the time really does fly by

Every parent dreads the day when they have an empty nest.
Bruce Wayne is no different.
Only Damian really lives at home now.
Or at least Bruce thinks he does? He hasn’t actually seen him for a week.

Alfred will sometimes find Bruce in the Cave, sifting through old newspaper articles of the many adventures he had had with his children. Or he’ll be sat in his study, WE work ignored on his laptop,while he rearranges the photographs on his desk for the umpteenth time.

All robins eventually learn how to fly, and so do children.
Unlike robins, children, however, always seem to know the way back home.

All of the Batkids just waltz through the Manor’s front door without knocking.
The first port of call, is to rifle through the mail for any letters that had been sent to the Manor (or in Jason’s case, the magazine he liked reading as a teen, that Bruce has never stopped the subscription for.)

The second stop is the kitchen. Always, the kitchen. A quick hello to Alfred before the fridge is raided and the random prodigal child is off in search of whatever had called them back home for.

Without fail, the final stop. Each child always pokes their heads around Bruce’s study and gives him a wave, a hug, a hello, before disappearing off.

Times like this, when his children actually remember that Wayne Manor exists?
Alfred will find Bruce stood at the top of the grand staircase listening.
Not just to the arguments, although there were a lot.
Oh no, he also listens to how the kids have just come home as if they had never left. Slotting back in. Filling the Manor with their favourite shows, activities and general chatter.
Bringing the manor back to life again.

All children grow up. All children will one day, fly the nest.
However, no matter what life throws at the Batkids, come hell or high water, even death itself. Each of them can walk through Wayne Manor’s doors and just for a moment, feel the weight of adulthood lift from their shoulders.

It may take longer for some of them, than the others, but in the end? Deep down, beneath all the bravado and angst? Each Batkid knows that they can always come home.

And that is why Bruce Wayne stands at the top of the staircase and …. smiles.
Well, until the novelty wears off and he goes from Batdad to Batman on 0.2 seconds after someone falls off the chandelier for the millionth time!

ponyboy & his boring office job

( @ow-tsiders & i discussed this forever ago but i just love it so much so i decided to add onto our ideas !! )

  • so !!! ponyboy gets a reeeeeaaallllly boring office job while he’s in college to make some extra money
  • yes he has to wear a nice shirt/tie & yes he looks adorable in them
  • but he takes his tie off like an hour after he gets to work bc he hates wearing it so much
  • ponyboy tried to keep a planner so he’d stop forgetting what he was supposed to be working on, but he doodled on it so much, he couldn’t even read his assignments 
  • he gets really good at playing basketball with a crumpled up paper ball & the trash can
  • & he’ll spend an entire day drawing something dumb on ms paint or making patterns in excel documents at least once a week
  • he’s honestly just a giant slacker smh but he does enough work to fly under his boss’s radar
  • & any time his boss walks by, pony somehow always manages to look busy
  • this job started his coffee addiction bc he goes to the break room to make coffee every time he gets bored,,, which is every ten minutes
  • but ! ponyboy always starts a new pot when he finishes one & cleans up when he inevitably spills something, he’s a good coworker (-:
  • sometimes he forgets to return the mugs to the break room, & he’ll overhear his coworkers saying “wow i can’t fine this one mug anywhere” & he has to sprint to the break room to wash it & put it back before they notice
  • he likes making copies bc the copier “makes funny noises”

I just wanted to wish a very special 27 year old, the absolute best birthday in the entire world! Thank you for being by my side for these amazing 9 years. Life would be a lot less interesting without you in it! Thank you for the songs, the memories, the tears, and laughter. 

I’m honestly so amazed, where did the years go…? You’ve just turned 27 and in less than 3 weeks ill be 18? It feels like only yesterday you were 18, i guess time really does fly when your having fun? 

Have a lovely day sunshine… 

@taylorswift I Love you to the moon and back!

anonymous asked:

Can you write a bughead oneshot where they don't talk about the first kiss and dance around it for a while. Suddenly their schools Shakespeare company is doing a production of Romeo and Juliet (ironically) but the thing is Juggie doesn't get the role of Romeo (like Reggie or Archie does) and he interrupts the show midway through by reading the dialogue at the first meeting scene. Sorry it's super specific but I love your oneshots

This one was really fun to write, hope you enjoy it!

“I need everyone to quiet down!”

The theatre director stood backstage in the middle of chaos - costume pieces flying every which way, scripts fluttering across the hardwood floor, actors and actresses practicing their lines in their not-so-inside voices.

“Reggie, stop putting the props in Chuck’s ear, what did I say after the last time?” She hurried over to the boys standing by the props table, her long hair whipping over her shoulder as she frantically ripped the tiny object out of Reggie’s hand.

“I can’t believe we’re being forced to perform such an archaic piece of literary garbage. It’s so outdated,” Veronica whined, tossing her script onto a folding chair by the side of the stage. “I mean what teenager nowadays would climb up to someone’s window as a way of declaring one’s affections for them?”

Betty’s eyes went wide as she glanced at Jughead, her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

“No one,” Betty said almost too quickly, fiddling with a fraying piece of fabric on her costume and avoiding Veronica’s gaze.

“Exactly, B, glad to see you’re on my side on this one,” Veronica beamed at Betty before pulling on the arm of her dress and frowning. “Although, the fact that you’re our Juliet isn’t really helping the cause.”

Jughead gently pulled Betty away from Veronica, leaning in close to her ear so no one else could hear them.

“Bets, are we ever going to talk about it?” Jughead whispered. “It’s been weeks.”

“Talk about what?” Betty feigned confusion as she turned away from him to busily flip through her script. 

“You know what,” Jughead muttered, lowering his gaze to give her a knowing look.

“Alright, that’s enough!” The director’s voice rose above the chatter, signaling to to the group that it was time to meet with her in the center of the stage. “Gather around everyone, we don’t have a lot of time!”

“You said to pretend like nothing happened,” Betty reminded Jughead, looking back at him struggling to keep of with her as she hurried to join the rest of the group. “So that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“I didn’t mean-”

“Jughead, honestly, the faster you’re done wasting my time, the faster I can be done wasting yours,” the director sighed, turning to the students staring at her with bored expressions and taking an annoyed breath. “As you all know, our first performance of Romeo and Juliet is tomorrow. You all have put a lot of work into this and I expect that you will treat the performance with as much respect as it deserves. In other words, if you make a mockery of this program, I will see you in detention for an entire month - I’m looking at you Reggie. Okay, let’s get this over with!”

“Betty, I didn’t mean for us to skirt around each other like we were never even friends,” Jughead explained, taking her by the elbow and spinning her around slightly to meet his gaze. “I miss talking to you.”

“I miss you too, Juggie,” Betty admitted, her lips twitching into a faint smile as she allowed herself get lost in his eyes for a moment.

“Juliet, wherefore art thou Romeo? I know that’s not what that really means, but- oh never mind,” the director stammered, but stopped abruptly when she realized a dozen eyes were staring at her like she was crazy. “Seriously, Betty, where is he?”

“I’m here, Ms. Machin!”

As if on cue, Archie Andrews burst through the stage door to join the rest of his classmates on the stage.

“Sorry, I had music rehearsal with the pussycats and-” Archie struggled to catch his breath as he quickly tried to explain himself, but was cut off by an aggravated Ms. Machin shoving his costume in his face.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’ve put so much time and effort into other activities, Archie, but we have a performance tomorrow,” Ms. Machin reminded him. “So can we please run through this play before I start ripping my hair out of my head?”

“Yikes,” Veronica winced. “Sounds like someone needs a good long bath and a bottle of merlot after this horrid play is over and done with. And I don’t just mean me.”

“So are we okay?” Jughead asked, turning to Betty as she watched the group disperse in front of her. “You and me?”

“That depends,” Betty shrugged. “What did the kiss mean?”

“Bets, why do we have to decide that right now, I don’t-”

Rolling her eyes, Betty turned away from Jughead, already tired of hearing this answer, and made her way across the stage to look up at Archie putting one arm through the jacket that accompanied his costume.

“Arch, can we go over the blocking for our last scene together one more time?” Betty asked. “I just want to be sure I have it down perfectly.”

“Yeah, let’s do it,” Archie agreed, tugging on the hem of his jacket and smiling down at her as they headed off to a quieter location to practice.

“Okay, what is going on with you two?” Veronica emerged from somewhere behind Jughead, gesturing towards Betty with a raised eyebrow. “You’ve been dodging each other for weeks. Seriously I watched Betty dive into the girl’s bathroom just to avoid running into you last week. Something happened between you two didn’t it?”

“I don’t know,” Jughead muttered, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably and staring at a spot in the hardwood floor. “Maybe.”

“Oh my god, I knew it!” Veronica exclaimed, her face brightening at the thought of an unexpected romance. “But wait, then what’s the problem?”

“A few weeks ago, we kind of had…” Jughead fidgeted in his spot, lowering his voice so he couldn’t be heard by any unsuspecting ears. “A moment.”


“We kissed,” Jughead admitted. “And afterwards I kind of… freaked out.”

“Like you ran screaming in the other direction like a five-year-old afraid of those people in the creepy character costumes at an amusement park?” Veronica asked, her brows drawing together as she tried to comprehend what he was saying.

“No,” Jughead sighed. “I just - I panicked and didn’t think she wanted it to happen. I mean, it was kind of out of the blue. But then again, it really wasn’t. Anyway, I told her just to pretend like it didn’t happen and now…”

“Now she’s treating you like you’re a piece of gum on the bottom of her shoe,” Veronica finished for him, nodding as if she understood exactly what he was talking about. “I mean you try to ignore it, but it keeps making itself known every time you walk and it sticks to the floor.”

“Kinda harsh,” Jughead scoffed. “But essentially - yes.”

“Well lucky for you, Ronnie knows how to fix even the direst dating woe,” Veronica assured him, her lips curling into a devilish smirk. “And believe it or not, this situation is not that dire. Here’s what you need to do - you need to show her that you really do want to be with her. Make some grand gesture, do whatever it takes to get her to believe you.”

“Well, how do I do that?”

“That part’s up to you my friend,” Veronica told him, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder as she turned to Archie and Betty at the other end of the stage. “But if I were you, I’d do it soon. Her Romeo is literally her dream Romeo, so I’d act fast.”

With that, Veronica crossed the stage to talk to a few of the girls in charge of the set decoration, leaving Jughead to watch as Betty laughed at something Archie was saying from across the stage.

“But he’s not,” Jughead muttered to himself, thinking back to the day he crawled into her room and kissed her like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Okay, let’s run through the balcony scene before we do a complete run-through!” Ms. Machin directed the group, gesturing for everyone to get into places with frantic hands. “Let’s go, people, the clock is ticking!”

“Okay, Juggie, it’s now or never,” Jughead whispered under his breath. “You might not be her Romeo in the play, but you were her Romeo when you climbed through her window the other day.”

“Alright, Act 2, Scene 2,” Ms. Machin clapped her hands together as the actors began to file into their positions. “Juliet appears on the balcony above, Romeo is below when he spots her and-”

Archie stepped onto the stage, glancing up at Betty with a look of longing as he began to deliver his lines.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the-”

Jughead couldn’t wait anymore. Before he could talk himself out of it, he hopped out from behind the lighting booth and made his way onto the stage.

“It is the east and Juliet is the sun,” Jughead finished the line for Archie, causing dozens of eyes to look to him with curious -yet intrigued- expressions.

“Jughead Jones, I will not have you make a mockery of-” Ms. Machin’s face was beet red from anger, but Veronica stepped behind her to place a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Let him finish!” Veronica insisted, nodding for Jughead to finish the line as he stood in front of the balcony, looking up at Betty.

“Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou fair maid art far more fair than she,” Jughead continued, meeting Betty’s gaze with a look of regret and sorrow. “I messed up Bets. I should have told you how I felt about you a long time ago, but I was scared. I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way so I kind of - freaked out.”

“Juggie, all you had to do was talk to me,” Betty told him, taking a step closer to the edge of the balcony and leaning over it to smile down at him. “You can talk to me about anything.”

“I know,” Jughead met her smile before turning to everyone watching them and taking a deep breath. “So I’m asking you this now, in front of our entire class - will you go out with me?”

“Of course I will,” Betty answered, and a roar of cheers coming from the cast made an embarrassed giggle escape her lips.

Before anyone could protest, Jughead started climbing up the ladder meant to look like vines crawling up the side of the building and hoisted himself up and over the balcony to join Betty.

“Mr. Jones, that set it to be handled with care don’t you-” Ms. Machin yelled from the stage, but Jughead was already up and over before she could finish her sentence.

“Now, that’s the kind of play I would be excited about performing,” Veronica muttered to herself, clapping her hands together happily as she watched her friends smile at one another with goofy grins.

“Feel familiar?” Jughead asked as they stood in front of the hand-built window, his hands on her waist as she took a step closer to him.

“No yet,” Betty breathed before closing the space between them and placing her hands on his cheeks, their lips meeting with a kiss that was even better than their first.

cookiekiller02  asked:

Hi~ I just wanted to request RFA + V and Saeran react to meeting a really smol and chubby MC who is really self concious and insecure for the first time. Thakyooooo so much! /*** hugs

a smol and cute MC huh? sounds familiar…

SHAMELESS SELF-PROMO TIME: i’ve written one about a Chubby MC so please check it out!!


  • this bubbling ball of pure joy does not understand why MC seems so uncomfortable after seeing him
  • was it his hair? was it shirt smelly? DID HE FORGET TO ZIP UP HIS FLY?!
  • he’s like low key checking himself while MC is just over there tugging nervously at her sleeves
  • it was bad cuz MC shied away from him everytime he tried to hold her hand
  • I thought this was a date??? am I going too fast or???
  • his mind was wondering to just about a million places
  • “MC, are you.. okay?”
  • “Uhm, yea, it’s just that I’m a little.. a bit..”
  • ohh now he got it
  • “It’s okay, MC, no need to feel insecure. I love you for you and also, if you’re ever worry about your height, just remember that I’m missing a few inches too so.. I’m actually kinda glad that you’re small, it also makes you 200x cuter than any other girl too” ^-^


  • your flirtatious boy did not know when to stop
  • flirting left, flirting right, flirting upside down, flirting rightside up; anywhere, really.
  • it was no wonder MC felt a little uncomfortable - not to mention his heavenly good looks and tall, muscular structure
  • so when MC was acting real timid and insecure, Zen did the most logical thing he could think of
  • and that was
  • to lift up MC bridal style and proceed to announce his love for her in public


  • this girl right here IS THE REAL MVP
  • straight up the moment she sees MC she’s like 
  • “MC, don’t feel awkward or insecure, you’re amazing the way you are - take my word for it.”
  • have you ever seen eyes so full of happiness
  • MC might have been bawling idunno you decide
  • but let’s just say that the date was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
  • Jaehee was so understanding 
  • whenever MC felt out of place or uncomfortable Jaehee would take her hand and walk them out of the situation just. like. that.
  • there was so much pride??? so much love??? it was just floating freely through the air 
  • it was impossible not to be grateful to her


  • have you ever SEEN A MAN MORE DENSE
  • like no offense to mistatrustfundkid but like??
  • excuse me sir yes hi MC is very shy around you and won’t put on that very revealing dress you bought her because she insecure
  • can you tell that i’m mad because i’m very much so
  • “MC, why won’t you wear any of the dresses I’ve bought you? I’m sure you love them.”
  • MC:
  • lookie lookie this man needs help - desperately
  • so FINALLY when he gets hit by a truckload of “hints” from everyone on the messenger
  • he apologizes
  • “I apologize for my insensitivity, please forgive me for my misunderstandings, however, I’d like to make it clear to you that there is no need to feel ‘insecure’ because I find you very appealing, actually. And it would be quite unfortunate if you were to change yourself based off of the unimportant opinions of others.”


  • it was time for ‘tickles until she forgets all the fear’ 
  • MC, at his mercy, promised that she would stop feeling bad about herself (in exchange for a break from the tickling)
  • that was his way of making her remember that he loved her for her, and that there was no need to feel uncomfortable or unhappy in her own body
  • whenever she brought it up - whether it be a simple “does this make me look fat?”
  • he’d raise his hands, threatening another tickle fest and she’d remember his punishment for doubting herself
  • it was a little inside joke that never ceased to make MC laugh 
  • trust me, this tactic worked magnificently


  • this boy was serious
  • seeing MC uncomfortable made him EVEN MORE awkward and quiet
  • he wanted to break the ice, but MC kept building a wall between them
  • so he decided that he was going to find out why
  • with determination, he grabbed MC by the shoulders and spun her around 
  • looking at her dead in the eye, he asked her
  • “MC, why are you trying to avoid me? Did I do something wrong? You have to tell me, or else I can’t fix it.”
  • “it’s not really you.. it’s more of just because I-”
  • no more words had to be said before he understood
  • in one swift motion, he pulled MC in for a tight hug, so tight she could barely breathe
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you felt that way, but it’s okay. Okay? Everything is good.”
  • simple words with deep feelings within


  • he really really reeeally wanted to take pictures of MC on their first date
  • commemorative moments and such
  • but everytime he raised the camera, she’d turn away
  • maybe she was just camera shy?
  • “MC, don’t be so shy, can we at least take a picture together?”
  • “.. no.”
  • “Why not?”
  • “because”
  • “because?”
  • “n- nevermind.”
  • this simple conversation revealed more than MC had intended to
  • he was good a reading people and their thoughts so it was easy for him to understand
  • “It’s okay, MC, I won’t take pictures if you don’t want to. But if you’re feeling insecure, trust me when I say that there’s no need to. To me, you’re beautiful the way you are, and it’s only through these lens that I can capture the beauty that I see and prove to you my words are not said on a whim.”

WOOOW the cheesiness is realz

sorry if that made you cringe? hahaha ;A;

~Cherry L.

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Lauren & Spotify

I noticed that Lauren didn’t show her status on Spotify anymore. I think maybe she deactivated that option for now. Idk… maybe she wasn’t using… but I doubt cuz she really used to hear music all the time.

Anyway….she did a new playlist called “beatz doe”… and there’s just one song called “Paved”. 

Here’s the lyrics:

Alyss - Paved

“You said we could fly to the moon
Promised we would get there
Now we’re stuck in memories
Caged by your complexity
But the both of us know 

We can’t change all the past we paved
I don’t want to run away
But I don’t see no other way to go
We can’t change all the past we paved
I don’t want to run away
But I don’t see no other way to go
I don’t want to run away
Other way
I don’t want to run away

I told you you were from the stars
Maybe that was little too far
What if in a parallel universe
The telling us don’t give it up

Remember playin Dilla songs
Remember when we stayed up
Connecting on our chakra storms
Forever, but the both of us know…”

I find very interesting!!!!


“I find a certain peace by thinking of me in public as sort of an avatar self. You out there can have the avatar me. I can keep me.” - Jennifer Lawrence

“I rebel against social media quite often. … I think it’s misused all the time, and especially things like Instagram, where it’s all about status and a veneer and trying to project this idea of what you want to be out to the world instead of who you really are.” - Josh Hutcherson


Joshifer Daily Reminder: Jen and Josh both understand the power of social media, and how it is used to project an image. As people in the public eye, Jen and Josh appreciate their private time and understand that anything that does show up on social media is for public consumption and released to tell a carefully crafted story that may or may not be accurate.   

We know they spend a lot of time together and make sure to see each other as much as possible. Whether it’s flying to see each other while they’re working or spending quiet nights at home cooking and playing karaoke, Jen and Josh keep their relationship private - safe, protected and theirs. 


I need to organize my time right and do what’s best for me, time really does fly and I am done spending it on people who don’t appreciate it. From now on ‘’me time’’ is my first priority.

anonymous asked:

Can I request fluffy warren headcannons??

mmm omg

  • the first time you met him the only thing you could say was nice wings
    • you still cringe when you think about it
      • he kisses you and says that he thinks that it was cute
  • don’t think he wouldn’t wrap you up in his wings before apocalypse bc he fucking would
  • having to stand on your toes to press kisses on his forehead
  • im not saying that he will hold onto you close and fly with you over the city but thats what im saying
  • this boy kisses your fingertips whenever you two are cuddling
    • he is totally unapologetic about it
  • he lavishes you with compliments
    • blushing whenever he does so
  • he gives terrible massages but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t try his hardest
  • stroking his feathers
    • realizing that they are actually really sensitive
      • using that to your advantage during sex
  • don’t be fooled by his harsh looks he is an actual sweetheart
    • he will grab flowers for you 
      • they are usually tattered by the time they get to you because he flew with them in hand rather than walking home
      • you still love them and the thought all the same

I sense an ending coming, or should I call it a new beginning?

When Toothless flies to me next, it shall be for the last time.

I am waiting for him now, just to see him one last time, just to remind myself that, yes, he really does exist. The window is a black empty square, but the Dragon Jewel is a warm golden promise, heavy in my hand, that he will fly through that open window, he will shake out his wings and demand some food, some choice snack (I, of course, know all of his favorites), and settle down in his old familiar place lying on my chest, blowing perfect violet colored smoke rings right above my heart.

Here it is, the Dragon Jewel, and there they are, the two little dragons suspended in amber: one dark, one light, each with a tail in the other one’s mouth, like the Alpha and the Omega.

Here I am, watching, waiting.

(When I die, I shall be buried at sea, in a proper Viking Funeral, just like the one we tried to give Toothless long ago when I was a child, when he wasn’t really dead. The sword and the Jewel, I have asked to be buried with me, for the sea is a safe place for things to be buried. Things can be lost there, only to be found again when the time is right.)

—  Hiccup, How to Train Your Dragon: How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury

Some Luna headcanons bc I’m totally in love with her:

- The world’s biggest codependent, but she’s working on it

- Has met Aranea once very briefly

- She’s got a very big crush on her. She regularly asks Ravus how “Miss Highwind” is doing

- She was also really into Nyx

- It actually doesn’t take much to win Luna over. If you’re nice to her, her dogs, and her Noctis, then she’s probably going to fall in love

- Dangerously brave

- Like seriously Luna, what human being jumps from a car speeding down the road to save an injured dog? Just ask, they’ll pull over

- Wholesome

- Dirty jokes fly right over her head, as does most direct flirting

- She genuinely enjoys doing the dishes. She finds it soothing

- 99% of her time is spent daydreaming (so does Ravus). She’s lucky to have a serious looking face, because she doesn’t know what’s happening ever

- Cries when she’s yelled at

Okay, okay, okay. I see all of these posts about Draco getting his comeuppance for being a Potter-obsessed little shit as a kid to Lucius with Scorpius doing the same to him, but have you considered the alternative? That Draco and Scorpius bond over their Potter nemeses/crushes?

Scorpius (about Albus): I just don’t understand why his hair is like that all the time, dad! It doesn’t make sense!
Draco (about Harry): I know! It always looks like he’s just fought a a herd of hippogriffs!
Scorpius: Or been flying in rain. He does know brushes were invented, right?
Draco: I’ve felt the exact same way since the first time I saw him! Is wild hair genetic? Can wild hair be genetic?
Scorpius: Do you think he’d do it intentionally? That seems really… conniving.
Draco: I’ve learned not to make hasty assumptions when Potter is concerned. He might just do it on purpose to annoy me… it seems like the kind of thing he would do….
Scorpius and Draco together: Ugh, Potter!
Lucius crying into his hands in the background.


“[Mary’s] maybe had to work a little bit harder and maybe be a little bit tougher than she might ordinarily need to be, but that’s just the nature of the beast, really, if you’re going to be at the top of your game, particularly in the world of journalism. I think she’s respected amongst her coworkers even though she can, at times, really fly off the handle, but she does it with justification, actually.”
      – Alex Kingston on Mary Foster, behind the scenes of Shoot the Messenger  [x]


Autumn has arrived!

Can you believe it? I’m already 19 months old! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. This weekend, me and Mom are going to compete in Obedience again, and I’m really looking forward to it! Speaking of fun stuff, I’ve begun my Search-and-Rescue training! It’s great, I get to run around in the forest and find people to play with! Best sport ever!

  • October 19th, 2016