimmicks and marketing and pretty packaging. No one needs a roll up jewelry organizer. No one needs another pair of running pants. When we decide what we need over what we want, we decide that happiness doesn’t come from stuff. Stuff can be fun, but too much stuff blocks our pathway to happiness.

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” ~ Dave Ramsey

We Gossip:

Who doesn’t? It’s easy to poke fun at other people here and there. It’s especially easy to do it behind their backs. We roll our eyes and act like the other person’s behavior (or outfit, Facebook post, or hair color) doesn’t scare the sh*t out of us because we know that it’s so much like our own. “Did you see her in that dress?” Cue the eye roll. Cue the sigh and the nervous giggle. Meanwhile, we would love to wear that dress, if only we could feel as confident as she seems to feel.

It’s always important to remember that our own fears, insecurities and misgivings guide gossip. Before pointing out the flaws of others, we must indeed remember to practice kindness. To keep our hearts “pure,” exchange kindness for gossip (even if we think it’s harmless) when the opportunity presents itself.

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

We Compare:

Our house is small and your house is big. We drive old cars, while yours are always new. She can run a 5K in under 25 minutes, while I can barely break 28. Someone will always have more, and someone will always run faster. Someone else’s kid will go to Harvard. That’s just the way it goes. Should we wallow in comparisons or should we concentrate on bettering ourselves and our circumstances? When we are happy with ourselves and we know that what we have is enough, we can rejoice when good things happen to other people.

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world, if you do so you are insulting yourself.” ~ Bill Gates

We prioritize things that don’t matter:

We all get 24 hours a day (hopefully) to do the things that are most important to us. Many things we say we want to prioritize get pushed to the back of the list by other, less worthy things. For example, we say we want to exercise and eat healthier, but it is often easy to make excuses. We let our excuses overrule our intended priorities. Therefore, exercise and healthier eating are not priorities after all.

Other examples may include spending time with our kids, or paying off debt. We lose focus when we pay more attention to our cell phones, or we buy impulsively. Our cell phones and our accumulated stuff become the priorities instead of our kids or our finances.

When we reevaluate our daily habits we often see how excuses and detrimental behaviors contribute to keeping us from what is really important, hence keeping us from contentment and peace in our lives.

“There’s no sense talking about priorities. Priorities reveal themselves. We are all transparent against the face of the clock.” ~ Eric Zorn

Just some dumb fake ah crew things

  • In his spare time Michael does underground cage fights. Geoff acts as a manager. bets on him have become quite profitable. 
  •  Jack used to be in the air force. The first time they needed a plane he couldn’t help himself. He really missed flying. 
  •  They put a shock collar on Ryan. The first an only time they used it, It completely floored him. All he did was laugh and ask them to do it again.
  •  Gavin got put in jail one time the crew didn’t realise until he didn’t do his part in a heist. When he got out he brushed it off as a joke. He doesn’t like to think about it.
  •  Ray made out with his sniper once. They found the photos, he said it was a long story. No one really asks. 
  •  Everyone thinks Lindsay enjoys what she does way too much. All of then will do the unpleasant jobs but Lindsay does them with a smile.

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Can I request fluffy warren headcannons??

mmm omg

  • the first time you met him the only thing you could say was nice wings
    • you still cringe when you think about it
      • he kisses you and says that he thinks that it was cute
  • don’t think he wouldn’t wrap you up in his wings before apocalypse bc he fucking would
  • having to stand on your toes to press kisses on his forehead
  • im not saying that he will hold onto you close and fly with you over the city but thats what im saying
  • this boy kisses your fingertips whenever you two are cuddling
    • he is totally unapologetic about it
  • he lavishes you with compliments
    • blushing whenever he does so
  • he gives terrible massages but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t try his hardest
  • stroking his feathers
    • realizing that they are actually really sensitive
      • using that to your advantage during sex
  • don’t be fooled by his harsh looks he is an actual sweetheart
    • he will grab flowers for you 
      • they are usually tattered by the time they get to you because he flew with them in hand rather than walking home
      • you still love them and the thought all the same

Dear lovely people
So my new video coming up is going to come out on Wed. Which I think is going to be my late day thing. So if that crap doesn’t fly to your eyes on Monday then it’s flying to your retinas on Wed. I actually have a video ready but I want to do this other one that I really want to do. I’ve had zero time since flying out to LA and then heading straight into Summer Nights Weekend 2. This month has been crazy so far! But so much fun! I hope that’s ok! This video is going to be good one! In the meantime here is some intermission music until Wed. 😊 – Olan

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